I'm Scamper_Pup the Baby Lupe, but yew don't have to call meh that, please, just call meh Scamper.

So guest looks like you've stumbled into mah play pen, I'll show yew around! ^^

::He takes your hand and begins showing you around::


Look how good I am in the BattleDome!

BattleDome Played: #BD_PLAYED
BattleDome Won: #BD_WON
BattleDome Lost #BD_LOST
BattleDome Drawn: #BD_DRAWN
BattleDome Score: #BD_SCORE

Level: 30
Defence: 23
Speed: 17
Health Points: 17
Strength: 25
Intelligence: 106

Pretty strong huh? I'm even really good in the BD!


Name: Scamper_Pup
Nickname(s): Scamper
Age: 145643 hours old
Owner: Casi, Kimi, Jazz, Jou!
Crushie: nope
Girlfriend: none


This heres mah toy box! ^-^ I have some real cool stuff in here, look!

Hehehe! ^^* Whats that Slushie doing in there?

::He reaches in a pulls it out::

Sorry, I really luff slushies and i have a big slushie collection, so they might apear in strange places every once in awhile, so watch out!


I was born on the 9/8/02, as a yellow Lupe. I was very small, and didn't really have anywhere to live. I looked around, alot of pets looked at me then walked past... I was in Neopia Central, a very busy place, with pets everywhere, but not one would stop and help me...

Then a very kind Uni came across me... she explained to me that she was from the Rainbow Pool. Soon enough I was taken to the Rainbow Pool, which was now mah new home. I lived with this kind Uni for quite sometime. Then one day the Uni told me that I had to get a real home, she said that she couldn't keep me any longer... I had no idea where i was going to find a home, but every person who came to the Rainbow Pool was offered... but nobody said yes...

Then Seal and Tiger came along. They came to find out about the Baby Paint Brush. The Uni was telling them about it when something caught Seal's eye! "Whats that over there?" She asked the Uni. "That's Scamper, he's a lupe, he's looking for a caring family!" She told them. Tiger looked at Seal as Seal nodded her head. Looks like I had a new family!

Seal and Tiger explained to me that they were both Faeries! Seal was a Water Faerie and Tiger was an Earth faerie! How cool! I was sure I was going to luff this family. They also explained to meh that I had a big sister called desert_seal (Dj) a desert Tuskaninny. I couldn't wait to meet her.

Seal and Tiger we're just going out the door to take meh home when... "Hey!" Shouted the Uni. "Your forgeting something!" They looked at the Uni, puzzled... "What?" Said Tiger. I just tilted mah head. "This" She said, as she handed them a blue Warf. "This" She explained "Is Scamper's new petpet. Take care of it Scamp! It's name is Sport." She grinned then patted me on the head.

We thanked the kind Uni and were just about to go. "Wait!" She called out. "I still have a little something I was meaning to give Scamper, but I was waiting for the right time". She gave a grin then handed Seal and Tiger a 'Baby Paint Brush'. "It's for Scamper." She told them. Seal and Tiger couldn't beleive it!

They thanked her many of times. "Why not use it now?" She asked. "You might aswell, after all, your at the Rainbow Pool!" Seal and Tiger nodded. "Okay" They said. And with that, the Uni took me to the pool and when i returned to Seal and Tiger, I had a brand new look! We waved goodbye to the Uni, and promised to visit again all the time. I love mah family now, It's the best anyone could ask for!

The end!


This here is mah family! It's a pretty big family, but I luff each and every member of it! =D

Kimi: Awwww. Does that include meh too? ^-^

Kimi! Get outta here, no girls aloud!

Til: And why not? Whats wrong with girls?

Grrr... just go okies? I'm trying to show guest around!

Til: Ohhh looks like Scampie Wampie's getting mady wady! ::Giggles:: Okies fine! ::Pokes tounge out and goes off with Kimi::

Girls! ::Rolls eyes:: Now anyway, heres mah family...

This is mah big sissy Dj. She is a desert Tuskaninny and seeing shes the oldest, she needs to look after meh and mah little brothers and sisters. Shes really cool and she has a husband AND 2 pups! Isn't that coolies? Well thats mah sissy Dj!

This heres Til, mah little Gelert sister. She is pretty cool... for a girl! :P But shes always chasing meh around trying to give meh a make-over. Yuckeh! Anyway she likes Pink (Discusting colour) and Ice cream! (Yummeh! ^-^) I agree with her, ice creams good. But i would have to say that slushies are better!

Til: Nu-uh!


This is Kimi, mah little sis. She is a baby Peophin and she LUFFS swimming! She also has a cool pink Alkenore. She has a crushie hehehe. She really luffs her friends and shes very playful! And she LOVES jelly! ^-^ Over all I think Kimi's a pretty good sister

Kimi: What do yew mean pretty good?

Kimi, how many times do I need to tell yew, GET OUTTA MAH PETPAGE!!!

This is Casi, shes mah little sister. Just because shes so little she thinks she can get away with always having piggy-back-rides on me. She really luffs pudding and I think it's cos she was born around Christmas time!

Casi: That ain't it Scampie, it's cos pudding's yummy! ^^

Okay okay. And stop calling me Scampie!

This is Jazz. Shes the lab pet of the family. Shes currently a starry Uni but proberly wont be for long. Shes also a girl right now but soon she'll proberly end up being a boy -.-; Anyway she's really cool and super fun!

This here is Seri. Shes the youngest of the whole family and shes a squishy plushie! Shes always there when I need a huggle! ^-^ Shes really nice and caring. Shes a very cool sister, wouldn't yew like to have a plushie as a sister? Hehehe! ^_^

This is Seal, shes the very oldestof the whole family! Shes also very special, not only is she the owner of all us love-able pets, but shes also the water faerie! She does her job very well too, whenever a pets sick she heals them so there niceand healthy again! Thats the sort of mummy she is! I luff her lots and lots! ::Hoogles her::

Seal: Awww thankies Scamper, I luff yew too ::Hoogles back::

This is Tiger, shes also our owner. She is actully a faerie too! Yes, shes the earth faerie! Isn't that cool? Well she is very cooland very nice, just like Seal. They are both the bestest mums anyone could ever get! ::He grins::

Tiger: Really? Aw thanks Scamper your so adorable! ::Hoogles::

Mum! Not while guest's here!


Hover for a name and a little disciption, or click to go to the pet lookup!

This is mah friend Dash, he's a cool baby Lupe like meh! We always luff to play! This is Liie, shes Dash's sister, sometimes all the girls gang up on me and Dash and give us... ::Shudder:: make-overs! This is Dash and Liie's new sister, Kae! Shes a baby Techo and proud. Shes always there when yew wanna play! This is Liie's, Dash's and Kae's newest sister, Ellie. Isn't she a coolies baby Elephante? The only baby Elephante I know! This is Abe the baby Shoyru. Shes Dash's girlfriend! ::Laughs:: Shes real fun! This is Tai, Abe's brother. He luffs carrots and is a vegetarian along with Liie! This heres Kala, I don't know her too well, but shes Abe and Tai's new sister! This heres Tellah. He's a baby Kau and he is super cool! He's mah bestest friend in the whole wide world! I couldn't ask for a better friend This is Tellah's little sister, Lucky. She is a baby Blumaroo and she luffs balloons and shes Tai (my brothers) baby girlfriend! :P This is Tig. He's Tellah's and Lucky's new brother! Isn't that cool? He is really fun! This is Scorchy. He is Lucky, Tig and Tellah's cousin, cos there moms are sisters! This is Scorchy bro, Zarry! He's a baby Zafara and a really fun one at that! This heres Jou, shes Zarry and Scorchy new sister. Shes a baby Lupe like meh! We look alike don't yah think? :P anyway Jou is such a cool friend, we luv to finger paint together, although we usually make quite a big mess, hehe xD Now this heres Jing. He is a soon-to-be baby Chomby! And he's mah sister, Kimi's crushie! :P He likes cake and Kimi, hehe :P This is Qai. Shes mah first and only baby grarrl friend! Shes Tig's girl friend too. Shes tonnes of fun, I'm glad to have her as a friend! This is Tai (yes, another Tai :P) he's a spiffy baby Kougie who is also Liie's boy friend! This is Jc, she loves to have fun and shes Zarry's girl friend. I think they make such a sweet couple! :) This is Eli! shes Jc, Qai and Tai's little sister! don't ya think she looks so much like meh? haha! maybe cos shes a baby lupe like me? o.O anyway shes heaps of fun! and shes also me gurl friend... hehe -blooshes-This is Reta the baby Kau. She is super cool and super fun! This is Reta's new baby brother Tad! He's a soon-to-be baby chomby and he seems to have a liking towards coffee! o.O This is Tad, the baby Lenny. Him and Tad the baby Chomby are bestest friends! There called 'Double Trouble' Hehehe This is Bink. He's Ila's and Tad's baby brother. He kinda likes Til, mah sister and yew know what? I think Til likes him back! :P This is Ila, Bink and Tad the baby Lenny's sister! Shes really fun and she luffs strawberrys and her baby boyfriend Tellah! This is Nick. I have a strange feeling he likes Casi and Casi likes him.. isn't that cuuuute? :P This is Tal the baby Quiggle. He's mah only baby Quiggle friend so that makes him super coolies! ^^ This is Riku. he was mah little baby chomby brother! but Seal and Tiger gave him to Bon! :D So now me and Riku are just really, really good friends, hehe =) This is Kari, as some of yew might know she used ta be mah little sis! but my mummies gave her to Dancie, hehe. But we're still great buds! shes really cool! :)

Baby Luff!

me haff no girlfriend right now but hey, maybe one day i'll meet a girl ^^


This is Sport. He's the best petpet ever! Yew wanna know why? Not only is he a super-spiffy blue warf, but he has been with me for my whole life! Ever since the minute i was born I've had Sport. He is and always will be mah bestest buddeh! He wasn't always a blue Warf, nup. He used to be just a normal warf untill Christmas, Seal and Tiger desided to give me an extra-spiffy Chrissy prezzie! Yep, they gave meh a blue petpet pb to paint Sport with! :D

Report Card!

This here is mah first ever Report Card from Neo school! I was pretty please with mah results. Okay so I'm not the smartest baby Lupe ever, atleast I'm pretty good at Art and Sport! ^^

::He hands yew a piece of paper that apears to be his report card::

Here lookies for yourselfs! ^-^

Okay, so things didn't go so great with meh and the teacher, it all kinda started when I forgot mah lunch one day and stole her Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. Well, guess yew could say, things from that day on havn't been the best... We never really ever got along!

Fan Art!

This is a piccy Sweet_Candy5 drew. (Tellah, Tig and Lucky's mom) Isn't it cool? It has Sport aswell! ^-^
This is such a coolies piccy don't yah think? The_Victims drew this for meh and i can't thank them enough!
Seal drew this for meh. Isn't it coolies n_n -Grins- well, thanks alot mum -Hoogles-
The_Victims drew this for meh! dont yew just think she made meh look so cute and spiffy? -grins- well thankies so much victims! =D


Oh no! Yew have to leave now :(

Promise yew'll come again soon?

Make sure yew do okies?

Bye! ^-^


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