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Hi, Welcome to Twinklix centeral!. I love my owner,

Rule#1: keep my link on all addoptables, I't helps curious people find me!

Rule#2: No using these for the beauty contest! Big no no! I'm in there all the time and if I find you using any of my pics without permision your in for it!!
Rule#3: No addapting or changing my addoptables, wan't a cutom? ask!
Rule#4: Do not steal my addoptablesand call them your own for your own site! Please! These are for putting on sites, in shops or on pet lookups individualy, I'll just stop doing these addopables if I see any thing not going to my site!

Addoptables! We now have a compleet collection, all colours incuded! (Finaly) Enjoy and tell me if you find one that isn't here!

Other fun stuff I'v collected!

You won the Silver Lupe Paw award for best art!

The Golden egg and Feather Award

The Golden Egg and Feather award: I like to award this to people who try hard with there web pages or art. There are two ways to get the award. You may get a neomail saying you won the award or you may request Teeoka to see your site. Requests are currently: OPEN

Here is what I look for in your web page:

People who have this award:

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- blocked form tag -no_html_comments- -blocked- Bronze Winners! None Soon to be comming: New Addoptables!!!Thats right! just go to my NeiceAluray's page to see the new 2004 Addoptables!
My gallery of commisioned addoptables! (AKA Hawk's page)