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Updated: 15th February 2008 - one screenie added.

I have to add one final screenie:

I finally got it. I've been waiting for at least three, maybe four years for this avatar. I was awarded it on the 15th February 2008.

I'm sorry that these screenies are no longer updated. Time doesn't allow me the privilege to do so these days. I still log on now and then to 'do the dailies' but that's about it.

I hope you find my screenies interesting. I love feedback so please feel free to neomail me if you have any comments or questions.

My screenie awards are currently on Marissa_Pearl's pet page.

All of the background and title graphics here were made by me. That means that they stay here, and here only. The same applies to the screenies. Thank you!

I have 10 categories so far:
Shop Stuff
Random Stuff
Secret Lab
Special Days
Lost Desert Plot

Thank you to the following friends who have helped me with my avatars by loaning items, offering hints and support to assist me in achieving my goals:

Bill (1000 thank yous), JC, Aimee, Bec, Glory, Jason, Amanda, David and TNT.

I managed to beat these guys after some advice from a friend.

I morphed and painted Elodie23 myself. Cost 600k to do that!

Thanks to a cool lender! (I did pay colat, lol)

Very much a surprise.

I made a small profit when I sold my quadrapus after getting the av.

Finally it all pays off.

Thanks to a lucky lab zap, I got this avatar a couple of days after it was released.

My fire noil was old enough for the avatar.

After some advice that Elodie23 was strong enough to beat the Black Pteri, I gave it a go. Took me 6 attempts but I did it!

I played 954 games of Bilge Dice before I got this avvie. I only won 80 times out of those, so I must have gotten 24 less than 30 times in total.

At least we got one av from the Lost Desert Plot. I was expecting another at the end, but oh well.

I quite enjoyed this game by the end.

I was lucky that I uploaded my blog to photobucket before I lost all my files. The blog took me ages to make. It's in my shop if you would like to take a look.

This av is pretty, but I wish I signed up as a warrior.

Woo! I'd nearly given up on this. Want to know the joke I used? It's in the next screenie.

Yay for Snowbunnies!

I bought a Meuka Pinata for 405k. I couldn't wait for the price to drop. I am just not patient enough!

I made it onto the high score table! That screenie is in my games section. And yeah, I didn't get the av right away but have added the event here so you know what it looks like.

Elodie was zapped pink by the lab ray. *Huggles ray*

I was so surprised to get a Fountain Faerie quest. It only cost me 28k so I'm more than happy. Kojonac is happily residing on my spare account. There's a story that goes with that - I decided to adopt him out (which I did) and found him a month later in the pound, zapped into a blue lenny (very disappointing - he was a plushie pet for goodness sake!). I couldn't bear to leave him there, so I re-adopted him and he is now a lab pet on my spare (currently checkered grundo).

Many, many hours went into getting this avatar. I played at least 2 hours a days after the av was released until I got it.

I got this while making a trade with my friend Aimee! Thanks Aimee!

I got this the old fashioned way by adopting a blue lupe, buying a Halloween paint brush and painting it.

He ate my abominable snowball, Turmaculicious.

Yay, I had the same np as Adam for once!!

You don't see people use this av much.

Last time I checked, he was still mutant.

People have been telling me for years that my jokes are useless. Here's the proof.

Another happy moment. I borrowed a doll with full colat.

I panicked when I didn't get the av at quest 20 because of a page glitch, luckily it happened at 21.

Poor Elefantik2, I lost her in a pound transfer. She had a 900 day old cloud gruslen attached, but that's the risk I took.

I was mad when I saw this, but I checked my chat preferences and I did get the avatar. I like the comment though.

Meuka was easier to beat when I got this av. All it took were sticky snowballs and snow mudballs. It took 4 attempts to beat Meuka. I finally beat him again using Elodie23, a much stronger pet, 2 scarab rings and a greater healing scroll. I also had a leaf shield and snowball wand equipped but I don't think I used them.

Most of this was junk I'd been hoarding for years. Actually, some of it turned out to be rather expensive junk!

This slorg was sadly zapped and lost to the lab ray. My mootix was lost forever when it happened.

I just love his answer!!

Umm, let's practice counting.

I ended up being friends with my stalker. He's so silly.

This board was hilarious, loads of people fell for it and eventually it imploded with over 500 posts.

Very clever! I voted because this made me laugh.

The Mysterious Valentine cards were the ones that unlocked the Valentine's sidebar. Even though there were 152 of them they were sold out when I clicked to buy one.

I was looking for this for an Edna Quest, I got it too!

This is Adam's shop....I wonder what he said..

The following screenies are all Super Wiz snips! This is one advantage of having a premium account. I get other things cheap, but these were the best bargains.

Yep, got this one.

I wish I got this one. Oh look, there's me selling a codestone too.

I love the Super Wiz! This looks different from the rest because I changed my portal background.

By the time his shop loaded, he had changed the price to nearly 5k.

A lovely find which I bought.

I've been lucky enough to snipe a lot of cheap faeries lately.

I won a potion of the wheel and was checking the price, only to snipe this bargain!

Definitely my cheapest faerie snipe to date.

I managed to buy the fabled 1np codestone, yay me!

WOW! This is from the furniture shop. Of course, the only time I manage to catch a restock, I have no neopoints on hand. The rainbow fountain sells for 100k, the stairs for 17k and the lantern for 7k.

That's what I like!

Another restock where my connection is too slow to let me buy anything. I've written the approximate selling prices under the items that wouls make a profit.

Yes, high score table!! *Happy dance*

I scored a second place trophy in The Strength Test but didn't remember to take a screenie till it was way down the list, lol!!

Yay for 20k but I wish I got the avatar.

TNT and their warped sense of humour again..

Yay, another 20k but still no av.

Wow, something decent from the wheel of knowledge. Wonders never cease.

Oh yes, another 20k! Keep 'em coming!

I got the top score possible for GTU. Everyone in the top 100 has 1250 points, lol. I got a gold trophy.

This is for Pyramids.

This too.

Excellent, I like this!


I was surprised to clear the deck on my second game ever!

The Negg was worth 18k!

I was happy I won twice in only 21 games!

These were worth about 7k.

It's rare than I get two good items!

13 cards is my longest play ever, exactly one quarter of a deck of cards!

How strange.

WOW! This was the best prize ever!


Wow! This Edna quest cost me around 80np and this cake was worth 8k! Good on ya Edna!

Taelia's quest cost around 3.5k which is more than my usual 2k limit. I was delighted to get a 45k coupon from her!


Double wow!!

Ah, so that's what the space faerie charm is for!

*Jaw drops* This is my best fruit machine win ever!!! I've never won a paint brush from it before. *stunned silence*



And so endeth my snow faerie luck. I've had nothing but worthless items from her since the peanuts. So, yeah, literally I've had peanuts!

Yay for the charm!

I didn't know a bonus existed.

Ooh, I sold this for 97k.

Never seen the jackpot so low.

This section is random meaning miscellaneous. I do have random events here, but it's mainly bits and pieces.

Someone was laughing at the name of my snowbunny. I went to see how old she was and found all 2's in the time.

Spelling please - ABOMINABLE. Lol, I know it's only a typo, TNT are only human.

Thank you Mystery Valentine!! Actually not so mysterious because I split the cost of a card with a friend so we both got the sidebar.

Maths please people!

Darn those chombies.

At least TNT put some effort into their error codes. It distracts from the disappointment.

More evidence that TNT doesn't use a spell checker.

Still more evidence of the lack of spell checkers.

Typos, typos.

I took this before I painted Marissa.

I got this 2 days after I painted Marissa. I'm glad Boochi missed because the paint brush cost me 250k, and I don't like Baby Kois.

This person was very apologetic when I explained I'm not Donna and that screenie with asparagus was to do with Adam's birthday. :)

Pure evil. This is the only time I've had this event (29th September 2005) since the avatar was released in January 2005. It's now 2006 and still no luck. Give me the avatar!!! *hisses*

I got my first Faerie Queen quest. It cost 13k to complete.

And then she blessed the wrong pet, graarr! Oh well.

One 'E' too many - sheltered!

It's not often you get two events on one page.

Sold for a decent amount.

Another one! :o

And once again she helps the wrong pet. Oh well, at least I got a quest.

I painted Atissa fire. As you can see from the before pic, she used to be a faerie blumaroo.

Wow, I love this event!

Bizarrely, dear.

Who would think TNT can't spell 'properly' properly?

I morphed Elodie23 into a mutant grundo.

Here's the paint brush that painted Elodie23. Then I got the av on her pet page!

Oooh! A negg worth 17k!

She strikes for the second time. The date was the 27th Feb 2006. That makes twice in 13 months. TWICE!! And I see newbies and 1 month old accounts with the tooth faerie avatar! That's why part of my font says "Tooth faerie is evil." She is!!! Ok. Rant over.

I decide to turn Elodie23 into a Royal Girl Flotsam. Here's how I did it.

First, I morphed her into a spotted flotsam.

Then I bought a paint brush from the hidden tower and went to the rainbow pool.

Here's the before shot, on my lookup.

Here's the after shot.

This was so nice looking, I put it in my gallery.

I wish this were from people signing up to premium referrals from me, lol. Actually it's just people who've signed up to a regular neopets account using my referral link on my webbie. Also it's a neomail not an email.

I tried getting this codey but didn't.

It was some kind of lolly I think.

The Igloo Garage Sale. I managed to get absolutely nothing from this lot! I checked the Super wiz to get the prices as you can see. What bargains!

Another mispelling - it should be spelt fountain.

I before E except after C: should be receive.

And here's the opposite - it should be pieces.

I want to start the plot and I can't!

Yessss! My article made it in!

There it is!

And here's an ad on the NT cover for my article!

Should be friends not freinds.

Should be A new plot not I new plot.

I have 2 accounts with lab map and these are a collection of some of the results.

Woot! Lab ray pieces collected.

Yay, an avatar!

Nooo! Not my beloved flotsam!

After months without a colour change, this finally happens.

This is one of my dream petpets. I hope to buy a real one some day.

Starry was very pretty, brown is ok I guess.


Double ick!

Ooh, a pirate Harris!

I can live with this.

This happened two days later.

This happened the day after it turned skunk. I'm sick of Elodie23 being a jetsam so I'm hoping for a species change soon.

I got my wish!

And another so quickly.


I like this.

Pretty pink!

The very next day it turned brown.

Sadly, she was only island for a day.

I morphed and painted Elodie23 into an orange grundo (when she was an invisible acara), then zapped her with the ray two days later. A two day paint job cost me 600k. Oh well!

I quite like this! I wish it were real.

Ooh, an expensive colour!

Ooh, an even more expensive colour! No more lab zapping for Atissa!

Nooo! Not my disco chomby!

This doesn't make up for it.

Neither does this!

I'm missing a screenie before this one - where Chombeaux was zapped into an elephante...anyway...

On a random note, there's a major storm blowing outside right now...

Aww, look at the cuteness of it!

As pretty as a snorkle will ever get.

If the storm drops my internet connection before I save this, I'll be beyond furious. (The storm passes, connection was fine!!)

It's been forever since a colour/species change.

Oops, wrong pet!

This occured on Mutant random theme day I think. As you can see Atissa is a mutant when she is usually faerie! Also Turmaculicious was later eaten by the Turmaculus for the av.

This happened on Adam's birthday, temporarily!

This occured on Jhudora Day.

This happened on Illusen Day.

This occured during the Faerie Festival.

This happened at the Symol Hole on Dirt day, but I didn't actually get a dirt pie in my inventory. I wonder if anybody got a dirt pie?

Worth around 7k so I was pleased!

This was because someone signed up from one of my referrals.

Wow, I've had two people sign up from referrals! :D I have 11 referrals to go! *hint, hint* :D

This is new...I haven't tried it yet. By the way, this will only work once on my account so please don't bother trying on yours, lol.

Yay for premium.

This usually lists all the details of the new features but I guess something went wrong.

Wow, this was worth 42k.

This was taken a few days before the page went live.

Oooh, I got a token during the war.

I thought I might as well redeem it.

The Maraquan side war prizes.

The pirate side war prizes. Thank you Glory for sending this to me!!

I beat Meuka ages ago for the avatar. Here I was beating him for the Defenders of Neopia trophy. That was the trophy on my lookup.

I fought the Brain Tree for the level 5 trophy of DofN. I'm trying for the 6th trophy, but I haven't gotten Commander Garoo as a challenger yet.

I beat the Black Pteri for the avatar, which is up in the avatar section of course.

Beat the Lava Ghoul. Eheheh, love the picture.

Defenders mission 6 completed.

That's for stealing my stuff.

From choosing the wrong door in the Temple of 1000 Tombs.

Sand and soot.

I found all four crystals, read all the necessary scrolls, blew up the temple wall and got the Mysterious scroll!

After I translated the tablet into Qasalan, I read the new prophecy to the Statue of Nuria and received a weapon. I chose the mace. It is damaged and doesn't look as pretty as this. I wonder if the Toy Repair Shop Bori can fix it? Actually I checked and the answer is no.

I used the Mace and a thick smoke bomb in the battledome to beat Razul in one hit. I didn't even lose any hit points in the fight.


The wait was worth it!

Thanks for visiting!

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