Welcome to Bimbo111's rigorous training program!
Bimbo111 is not my oldest pet originating from this account.
He was my second neopet created in August of 2001, he was created as a blue Kiko
(kikos were not a limited edition pet at that time).
Bimbo111 has changed color and species many times throughout his days of training stints.
It seems I always return him to being a Kiko in the end.

As part of his training regiment, Bimbo111 attends the Secret Ninja Training School
as frequently as possible using Training Fortune Cookies and 3 red codestones per session at the moment.
We occasionally go on Kitchen Quests together.
Faerie Quests are also a daily routine with the help of Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies.

MAJOR milestones reached:
April 12/13, Defence stat. passed 700 mark
April 28/13, Health stat. passed 1000
April 30/13, Acquired Level 500 Ability

W/FQ Fortune Cookies
& RE Quests
start date: Apr 14/13

Water: 34
Air: 25
Earth: 17
Fire: 23
Light: 21
Dark: 24
Battle: 13
Fountain: 2
Space: 3
Faerie Queen: 8

Equivalates to:
Level: +43
Strength: +122
Defence: +101
Movement: +60
Endurance(HP): +104
Choice of paint: 2

start date: Apr 14/13

50 Hit Points (Endurance)
31 Strength (Attack)
25 Levels
29 Movement (Agility)
17 Defence

Statistics From Zapping
W/Lab Ray Fortune Cookie
start date: Feb 27/13

Level: -61
Strength: +58
Defence: -23
Movement: +69
Endurance(HP): +158

GRRRRRR @ Lab Ray Scientist! Bimbo111 is a MALE and always will be!!!
34 gendre changes! Easy to overcome this though; I just go beat up the Crazy Scientist in the BD. Such a wasted trip to the Lab.

Lab Zap Species and/or colour Changes