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~My Owner~



My owner is a 16-year-old girl called Edana. 

She comes from a land far away called Norway, which she says is excactly like Terror Mountain most of the time. 



~Family & Friends~


Coming Soon!



~Art Gallery~


Welcome to my owner's little show-off space. Please be aware that this page is still under construction, and that it will be finished as soon as possible.


These images are copyrighted to her. That means that you can not under any circumstances take them! If you wish to use them you have to neomail or e-mail her! Some of these images were made as requests or trades. In that case, the one she made it for will be granted the right to use it as long as they give her the credit for it.


You have to respect these rules! If you don't, I suggest that you find your way to the 'previous' button and never come back here again. Thank you for your time.


But if you do understand and intend to follow the rules, and you would like a request or trade, just neomail EdanaNerissa. Unfortunately she can't do all of them, but if she likes your idea sheI might do it.. 









These are pictures other people have made for me. Therefore you may not use them under any circumstances! To see who made them just hover your mouse over the thumbnail. 


I really really love fan-art, so if you want to draw me please e-mail me :)  



The contest I held in the Artistic Place is now CLOSED. I would like to say thank you to everyone who entered!! I received so many beautiful drawings! Still, I had to make a final decision... The winners will receive their prizes a.s.a.p.  


And the winners are.....


1. Puppykat205

2. Sabientje

3. Moushra






~Adoptables for you~


If you are to use these adoptables, you have to link them back to me! In the html codes  the link is privided. 

You may not remove the words 'Edana Nerissa' from these images, or alter them in any other way. 

You may not under any circumstances claim these to be your own, or enter them in the baeuty competition, etc. 

Customs are currently CLOSED. That means I am no longer taking requests for adoptables. I'm sorry. 

The custom adoptables are made for one particular person, which means that no one except that person can use it. 

Please respect these rules. 

If you find anyone who has edited my adoptables or who does not link back to this page, please neomail me.


Eyrie adoptables


Blue Eyrie


Green Eyrie


Red Eyrie


Yellow Eyrie


Brown Eyrie


White Eyrie


Christmas Eyrie


Cloud Eyrie


Darigan Eyrie


Disco Eyrie


Spotted Eyrie


Striped Eyrie


Baby Eyrie


Silver Eyrie





































~Adoptables for me~


These are adoptables other people have made. Therefore, if you want to have one yourself you have to go to their page. All of the adoptables link back to their original owner.


Custom Adoptable made by GryffinRose




Its Bodilla!!



~Bye, bye~


Are you leaving?? 

Please  put my link up on your petpage ^_^

Thank you, and I hope I see you again soon! Feel free to neomail my owner if you want to become my friend!!