You are walking by some neohomes when you hear some music playing. As you come closer to one of the houses you notice some very pretty gardens. Across from the garden you see a small club house. The music seems to be coming from the club house. Suddenly a Green Wocky and a Christmas Doglefox come running out of the Club House!

Come on PeaceLoveJoy I smell treasure!" The Green Wocky runs into one of the gardens and starts digging. Suddenly the petpet notices you and chirps. The Wocky stops digging and looks over at you. "Hi who are you? Nice to meet you kittycatkatme! Do you want to dig for treasure? No? Well, that's OK there doesn't seem to be anything here anyway." The Wocky is about to run off when you ask her who she is. "You don't know me? I am Katta425. I am famous around here for being a great treasure hunter, battler and dancer! One day I will be the strongest Wocky in Neopia too. Huh you don't believe me!?! *COUGH* Well I guess I am not famous but one day I will be the strongest Wocky in Neopia."

Strength 100
Health 99/99
Intelligence 91
Age 147671 hours old
Level 54
Speed 97
Defense 97
I can spot a good treasure hunting spot a mile away and I know good treasure when I see it.
I can hear good dancing music near and far! Turn that radio on and lets dance!
I can smell trouble from a mile away. I can smell dinner too... I think we are having Hot Dogs!
I can dig up an entire garden and still be ready to fight in the Battledome.

About Katta425's Family
I don't spend ALL my time digging for treasure. My sisters and I play most of the time. We like to pretend that we are the Defenders of Neopia!

We go exploring neopia with kittycatkatme all of the time. Our days are very busy. I like going to the trading post with kittycatkatme when she goes. We try to get some good trades there. It's fun! Treasures can be found there! Also we go over to friends Neohomes too. Those are great times to look for treasure! What? You think I'm a bit obsessed with Treasure? Why would you think that?

I guess I should tell you a bit about my family.

TigerCat748 is a Spotted Kougra who loves to run! When it comes to sports she is the best!

LavenderLillly is using the Lab Ray. We never know what she will turn into next!

emeraldkittycat is a Tyrannia Kougra! He is the smartest and most caring Kougra you could ever meet!

This is my Petpet PeaceLoveJoy the Christmas Doglefox!
Isn't she the coolest! She likes digging for treasure as much as I do!

kittycatkatme is bestest owner ever and she really likes cats! She says that I remind her of a cat called a Persian! I wonder what that is! kittycatkatme loves to draw and wants to be an artist. This is one of her sketches! Her favorite neopet to draw is the flotsam and she likes painting landscapes too. If you want to learn more about kittycatkatme you should go look at her Userlookup.

My brother, two sisters and I are getting stronger every day. So far I am the strongest in the family and one day I hope to be the Strongest Wocky in all of Neopia! My brother and sisters battle in battledome every now and then but I like to battle the most. I have battled in both Merridell Wars and I try to help the Defenders of Neopia too! I go to the Mystery Island Training School so I can get stronger. My sister LavenderLillly uses the Lab Ray and is getting stronger but she will never be as strong as me (I hope). I thought about using the Lab Ray to get stronger but decided it was a bit risky.

Guess what! I really like to dance! Turn that music on and I just can't help myself! Have you heard of the Wocky Shuffle? *Nod... shrug... wiggle... step!*
You should see kittycatkatme, LavenderLillly, TigerCat748, emeraldkittycat and me all dancing at once! It's silly! Its even more silly when all the petpets start dancing!

Katta425's Song!
I'm a silly little Wocky who grooves to the beat.
When the music starts,
I have to move my feet!
With my sisters by my side and my mom there too,
I find it very easy to find my groove!
So if you come by don't be surprised,
To see some petpet's dancing the ELECTRIC SLIDE!
And if you want to join in don't be shy,
Were happy to see you anytime!

by kittycatkatme
On the shore of Mystery Island a pirate ship came sailing in from sea. Katta425 watched and wondered what treasures they had onboard_. Should she go see? As the ship came to port Katta425 walked up to the ship and saw the crew all busy with their work. She sneaked on board hoping not to be seen. Suddenly a nasty looking Krawk stopped her and yelled for others. "Wait I was just curious!" Katta425 cried out for help. "You wont get away." Said the Krawk. Katta425 dodged an attack by the Krawk and ran below deck. There she saw more treasure than she could imagine but before she could grab some the Pirates found her. She ran between them and and as fast as she could got off the ship. "Wow that was close" She said. "What was?" Said an old Kougra who was missing a Leg. She told him what happened and he smiled then he tossed her a dubloon. "Kids these days." He said to himself. Then he walked towards the Pirate ship, got onboard and it set sail again.

I smell treasure!
by kittycatkatme
Katta425 has a nose for treasure hunting. She can smell a good treasure hunting spot a mile away. Or at least that is what she says. But does she really smell the treasure? Everyone that knows her has wondered that very question. However no one has been able to confirm or deny if it is true. The only one who knows is Katta425 and she is not telling anyone anytime soon.

Come on PeaceLoveJoy don't fall behind!" Katta425 looks back at her petpet and smiles. "Ah can't you just smell it! It's out there PeaceLoveJoy just waiting for us to find it!" Katta425's eyes sparkeled as she watched her petpet run by her. She turns and runs after her petpet thinking today they would bring home the greatest treasure ever found.

kittycatkatme watches as the Green Wocky and Christmas Doglefox ran off into the gardens. She wonderes how the flowers ever survived being dug up and trampled on so many times. It never mattered to Katta425 that there was no treasure in the gardens because she always had so much fun. But if there ever was treasure she could find it! Today however Katta425 was in for a surprise. kittycatkatme had hidden some items in the gardens for her to find. The moment Katta425 started to dig she knew something was different. Her fur stood straight up and her nose tingled. There was treasure in the gardens! She could smell treasure all around her. Right away she started to sniff out the treasure, first coming to a large rock. When she looked closer at the rock she realized the rock was a codestone! "Treasure!" She yelled! kittycatkatme heard Katta425 cheer all the way back at the neohome. She smiled and listened as Katta425 found more treasures. This would be a moment they both would always remember.

A Great Battle
by kittycatkatme
The Marquan War was raging on and Katta425 had already battled many pirates. She had chosen to help the Marquans many days ago because it seemed like the right thing to do. Now she stood face to face with an oponent she had fought many times before. Katta425 could barely stand. She thought this opponent would be easy to beat but so far she was losing. She had beaten this Pirate many times before, however this time he was much stronger. Suddenly he hit her with Vile Swamp Water! This had happened to her many other times, but this time she felt even more sick than before. She held back the urge to run and readied herself for another attack. She would not give up! Her Dark Battle Duck never let her down so she chose that in combination with her Lost Dessert Dagger. Not knowing if this would be her last attack or not she charged into battle. The Pirate fell, and Katta425 won with only a few hit points remaining. She knew she had done well.

When all the fighting had ended Katta425 stood looking over the battlefield. She was completely healed and full of hope. She said to herself, "One day I will be the strongest Wocky in neopia." She had fought many pirates and won many battles but non of that mattered. She had a dream and one day it would come true.

PeaceLoveJoy's Gift
by kittycatkatme
Christmas was coming and Katta425 a Green Wocky and PeaceLoveJoy a Christmas Doglefox were in the garden digging for treasure. PeaceLoveJoy loved digging for treasure as much as Katta425. Katta425 looked over at her petpet and said "Maybe we will find something great this time! If we do lets give it to kittycatkatme for Christmas." PeaceLoveJoy stopped digging and looked up at the sky. The sun was setting and the stars were just coming out. She thought to herself (I want to get a gift for everyone.) Footsteps suddenly started coming towards the two. "Katta425 time to come in it's bed time!" kittycatkatme stood in front of Katta425 and PeaceLoveJoy. Katta425 looked at her petpet and smiled. "OK! Lets go PeaceLoveJoy!"

That night PeaceLoveJoy could not sleep. She kept thinking about Christmas and how much she wanted to get something very special for everyone. She walked around the house looking for ideas until she was back in Katta425's room. She looked up at a poster of the snowager and smiled. She remembered that Katta425 said their was lots of treasure were the Snowager was. She thought to herself (I wonder if that's where Santa gets his presents?) After a while she began to get tired so she laid down on the couch, went to sleep and dreamed of eating jelly.

The next day Katta425 went outside with PeaceLoveJoy to dig for treasure like every other day. Instead of going with Katta425, PeaceLoveJoy went over to the other petpets and all the petpets played tag. PeaceLoveJoy was running from Snow the Snowbunny who was it when she noticed kittycatkatme was watching them. She looked very happy and was even laughing. She thought to herself (She looks very happy.) Suddenly PeaceLoveJoy tripped and rolled into some flowers. Snow ran up and tagged her, PeaceLoveJoy was now it.

Later that day PeaceLoveJoy was real excited. Christmas was weeks away but she couldn't wait. She had thought and thought about what to get everyone and finally found the perfect gift. She walked around passing out a flower to everyone and then looked at them as they all smiled. The gift was the happy feeling everyone got and even PeaceLoveJoy was happy inside.

Katta425's Favorite Toys and More!

There are lots of toys, foods, furnature and other items in neopia that I like. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Tyrela Softpaw
Snowager Poster
Portable Kiln
Sparkly Wocky Ball
Clockwork Wocky
Christmas Doglefox

Katta425's Likes
Mystery Island
Wocky Day

kittycatkatme's Art
I love drawing pictures of cats and Wocky's look so much like kitty's. I will be putting my drawings of Katta425 and my other pets here on her page for you to look at. Enjoy! All my drawings are done with colored pencils and graphite pencils. This art is made by me!

I WILL REPORT anyone who steals my art and claims it as their own!! Do not enter my drawings into the beauty contest or art gallery. I worked very hard on my drawings. If you see anyone using my art PLEASE let me know! Thank you. :)

Fan Art
Thanks for drawing me fan art. I love the picture!
Do not enter these drawings into the beauty contest or art gallery. They were drawn just for my page. If you would like to draw a picture of Katta425 or her petpet for her page just Neomail me.

Place cursor over the picture to see who it is by.

lotrgirl88888 made us this cute picture as a gift! Thanks kittycatkatme loves it!

Comming Soon
More Drawings of Katta425
Storys About Katta425
And More

Anyway, if you want to chat with my owner, challenge me in a battle, or just say hi, feel free to neomail kittycatkatme.

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