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Dark Mountain Lupes Tips and Tricks

Game tips:

These tips have been submitted by various members of the Dark Mountain Lupe guild over time. Some mention who submitted the tip, others do not. All tips that don't have a name were suggest by Intrepid7, master of Plushie Tycoon and other games.

Games can be played mostly 3 times in a neopian day. That means that you can play 3 games just before midnight (nst)and another 3 just after midnight (nst) and be able to submit scores on all of them.
Trophies (and the neopoints rewarded for them) are updated between about 4.30am and 5am nst.

Games with avatars

Gourmet Bowls Club: type shepherd when you see table of food to double your score.

Sutek's Tomb:Type scarabaeus - 30 second bonus time. pyramibread - Gives hint to what move can be made. Extra tip from StinkyStephens, once you type pyramibread, hit the control key for another hint.

The Castle of Eliv Thade:Here are some tips given by Tcbinfr. It is good to have an anagram solver via the web as well ( has a good one). Nicarra likes for this game and Word Poker

  1. Have a good English language dictionary by your side.
  2. I have found that most of the time, the longer anagrams are easier to figure out because of the many possibilities for letter combinations; ie; th, sh, qu, ch, get the idea. So try to take at least 3 spaces along the route and answer the 6 letter anagrams.
  3. If the word does not come to you quickly, take an odd letter first and begin to work (build) the word around that. For example, if there is an x, y, or j in the anagram, try to work around those letters, first with vowels & then consonants. I check a word that I have thought of with the dictionary before I submit.
  4. If I am really stumped, I will only take one letter hint on which to build, this way I know the first letter of the word. I can always build up my number of hint letters again so I won't have to go through the whole puzzle without the possibilty of any help
  5. If all else fails, use your dictionary; especially with anagrams that have an "odd" consonant, ie; "x". You can always look up "x" words in the dictionary(there aren't that many) and work from there, but only as a last resort.

Plushie Tycoon: This game is a guild favorite. Below are some links that I suggest you read before asking questions on the messageboard.

Other games

Dubloon Disaster: Make sure that you only have 2 mines going at once. Move in such a way that they both run into each other and explode, then get 2 more coins.
Usedbooks" adds "I very recently found out that if you do not explode the mines but instead try to group them by circling round, after you have 9 mines on the screen no more mines will pop up while grabbing the dubloons. That way you do not have to worry about a mine popping up under your boat and ending your game. Also, at the start of the game, if you go to the graphics option and turn off the first two features, the game runs quicker and smoother".

Codebreakers: Go all red, then if you get 1 red go 1 red and 3 white. Then use the yellows etc until solved. Use process of elimination to find where they go. It is difficult to explain fully.

Cheeserollers: Types of cheese you can buy include purple spotted cheese (900np), spicy juppie cheese(150), smoked snorkle cheese(300), honey cheese(600), big beef cheese(750), Alkenore cheese (1200), Brain cheese (1050), Tyrannian dung cheese (1650), Quadruple fudge cheese (1800), mutated cheese (1350), triple mustard cheese (450),bubbling blueberry cheese (1500), Heavy bark cheese (2550), warty blue cheese (2700), Fragrant Ummagcheese (2850) and furry chocomint cheese (3000).

Kiko match:Not bad to get quick neopoints. Play with low quality.

Pterattack: Just pick one color of the circles (red, blue, green, or red-sparking)- Riverghost likes the blue weapon. Then as you move up in # of same color weapons you collect you get a better weapon- if you accidently get a different color weapon you have to start all over with the basic weapon. As soon as you get pass 300pts the np starts rolling in- Riverghost averages about 700-1000np per game

Pyramids:A great game to accumulate neopoints without much effort.

Cellblock:When you get to the higher level players this pattern will work most of the time. Assume that the 10x10 square is labelled 1-10 on the top and A-J on the side. Then move G7,G4,H4,F4,G3,H3,H2,H5&H6. You may find that the opponent may make a mistake before then (giving you 3 straight with open ends or leaving G5 open after your 3rd move, leading to a quicker game). If the opponent moves to I9 you may decide after the G3 move to do I5,H6,H5,H2 and either H3 or I1 to finish the game.

Frumball:. Cry884 has a great game guide of this at her Kau's petpage

Word Poker: Nicarra recommends for a really high score

Feed Florg: Here is a game tip from "lilplayboy316"... "In feed florg go to options and change from keyboard to mouse. Then when you start playing put the mouse at the bottom of the screen and the hand will go around by its self. You can easily earn about 200 NP this way".

Dice-A-Roo and Gormball are great games to play daily. If you hold the enter button and click the "Play Dice-A-Roo" or "Next" for the 2 games respectively, the games will go through the process much quicker. You just pick up the prizes when you have finished. Note that you may have to go into your settings and adjust your keyboard repeat rate to slow.

200m Peanut Dash:
Parkerchempro's method:
The following instructions are for righties; lefties can use the same strategy but you'll have to play around with the positioning.
  1. Power up the Elephante: Hit the right and left arrow keys simultaneously very quickly with your right hand. (I use my first and second fingers but some may find it better to use their thumb and first finger instead.) Fast is the key here, not how hard you hit the keys. You need to get that meter in the lower left-hand corner of your screen to the very end of the bar.
  2. Release the peanut: As soon as you have the bar powered up, hit the "up" arrow with your LEFT hand while you are still tapping the arrows. And the peanut goes flying.
  3. Running and Jumping: You MUST do double back-flips over EVERY log. First, use the right arrow to get the puppyblew under the peanut. As soon as he is under the peanut, hit left, right, left, right, quickly, in order. Position your middle finger over the "up" arrow and be ready to press it when you come to a log. After jumping over the log, immediately hit the same arrow combination as soon as the puppyblew hits the ground to set up for the next log.
  4. Catching the peanut: Always set up the next jump after hitting the ground. This will enable you to double back-flip and catch the peanut. Make sure you are still under the peanut. If he lags some, use the right arrow to catch up then enter the arrow combination for the jump.

Retired games

Grundo's Gym:A highly recommended game. Move you mouse slowly for the first 10 seconds, then increase it afterwards till the indicator gets to green. Try to hold it steady on green from then on, or just on red till the last 3 seconds (then do nothing). It may not seem to pay much at first, but after several memberships it is well and truly worth it.

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