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Pet Name: Resveratrol
Owner: mimed
Breed: Chia

About Resveratrol:
Resveratrol (or Ressy for short) has always stood out as an oddball, even when she was but a young Asparagus Chia. All of the other little Neopets admired Neopia’s greatest heros like Hannah the Usul or star athletes from their favorite Altador Cup teams. Ressy, on the other hand, was truly amazed by ballet dancers. Their graceful performances mesmerized the young vegetable more than anything, and she longed to someday dance with them, wearing her very own bright pink tutu.
Obviously this idea did not go well with her friends; they all laughed and mocked her for such a preposterous idea. Surely a vegetable Chia was not capable of such grace, they reasoned. Only limber Neopets - NORMAL Neopets - could do it. One particularly cruel Neopet told Ressy that she’d do better to join the circus or accompany an entree. Young Neopets can be so cruel, and unfortunately Ressy, being the sensitive Chia that she was, took the teasing seriously and retreated into her own imagination.
“It doesn’t matter what they say,” she muttered to herself, choking back tears. “I can still pretend to be a ballerina: they can’t take that away from me.” There was a lovely, old oak tree in the corner of the park which she retreated to, and no one bothered her there. Under that shade of that tree she resolved to dance and twirl her cares away, and in her imagination all of the plushie toys she sat neatly on the knobby roots were her enthusiastic audience. They always gave her a standing ovation and chanted for an encore.
It wasn’t long before Ressy became quite skilled in ballet (or how the dancing looked to her, anyway), and coincidentally there were auditions nearby for a traveling ballet troupe that went across the globe, performing in the many theaters in Neopia’s cities. At first the little Chia was very doubtful that she should go, but finally she resolved to try, if only to hear from the judges themselves how terrible she was. Maybe then, she thought, she could pick a new hobby like everyone kept suggesting.
When she showed up for the audition, she was forced to wait in line for hours before it was finally her turn to demonstrate her talents before the judges. Everyone else had brought music to play while they danced, but Ressy wasn’t aware of that since she was a novice in every sense of the word. Instead, she danced in silence, which made the ordeal of the audition so much worse. She could feel the cold stares of the judges on her, but she looked beyond them, trying to imagine that they were nothing more than her plushie toys.
Ressy was so nervous that she could feel herself wobble slightly when she twirled, but thankfully she finished her short, made-up routine without any major stumbles. If anything, she thought, at least she came out and gave it a try. She waited for the critique from the two judges, imagining their response would be either filled with laughter or contempt.
“Well,” grumbled the Acara judge, as she adjusted her thick-rimmed glasses, “I’m afraid that performance left much to be desired.”
Ressy’s blood ran cold, and her heart quickened. She had expected this, but it was still hurtful.
The other judge, a Kougra, chimed in with a nod. “Yes, yes, very true. There was no rhyme or reason in that routine... everything was random and completely unorganized.”
Tears started to form in Ressy’s eyes. This was too much. She wanted to flee, but her feet seemed like they were stuck to the ground.
“However,” added the Acara as she scribbled in her notepad, “she show great promise. In fact, I think there is a great potential in you... maybe with a little structure and some ballet lessons, she could be a great ballerina. I assume you haven’t had any professional guidance, correct?”
“Yes, I have never had lessons,” replied Ressy softly.
“That’s impressive!” exclaimed the Kougra suddenly. “I mean, for being so inexperienced, you were very graceful. How would you like to join the ballet? Everyone has to learn the routine, so I’m sure you can catch up quickly with your talent.”
And just like that, a young Asparagus Chia who mere months ago thought she had no chance of achieving her one true wish was suddenly thrust into the spotlight and living her dream. Ressy is a truly remarkable Neopet, and she continues to aspire to greatness. If a vegetable can wear a tutu, anything is possible.

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