| : INTRO : |
It was a cold, black day in the snow. Everything was still, and quiet. Nothing was lively, or happy, or had any emotions and feelings except sorrow, and sadness. This world you would recall it to be would be "nothing"
This world was a new world, black and white just like the old days. All the creatures were black and white, their eyes were black OR white.
You search through the seen and spot a white dog with black circles around it's eyes, black ears, and a black outline on its chest, with it s ears down. You see the creatures eyes. They were pitch black, but then the creature put it's ears up, they turned this light blue color...


- NAME - my_heartwillgo_on
- ALIAS - mia
- AGE - lasting forever
- GENDER - female
- EYES - black/blue
- COAT - black/white
- DESIGN - black figure on chest
- MALE - none
- OFFSPRING - none
- SIBLINGS - dead
- PARENTS - dead

- PET - potissimo
- TYPE - fish
- LIFE - black/white
- VISITOR - guest
- DEATH - soon
- HEART - cold
- HOME - no where

| : LOVE : |

I don't believe in love. Love is a cruel thing in my life.
It brought me in this world, and it won't take me out.
Love is not ment to be. Forever i will be alone...


I got this "fish" thing in the world of colors. He's a colorful fish, filled with songs, tunes, and love in his voice. But his magic won't please me, or help me with anything in my ruined life. Forever he will be colorful, and forever i shall be blue, bored, and black and white.