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I have lost interest and am no longer engaged in Neopets, so by the way things are going requests are closed indefinitely. However, please feel free to use any existing glitters you see on any of my 18 pages. Sometimes you may find new ones that I've added on my own time.


UPDATE! August 7th, 2010:
I have decided to briefly return to Neopets to fix up my pages in preparation for (most likely) another year-long hiatus. I will be fixing up glitters that have "x"ed out, finishing up the species banners, and I may even finish up the species glitters entirely by glittering and adding the colours that I never got to. My lists are nearing completion as it is (for the OLD pet art, before customization). I am also fixing links according to Neopets' new coding rules.
I will take some space here to answer a couple questions about this to clear up any confusion beforehand about my short return to Neopia.

Does this mean requests will be open?
No. Requests are closed, indefinitely.

Does this mean you'll be playing Neopets again? If not, will you self-freeze?
No, I'm still finished for the most part with the site. Sometimes I may pop on the Help boards for a few minutes, but this will be rare. I no longer make money, tend to my pets or add to my shop or galleries. And no, I never intend to self-freeze. As long as my accounts and image host are intact, Pitty's Glitters is here to stay as is.

Will you ever consider doing glitters of custom clothed Neopets or Neopets 2.0 pets?
I'm afraid not. The species art that I glitter will ALWAYS be the old art. This site will forever remain an ode to how our pets used to look.

Can I send you Neomails?
Of course! My Neomail inbox is always open. I could not always guarantee you a reply (or at least not a speedy one) back when I was on hiatus, but if you were to send one any time this month you're fairly certain to hear back from me within the same day. If you have any questions to ask me, this is your opportunity. Click here to send me a Neomail.

Can you teach me how to make glitters? What programs do you use?
I still get asked this a lot, and as always the answer is sorry but no. Reason being is that I'm impatient, I get frustrated easily and I don't have the time to teach every single person who asks me. I really do get asked this a LOT. There are plenty of wonderful tutorials out there that could teach you far better than I could - the whole Web is at your disposal!
As for programs...for glitters, I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and Animation Shop 3. For the new species banners, I am using Adobe Photoshop CS3. Both cost money, the new Paint Shop Pro being at around $100 and Photoshop at about $600.

If you have anything else to ask me, please feel free to Neomail me.
Thanks for reading!

Pitty :)



You ARE ALLOWED to modify the text link that comes with the glitter. I only need ONE (1) link on every page you use my glitters on, no matter how many you use. You are also allowed to take the text link(s) off PROVIDED you use a button, make the images clickable, or have SOME SORT of visible credit to me on the page.


Please stop messaging me asking if the link back to me is fine. I appreciate the extra care taken in making sure, but I'm a bit tired of answering those Neomails. If it's there and you can see it, it's fine.

Please also be reminded that:
I will send you a polite Neomail the first time asking if you could put a link up, but if you fail to comply or take it off a day later you will be reported. Sorry I have to resort to this. Too many people are not linking back.


I cannot stress this enough. You will be kept completely anonymous, and it's a great help to me as I am only one person and cannot be on 24/7 to look around.

Thanks, and enjoy the glitters!

You are Here Page 1 Glitter pets Acara to Gelert
Page 2 Glitter pets Gnorbu to Kyrii
Page 3 Glitter pets Lenny to Scorchio
Page 4 Glitter pets Shoyru to Zafara
Page 5 ALL RAINBOW Pets/Petpets/Items
Page 6 Glitter Petpets/Petpetpets
Page 7 Misc. Items/Food Items
Page 8 Shop Table Sparklies
Page 9 Neopets Glitter Names/Welcome Signs
Page 10 Glitter Backgrounds/Blogs
Page 11 Pet Poses/Animated/Other
Page 12 Glitter Purple Pets- NO SPOTS!
Page 13 Faerie Glitters
Page 14 Halloween Glitters
Page 15 Christmas/New Years Glitters
Page 16 Valentines' Glitters
Page 17 St. Patrick's/Easter Glitters
Page 18 Avatar Glitters


Pets: Acara to Gelert

Blue Acara

Royal Girl Acara

Halloween Acara

Cloud Acara

Faerie Acara

Green Acara

Red Acara

Yellow Acara

Split Acara

Baby Acara

Christmas Acara

Disco Acara

Royal Boy Acara

Island Acara

Purple Acara

Robot Acara

Snow Acara

Fire Acara

Speckled Acara

Darigan Acara

Tyrannian Acara

Skunk Acara

Checkered Acara

White Acara

Plushie Acara

Orange Acara

Striped Acara

Brown Acara

Electric Acara

Ghost Acara

Glowing Acara

Maraquan Acara

Pink Acara

Shadow Acara

Silver Acara

Spotted Acara

Starry Acara

Grey Acara

Sketch Acara


Blue Aisha

Faerie Aisha

Baby Aisha

Speckled Aisha

Cloud Aisha

Split Aisha

Desert Aisha

Alien Aisha

Snow Aisha

Grey Aisha

Royal Girl Aisha

Royal Boy Aisha

Darigan Aisha

Island Aisha

Disco Aisha

Pirate Aisha

Mutant Aisha

Brown Aisha

Maraquan Aisha

Green Aisha

Yellow Aisha

Snot Aisha

Christmas Aisha

Striped Aisha

Glowing Aisha

Red Aisha

Plushie Aisha

Gold Aisha

Halloween Aisha

Sponge Aisha

Checkered Aisha

Fire Aisha

Camouflage Aisha

Electric Aisha

Starry Aisha

Purple Aisha

Skunk Aisha

Robot Aisha

Shadow Aisha

Spotted Aisha

White Aisha

Ghost Aisha

Pink Aisha

Orange Aisha

Tyrannian Aisha

Ice Aisha


Starry Blumaroo

Yellow Blumaroo

Blue Blumaroo

Spotted Blumaroo

Tyrannian Blumaroo

Halloween Blumaroo

Pink Blumaroo

Fire Blumaroo

Red Blumaroo

Green Blumaroo

Sketch Blumaroo

Baby Blumaroo

Jelly Blumaroo

Snow Blumaroo

Sponge Blumaroo

Mutant Blumaroo

Disco Blumaroo

Christmas Blumaroo

Ghost Blumaroo

Electric Blumaroo

Faerie Blumaroo

Purple Blumaroo

White Blumaroo

Striped Blumaroo

Camouflage Blumaroo

Island Blumaroo

Pirate Blumaroo

Plushie Blumaroo

Robot Blumaroo

Split Blumaroo

Checkered Blumaroo

Maraquan Blumaroo

Brown Blumaroo

Cloud Blumaroo

Desert Blumaroo

Darigan Blumaroo

Gold Blumaroo

Shadow Blumaroo

Ice Blumaroo


Blue Bori

Red Bori

Baby Bori

Green Bori

Snow Bori

Christmas Bori

Fire Bori

Purple Bori

Faerie Bori

Island Bori

Ice Bori

Glowing Bori

Robot Bori

Plushie Bori

Starry Bori

Darigan Bori

Pink Bori

Yellow Bori

Skunk Bori

Tyrannian Bori

Cloud Bori

Pirate Bori

Spotted Bori

Speckled Bori

White Bori

Disco Bori

Custard Bori

Striped Bori

Ghost Bori

Brown Bori

Shadow Bori

Mutant Bori

Orange Bori


Baby Bruce

Green Bruce

Christmas Bruce

Checkered Bruce

Halloween Bruce

Spotted Bruce

Red Bruce

Purple Bruce

Snow Bruce

Blue Bruce

Disco Bruce

Pink Bruce

Yellow Bruce

Royal Boy Bruce

Royal Girl Bruce

Faerie Bruce

Ice Bruce

Electric Bruce

Brown Bruce

Mutant Bruce

Darigan Bruce

Maraquan Bruce

Sketch Bruce

Plushie Bruce

Gold Bruce

Speckled Bruce

Ghost Bruce

Fire Bruce

Cloud Bruce

Starry Bruce

Glowing Bruce

Orange Bruce

Split Bruce

Striped Bruce

White Bruce

Island Bruce

Shadow Bruce


Maraquan Buzz

Mutant Buzz

Pink Buzz

Fire Buzz

Baby Buzz

Darigan Buzz

Yellow Buzz

Speckled Buzz

Snot Buzz

Royal Boy Buzz

Faerie Buzz

Christmas Buzz

Glowing Buzz

Plushie Buzz

Electric Buzz

Halloween Buzz

Starry Buzz

Spotted Buzz

Island Buzz

Orange Buzz

Skunk Buzz

Red Buzz

Blue Buzz

Green Buzz

Split Buzz

White Buzz

Brown Buzz

Royalgirl Buzz

Tyrannian Buzz

Purple Buzz

Robot Buzz

Desert Buzz

Cloud Buzz

Striped Buzz


Blueberry Chia

Tomato Chia

Thornberry Chia

Asparagus Chia

Chocolate Chia

Chokato Chia

Aubergine Chia

Mutant Chia

Grape Chia

Pea Chia

Spotted Chia

Split Chia

Apple Chia

Orange Chia

White Chia

Lemon Chia

Faerie Chia

Gooseberry Chia

Pear Chia

Lime Chia

Green Chia

Carrot Chia

Durian Chia

Peach Chia

Snot Chia

Snow Chia

Robot Chia

Red Chia

Pineapple Chia

Avacado Chia

Baby Chia

Blue Chia

Fire Chia

Starry Chia

Christmas Chia

Plum Chia

Yellow Chia

Cloud Chia

Custard Chia

Desert Chia

Pepper Chia

Purple Chia

Tyrannian Chia

Halloween Chia

Plushie Chia

Ghost Chia

Island Chia

Ice Chia

Pink Chia


Grey Chomby

Image from Pittys Glitters, click here to get your own!

Pink Chomby

Blue Chomby

Baby Chomby

Shadow Chomby

Red Chomby

Yellow Chomby

Brown Chomby

Orange Chomby

Checkered Chomby

Disco Chomby

Jelly Chomby

Gold Chomby

Speckled Chomby

Island Chomby

Pirate Chomby

Maraquan Chomby

Split Chomby

Plushie Chomby

Snow Chomby

Ice Chomby

Fire Chomby

Desert Chomby

Faerie Chomby

Biscuit Chomby

Starry Chomby

Robot Chomby

Cloud Chomby

Green Chomby

Custard Chomby

Ghost Chomby

Purple Chomby

Skunk Chomby

White Chomby

Sketch Chomby


Royal Girl Cybunny

Faerie Cybunny

Cloud Cybunny

Blue Cybunny

Baby Cybunny

Shadow Cybunny

Speckled Cybunny

Brown Cybunny

Yellow Cybunny

White Cybunny

Island Cybunny

Desert Cybunny

Electric Cybunny

Spotted Cybunny

Purple Cybunny

Checkered Cybunny

Green Cybunny

Plushie Cybunny

Sketch Cybunny

Fire Cybunny

Christmas Cybunny

Darigan Cybunny

Halloween Cybunny

Disco Cybunny

Mutant Cybunny

Starry Cybunny

Silver Cybunny

Striped Cybunny

Maraquan Cybunny

Red Cybunny

Split Cybunny

Grey Cybunny

Pirate Cybunny

Pink Cybunny

Tyrannian Cybunny

Royal Boy Cybunny

Orange Cybunny

Snow Cybunny

Skunk Cybunny

Robot Cybunny

Glowing Cybunny

Ghost Cybunny


Mutant Draik

Faerie Draik

Maraquan Draik

Royal Girl Draik

Plushie Draik

Royal Boy Draik

Grey Draik (Unreleased, picture no longer exists on TNTs servers)

Darigan Draik

Baby Draik

Tyrannian Draik

Camouflage Draik

Purple Draik

Christmas Draik

Blue Draik

Fire Draik

Skunk Draik

Ghost Draik

Green Draik

Island Draik

Starry Draik

Robot Draik

Shadow Draik

Halloween Draik

Electric Draik

Red Draik

Disco Draik

Pink Draik

Cloud Draik

White Draik

Checkered Draik


Faerie Elephante

Island Elephante

Shadow Elephante

Split Elephante

Baby Elephante

Yellow Elephante

Cloud Elephante

Snow Elephante

Green Elephante

Christmas Elephante

Blue Elephante

Pink Elephante

Red Elephante

Orange Elephante

Ghost Elephante

Maraquan Elephante

Tyrannian Elephante

Skunk Elephante

Desert Elephante

Glowing Elephante

Speckled Elephante

Spotted Elephante

Plushie Elephante

Mutant Elephante

Striped Elephante

Starry Elephante

Royalgirl Elephante

Royalboy Elephante

Electric Elephante

Pirate Elephante


Island Eyrie

Darigan Eyrie

Red Eyrie

Plushie Eyrie

Purple Eyrie

Blue Eyrie

Pirate Eyrie

Baby Eyrie

Electric Eyrie

Yellow Eyrie

Fire Eyrie

Silver Eyrie

Skunk Eyrie

Maraquan Eyrie

Glowing Eyrie

Sketch Eyrie

Snow Eyrie

White Eyrie

Green Eyrie

Christmas Eyrie

Starry Eyrie

Shadow Eyrie

Striped Eyrie

Pink Eyrie

Cloud Eyrie

Disco Eyrie

Grey Eyrie

Orange Eyrie

Royal Boy Eyrie

Royal Girl Eyrie

Spotted Eyrie

Tyrannian Eyrie

Split Eyrie

Sketch Eyrie


Blue Flotsam

Gold Flotsam

Royal Girl Flotsam

Striped Flotsam

Baby Flotsam

Red Flotsam

Royal Boy Flotsam

Skunk Flotsam

Grey Flotsam

Checkered Flotsam

Green Flotsam

Fire Flotsam

Cloud Flotsam

Pink Flotsam

Split Flotsam

Island Flotsam

Plushie Flotsam

Christmas Flotsam

Spotted Flotsam

Tyrannian Flotsam

Disco Flotsam

Snow Flotsam

Starry Flotsam

Yellow Flotsam

Mutant Flotsam

Brown Flotsam

Electric Flotsam

Purple Flotsam

Ghost Flotsam

Pirate Flotsam


Orange Gelert

Skunk Gelert

Christmas Gelert

Baby Gelert

Island Gelert

Yellow Gelert

Royalgirl Gelert

Striped Gelert

Spotted Gelert

Cloud Gelert

Strawberry Gelert

Shadow Gelert

Blue Gelert

Speckled Gelert

Red Gelert

Maraquan Gelert

Green Gelert

Glowing Gelert

Pink Gelert

Grey Gelert

Faerie Gelert

Gold Gelert

Brown Gelert

Fire Gelert

Electric Gelert

Halloween Gelert

Starry Gelert

Purple Gelert

Robot Gelert

White Gelert

Checkered Gelert

Plushie Gelert

(Old) Mutant Gelert

Royal Boy Gelert

Silver Gelert

Sketch Gelert

Darigan Gelert

Ghost Gelert

(New) Mutant Gelert

Pirate Gelert

Snow Gelert

(Unreleased) Desert Gelert

Here are some buttons to link back to me. Please feel free to use them.

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Here are some great awards given to me by fellow Neopians.....
Also a mention to all the fantastic people who sent me their kind neomails....Thank you all! :)

The *Meep* Award!

I have made this award for anyone to use, PROVIDED that you leave the code exactly as you paste it and you don't have any stolen content on your page.
The Meepit pixel was 100% drawn, colored and shaded by myself, pittyprettypup.
If caught redistributing, you will be reported and fed to hungry Meepits.

These are awards I've won from other Neopians. :) I am still accepting them, so if you'd like to, please feel free to make one and send it to me and I'll gladly display it up here with your username for everyone to see. I'm afraid I only put IMAGE awards up here, not Neomail awards. :( Sorry.

Thank You merry_brandybuck159! :)

Thank You hunnehbell! :)

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Thank You red_star_185! :)

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Thank-you cat_crazed13! :)

Thank-you gurlnexdoor310! :)

Something Has Happened!
Pittyprettypup, you have won the Code Lyoko Sector 5 Award for Pittys Glitter's!
Congrats! Sincerly, xobrat21xo!
Thank-you xobrat21xo! :)

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Thank-you card_cat_sakura20! :)

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Thank-you blackrockergirl013! :)

Gold Cup Award
Awarded for an
Outstanding Petpage
Thank-you sandshaven! :)

Something has happened!
OW! What was that?!?!" You Yell Because somthing was just thrown at your head. you realize it is 'The Potter Prefection' award for an amazing petpage! lucky you
Thank-you harrypotterfan7years! :)

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Thank-you emma_watson_1_fan! :)

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Random Event by JN

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