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Well, we are still not playing very actively on the site because on the day we were frozen incorrectly, Jen went out and bought a new game, a MMORPG, because she did not think she would get her account back and needed something new to do as a hobby. Well, even with our account back now, she is still not very interested in playing and really loves her new game. She still comes here every day to do dailies and care for us pets, though, and will probably still restock sometimes, too.

Jen wants everyone to know she is not quitting, but is just doing other things at the moment. She will try to answer neomail still, but it might take her a bit longer, and she may have to block sometimes when too much mail piles up. She says she is really sorry for this, and hopes you all still enjoy this guide!Check Jen's FAQ for any updates on her status.

Also, if you are someone who wants to sign up for the Neopets Premium webpackage but has been unable to get in, or someone who is about to sign up otherwise, please neomail me! There is a referral program now and I have all 5 of my slots open to refer friends if you are someone who seriously wants to subscribe to the Premium service. I benefit with prizes for each person, and you can get in despite it still being in beta form. Thanks!

Everything on this page was written by me, JenesisX, and all comments about it should be sent to this account. The words in the following guide are mine alone, so if you see them or my layout and images elsewhere they were stolen. I have also NEVER given anyone consent to copy parts of this guide onto their own petpage or website, only to link to me using my banners (My thanks to all who have done that!). I WILL recognize my own words even if you alter them slightly, so don't bother trying. Please let me know if you see someone stealing from me, because I would like to confront them.

Remember: Immitation may be flattery, but it also shows a lack of original thought.

Table of Contents

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Getting Started
Running a Shop
Games & More
Avoid Overspending
Millions & Beyond
Earning Respect & Recognition
Other Places to Visit

~ Introduction ~

FACT: Anyone can become a millionaire on Neopets.
Yes, that means you.

Greetings, guest, I'm the head of JenesisX's pack and have been elected to help you today. My name is Bizmarc, and as an experienced Neopet I'm here to tell you how you can make your own Neopoints and become very wealthy without having to beg, cheat, or feel like it's hopeless. This guide is quite long, but I didn't want to write just a quick, boring list of facts that have been posted many times before, and tried to add a lot of personal experiences. This is a complete, step-by-step guide to EXACTLY how you can become a millionaire in a matter of a few months or even less! The time you spend reading this guide will be well worth it.

If this guide works for you, feel free to link to it in your shop using the nifty banners provided at the bottom of the page and pass it around to other people who may need some help getting ahead. And please neomail JenesisX your results, too, so we know if this has been worth it! (And I can get some extra Lupe Snacks for helping!).

Let's begin this guide with a foreword on common myths and misconceptions about earning Neopoints and being rich that keep many people from succeeding.

In Neopia, most people give up too fast on reaching their goals, or wrongly believe the best way to make NP (Neopoints, the currency of this world) is to ask for donations or beg for handouts through neomail or on the boards. Others turn to scamming, which is lying and tricking people into giving them items and NP they do not deserve. Both methods are quite pitiful and can get you a warning or even cost you your account. Both these methods of earning NP are against the rules, make you look very bad, and should never be done! There are far more successful, and LEGAL, ways to earn NP that you will learn from reading this page.

Many people think that somehow, those who have a lot of NP and nice pets and items must have cheated or been given things by other rich people because earning so much on your own is IMPOSSIBLE! It's really sad and unfortunate that so many people believe this. Jen has even been asked more than once if she or a relative works for Neopets since she looks so rich. NO, she does not, nor does anyone she is related to, friends with, etc! Most rich players are just average Neopians who know how to fairly earn NP and do it very well over a long period of time.

It's also very frustrating that many people think everyone who is rich should hand over their hard-earned NP and items to the people with less "to be nice" or because they "have so much" they "don't need." Because ANYone can earn NP, there is simply no reason for 'charity' on the site. Everyone has an equal shot at getting rich, and often the people complaining they are poor are just too lazy to do it! My pack and I believe in helping others with advice, but also believe that everyone should earn their OWN NP. The rich got that way by working for it, and should not be expected to just give it all away because someone asks nicely or "needs" it, or simply in an effort to appear nice to others. Why should some people get things for free when others worked for what they have, sometimes for years? It's sad that there are so many poor Neopians, but if they would just learn a bit more and try a little harder, they too could be rich! That is why we wrote this guide.

If you give things away to others, especially if you are still fairly poor or are saving for something special, you are only hurting your cause if you ever want to afford nice things or have a large bank account. JenesisX does not give to beggars (even the ones who politely ask for donations to a fund or to feed their pets-- they are still begging!). She does not believe that anyone ought to, ever. Giving to beggars promotes laziness and does not really help people long term or teach them anything (besides encouraging them to keep begging!). When you give to beggars, you are also accidently feeding the scammers among them pretending to be poor people in need. And when you feed scammers, they stay and multiply!

Jen has been called "greedy", "mean", "rude", "selfish", and many other bad words because she refuses to 'share' her wealth, but it does not change her beliefs. She is being smart with her money and encouraging others to do what she did: WORK FOR IT! Just as in real life, you should not expect others to do the work for you and hand over the rewards.

UNLIKE real life, Neopia really IS an equal opportunity world, where ANYONE can get rich just as easily as the next person. We all begin truly equal with every door wide open to us! Why, when you have so many options open to you, should you be satisfied with being poor and struggling just to buy one or two things you want? You shouldn't! You will enjoy the site far more if the ways to get what you want are shown to you and you learn exactly how to make NP for everything you have ever wanted. We want everyone to love this site as much as we do and have as much fun, and you will certainly have more fun if you have the NP to do it!

This page is JenesisX's contribution to helping the poor do better for themselves and the new player get started in Neopia. This 'gift' may not be an item or NP, but instead it is a gift of knowledge. Knowledge is power! And in this case, also Neopoints! My petpage here is a permanent donation that keeps on giving forever. If you read this page and do what I explain, you WILL become rich! And it won't take as long as you might think to start earning 100k a day or even more! Best of all, you will be earning it completely on your own and 100% honestly and legitimately. Still interested? Keep on reading!

Now, JenesisX is not one of the richest Neopians in the world, nor one of the most well known, but she is quite well off as you can see by looking at our things. But like everyone else, she began as a poor, unknown Newbie with only 250 NP and a lot of dreams and goals. No one ever gave her donations, and she never asked for them. She had no rich friends that helped her, never belonged to a guild that gave out items, or anything of the sort. Everything we have here, she earned on her own (We pets helped a bit, too!). Her account is very old, but she did not play actively for at least half of that time due to being busy with real life. So in theory, you could be richer than she is in a lot less time if you play every day. =)

Also, up until March 2004, the most NP JenesisX ever had in the bank at one time was 1.3 million. Within 3 months back on the site after over a year away, she had increased this to 6 million, despite buying many expensive things along the way and repainting most of us to better colors. She attributes this improvement in earning speed to getting much better at restocking and to changing over to DSL from her old dial up connection. By October 2004, she had beaten Adam out with over 11 million NP. So, not counting the large amount she spent during this time, she earned over 10 million NP in a matter of 5 months. Making millions does NOT have to take forever if you are dedicated. This guide will give you the information you need to get there, the exact way my owner did it.

For proof and examples of just how well the following guide for earning massive amounts of Neopoints actually works, check out JenesisX's Daily Earning Records to see how much she typically earns in a single day doing exactly what it outlined below. Saving up for things does NOT have to take forever!

There are also Nifty Screen Shots of many of her big accomplishments (in addition to shots of funny happenings and other cool things, too!). If you still doubt, just look up her account and check out her pets, galleries, and everything else she has earned. Obviously JenesisX's ways to earn millions work if you read everything and really put out an effort, just as they have worked for hundreds of other people who have neomailed us to say thank you for sharing our advice. Maybe you'll soon be one of them!

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~ Getting Started: Dailies, Prizes & More ~

So you are a Newbie (not to be confused with a N00b, which is slang for an idiot, not a new player). You are totally overwhelmed and lost. Or maybe you have been around a long time and just can't seem to get anywhere. Maybe you got scammed or frozen, or maybe you have just been careless with your NP. Read on for my packs' advice on how to get ahead and start making NP, then STAY ahead and become rich.

Before I say more, know this. There are NO working cheats, get-rich-quick schemes, secret codes, or any other super fast ways to get rich. There is just hard work, fun, a little luck, and some strategies that will definitely make you NP every day if you follow them. If you are frustrated and have been having bad luck, take a deep breath, relax, and prepare to retrain yourself to play more successfully. If you are new, great! You have no bad habits to break.

One important thing when you want to become rich is to hold onto what you have and not have it stolen from you, no matter how little it may be. It may sound pessimistic, but TRUST NO ONE with your NP, items, or account information. I am not going to bother with the subject of scams and avoiding them, or protecting your account, NP, and items from thieves because there are already tons of guides out there that explain the common tricks these scumbags use to rob you. My rule is, if you are being promised something that sounds way too good to be true (like being offered a paint brush for doing something like buying an overpriced junk item from a shop or donating an item to a user) IT IS. Also visit LupeMoneyCounter's Page and NoYouWereNotHacked for more on scams and playing safely. No one claiming to be hacked was actually hacked, they were scammed because they were careless or too trusting. Both these sites will explain that clearly and help you learn to protect yourself. If you read these pages (you should do so immediately if you are a newer player or have no idea what I'm talking about) and STILL fall victim to a scam, I just can't help you. Probably no one can. Write 'gullible' across your forehead and move on.

Another thing to remember when you want to hold onto what you have is to avoid being frozen! If you keep breaking the rules and losing your account like so many Neopians, you will never get anywhere because you have to keep starting over. If you are not familiar with the rules of the site, go HERE immediately to read them. If you do not understand what some of them mean, ask someone. If you receive a warning or suspension, be mindful of the reason given and be sure not to repeat the mistake. So many people throw away all of their hard work simply by not knowing or not following the rules and having it all taken away time and again. Always follow the rules and watch what you do! Other Neopians and the site monitors do have their eyes on you.

Now, onto the good stuff about earning NP! First things first. Every day, there is a list of things you need to do before anything else. It is best to visit these areas and make yourself links to them in your favorite places folder for quick access, and so you will not forget any and can go down the list from one to the next quickly until they are all done. I have posted links to most of the locations below, but everyone ought to learn their way around the maps on their own as well. Don't be afraid to go exploring! It increases your chances of finding something in a random event and also expands your knowledge of the site. To check out Neopia, go to Explore in the tool bar to the left and enter each area from there. The important places you need to visit each day are as follows:

In the Lost Desert, visit Coltzan's Shrine every 12 hours and the Fruit Machine once daily. In Tyrannia, go to the Plataeu and get a Free Omelette once daily. Check the Ticket Booth to see if a band is playing whose tickets resell for more than the booth's selling price (such as Chomby and the Fungus Balls & Sticks 'n Stones). If you feel lucky, spin the Wheel of Mediocrity in the Jungle next door every 50 minutes. Then head to Mystery Island and play Tombola once daily. Next, get a free piece of jelly at w w w . n e o p e t s . c o m / j e lly/ j e l ly . phtml (copy this into your address bar with no spaces in it), head to Faerie Land and spin the Wheel of Excitement every 2 hours, then visit the Faerie Healing Springs every half hour. Be sure to travel to Brightvale to spin the Wheel of Knowledge once daily, too.

If your pet gets sick with a disease from a random event or bad luck spinning one of the wheels, NEVER buy anyone's medicine in their shop (and please do not sit on the boards begging to be given the cure free or very cheap). Medicine is always insanely overpriced because they know you want to cure your pet and they also know which diseases you are most likely to catch from the wheels! If the cure your disease needs (find out in the main shop area's hospital if you don't know) is very cheap and you just want it cured, then buy it, but NEVER spend over 1,000 for anything like this. Your pet is in no danger and cannot die. I know you feel terrible for them, but nothing bad will happen, they just can't battle while ill. Keep visiting the Faerie Healing Springs in Faerie Land every half hour until she "completely restores" your pets' health for free. Keeping the sick pet active will better your chances. Even if it takes a day or two, don't give up! You will save so much NP! Don't let people take advantage of your love for your pet like this.

Once done there, go to the Ice Caves and buy a Scratch Card (either to resell or try your luck scratching) every 6 hours. The Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcards in the Haunted Woods are not as good, mostly resell for less than you paid, and give lesser prizes if you win (but you can get an avatar for winnFing). Another good alternative is the scratch cards from the Lost Desert kiosk. They sell about as well as the Ice Caves ones, and I've been told you have a better chance to win if you scratch it. You can find them -blocked- here if you prefer them to the Ice ones.

You can then Test Your Strength in the Deserted Fairgrounds every 6 hours if you have 100 NP to gamble. The Wheel of Misfortune is also in this area, but usually the results are unpleasant.

Play Buried Treasure on Krawk Island every 3 hours, also if you have NP to gamble (Jen once won 20,000 from this game! Whoa!). Spin the Wheel of Monotony at the same time each day so you never miss your chance every 24 hours (I've been told that it is 24 hours from the time it STOPS spinning, but in my experience it counts down from when you started). Leave it spinning in a separate window, minimized, and be patient for an hour and a half or so. Be careful not to accidently close the window! And be sure to actually click to collect your prize once the wheel has stopped.

Then, in Meridell you can tell the Grumpy Old King a joke each day and try to get him to laugh for a reward (You can get two different avatars from this). There is also the Wise Old King in Brightvale, who will reward words of wisdom with NP and books. Another nearby -disallowed_word- =" ">Mysterious Symol Hole. Your petpet can choose how to explore this large hole, and may emerge with a rare item. I am not sure of all that can happen here, so do so at your own risk! I have been told that ANY petpet, not just a Symol, can do this, so keep trying!

Don't forget the Snowager on Terror Mountain in the Ice Caves. He sleeps at set times each day (2pm, 10pm, and 6am Neopian Time), and you can try to steal from him! He may attack you, but you can just get free healing at the Healing Springs. He also now can give out an avatar.

Another daily event is Turmaculus in Meridell. He wakes up ONCE and only once per day at a random time, and stays awake for only an hour. The Help board usually will have a post about it if he is awake, so be sure to check there often to see if anyone has found him up. He can grant you gifts, NP, healing, and levels for your petpet if you wake him successfully during the right hour each day. HOWEVER, he can also EAT your petpet, 'killing' it! Do not go unless you wouldn't mind losing your petpet for good. You do get an avatar if he does this, however, so you can always equip a cheap Tenna or snowball to your active pet and visit him with it. Isn't that mean? Oh well.

Finally, be aware of any special offers, like the McDonald's daily giveaway that ran a while ago, or special species days like Lupe Day where you can get free training. You can also go HERE for some freebies. Also be sure to check out The Shop of Offers for some ways you can earn NP. Look out for those rich Slorgs that hand out NP when you stop by!

Check the News page every few hours for these kinds of announcements, as well as anything new in Neopia. We also play Guess the weight of the Marrow in the games room each day, but haven't won anything yet. Read the Neopian Times, too, as sometimes the articles can be helpful. Try entering free contests (the links are always found in the News when a new one begins), like Mystery Picture, Caption Contest, Beauty Contest, Random Contest, Pet Spotlight, Lenny Conundrum, etc. Always go to the Games Room and play the special game of the day, which gives double NP. Sign up with any sponsers or offers that you don't mind being part of to get extra NP or items. We made a LOT of our early NP this way.

Don't forget that each December, the Advent Calender in Happy Valley (via the Terror Mountain area) gives out a new prize every day! One year it even gave out Christmas Paintbrushes, and this year there were petpets, food, toys and more!

You can also get random items given to you as events simply by refreshing pages on the site of wandering about exploring. People have always said that refreshing AT the Advent Calender or an area nearby is very lucky and can win you even a Christmas Paintbrush as a random event. Wintery Random Events are usually good, so if you are really trying for a good random event, refresh there!

So! What does doing all of that stuff get you? Well, sometimes, not much. Sometimes you even lose out on the wheels, Strength Test, and Buried Treasure. However! Sometimes, you win big. JenesisX has gotten dubloons and 1-20k NP from Buried Treasure. The wheels, especially of Excitement and Monotony, can give you fabulous prizes! Up to 10,000 NP, items worth that much or more, smaller NP prizes, or petpets. Coltzan's Shrine can give you dubloons, stat points for your pets or cheap items (and there is a rumor that if you visit exactly one second after midnight, you could even win a million NP!). The Fruit Machine once, believe it or not, gave us 10,000NP and a Faerie Paintbrush in a single spin! Yes, that was VERY rare luck, but it can happen! That brush is worth over 700,000 today (and also retired)! Anything free is good, though. Tombola may give you faeries and codestones, or just cheap junk to sell and some NP. Smile anyway. :) You won't always come out of your daily routine any better off, but because there is always the chance, and I think it is one worth taking!

Since much of the above it free to do, there is no excuse not to do them every day. Even if you do not really play Neopets daily, always try to find five minutes to log in and do your daily activities anyway. You'd be surprised how fast all that free stuff and won NP can add up!

I know what you're thinking: Hey, this isn't going to make me rich! Well, no, not on its own, but it's a good start and provides extra bonuses every day at mostly no cost to you. Read on to learn how to really start earning a guaranteed income of NP every single day through running a shop, playing games, and much more!

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~ Selling Items In Your Shop:
The Fastest Way To Earn Big NP! ~

Did somebody say SELL? That's Jen's favorite word, and I love helping sell items in our shop, The Labyrinth. If you did not open a shop immediately when you created an account, go play a few games if you don't have the NP any more and open one. It's so cheap to do (only 150np!), and it's an endless profit maker until the end of your Neopian life! Don't go crazy making it big right away. Upgrade just enough to fit what you usually have to sell. If it's even just 10 items, you're off to a good start. A Size 10 shop after a few days is great for a beginner. This allows you to hold 50 items to sell (5 items per shop size)! Each time you upgrade, your next size will cost 200NP more than the previous did, so it can get expensive if you want a really large shop. Worry about that later. Now, as tempting as it is to hoard all the items you just earned or won and keep things stored in your Safety Deposit Box or in a gallery... Take all your winnings you absolutely do not need right now and put them in your shop (The quick stock menu you can find under "my items" is fantastic for this. I remember the days before it existed where you had to move items one at a time. Ugh! Just be sure to choose the correct destination for the items before clicking to send!).

Pricing your items is VERY important. Go to the Shop Wizard in the Shops area tool bar (the blue wizard hat icon in the bar that runs horizonal across the page). Look up each and every single item you are going to sell today (Jen keeps her shop stock open in one window and the Shop Wizard in another for convenience while pricing many items at once). Refresh at least 5 times with each item you are searching for to get a view of all the market sections.

User names are divided into multiple lists by what letter or number they begin with, so the first list of prices you see may NOT give an accurate idea of how much the item is worth in the ENTIRE market. User Sjalodde wrote to tell me that usernames are divided into the following Wizard groups based on what they start with: a n & 0, b o & 1, c p & 2, d q & 3, e r & 4, f s & 5, g t & 6, h u & 7, i v & 8, j w & 9, k x & _, l & y, m z & I. What this means is that all usernames beginning with the characters a, n, and 0 will be in one section, b, o and 1 will be in another, and so on. If you have not seen lists of usernames starting with at least one letter from each group while checking on an item price, you gave not seen all areas of the market, so you may want to keep searching a bit longer. Some sections will have the same item priced 10,000NP or more higher than the others, and you can get ripped off if you don't look well before buying or selling! Think of it like shopping around for the best possible price on the entire internet as opposed to just one site.

If you need NP immediately, price your items cheapest out of everyone on all the lists by only a few NP. If the lowest price on all the lists for, say, a Blue Bean Bag Chair, is 800, price yours for 795 or 799. You will still make maximum profit that way. Never sell items way under the wizard! (And if you see someone selling their item WAY cheaper than everyone else, buy it up and resell it for a more accurate price!) You don't need to sell a lot cheaper than others... You are just robbing yourself of profit then. You are also destroying the value of the item because others will then price it even lower to beat you out and soon it will be worth nothing at all! This commonly happens to items in Newbie Packs (if you are new, expect one within a few days when your inventory is empty), from the Advent Calender, items commonly given out as prizes, etc. It ruins the value of perfectly good items and makes the economy even harder for new people to do well in because the things they have to sell are suddenly worthless!

Even if you are trying to be nice and give others good deals, do NOT underprice your items. YOU want to be rich, right? Rich people can't be charity organizations for the rest of Neopia, or they wouldn't be rich. It may sound mean or greedy, but it's the truth. If you want to win at any game, you must be competitive and do everything you can to come out on top while still playing fairly. This site is a game like any other. Always get the maximum NP from every item you sell.

Again, make your shop only as large as you need it to be for the number of items you usually have on hand to sell. (If you just started playing, leave the shop size as-is until you start earning NP or get a lot of items ready to sell). You can make it bigger later. Our shop is currently size 111... Jen thinks she should have stuck at the nice number of 100, but too late now! She may someday make it larger for fun.

The bigger your shop, the more visitors you will tend to get even without being seen on the shop wizard because your shop may appear in one of the little buildings in the Marketplace of the map area where you chose to be located. People can find it just by browsing through the shops there. (However, do not worry about this until you have a lot of NP to spend on it). Small shops depend almost entirely on pricing well and posting ads, although even large shops should still do both things. Any size shop pricing well will still do tons of business! We rarely can keep our shop even half full because we still price with the wizard. At the Labyrinth, we price somewhere between the lowest and highest portion of the market's price. If the lowest priced section's cheapest shop sells it for 1000 and the highest section sells it for 2000, we might sell it for 1499 or something in that range. This way, we are not overpriced, but are still getting the most from each sale and our stock will not all sell out immediately.

Big size does not instantly mean good shop, even if you are seen in the marketplace. Just look at all those silly oversized and overpriced mega-malls you see on the Noticeboard (in the main toolbar next to the Shop Wizard icon)... especially the ones paying 4 million NP just to be at the top of the list to impress you with their hugeness. What a waste! And what a rip off if you buy from them, too. Everything in those shops is priced WAY too much, and they rely on you finding them through their big ads, being awed, and not knowing item values to make their money. Good items priced well is what will make the difference between a bad shop and an amazing one! Your size 10 shop can easily be better than one that is size 1000.

Regardless of size, do not clog up your shop with unbuyables and display items! NEVER combine a shop with a gallery. If you want a gallery, make a separate account (more on galleries farther down). You can have up to 5 accounts as long as you ONLY do the daily freebies, play games, and buy items to make NP with on your main one. You can't make many accounts to do more daily freebies, play more than 3 rounds of each game, earn trophies, etc, then pool it all onto one account. You will get frozen. Anyway, shops with unbuyables clogging the sale item space not only take away room for selling items, but also confuse and slow down shoppers. A shop is a shop, a gallery is a gallery. It can't be both! People don't want to have to search through your gallery items to find the one or two things actually for sale, and random items that don't fit the theme of the gallery also detract from how nice it looks as a collection. If you want to dress your shop up to impress customers or express yourself, add some nice text greeting shoppers (try to make it sound literate, please 0_o) and describing what kind of shop you run. Then add a shopkeeper you like, maybe a blog (Neoepts offers them in the shop menu under "Blogs", and many sites offer premade ones too) or nice table, and look at the many "free background and shop layout" sites you can find on any internet search engine to make it fun to visit. If you are good at making graphics and writing code, try creating your very own custom layouts! Try not to be annoying, though. Avoid long-loading and animated images, backgrounds that make your text and prices hard to read (if you have a black background, I assume you are TRYING to hide high prices... Always highlight the items in such shops before buying and always read the amount of NP the item will cost when the gray box pops up for you to confirm your purchase), loud/obnoxious music, or anything else that keeps people from easily getting to and buying your items in comfort. Your shop is not a display for all the cool graphics you can find online for your favorite anime show or band, or to show people just how many blinkies, dolls, and animated images you have collected. It is meant to sell items for NP!

I do love nicely decorated shops, though. I find the ones that people don't dress up boring, almost as if they don't care enough to make it look nice (The same goes for user lookups and pet lookups). We spent a lot of time making the Labyrinth fun to visit and look through. All of it was custom created. Shops can be made to look nice pretty easily without making them insane. One of Jen's favorite types of shops is a themed shop. Like The Labyrinth, our shop with a creepy cavern theme, for example. There are many awesome, creative shops out there to visit and admire. Have one? Send it to us to check out!

Important Note: Never steal images, music or layouts from other shops, even if you really admire them and wish you could have them for your own. This is THEFT, plain and simple. Stealing. A crime. Neomail the owner first if you have a question about use of their images, where they got them, etc. If you steal from a computer-savy Neopian, they can look at their ftp records and know instantly exactly who is using their stuff and where to find them, so it isn't wise ;) Always remember that if you directly link to another user's stored images or music, they can change what actually appears in your shop or lookup any time they want. So if they want to pay you back for theft, you can suddenly have a bad image showing that might get you frozen! Stealing never pays off, so either find a site offering premades or free images to the public, or create your own. There are many ways to make your shop look cool and unique while not overdoing it and taking away from its purpose. You can sell just certain kinds of items (although early on I don't recommend this... don't limit yourself, sell ANYthing you get a hold of!), or give your shop a "personality" and "feel" to it. Creepy, colorful, animal-themed, nature-themed, faerie, babyish... Anything you like! Your shop says a lot about you. Just remember, do not go overboard and make your shop too hard to see and browse through, or too slow to load. Irritated/distracted shoppers do not buy! Jen will run away screaming with me right behind her if we have to strain to see the prices, text, or if the music is too horrible to stand (like that Shirley Temple baby song... UGH!!). Once satisfied with how your shop looks and your item pricing, you may want to get an idea of how your newly designed shop looks to others. A good way to do this is to go to the Shop Ad board. Often, people are advertising that they will "rate your shop" on a scale of 1-10. These are just their opinions, but they can be helpful sometimes if they explain why they gave you the rating they did. Don't take bad ratings personally (and some raters are total morons with no clue about what makes a shop good anyway), but do happily take constructive critism and ask for reasons behind the ratings you receive. Never pay for a rating, btw. That is just a scam and against the rules. But anyone rating just for fun is perfectly okay!

If you have little to no money at this point in time and cannot afford to get any more items to sell, skip ahead to the next section about Games, then come back and read the rest of this once you have a few thousand NP to use buying items to stock your shop with.

If your shop is already open for business and well-stocked, venture off to the Shop Ad board. Create a new topic and advertise your shop HONESTLY. Do not beg people to buy (especially while asking for a "donation"), do not whine that you are poor, and do not lie about your items or prices. No one will respect you or want to give you their business and NP if you do this. Also, do NOT ever run a contest in your shop, post that you are doing so, or post about give-aways or prizes to anyone who buys from you. This is ILLEGAL and can get your account frozen! Just advertise what is for sale.

Also, all those "chain messages" you will see on the boards beginning "Copy and paste this message into 10 different boards" (or the newer variations claiming to be a neopets code or some other nonsense) are total lies and also can get you reported, so do NOT ever do something like this. The "trick" does NOT work. It is junk taking up space and tricking new people into getting themselves frozen for spamming chain letters and being off topic on the boards.

After making your own shop ad topic and hanging around to keep it active for a while (Please do not spam by repeatedly posting "bump", though. Think of interesting things to say about your shop in each post that might attract people instead!), go ahead and post on other people's topics who are asking to visit shops, looking for cheap shops, or searching for an item you might happen to have in stock. If you see a topic called "I need cheap junk!" or "I need packrat items!" and you are selling a lot of cheap things, go there and post! Write up a nice little ad for your shop and copy and paste it onto many Shop Ad topics that your shop is appropriate for, to cut down on time spent retyping your message at each board. Post your ad just once on each topic, though, as repeatedly posting the same thing counts as illegal spam and will make people angry at you. You can post something simple like "Visit my shop for great deals on cheap food and toys!", or do something fancier. But don't go around yelling "memememememe hurry hurry!!", "i need npz!! plz buy!!" or "GOGOGO!! BUY!!" That is SO tacky. Would a real store have a commercial like that? Be professional. People will notice and respect you.

A good tip for keeping your shop well stocked and making additional profit: Keep track of what sells each day and for how much! If you see that certain items are hot sellers in your shop, buy up any you can find for less than what you sold yours and put them up for sale as soon as you are out of stock. What I personally do is have a list on paper by my computer of some items I try to always keep in stock because I know they will sell for a profit fairly quickly. You can also use a simple text file for these important records. Also, use your Sales History to your benefit for items you sold for over 1,000NP. When something lists there as having sold, search the shop wizard for another one that is priced less than yours was when it was bought.

If you end up with more than a few of the same item (especially an expensive item or if you have limited shop space), put the spares in your Safety Deposit box and then put them up for sale later when your stock sells out. This way, your shop will always be full of items that your customers want, and at prices they have been willing to buy at before. An empty shop almost guarantees no visitors, so do your best to keep at least a few different items there at all times. You may also become well known for selling certain items, and people may bookmark you so they can come back again if they know you will always have those things in stock.

Another fun, easy thing to do to keep your shop stocked is to search the shop ad boards and the shop wizard for people selling things discounted that you can resell for more. Never buy anything from anyone no matter what they claim without checking the wizard several times first, though. People will gladly rip off someone who doesn't know better, so it is up to you to protect yourself. The site gives you the Shop Wizard (and the Trading Post for items worth over 100k) to do this, so take advantage! When searching the shop wizard for bargains, you can enter simple words like "chair", "omelette", "doughnut", "chocolate", "faerie","plushie", "pear" or something else you wish to find into the search engine and keep refreshing (or if you want to find a specific item, enter the full item name such as "fresh bamboo chair" or "spotted paint brush"). The shop wizard may ban you for a bit if you refresh too much at once (until the start of a new hour), but oh well... You can just go play some games while you wait for him to get over his annoyance. Get good at searching the wizard for all different sorts of items and finding the people who are being silly and selling too cheap! Their mistake is your profit. Sounds mean, but finders, keepers! Jen found a stamp worth over a million NP for 3,500NP once, and also many underpriced map pieces and other expensive items. It happens all the time if you look! While all of this can make your shop a success, the best way to make the maximum profit out of running a shop is to Restock. Some people use the term "Restocking" to mean simply that they refilled the items stocked in their shop (Jen calls this just "stocking"), but in actuality it means buying items from the main Neopets shops when they "restock" at random 8 times an hour or so. THAT is REAL Restocking. There is more on this below, under "Restocking & More: Making Your NP Multiply," since restocking requires a decent amount of money on hand to invest in items and you may not be there yet. It is the SINGLE BEST WAY we have found to earn TONS of NP, so keep on reading for more on what true Restocking involves and how to get good at it!

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~ Games & Other Ways to Earn Quick, EASY NP! ~

While you wait for things to sell in your shop (or if you did not have enough NP to get things to sell yet), go play some games in the Game Room. (When people tell you there is a magic button between Explore and World that will earn you lots of NP, they mean Games, of course... They are just being smart alecs). This is the part where all the people who love to whine "help meee! plz donate i need np soooo bad i am bad at games pllzzzzzzzz!" will begin to hate me. Everyone, right now, go look at Jen's (few) game scores. Look at them and laugh. She is PITIFUL at the games (I hope she doesn't read this and get mad, heehee). A lot of other people are bad at them, too. But this is NOT an excuse for why you cannot still play them. There are many games (160†), each of which can be played 3 times for NP each day (The game Pyramids is great because you can play until you have earned 5,000NP every day! Same with Bilge Dice. They both cost a small amount of NP to play, but you will almost always make more than that back). Even if you make under 100 NP on each game play (which means you are REALLY bad at them, lol) it adds up, and with most games it is FREE to do! You can earn NP this way with NO NP needed, so even if you have 0 NP to your name, you can go play and earn thousands RIGHT NOW! I am so tired of people posting things like "help meee i only have 24NP and my pet is hungry plzzz buy at my overpriced junk shop or donate!!" Go play a game or two. Give your pets your daily free food, or buy 1np gross foods. Another tip: You can put your pet in the Neolodge's cheapest hotel for a full 28 days for only 140 np! They don't care that it is the worst hotel! They will stay happy and eat for a WHOLE MONTH for only 140 np! What a deal! The only thing you won't be able to do is feed them during this time. You can play with them, battle, and everything else! Jen thinks of it as permanent maid service for us and we never get hungry!) You can't be SO bad at ALL 160† games that you are unable to make even 100 NP by yourself. It's ridiculous, an excuse, and a line lazy people will use to get you to hand over YOUR hard earned NP while they sit and do nothing to help themselves. Do not believe or pity anyone claiming they need donations for this reason... or any reason! Don't ever use this line on Jen. She will laugh at you. I will growl. We DO understand that games aren't fun for everyone. Personally, Jen and I hate most of the games. But, at the beginning, THAT is how to earn NP when you have almost nothing, are new, have a slow connection that keeps you from Restocking well, or don't want to bother with a shop. Many people are millionaires through playing games alone! You can get up to 10,000 a day or more, free. I'm not kidding here. Spend an hour and you may find yourself with double that or more. Games may not be the fastest way to earn NP, but they will provide you with a GUARANTEED, steady profit that will just keep adding up.

Some games I like that you can try for pretty quick NP are DestructoMatch2, Hasee Bounce, Dubloon Disaster, Faerie Bubbles, Faerie Cloud Racers, Deckswabber, Extreme Potato Counter, Ultimate Bullseye and Warf Rescue Team. Go to Marilyn_Manson02's Game & Quest Guide for help on how to make one million NP by playing the listed games alone! User Willow_Night also sent in the following list of games and what you can earn from playing them daily:

Hanna and the Pirate Caves: played 3x, score of 100,000 = 3000NPs
Hanna and the Ice Caves: played 3x, score of 50,000=3000NPs
Hubrids Hero Heist: played 3x, score of 50,000=3000NPs
ToyBox Escape: played 3x, roughly close to 2000NPs
Faeries Caves II Fyoras Quest: played 3x, level 17 I believe=3000NPs
Snowmuncher: played 3x, score of 5000=3000NPs

So be tough and go do it even if it isn't really something you enjoy... Later, when you have saved up, you can move onto ventures you may like more (such as scrolling back up to the Shops section of the guide if you were too broke before or moving to the next section on Restocking). You need NP to make NP in nearly every other method of earning, so since games = free NP, that is the most logical thing to do if you are broke. Hey, you can get trophies and avatars from some of the games, too, if you practice and get good. The trophies we have are the easiest, of course, since a dead Larnikin has more game skill than Jen does. If you want trophies in your lookup so it will look nicer, go try those games now. Feel free to look up Jen's game scores and try all the games in her list for starters, then explore all the many others there are to see which you like best, are best at, and can earn the most from. (JenesisX secretly loves to play Hasee bounce... Heehee. Don't tell her I told you!)

To those who claim they cannot play the games because their computer is old and cannot run Flash: You are usually lying and are just lazy, but even if this were true it is still not an excuse to beg! Know why? Because there are plenty of NON-FLASH games, too! Sahkmet Solitaire, Bilge Dice, Scorchy Slots, Gormball, Dice-a-Roo (you can win a lot of food!), Pyramids, Cheat, Go go go!, Tyranu Evavu, Grarrl Keno, Kacheek Seek, Neoquest and Neoquest2, Petpet Battle... just to name the ones I know of off the top of my head. Pyramids and Bilge Dice alone are 5,000NP a day each if you keep playing to your limit, Scorchi Slots is cheap to try and can give you NP, faeries, and map pieces, Dice-a-Roo can earn you NP and food items or the whole jackpot and an avatar... So you have no excuse. While you may make NP a bit slower than someone also playing Flash games, you can still make NP on your own easily and then move on to selling items in a shop instead. A bonus is that you will get random events as you refresh the Non-Flash games to advance in them. You can find anything from NP to Paintbrushes, where in Flash games you are more or less outside the site and do not get any events at all. There is hope for anyone to make money with games, even if your computer is older than you are. If it can get you on the internet and this site, it can play those games. So don't come begging, and don't try to use this as a scam to get donations. Jen will call your bluff every time. She loves to rat out liars and scammers and embarrass them in public. Everyone needs a hobby.

You can also try out the Money Tree as a way to get some free NP and items to sell when you are very poor (or if you just want a freebie that involves no begging!). It is the big smiling tree located in the main Shop area of Neopia Central. People who want to be nice or have junk they want to get rid of can choose to "donate" an item from the item menu or quick stock screen, and the NP or item ends up here at the tree with their name listed as the doner. What you do is refresh the page and grab for something as fast as possible. You must be very fast, and it may sometimes seem like you will never get a thing. But keep trying, and you just might get lucky! I wouldn't rely on this too much, though, as it will be very slow going. Finding anything valuable here is rare, but it happens now and then. I suggest ONLY donating through the Money Tree if you must be generous, too. You will not be feeding lazy beggars then, but instead giving to a "pool" of items anyone can work to gain something from. There is also a rumor that those who donate often to the Money Tree get more good random events as a reward for their kindness! I will sometimes buy up a bunch of 1 NP items and mass-donate 50 at a time in part to be nice, in part to draw attention to my username, and in part in case this rumor is true! I have heard of people getting even a Fountain Faerie quests that allows you to paint one of your pets nearly any color after a spurt of donating here.

Something similar to the Money Tree is the Meridell Rubbish Dump. People throw away their garbage here, and you can grab it to sell or eat! One man's trash is another man's treasure (or supper 0_o), after all. Unlike the Money Tree, it often appears empty, but if you refresh a bunch of times, eventually an item appears from a random Meridell farmer or other doner. Since this place is less popular, it is very easy to get the item! I recommend refreshing with F5 and keeping your cursor hoving over the center of the screen. This is sure to gain you a free item to sell or a free meal, even if it IS cheap junk.

Another method some people use to gain NP is the Employment Agency in Faerieland. Every 10 minutes (at 1:10, 1:20, 1:30, etc), new Basic Jobs list there. If you see a job where you know you can spend less to get the items than what the job pays, grab it quickly! And you DO have to b e fast, they get taken in seconds. If you miss the one you try for, hit back on your browser to return to the list and try again. Omce you succeed in getting a job, immediately use the shop wizard or main shops to get the items in the required time to successfully complete the job and get paid (the faster you do it, the more bonus you get, so hurry!). I cannot say how affective or fast this method is at making NP, since I've almost never used it for that purpose, but I have seen many people report good results. Try it and see! Don't waste NP on expensive one-use job coupons for the higher level jobs, though. If you become skilled at spotting the best basic jobs, they will do just fine to make you NP instead of wasting a ton of money on a one-use coupon that may not even be worth it.

Yet another thing some people do to earn NP is questing for the Snow Faerie, Edna the Witch, or the Kitchen on Mystery Island. What you do is visit these locations and agree to accept a quest collecting ingredients the character hiring you needs. Sometimes, they ask for cheap items and reward you with much more than you spent getting them. Unlike random faerie quests, you CAN use the shop wizard to locate the best deal. However, in my experience (especially with Edna and the overly complicated Brain Tree quest in the Haunted Woods which requires you to do TWO often expensive Esophogor-feeding quests for the always random anwers) these type of quests are almost always not worth it. Do not do them if the ingredients will cost over 1000NP or so unless you are willing to take the risk of losing a lot (I have wasted at least 50k so far trying to get Edna's avatar... ugh). I have heard the Snow Faerie's rewards are best (and it is usually good to accept so long as the items she wants are worth under 5k since her rewards are better than Edna's), but she usually asks me for expensive items worth upwards of 20k and I refuse to bother. There is no penalty for not completing a quest. Simply let the time expire and then try again for a better one. You can do 10 of any of these quests total per day (but only one Brain Tree).

Auctions are another way you can make some easy NP with only a small amount to spend. Often, people will put an item up for auction at the Auction House (the gavel in the toolbar in the main shops area) for far less than it would normally sell in a shop. The idea is that they start the price off cheap, then allow people to bid at a set increment until the auction expires. They are hoping a lot of people will keep bidding and bumping up the price, but sometimes this never happens! If you are lucky and catch a cheap item that says it has only a short amount of time left to go, and no one else bids (you should keep checking back if the auction says it has a small amount of time left to go in case someone else does outbid you), you can get a fantastic deal and resell the item in your shop or trades for a lot more. You can find anything in auctions from cheap food and toys to paint brushes, codestones, and battle gear. Auctions can be a good way to make NP for both the rich and poor because there is such a wide price range of items. If you lose an auction, by the way, your NP will be returned in full, it just may take a short period of time. When you win, you will receive a neomail congratulating you and then the item as well, but this may also require a brief wait. Don't panic, it'll come through shortly.

As a side note, auctions are the only place where you can bid over 800,000NP on an item. The Trading Post only allows bids of up to 800k and 10 items, but auctions allow much higher amounts of NP to be bid at once. When people are asking for more than 800k pure on the Trading Post for an item, usually this means that if you mail them that you are interested in making an offer, they will request to be your Neofriend and set up a Neofriends-only auction with very high increments between bids to discourage anyone but you from trying to buy the item. With the auction set to the shortest possible time, you are almost guaranteed to win the item. And if someone outbids you, they will be ripping themselves off and handing the seller even more profit for their item. You can just find another seller and try again for the correct amount.

The Island Trading Post sometimes offers great deals on items, too, either a single item or multiple items in a "lot." Always check the prices of all items that are not Unbuyable (worth over 100k) against the shop wizard before bidding to be sure of what the item(s)is really worth. If the person has a wishlist for their lot, you can try to bid slightly less to get the item at a discount, or you may find someone asking less for their items than you could find it elsewhere. Offering low may not work, but it is always worth a try! (Your offer must include at least 1 item to be able to include NP as well, so if you just want to offer pure NP buy a 1NP junk item to include to meet this requirement). You can get food, codestones, and other smaller items this way, groups of petpets or faeries, or maybe even luck out on a cheap paint brush! Check it out if you have never tried it before, just search for an item of your choice and see what pops up! There is more information on the Trading Post in the section "The Big Time: To Millions and Beyond", because the Trading Post is usually more profitable when dealing with Unbuyables, even though there are tons of cheaper items to be found at discount prices, too. There is also information about how buying stocks in the Stock Market can bring you profit if you have extra NP to invest in that section.

Real-life Neopets merchandise, such as packs of TCG cards, often comes with a rare item code. When you buy something, you can go to and redeem your code! Sometimes, you get cheap stuff, small amounts of NP, or junk... but other times, you get rare virtual TCGs, rare items, or a lot of NP! JenesisX has gotten over 24k from a code, a few nice rares, and a Purple Paint Brush. It's up to you to decide if spending 3-5 bucks of real money for the cards is worth this chance of earning extra NP or not. If you like to collect cards, or have a birthday coming up, go for it! JenesisX will buy a pack now and then mostly for the code, while others are more interested in having a collection. This method of earning some extra NP and items was worth mentioning even though it does require real life expenditure.

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~ Learn How to Save NP:
Avoid Wasting it & Staying Poor ~

In Neopia, it is often all about looking rich and getting attention and admiration when people visit your lookup. JenesisX will admit that her user lookup, galleries, we pets, stamp album, shop, avatars, neodeck and everything else about her account is largely about looking good and having a high status level. Bragging rights can be fun as long as you don't run around to all the boards boasting constantly. She wants people to look at our things and drool. My siblings and I like being admired, too! Why do people buy expensive cars and mansions in real life, after all? To impress others and get people to look! But when you are new, this is NOT what you should invest your NP in! If you try this early on, you will NEVER get anywhere! It is so tempting, but must be avoided!

As you begin to make money from games and selling items in your shop, be sure to follow the most important rule of all. ** THIS IS EXREMELY IMPORTANT IF YOU EVER WANT TO BE RICH!** For every 1000 NP (commonly written as 1k) you make, put 500NP in the bank (later you can raise the amounts of this system... and put in 5k every time you make 10k, etc. Jen usually puts 50,000NP in the bank every time she has more than 75,000NP on hand). Open a bank account if you need one still. Your precious NP will be safe from negative random events if it is tucked safely away at the National Neopian. Always collect your interest daily, even if it is only a few NP. Do this before withdrawing or depositing, or you lose it for that day! The more you save, the more interest you will receive, too, so it is always worth it to let your NP build!

Do not spend your NP on things you do not need. THIS is the number one reason why people remain poor! Put half of the NP you earn in the bank, and spend the other half on restocking your shop with items that sell for more than you bought them for. As long as you keep depositing NP every day, you will gain wealth! Try not to withdraw any NP you deposit once it is in your account. That is how people fail to become any more wealthy than they are... They put the NP away, then see something cool they want and withdraw and spend it, or feel like being nice and waste it donating to a friend or random beggar. Avoid spending NP from your savings unless it is an absolute neccessity. Put the NP in the bank and KEEP IT THERE. Pretend you locked the vault and lost the key. Keep adding to it daily as you sell items and play games and watch it pile up! Be sure to upgrade your account type as you gain the NP required for each level to get even MORE interest, too.

You can invest some of the "spending" half of your earnings you will keep on hand into making your shop bigger if you need to by now. Do not buy other things, though, if you are not buying them to resell! Don't spend your NP on stuff you don't need or on 'helping' others as soon as you earn it, or you will end up broke again instead of adding it to your bank account. If you really want to or your pet's mood has gotten low, you can by them a grooming brush and a cheap toy, but don't go farther. If you MUST have a petpet for them, your pet will love their plain old Tenna for now as much as a more expensive or painted petpet (if your pet hates the Tenna and won't take it, buy a Selket, Abominable Snowball or Scarabug and resell the Tenna in your shop... Another trick when your pet refuses a petpet, food, or book you want them to use is to change the language setting at the bottom on the yellow bar, offer it again until you find one they will take it under, then change back to your language. They will be happy with that, believe me. We pets are not choosy. As long as you keep us fed, healthy and play with us now and then, your pet will love you even without fancy things. Pets are unconditional love, after all! Buy them a Blue Aisha Plushie and a Red Brush if you want to play with and groom them each day. Both are very cheap and will make your pet happy. You can keep these special items in your Safety Deposit Box so you can use them whenever you want.

Never carry items in your inventory for long... the Pant Devil can steal them! Also, it is wise to put extra NP in the bank until you need it, too, if you are not currently restocking your shop. JenesisX had a "tax collector" random event steal over 5,000NP of our money on hand from us once, and Sloth took over 20k! Eek! Always deposit ALL of your NP into your bank account at the end of a play session. It will help you gain more interest the next time you come on to play, and will keep your NP safe.

The Merry-Go-Round on Roo Island is also good for a pretty inexpensive, quick mood boost for a sad pet without requiring a ton of NP. It's only 50NP a ride. It is very important to keep a painted pet happy, because a random event can turn any unhappy pet the color blue or an angry pet red, ruining your costly paint job! There is also an event in which your pet hides and you cannot find it, because they have been turned invisible. Evil!

You do not need to have luxery items right away to play on the site and have fun. For example, you do not NEED a Paint Brush RIGHT NOW! You can play just fine without one. Your pet does not care if he or she is painted. Honest. JenesisX did not paint any of us for over a year! Randi begged to be painted Fire so much that she finally gave in and started buying each of us a brush when she had extra NP to spare that didn't go towards our shop. Unless you simply must have 4 pets, stick to just one early on... The fewer pets, the cheaper! You can create more later. And sometimes, at the pound, you can get super lucky and adopt a leveled, painted pet for under 1000NP! Try it! It takes a lot of waiting and refreshing, but Jen has seen a good number in there and she has adopted a few on our gallery accounts. My own best friend and little sister Shairn is from the pound, but was level 1 and unpainted when Jen found her. Once you adopt a pound pet, it is yours to keep. Even if someone neomails you and says the pet was theirs and lost when they tried to move it to another account (commonly called 'transferring'), keep the pet! Any pet in the pound is fair game for anyone to adopt, and you have every right to politely refuse to give it back. Your pets will be fine blue, green, or whatever color they were when you created them. Painting them is a fun thing to do later when you have NP, and largely just a status symbol. Do not beg for paint brushes or donations towards getting one on the boards regardless of how much you may want one or how far off getting one may seem. You may WANT one but do not NEED one. You will look like a n00b if you start begging and making dumb offers on them, especially with a newer account, so keep your dignity and wait until a time down the road when you can afford a brush on your own. No one will pity someone simply because they can't afford the Baby pet they want after one month. Or even a year. The ways to earn NP for these things are there, you simply have to find those ways and work at them to save up! You're no different than anyone else who wants a painted pet. You're no different than Jen was. She too wanted special looking pets (and still has the goal of painting all her gallery account pets, who can be seen on Boocat's petpage), but she waited and worked and saved. When asking to buy ANY item, always know what it is worth before making an offer on it. It keeps you from looking stupid. Don't offer to buy a Baby PB for anything less than 550,000 and not expect to be mocked and laughed at. I warned you =)

You also should not build a neohome until you have built up at least 100,000np in the bank. And even then, just build a room or two, and don't bother with expensive upgrades until much later. Cheap furniture or none at all is fine for now. Neohomes are usually not something many people will look at on your account. Our home with JenesisX is not all that fancy even now, but it is comfortable and we all have our own beds and fluffy bean bag chairs in the living room! It's really just a waste of NP to go insane when you are not rich, but if you want to make the most expensive types of rooms and fill them with all the finest furnishings later when you are, by all means do so! Jen isn't that into Neohomes, but many people really enjoy decorating them and that's great. You can enter Neohome Spotlight for a prize if you really do a nice job! For now, don't invest in that area, or buy stamps to collect, rare furniture, secret avatar items, collectible cards, items for a gallery... anything that is not 100% required to play and make more NP. Do not worry about looking poor. Worry about getting rich! In Neopia, it is usually VERY OBVIOUS what your level of wealth is just from glancing at your lookup... at least to the experienced player. Don't spend NP trying to fake it, because it will not work and will likely only fool people who are not very knowledgable. If you want to look better to others in the mean time, get a premade user look up (or better yet, learn to code one of your own!), premade pet page layouts, shop layouts, etc. Your account can look nice without you blowing all your NP trying to look rich when you aren't. All these things will come. Be patient. Just keep working on your shop, games, and saving NP, and eventually, you will have enough extra money to start splurging on a few things here and there. Eventually. Not now! Self control, people. lol...I know it sometimes seems that you will NEVER reach your goals, but the game would not hold your interest for very long if you could have all the best stuff in a short period of time, right? If we all started with all the best things, why bother playing? Try not to dwell on the present, but instead think ahead to the future. Setting goals and sticking to them is the key to success. Jen has a list of goals on Randi's petpage now that she is working toward, one goal at a time. Checking off each small step toward your goal as you go can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and progress. In Neopia, it is pretty well impossible to EVER accomplish EVERYthing, so even someone very rich still has many things to strive for. Check out our goal list and see for yourself. We have a LONG way to go.

Avoid starting a Gallery until you are wealthy. You know, those shops full of fancy, neat, themed, or expensive items that you can't buy? (And be aware, most items priced at 100,000NP or more in all listed shops are worth WAY more than this... Always check the Trading Post before making an offer on such an item, because most of the time selling them for 99,999 would be an extreme rip off to the shop owner and they will be annoyed if you ask). Buying items to display in a Gallery won't gain you any NP, and will eat up a lot of your spending money, so wait until a day down the road when you have extra to burn. Do not start a Gallery and then ask for donations to it. It is YOUR collection, YOU should earn it! A Gallery can be of anything, though. If you must have one early on, make it something affordable... maybe all yellow items, dung items, bamboo, Lupe items... Anything you fancy and can afford. But Galleries are totally unneccessary and more for fun and showing off when you have the NP to spare on buying items and expanding another shop. (You should fund the increase of your Gallery account's shop size buy putting a 1np junk item for sale in the Gallery for however much you need to spend and then buying it with your main account since you are not allowed to earn any NP with the Gallery account. Transferring NP from your one legal earning account is fine as far as I know. Do nothing else with this NP but enlarge your gallery size and take care of pets on that account. All Gallery items should be bought on your main account and sent over one at a time as you get them). Galleries are great fun, but you do not NEED one. Don't bother if you don't have extra NP screaming to be spent.

Another very popular, expensive item people start wanting early on is a full 9 piece Secret Laboratory Map set (commonly called the "lab map"). They sell for around 560k for an entire set of all 9 pieces, I believe (as of 8/30/04), or about 58k per piece with the exception of one or two sections which cost more. This is one of the treasure maps you can collect all the pieces of, and the best of the bunch because, when completed (under Games: Treasure Map), you will gain access to the Secret Laboratory! This means that, once a day, you can zap one of your pets with the Lab Ray for free! You can gain/lose stats, get painted, change gender, and even change species! Though slower, this is more cost-effective than trying to train your pet in the training schools with codestones and dubloons (or can be used at the same time to make it go faster). It is also a way to get ALL your pets painted for one flat price so long as you are not set on keeping their species/gender the way it is or don't mind waiting a while for a color change. It is a good goal to set after you are on your way and earning a lot of NP a day, but not needed right away. There is a guide that answers many questions about the Lab Ray at the bottom of this page.Worry about the Battledome much later, when you can afford the very costly good equipment and expensive constant training. My siblings and I, still, are not much at all for battling. I used to battle a little, but most of the opponents are too hard for me. Only Zaakary does well now, though he was only briefly a lab rat. We had access to the lab ray for years but never felt right using it... We were all happy being the species, gender and color we had been for so long. But in the many war plots, we were unable to do much and Jen decided she wanted a pet who would do well next time. She choose not to spend NP training, though, so Zaak volunteered to be the fighter and he went to the ray once daily for a few months and slowly improved in stats (and changed in appearance!). Don't ever use the ray unless you are sure you don't mind a big change in your pet, because he changed many times and looks nothing like he used to. Zaak's pet site lists some of the changes the ray caused for him before he decided to stay a Kougra, be painted Darigan using the Paint Brush Jen had, and continue his training in the schools instead. The lab map is a good long-term goal, but do not worry about starting to save toward it until you have at LEAST 200,000NP or more in the bank and have a good, consistant daily earning rate. You can then designate a "fund" for the map... (And NO! You should not ask for donations to this fund in any form! It is YOUR personal fund that YOU work toward and earn NP for! Asking people to donate is only a more acceptable form of begging that has recently become a plague in people's shops and neoboard signatures!) Take a percentage of what you earn each day and put it aside just for the map (or any other important thing you want to buy). Write it down on a piece of paper, or your Board signature line or lookup so you know how much you have toward it, and do NOT spend anything from your savings on it that is not part of the fund so you won't end up flat broke once you buy it. You will end up spending your whole savings if you do not use self control, and then you will have to scroll all the way up to the top of this page and start over! No one wants to do THAT, right? lol

Jen has had people mail us and yell at her that this guide does not work because they still overspend and keep buying things. Well... We can only offer advice, Jen and I can't control what you actually do on the site! I have seen people suggest "locking" your bank account by removing 1 NP 15 times until the bank will no longer allow you to take any more NP out til the next day. If you have a REAL self control problem with spending, feel free to try this. Be aware, though... if a good deal comes up later that day and you don't have enough NP left on hand to go for it and make a profit, you won't be able to. Use this method of spending prevention only if you understand this risk and honestly cannot stop spending your savings any other way.

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~ Restocking & More: Making Your NP Multiply! ~

After you have around 50,000NP or so in extra spending money on hand that you can do without for a while, from playing games and your shop (which can be done in a couple days if you do all of the above well!), you may want to try your hand at "Restocking" or "RSing". People who make most of their money from doing this are commonly called "Restockers." It does not mean simply refilling your shop's stock like many people think, but actually grabbing the items as they are generated by the site in the main shops located all over the different map areas, before the price is inflated by other users reselling them in their private user shops. You are cutting out the middleman, so to speak, so all the items are much much cheaper and will resell for far more profit if you are the first person to buy them when they arrive. I'm sure you've seen the many shops all across the different areas of the world maps. Yes, I know they are almost always empty or contain only cheap junk when you look. That is because they have not 'stocked', or filled with new items, recently. What you should do if you want to catch the new items right as they arrive is open a window with a shop or two you want to buy items from (books, food and chocolate are great for beginners), and wait. Yes, wait, while watching the little clock in your sidebar. There is a chance twice per minute that the shops will receive new items for you to buy, always starting at :00 and :30 seconds past the minute in the Food shop. The shops do not ALWAYS stock every 30 seconds, since restocks occur at random intervals, but if they are going to that minute that is when they would. Most restocks occur on the :00 time, with only few happening at :30. But they do occur every now and then, so you should still check. You should always refresh at Food at :00 and :30, and if stock arrives there, items will soon appear in ALL the main shops. Confused yet? I'll try to clarify this system below.

The main shops restock in kind of a wave pattern. One shop stocks, then the next, then the next, etc. They go in order by the # of their shop ID (see the url in the address bar on your browser). The main Food is shop #1, for instance, and Furniture is #14... which means Food would be the first shop to stock in Neopia, followed by #2, and on down the line. A shop like Darigan Toys, #74, will be among the last shops to stock, even if by only around 20 or 25 seconds from the time Food first stocked items. This is why you should always keep a window open in the Food shop, even if you do not actually want to Restock there. If it stocks new items at either of the times I gave you, you will know that the shops you do want to buy from will soon have items, and you can get a jumpstart heading to that window and getting ready. It is up to you to figure out exactly what second your chosen shop or shops will fill with items after Food does. There are so many shops that Jen and I do not know the exact second for all of them. A hint, though: Shops with an ID # lower than 10 will restock before :08 seconds after the minute.

It is important to know the times your shops stock so you can be there at the exact moment to have a chance to buy the most rare and expensive items before others grab them, but for another reason as well. Refreshing too often in any of the main shops will result in a 'restock ban,' which prevents you from seeing ANY items appearing in any of the main shops for an unknown amount of time, sometimes days! (The Igloo Garage Sale is the only place where your ban will not affect your ability to see and buy items) Ugh. It utterly cripples Jen's earning ability until it wears off since she relies so heavily on restocking to earn our NP. Avoid it at all costs by refreshing only when you need to, maybe once or twice at each expected RS time in Food. Once you confirm that items have stocked, you can then refresh a second or so before the time your chosen shop stocks items, then refresh again only if the items have not arrived yet. This way, you should usually avoid being banned unless you restock for many hours in a row.

Sometimes, it may seem that a restock may never happen! Just because the shops claim they restock "approximately every 8 minutes" does not mean it's true! This is an estimate only. The program that causes restocks to happen is random, and it could cause items to stock again within 30 seconds of the last time, two minutes apart, or it could be half an hour or longer! This is why restocking is boring and frustrating for some people, but if you get good at restocking and see the amazing profits you can make, all that waiting you have to do on occasion is well worth it! Just find something that isn't overly distracting to do in another window, and go back to check for stocks every 30 seconds until one happens.

Now, the trick is to decide on a few types of shops you are interested in selling items from and learn the value of the items that generally stock there, and of course at what seconds past the minute those shops normally restock. If you want to sell chocolate in your shop, look up the prices of the different kinds you have seen or know of on the wizard as you begin learning their names. Spend some time refreshing in that shop when you know it is going to restock. When items appear, just let them sit there with your window open. Don't try to buy anything, but instead open the shop wizard in another window and look up all of the items that appear whose values you do not know. If you spend a few hours doing this, you should soon memorize which items are good buys and which are not, and once you feel confident you can start trying to buy the good stuff. Learning what items resell the best can make or break you as a restocker. If you do not learn the values, you risk overpaying for an item that resells for only a fraction of what you paid. Even the best restocker still makes mistakes, but as long as this only happens on occasion it isn't a big deal. Another way to learn item values is to dive right in and start buying items, then looking them up after the fact. This is far more risky and can cost you thousands if you make mistakes, but the items you lost NP on will probably stand out in your head as things never to buy again!Speed, after knowledge of times and values, is your best friend in the game of restocking. You should not try to enter in the exact price asked for an item, but instead type in an offer close to it that is very fast abd easy to enter. Get good at entering in these quick prices (such as 345 or 1111) and clicking the specified image to finalize the sale. You can practice your price entering speed in a text document if you are a slow typer or do not know where each number key is by feel or memory. It helps greatly if you can type it in without looking down at your keys. You can practice the whole process of entering in prices and clicking the image in a place like Food or Bakery. Pretend that stack of Red Apples, Pears, or Fresh Baguettes is actually a really expensive Rarity 99 item and try to grab and enter a price for it as fast as you can! This will build your speed up for a time down the road when you really might be taking a shot at something good and need to be fast.

Haggling means the process of entering in a price for an item you are trying to buy and clicking the image below to see if you were fast enough, and if your offer is good enough for the shop keeper to accept. It is called haggling because you can attempt to offer less NP than what the shop keeper is actually asking, to work the price down to less and increase your profits. Always try to haggle some NP off of the price when asked to enter an offer, but don't go too low or the shop keeper will demand more. You will have to haggle again and lose time you could be using buying more, or you may even anger the shopkeeper and be thrown out. Haggle so that you only have to enter a price once, by offering just slightly less than what was asked. If you have to do it again you will lose most rare items, so if you are worried about it or the item you are offering on is REALLY good, offer slightly MORE than what is asked to guarantee you will not be turned down. If you hesistate or fumble at all doing any of the above, prepare to lose the item if it's a good one or one of just a few in stock. Trial and error and lots of practice will help if at first you have a rough time. People already out there restocking are FAST and very good at owning the good items in their chosen shops, and you must get good to be able to compete.

I know this can be frustrating, as good things sell out almost immediately and sometimes the wait between stocks can be very long and boring, but Jen is ADDICTED to it. She feels like a tiger waiting to pounce on prey, fingers hovered expectantly over the keys. Restocking is not for everyone, and we understand that some people may never like it or get good at it. That's fine, and they can use the many other ways to earn NP. But everyone should at least give restocking a fair try, because if you do happen to like it and have a talent for it, the sky is the limit!

If you are patient and know your item resell values so you can shoot for the best items, and get fast at spotting and haggling for them... THIS is where the BIG NP is made. 90% of our total income ever was gained this way. Some people can make a million in a single day restocking!

At first, it will be hard and you may not get much, or you may accidently pay more for some things than they resell for. A general rule is: The more of an item that stocks at one time, the less it is worth because it is very common and easy to buy. However, there are exceptions to this you will learn as you go. Some common items still net a profit, and some of the rarer ones will be a huge rip off. But don't give up and keep trying and improving. Learn from your mistakes and good buys. Learn how best to position your hands and fingers, and what prices are best for you to enter in when haggling. It's an art form you have to work on to master =)

There are a few great restocking guides linked at the very bottom of this page. Click the banners and read up! They even taught me some things after years of RSing.

The goal everyone truly wants is to grab the very rare and even unbuyable (worth over 100k) items in the main shops. You can find them for under 5k and make so much profit, sometimes millions! But because they are so valuable, everyone in that shop trying to restock will also go for them (and there is usually just one stocked at a time!), so you must be very fast and quite lucky.

Even if you don't get THE top items that stock, there are still plenty of more common items that will sell for double or more what they stock for at every restock. And don't ignore the little items, especially if you are new! Anything selling for under 200NP is almost ALWAYS a good thing to buy. Haggle a little and buy up these cheap, often ignored items. They will usually sell for at least 100NP more, or sometimes double! A good example is doughnuts in the bakery, or fruits and milk in the main food shop. They are easy to grab for slower or newer restockers (Jen buys them up, too, because she can sell them for a bit of profit and attract a lot of customers wanting cheap food with them), and are guaranteed profit, even if it isn't all that much. It will add up and also teach you how to RS faster and better so that someday you will be snagging the higher value items, too.

Once you have some experience and start gaining confidence, focus mostly on restocking items that sell for at least double what you buy them for. Selling smaller cheap things is good, too, though, as it brings in both poor and rich customers and you can stock a lot of them without spending a ton. Cheap food will always bring people in, and then they may buy other, more expensive items they see, too. But if you only sell things that make your under 100NP profit per item, it will take you far too long to make much NP, so go for items that resell for a lot more (such as rare furniture, petpets, bakery cakes, chocolates, etc). Keep a nice balance of price ranges and item types as you gain skill Restocking and searching the Shop Wizard for deals, and your shop will have more customers than you can shake a stick at! In one single restock round, Jen can usually grab 2-3 rares in her chosen shop (selling for 5-20k or sometimes more a piece), a discounted Igloo Garage Sale (more below) item, and 5-10 smaller, more common items. This can add up to 25k PER RESTOCK ROUND, sometimes much more. If the shops restock 8 times an hour, and she is there waiting for each stock... That can be 100k† in a single HOUR once the items resell in your shop! Even without scoring VERY rare or unbuyable items! Do you see why we believe Restocking is the best, fastest way to become a Millionaire? Even a very average or newer Restocker can earn 50k a day, no problem, just by waiting for items and buying them. Learn what things are worth in one or two different shops to start and have fun! Anyone can do it, even a slow connection if you go for the smaller, more common items that stock in bulk. You'll still turn a handsome profit. Keep in mind that every 3rd of the month is Half-price day! What does this mean? It's a restockers dream (Jen considers is a real holiday, lol)! For the entire day, every main shop in Neopia sells ALL their items for half the usual price! Woohoo! Mega-profit time! Items that are usually not worth buying suddenly turn a good profit, and everything else just gives you even more of one! A down side is that many people who never RS otherwise will do so on this day, so the shops are going to be even busier and crazier than usual. You have to be very fast, but this is a day you can score big! Jen can manage close to a million NP profit from half-price days (if she manages not to get restock banned, lol). It's also a safer day to head out there and restock if you are still learning item values, because you are less likely to rip yourself off.

A nice spot to restock from for people newer to this (and everyone else, too, or those who end up restock banned) is the Igloo Garage Sale on Terror Mountain. It's like a main shop, but slightly different. It restocks at some point after the other shops, usually around 25 second past the minute if Food has stocked. Jen keeps the main shop(s) she is stalking for items open in one window, and the Igloo in another. Then after the best items in her shop(s) of choice are gone, she refreshes the Igloo and makes a grab for one of the items left there. You could, of course, choose the Igloo as your main shop of choice and be there when it first stocks for a better selection. You will have to practice to learn the exact timing of your chosen restock shop(s) and the Igloo, though, as the main shops will vary slightly on when they first fill up with new stock.

Anyway, the Igloo is a variety shop. It sells everything from books to food to petpets to codestones! And the key is... it sells them all ridiculously DISCOUNTED! You can get a book, petpet or codestone for only 300NP or so! But the trick is, you can only get one item every two minutes (this usually amounts to one item per Igloo restock). So grab wisely. The nice thing is, almost everything will bring in a big profit! There are a few items that will rip you off, though far less than are hiding in a normal shop. Beware of gross foods, most spooky foods, junk items, make-up, tiki items and many of the potions and keyrings. Knowledge of item value is less important here, though, so for a beginner, the Igloo is far safer than a main shop. But it will be slower going, as the 2 minute limit more or less means you will get a single item per restock, which can be a single item for an entire half hour's work sometimes. That is why Jen visits it on the side instead of as her main stop. She can get up to 10 items or more from another shop versus one from the Igloo.

Some people make all their NP Restocking from a single shop, others (like JenesisX) stalk a few of them at once. You can tell what shops we have been staking out based on what is for sale in our shop. Where you choose to Restock from and how you do it is all up to you. Never be afraid to try something new! Different people are good at different shops, so if one does not work for you, try another. If restocking does not seem to be for you, there are many other ways already mentioned and soon to come in this guide you can stick to instead. Some shops also have more competition than others. If you find you are not able to get much of value in one shop, try a different one. Personally, the Magic Shop, Toy Shop and Battledome shops are WAY too competitive for JenesisX. We spend more time there getting frustrating "sold out" messages than anything else... We often frequent shops that are a touch less busy, but still competitive such as Bakery and Furniture. We have a fast internet connection and Jen types fast, but some of those very elite players just floor her and she has no chance. Jen knows she is a good Restocker, but not one of the top ones by any means (She rates herself a 7.5/10). Learn how fast YOU are and how you rate against others. If you see an unbuyable item and know with 99% certainty that you are not fast enough or that you did not spot it immediately, ignore it and go for the next best item you see. Chances are everyone is jumping on the unbuyable and it will buy you time to grab a few still-expensive rares while they scramble over the big fish. Don't NEVER try for those top items, though. It's rare, but Jen has nabbed a few very valuable items in restocks that resold for 200K or more when she paid 3k or less. Know your limits and work on getting better! Jen was once quite slow at Restocking, but she was determined and kept at it until she got good. She has had wrist surgery on one hand and has carpal tunnel in the other, and she can still manage quite well. Anyone can do this :)

If you become a very good restocker, learn to use the shop restock times to your advantage. If you choose wisely, you could possibly hit new stocks in three separate places each time items appear! If you want to restock in more than one shop each round, choose shops whose ID number is far enough apart to give you time to refresh in the first shop, buy an item, then move to the next in time to see the new items appear. Food/Furniture/Faerie Furniture is one example of a trio of shops you would be able to hit due to the spread in their restocking times. Food is :01, Furniture is :14 and Faerie Furniture is about ten seconds later. You'd have time to buy one rare item in each if you are fast enough. If you are experienced and want to increase your profits, increase the number of shops you visit each restock round by one and see how it goes. This will take some trial and error, but once you find a combination of 2-4 stops to hit each time there is a restock, you will see your profits soar. You may feel overwhelmed at first, and may at times be too slow and miss some of the items, but once you get a system down even RSing in 4 shops at once becomes almost easy and routine.

If it's your actual computer and internet that is slowing you down, though, you're likely better off searching the shop wizard for deals than trying to play with the speed demons restocking from the main stores. It's a real feeding frenzy in there when those items hit the shelves and not for the slow or faint of heart! You may have success with the common items that stock in stacks and still resell for maller amounts of profit, though, so try that before giving up on RSing with a slower machine/connection entirely.

Once you have a good portion on spending money to RS with on hand every time you play, the rest is easy believe it or not so long as you don't blow all your NP on things you don't need yet. You can't make a lot of NP without NP to invest other than through the games (which will be slower going than earning through a good shop), but once you have constant Restocking money on hand you've got it made. When you have a lot of extra money to spend Restocking (JenesisX prefers to keep 50,000 on hand at all times for this in case some valuable rares appear in the shops), you can buy more to resell each day, and buy better, more expensive items like furniture and petpets. Which means your NP will multiply at a very fast rate! Decide what combination of restocking, games, shop-wizard bargain hunting, etc works best for you. Experiment. Try Restocking from different main shops and see what brings you the most success. While waiting for new restocks, try searching for different kinds of items on the wizard each day until you find the most profitable ones. Hang around the Shop Ad Board looking for deals. Amazing things sometimes turn up!

If you have been able to make 100k† in the bank by this point, you WILL be a millionaire as long as you keep at it and keep your spending level low until you reach whatever goals you have set. The better you get at restocking, the faster you will get there. Keep putting at least half your profits in the bank daily, even if you start making a lot of NP and are tempted to splurge. Decide, okay, I want to hit 500,000NP before I buy anything for myself. Then keep at it and succeed. Then set a new goal, and so on and so forth. You CAN reward yourself as you go... Maybe buy an item you've been wanting as a reward when you make it to 500k. Something simple like that... But don't blow all your NP either! Keep a balancing act between spending and saving... At the end of the day, if you have no more NP in the bank than you did in the morning (or worse, less!), you messed up and need to refocus tomorrow to make up for it.

Of course, even the most dedicated restocker needs a break, and it's fine to take a "day off" now and then when you just sit back and enjoy other parts of the site, fun games, chatting, etc, instead of restocking like a maniac all day long. Even Jen gets tired of that sometimes, believe it or not!

JenesisX invests a lot of NP each day restocking, sometimes spending over 200k. It may seem scary to spend that much buying items from the shops, but when you see your shop til the next day, you won't feel so scared any more! We make at least 3 times the NP we spend restocking back when we sell the items, often within a few hours, so that is the way you ought to work for any expensive goal you have. Only spend NP on items you are going to resell, and soon you will have enough NP for whatever it is you are saving up for.

JenesisX is pretty good at restocking by now and knows what sells best from the shops we frequent. Making 300,000 in a single day isn't that usual for us if we have enough time to wait for restocks and don't get distracted doing other things (like working on petpages! lol). There is nothing wrong with enjoying some of your profits now so long as you don't go insane and empty the bank, or if you are not working for a specific goal or amount of NP. There may be many other great, fun ways to earn NP, but when it comes down to earning large amounts in the shorest period of time, restockers have all other methods beat!

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~ The Big Time: To Millions & Beyond ~

So you made it. You hung in there, earned a million NP through your dedication and hard (fun?) work, and you're feeling very proud. Good! You should feel that way. Congratulations! But now that you are a millionaire, you may find yourself wondering... What now? I'm rich, but many people are still far richer. Some items are still worth more than everything I have. There are so many things I still want and can't afford. So much more I want to do on my account. What happens now?

It's up to you, really. You can easily double your one million to two in a pretty short amount of time, and beyond. Jen did this by Restocking A LOT. She'd spend 200,000 a day or more on buying items to resell, then have double our money the next morning in the til. It is perfectly fine to spend some of your NP on luxury and fun items, as long as you don't blow it all and are very sure you can easily reearn the NP. I'd advise that once you have one million NP, KEEP IT! You may decide this is enough for you and that is perfectly fine. But don't run out and blow your million! Hold onto it, and use anything else you earn in addition for spending. Another rule to follow is: Don't spend it if you can't regain it. Also don't spend it if you want an insane amount of NP in the bank and don't feel the need to have expensive items to display. We really don't have THAT much in there (well, okay, 8.9 million as of 9/19/04), but with all our items tallied up and added onto it, it becomes a frightening amount). Jen and I used to prefer items to raw NP, but we decided we'd like 10 million in there for good before we buy items again. If you prefer raw NP and want a big amount fast, then don't buy gallery items and the like and just keep saving! Our thoughts, though, are that people can't see your bank account, so if you want to look rich, invest in some items and perks like paint brushes, etc. =)

If you want to try something else aside from restocking, there is also the Island Trading Post and the Trading/Auctions message board to explore. The trading post is used mostly to sell items that are worth too much to be sold in a shop (as in, 100,000 or more). People trade these "unbuyables" for other valuable items, or pure Neopoints. If you are lucky enough to grab an unbuyable from a restock that you don't want to keep, open a lot on the trading post (TP). Price your item about the same or SLIGHTLY lower than the lowest asking price in the wish list. Write that you are willing to haggle, and if you only want NP or will take items for it. Then, advertise on the trading/auction message board much as you do on the shop board for your shop. Trading will generally take longer than selling. These items are expensive and require a buyer who not only wants them, but is willing to spend a ton of NP on them. You can make big money here if you are a very good restocker. We've sold two Pink Disco Balls (bought for 3k, sold one for 100,000k and the other for a Pirate Paint Brush that is now worth over one million!), Famous Chias (A 2k book that sold for 140k), and some other things. Be prepared to wait a few days or more for good offers. Don't jump at the first one, and reject all the stupid junk offers you will get (or you can be mean and let the offers just sit there "rotting", since it makes the items offered unusable until the offer is accepted or rejected or the bidder withdraws... Many people do this to punish people for making stupid offers). Be patient, and you will eventually get what you ask as long as it is realistic.

I've also had some success buying items that are usually unbuyable from others' shops and then reselling on the trading post for much more. You can find these rare, insane deals through pure luck on the shop wizard, or by finding an ad on the shop ad board. Jen once saw an ad for "buyable unbuyables in my shop now!" She always check these out, though most of the time they're lies. Well, THIS time, it was true. The person was selling two VERY rare (Rarity 98 and 99) books for 99,999 each. After quickly looking them up on the wizard to be SURE they were really unbuyables, she also entered them into the trading post and saw that they often sold for around 600,000 and 500,000NP! She grabbed both of them and put them in our trades. Jen ended up getting 525,000 for one and 425,000 for the other! Why this person threw these items away so cheap, we don't know. They told us they "just wanted to be rid of them and couldn't sell them fast enough." Well, whatever! It took Jen under 5 days to sell both, and we made a huge profit! They are considered "hard to sell" (hts) items because of the cost, but Jen really had no trouble. It just took a little patience and advertising. The same week, she also found a Slorg Playpen for sale in a shop for 99,999 and resold that for 250,000 within 2 hours. Easy money!

So when you are on the shop ad boards and see someone advertising "buyable unbuyables", always check it out. Don't ever buy the item without checking the wizard and TP, though! People WILL lie. We saw someone trying to sell a Super U-Bend on there for 75,000, claiming it was a hidden tower item. Actually, it was just a common version that sells for 900NP. Nice try, scammer. When Jen posted on his board that he was lying, his reply was that SOMEONE ELSE tricked HIM into buying it, and he didn't know better! Right.

Despite these lamers and liars, all the spamming of ads for junk shops that are supposed to be "cheapest on the wiz!" and aren't, and all the misleading shop ads, the boards DO turn up great deals sometimes if you can stand wading through the nonsense to find them. Sometimes, people on the trading board will sell hard to sell items (like rare school supplies, very expensive books, clothing, things that cost a lot and are very rare but are not in high demand) at a large discount. If you think you can resell the item for more, by all means buy it and try it. You may end up losing out a few times or only getting back what you paid, but the risk can be very worth it if you get good at trading.

We've never been much for the Stock Market. But there are people who have made all their millions this way. Basically, you buy a number of stocks from one or more of the virtual companies, and hope that their value goes up from what you paid. It's more or less gambling with a little bit of order to it. For example, say you buy 100 shares of LLL stock for 50NP. In a week, it may go up in value to 60NP. So you'd have paid 5,000 for the stocks when you bought them, and could now resell for 6,000... or you could wait to see if it goes up even more. I am not sure exactly what controls stock value these days. As I said, Jen never plays the market much. She's not really into gambling... Restocking and trading is a much more sure option for us. But if you want to try your hand at it on the side, put some money aside that you will use for investing and buy some shares. Check the Stock Market board to see what people are saying about the stocks you should buy or avoid. Keep in mind, though, that it is illegal to get a group of people together, or to on your own, set out to intentionally raise the price of a single stock to benefit yourself, then have everyone sell for profit when it rises. I have been told by a reader, however, that this is no longer possible, and whether stocks go up or down in value is now entirely random. I don't think I'd want to trust my NP to randomness, but as long as you hold out and never resell until the value is more than what you paid, you won't lose money unless there is a very rare stock crash. I was recently sent a very good essay on how to properly use the Stock Market to make a LOt of NP, by user JTheShadow. It was so well done and taught me so much that with his permission, I am reprinting it here in full: ***************** Although I am not a "big" figure in stocks I've invested over a quarter of a million in them at one time and try to keep about that much at all times. Stocks are a very safe investment and return a "ton" more then keeping your money in the bank. The maximum amount of stocks you can buy is 1000 and the lowest price is 15, meaning you can spend 15000 on stocks every day as a bottom low maximum amount buyable. (You can go much higher such as stocks like FISH or JCK but that quickly adds up to millions and frankly I don't have that kind of money to wait on). The best way to go about playing the stock market is every day buy a stock that costs 15 (preferable when it has just lost points and has come down to 15 because it has a higher chance of rising) every day till your comfortable with however much you've put in (The more stocks you buy the better your returns will be). Always buy stocks in 1000's that way you get a top profit when you cash them in. Then just bunker down and set a selling rate. (Mine's 30 which doubles my input every time I sell a stock) Never sell your stock below the price you paid for it. You can just wait it out and eventually the stocks will rise. (This sometimes takes months so you should never put in all of your money just 15000 that you have sitting around or however much you can spare from your bank account). I like playing it small but I've paid close attention to the boards and talked to some of the "pro's" (most of them self proclaimed lol) and they invest heavily in the Fish and Jck stocks when they go low and then sell then when they rise. (These stocks are like Nazdak or however you spell it and can rise and fall like 30-50 points every day). The trick is to watch it over time and see how low it drops and how high it goes then the next time it lowers invest and then wait til it rises to sell. Doing this you could make up to 40 million in a matter of days however if the stock crashes (such as Fish did last year) you could lose everything and the stock may never touch as high as it did when it was at a low upon your investing in it. *******************

A variation of the stock market is the method of using "items as stocks." This was pointed out to me through neomail by user Bendable (Thank you!). What you do is buy a large number of retired items, items whose value is currently very low, or items whose value you suspect will soon rise for whatever reason. Put them away in your Safety Deposit Box and wait for their value to rise, just like you would a share in the Stock Market, then resell them for profit. Retired items, especially those that can be used up like foods, PBs, or books, are best for this. It may take a LONG time, sometimes years, for there to be enough of a rise for you to want to resell, but these items CAN rise in value significantly if given time. If you have extra NP to spend and want to try your hand at investing like this, find out some retired item names (old advent calender prizes, for example, some older food items, etc) and start buying up all the cheapest ones out there on the shop wizard. Bookmark any galleries of retired items you find for reference, too. Some Neopets help sites also have lists of these. This is not a get-rich-quick method by any means, and may sometimes backfire, but more an additional tool and method of investing one's wealth once you have extra NP and are looking for new ways of making even more. It can be fun because in a way you are altering supply and demand by buying many of these items, and raising the value of it simply by hoarding a large quantity of the total available. Since there will never be more generated, the value will almost never go down, making those you have hidden away likely gain value as fewer and fewer are left on the market. I don't do very much of this, but I do try to keep at least one of every retired item I come across in my SBD, just in case... =) Once you are rich, if you just keep on going... restocking, trading, games on the side, investing your money back into your shop stock and size... You can keep making NP until you are very old and very rich, and amass galleries to make anyone drool with envy. It's all about developing a system you follow and do well on, balancing saving and spending, and setting goals and limits you stick to until you've accomplished them and set new ones. If you honestly try to do all of the above, there is no way you won't become rich!

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~ Earning Respect & Recognition In Neopia ~

Hi, this is JenesisX. Bizmarc was so kind as to let me take over for this final section of his guide page. Isn't he such a sweet lupe? :) Anyway, I'm going to teach you a little bit about how you can make a name for yourself others will respect on the site, and how you can become someone to be looked up to and admired!

As you earn and achieve more and more of your goals on the site, you will notice that you begin to gain the respect of other users who see your things and are impressed. People may even begin to recognize your name on sight around the Boards and associate you with your accomplishments (like those 3 or 4 big-name users you are always hearing about, but in lesser degree of course). Earning respect and recognition on the site is important to many people, not just the rich, and can be achieved by anyone who works at it in an honest, mature fashion. If virtual 'fame' is something YOU desire, there are several ways you can achieve both things regardless of your level of wealth.

For reference, I define earning "respect" as having people think of you in a positive way. It can be because you are so wealthy, have so many trophies, or simply because you are helpful and always act decently on the Boards and when responding to neomails. Regardless of why, having respect means that others look up to and admire you, and may even strive to be more like you. Recognition means simply that people know who you are. They see your username and think "I know that person! They're the one I always see helping!" Or they associate you with having a certain petpage they like, a pet they admire, or a large accomplishment like being on the avatar high score list. It is simply being 'recognized' as someone worth remembering and taking note of, someone that people would know again instantly if they saw you post or if your name was mentioned.

First of all, let me tell you what you should NOT due to earn recognition, or to become "popular" or "famous" on the site as many people put it. Doing any of the following MAY indeed make you recognized for a time, but it certainly won't get you any respect. And no one wants to be well known for acting like an idiot, right?

Many people think the Boards are the answer to becoming well known. This can be true, but most people who go this route do it all wrong. NEVER create Boards simply to draw attention to yourself. This can be creating silly spam boards, or by creating or having others create boards with titles about you. You may impress a few people, but anyone who knows better will just laugh at you. It makes you seem very needy and desperate for attention you likely don't deserve.

Also, do not use "drama" in an attempt to gain attention and people's interest. Simply making up lies, posting fake tragedies, or starting fights with others to get attention is not only pathetic, but it can also get you frozen. Lies always come out in the end, so don't be silly and make up stories or a fake personality just to gain friends and attention on the Boards. So many people do this in a desperate attempt to become well-known, and almost all of them fall flat on their faces and end up humiliated or frozen within a short period of time. If we want bad drama and lousy acting, we'll watch day time TV, thank you.

More people lose their accounts to freezing because of poor conduct on the Boards than any other way. Almost all of them deserve it for being rude, outright nasty, posting inappropriate topics as a joke or for attention, or trying to scam others or elicit gifts after they tell an untrue story about something bad that happened to them. Avoid people like this at all costs... You don't want to give them the attention they want, or be drawn into their game and end up posting something you may regret later. Silently report any offenses and move on, you have better things to do than worry about this sad breed of attention-seekers.

Perhaps the largest no-no when attempting to gain recognition on the Boards is to use someone else's fame to attempt to build your own. Never use the name of another Neopian to draw attention to yourself. So many people post topics with the name of a popular Neopian in them, hoping that that user's fame will draw the attention of everyone at the Board to the topic. Others claim to know 'famous' Neopians, have information about them, or post other rumors or experiences relating to the well-known Neopian they have chosen to use. They hope this may make them seem important, and as a result gain fame for them as well. Almost always, however, people throwing out the names of well-known Neopians look exactly like what they are: Wannabes, or fangirls/boys. It is never wise or respectable to try to make your own name by riding on the coattails of someone who actually worked for it. Also, using someone else's name in such a way, even if what you said isn't really offensive, is REPORTABLE as Harrassment. It will get you frozen in addition to humiliated.

Another mistake is to try to buy your friends or bribe people into liking you. Many people want to be liked so badly that they begin giving things away to people on the boards (often with an accompanying topic about how they are giving things away because they are so nice). This is a huge mistake. People will not really like you... But they will sure pretend they do so they can use you for handouts! You do not want popularity simply because people want something from you. They are users, not admirers or friends. Even if people make boards about your generousity, they are still really just looking for more of the same... and everyone who reads the board will soon want it, too! Do you really want to be swarmed endlessly by beggers and liked only because you give things away? Didn't think so. Also, because "giveaways" and "gift boards" are ILLEGAL, you can also end up frozen for your trouble.

The only true way to gain both respect and recognition on the Boards is to conduct yourself in a mature, intelligent, decent manner. Try to speak literately, be polite, and avoid insulting others or arguing. Only post topics that are correct for the Board you are at, and do your best to answer questions others may have. Treat others as you'd prefer them to treat you. Be yourself and meet others that you might build true friendships with over time. If you become a 'regular' at one or more boards (someone who is seen posting often) and what you post is always useful, intelligent, enjoyable or helpful, people who go there will start to recognize your name, and respect you for how well you act. You can be an example for others who may not behave so well in public, and people will take note.

Board popularity'- being well-known on one or more different Boards- is fleeting and minor, however. Sure, a handful of people who hang out in one small area of the site may recognize you, like you, and maybe even respect you, but groups of 'regulars' at the Boards are always changing as old members quit or are frozen and new people move in. Board popularity alone will rarely give you any lasting recognition or respect, and even if it does manage to prevail it is still only within a very small group. If you want more people across the entire site to recognize your name and respect you, you'll have to do more to earn it than just posting a lot.

If you want lasting recognition across a wide portion of users on the site, and also want to be respected for what you have done, you will have to accomplish or create something that attracts a lot of attention on a continued basis. This can be done in several ways.

Think about the Neopians, pets or petpages you see mentioned or talked about the most on the Boards. Think about the places you see banners and links to in other people's shops and lookups a few times a day. Then look into exactly what that person or petpage (or fansite) has done to gain such attention.

The most often spoken about Neopians are usually the ones who are at the top of their game in a specific area of the site. The few top Battledomers. The few top Avatar Collectors. The few people with the most High Scores and trophies. The people with the biggest-sized shops on the Notice Board. The people at the top of the Gourmet Club list or the Book Clubs. I'm sure you can think of the names of many of those people almost instantly. That is because they have (and often continue to do so) accomplished something so superior to what most people ever do that seeing them just once burns their achievements (and names) into our minds. We respect these people because they are so GOOD at what they do on the site. We're in awe of them and, admittedly, sometimes jealous. Earning a name for yourself this way is NOT EASY by any means, and topping the people already in these positions may well not be possible. But if you are ambitious and think you are good enough at one of these areas to try it, go for it! Even if you never become as 'famous' as the people already known for these acheivements, you will still be respected as a very talented Neopian and likely get some recognition for it, too.

Some slightly easier areas to earn recognition are the Beauty Contest, Art Gallery, and Neopian Times. If you have some artistic or writing talent, try it out! Once you win a few times, or get a few drawings or articles accepted, your name will be out there to the general public of Neopia, and people will come to recognize your name and respect your work. Another suggestion is to enter and win Site, Lookup, and Pet Spotlights. If you win, your name will be linked right in the News for all to see!

Another great way to gain respect and recognition is to create either a fansite (A website dedicated to Neopets with information about the site, graphics, etc) or petpage people will find useful and have reason to return to and suggest to others. Almost anyone can do this, and the resulting recognition from it can be amazing.

Some people who are talented at coding have created entire websites based on Neopets, appear in all the popular search engines when people are searching for information or graphics, have their name in the shops and lookups of every Neopian using things from their site, and skyrocket in popularity. You likely can name a few of the most popular ones already, and maybe even have images from those sites on your lookup or in your shop. Those people enjoy enormous popularity because of it, and the more people who visit and link to them, the more it grows!

Other Neopians who remained nameless and unknown despite many achievements on the site suddenly find themselves nearly a household name after having an idea for and creating a petpage that people find interesting and helpful, worth visiting again, and worthy of telling others about. I was one of those people.

No one had ever heard of veteran player and millionaire JenesisX until I decided I was tired of trying to explain several times a day in both neomail and on the boards why people should not beg and how they could earn their own fortunes. I wrote this very guide as a way to show those people that there was hope, and to teach anyone how to become rich and enjoy the site more. After completing this guide page, I added a linkable banner that allowed me to post it in my lookup and shop, and that allowed others who saw and liked it to link to it in THEIR shops, petpages, and lookups as well. This is VERY IMPORTANT if you want to make your petpage or website popular! It MUST have a decent banner and accompanying code available to allow others to link to it, because this is your best, and totally free, way to advertise that will just keep expanding and growing even if you do nothing to promote it!

A next step when you have created a petpage you think others should see (You can't do this with off-site web pages, which is why they rely on having their name on their graphics or in the form of a banner that comes with them in the coding) is to place the link and a brief description of what it leads to in your Neosignature, much the way you see people doing for their Beauty Contest entry. This is where frequenting the Boards DOES help greatly. Every time you post, that link will be posted also, and more and more people will see it and check it out. Many of them may also link to it using your banner, and it will snowball from there. You'll soon be getting hundreds or even more visitors a day to your petpage (You can see this by going to Quick Reference, Petpage, Stats) and all the perks that go along with being well known.

There are many popular petpages out there, many of them guides on to how to do something, that are extremely well done, helpful, and get recommended by Neopians to others with a question many times each day. They can be about nearly anything, from a page teaching you how to make screenies, how to do Neohtml, how to restock, how to make different fonts, how to earn new avatars, guides to individual games, running a shop, not acting like a n00b, avoiding scams, making a gallery, a collection of helpful links all in one place, training a pet, battling, lab ray records and help, etc. You name it, there's probably a well known guide for it out there... or maybe not! And that's when YOU should make one :).

Keep in mind that you can't just slap any old junk together, make a banner, post the link, and expect overnight fame. If your petpage or guide does not look decent, read easily, and look professional, people may visit it once, snort or laugh, and never come back. You must do a top-notch job on what you create or no one will want to recommend it to others or respect your work. Everything you do speaks of you, so do it well! It doesn't have to be extremely fancy, but make sure it at least looks neat and organized, is well written and mostly free of bad spelling and typos, and is at least somewhat fun and interesting to read. Even if your new page is absolutely awesome, popularity for it will take time. You should see it growing over time at your Stats page as you post more and the link and banner gets passed around. If, after a few weeks, your page is still not getting many visits or compliments (if you make a good page, expect a lot of neomail about it, especially if you put up a link to your address and ask for feedback), go back and work on it some more. See what you can add and improve, then try again! Some pages may never make it big if they aren't about something in high demand, but even a less popular, well done petpage can still bring you a lot of recognition and respect and make you feel good about who you are in Neopia.

One last note on creating a fan site or petpage: BE AN ORIGINAL. Do not try to copy someone else's petpage, site, guide or anything else to gain your own popularity. Not only is it against the rules, but it will also be obvious to fans of the existing popular site that you ripped them off, and will make you look quite bad. Even if you are making a guide or petpage about a subject in which others already exist, it is still very possible to make it an entirely original work! So long as you do not copy ideas and words from other places and write your page using your own thoughts, experiences and advice, your page will stand out as unique to you and different from the others.

Becoming well known on Neopets has both good points and bad. Before setting out to make yourself a recognized figure in Neopian, be aware of what will result from your increased popularity. If you do not want or cannot deal with the results below, it's best not to strive for popularity. However, if you can deal with the bad points and desire the good, go for it!

The Bad

* A ton of neomail to answer each day!
* Loads of random Neofriend requests.
* More beggers and scammers trying you.
* Occassional Harrassment and negative Boards made about you.
* Copycats immitating your name and ripping off your work.
* People who want to feel powerful will report you for any little thing.
* People expect a lot more from you.
* Everything you do it watched and noticed.

The Good

* Lots of nice neomails and compliments.
* More business in your shop/trades.
* Often get treated very well by others.
* More likely to get Beauty Contest votes.
* A sense of pride and acheivement on the site.
* Easy to advertise anything new & help friends' sites get more hits by linking to them.
* Anything you say is usually considered credible.

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** This page is a always a work in progress, and will be edited and added to pretty often as I think of more to add or things change on the site. Check back soon, and always feel free to Neomail me!**

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