-no visibility tag in the body tag please- I stayed with Fyora for another week or two, until Fyora met Arwen. Fyora thought Arwen would be a great mom for me, and I thought so too. Arwen is really nice and has three other Neopets, so I would always have somebody to play with! The last day I was with Fyora was a very Happy one. We went for a picnic and had our favorite, Flaming Faerie Pizza and Pinapple Smoothies. Then we to the Faerie Cloud Race,and I won betting one the Space Faerie! Before I went to Arwens Fyora gave me a present. It was a Boween. She said "You are old enough to have a petpet of your own, and I thought he was special". We named him Anakin. Then we went to Arwens, and I have been with her ever since!Now I live with Arwen, my Two Chia brothers,Frodo and Imladris.And my sister Ellonae who is addicted to the Lab Ray!Fyora and I still see each other all the time though, who else can get the best seats at Faerie cloud Racers! ^_^

These are all my Friends! I luff new friends! So why dont you neomail me?

This is my very bestest friend in all of Neopia, Kris6478! We go on all sorts of adventures together! He can fly (well sort of) and I can run really fast, so we are always getting ourselfs into akward situations. Mommy calls us Double Trouble, I have no idea what shes talking about! O.o

This is Caostics sister,Miffeny!She and Trix are really good friends. She and her brother are really close. He protects her from .:shudders:. Baby Nappers! She is really funny and always makes me smile! She is also, like her brother, one of the mascots in Baby Island.

This is Zea, or Zeakoh. He was my first ever baby Scorchio friend! He has a meanie Draik brother that has to babysit him all the time, but we hide him! Remember from the fort Zea .:giggles:. We will make shure he never finds you .:hands you a cooki though the hole in the chest!:. Zea's mommy is the leader in Baby Island, so of corse he is one of the mascots!

this is my other Skeith friend __pajamas__ but call him P.J. He and I met at a Baby pets Sleep over Katie was having. He and I both had the bestest candy there, so we made shure we shared!

This is my friend Yashoa. His name always reminds me of Yoda from Star Wars, don't you think?

.:Star Wars=Hayden Christensen ^_^:.

Mom! Stop this is MY page! Anyway he is a good frind of mine,and a really good listener. You can always talk to him!

This is Lavonta, the baby lupess. She is great to hang around with beacuse she always has to find something fun to do. This is probaby because she gets bored really easily and usually results in bitting her tail, or if she is really bored your tail!

This is Kulaianaale, or Kuly for short! Her name means Tumbling-Waves, Ooohh Prettyfull! Kuly is one of my bestest friends too! We love to play tag and have picnics!

This is Cody,or oOWittleCodyOo, he is one of my very good friends! He and I have so much fun!

This is demondoggie2, she is a really cool baby lupe in my pack. She, Puff and I like to play "Water Monster" and Puff is always the monster. He also thinks he can stop us by tying or tails together. DeamonDoggie is really good at untying our tail so we always win .:grins:.

This is Katimly a baby Aisha, she likes to be called Kat though. She is in my baby pack too .:w00t:. She won The First ever Baby of the Week contest too! Congratulations Katimly! .:gives her a thumbs up:.Any whoo, she is really cool and a good friend!

This is my friend Cabodii! He ish a baby Gelert, and we like to "fly" together. Well its actually jump from really high and land on a matress but thats okies. We call it flying! .:poke:. Cabodii likes Apples a lot too. He wants an Everlasting Apple, feel free to get him one .:smirk:.

This is Scorchy! He is the D3's new baby brother, and he is really nice ^_^ He is also in my Baby Pack .:w00t:. Abe .:smile:. , Tenliie, Tellah and I were his First friends! My sister Ellonae thinks he is 'precious' Hehehe... I think the correct term would be 'Massive Coolness' Yah... Thats it! He is also Kaes Baby Boyfriend .:snickers:.

Hi mommy here, Dash has well, fallen asleep, as he was so tired after writing this. If You aren't up here it is just beacuse he fell asleep before he could get to you. Please don't be mad you will go up, Promise ^_^ .:Takes Dash to Bed:.

A Note To The Marshmallow Queen!

Dear Marshmallow Queen (a.k.a. Abeonae)

I think I am very funny! .:Takes all of her Marshmallows and stuffs them under his bed:. Hahahaha .:sticks tounge out at her:. These are rather good .:munches on a marshmallow:. ^_^

Your Friend, The Jelly Bean King (a.k.a. Dash)

I luff you Abe! .:Huggles:.

My Darlin' Abeonae

This is me and my Beautiful Abeonae

.:romantic sigh:.

I luff her with all of my little baby heart!

We were friends since we were born, and were notorious for stealing each others candy .:giggles:. We finally figured out that we liked one another after I realized I didnt like Kuly anymore. I was neomailing her, because she was one of my bestest friends and half way though the letter I said "You know you should be my girlfriend Abe!" and she said YES!

We have been happy ever since ^_^

I luff my Abers SO MUCH!

( Thanks Stefferret for the Piccy! )

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