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The Blind Punk

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Art and Fanart
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Ryo's Theme

Colors are blinding to me.
Nothing left but the darkness.
All alone on my own.
I have to put up a fight.

You don't seem to understand,
How I feel inside myself!
You don't care,
You just pass me on by!

You have no feelings inside of you,
Like I have no feelings inside of me!
I lost my heart so long ago,
There is nothing left but a void...

My parents turned their backs on me,
They threw me out from their world,
Yet here I stand,
Looking at the world,
From another world it seems to me!
All I see is the void of darkness!
And I don't care!

Don't feel sorry for me,
Don't try to help me when I fall,
I can do alright on my own!

You got nothing to say!
So leave me alone!
I'll get on,
On my own.
Don't worry about me,
It's always been this way...

I may be blind,
But I am still a fighter!

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Everything and anything could be found in the streets of Unua (Oun-a), the capital of the county of Luniaa (Loon-na-a). It was your first time in this strange new land, and for a second, you didn't even know where you were anymore. That is untill you remembered the map that strange girl gave you before disappearing just as fast as she came. Her voice echos in your mind.

Follow the map to find what you are seeking. Even in Neopia, there are places that could be said not of this world. Enter into a new realm, the world of Luniaa. There is the one who wants to seek you out, but not to her knowing...

You shake your head and pull out a map showing the city in detail,
but that hadn't been shown before. You followed this very map to get to this place and it was different then. Strange maps, a strange land, what else could happen to you? You take another street that the map directs you to, and into another marketplace filled with spices that could make you sneeze or smell so good you could taste it on your tounge, cloth makers hung their colorful silks out, which sparkled in the sunlight like jewels made into soft spun silk; glittering jewels filled the hands of their dealers in such quanities that you couldn't believe they could hold them all; but at the end of the street was a building. It wasn't a big building, not one you would expect to be on a busy street, but a quaint place. It looked as though it was made of blue gems, yet when you got closer you notice that it was fully stone. The door itself was plain, but it had a sign on it saying : FAYT CAFE- FATE BRINGS US ALL HERE IN THE END.

You slowly open the door to the cafe and enter inside. There the room is decorated in many tones of blue, from silk hanging from the ceiling that gave the room a ocean feel, the tables and chairs were in matching blue tones, even the walls were blue with pictures of what you recogonized to be young water faeries at play. You settle into one of the chairs at a empty table and a girl of ninteen with black hair and bright golden eyes comes over to greet you.

Ello, and welcome to Fayt Cafe! It has seems Fate herself has bought you here this day to seek an answer," the girl said, "I am Michiru Silverfayt at your service.

You look up at the girl and smile a bit, but you are confused about how she would know why you were here. Just when you were about to ask, you hear a ruckus from the back room of the cafe. Suddenly, a figure came rolling out of the door and crashed into the very table you were at. At first you didn't know what the thing was, but then you realize it was a krawk with peach colored scales and dark green hair topped off with a purple cap. Her lavender eyes seem to look at you at first, but then you saw that her eyes had no pupils. She was blind. The girl that was talking to you turned towards the newcomer.

Ahh! Ryo! What are you doing back here? I told you that there is no stealing from my cafe!" Michiru yelled at her. "Now I've got to clean up all that mess you've caused! Do you ever not stir up trouble?

And why should I behave for the likes of you?" Ryo said in a low, but feminine tone. "I'm not your kid! I was getting along just fine before I even came here!"

Without me, you would be out on the streets now, like some common punk! But you would be worse, you would be a blind punk! I took you in because I care for you. Ryo!" Michiru snapped at her.

Well, I didn't ask for your kindness or charity!" Ryo said. as she swung around and headed out the front door to who-knows-where.

You watched the whole event with some amusment, taking in the agurement between the two. When Ryo left, you see Michiru's shoulders shrink as she turns towards you.

I am sorry you had to see that. Ryozine has had a troubled life," she said.

What's her story?" you ask Michiru, interested.

Michiru doesn't say anything at first, but she slowly starts to nod. "I guess I can tell you her story. Well, it all starts around...

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Into the darkness of my soul and heart,
Waiting for the day to see again.
Learning to be on my own very young,
Never looking back on what I lost.

You think you understand who I am,
Yet you're confuse by the way I act;
You don't know this double life I live,
Punk by day and songtress by night.

Inside our souls is another place,
Where we weep and show remorse.
Yet I am not the same,
My past hides and I'm still here.

So take heed to these words,
Nothing is what it seems.
I may be blind like all the rest,
But at least I know how to "see.

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It was a happy time for the Yukao family who lived deep in the country heartlands on Luniaa. They weren't rich, or even well off, but they were farmers that lived with what they grew from their piece of land. It was a small plot, no bigger than the tiny house itself, but it suited their needs. The house itself was a run down shack with four rooms - the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and attic, but if you looked outside the house on this day, you would see a brown krawk with black hair and blue eyes of middling age pacing back and forth in deep thought. This was Tzu Yukao, the owner of the shack and farmer of the small land. He was pacing there because his wife(also a brown krawk, but of a lighter color), Tza Yukao, was having his first born son. Finally Tzu would have someone to teach the ways of the harvest and to live off his own land.

Soon he heard the cry of the infant he was waiting for. He rushed into the house and right into the bedroom where the midwife was looking over the baby and his wife panting in bed. She looked weak at the moment, but his mind was not on her, but that of his son. He walked over to the midwife to look down at the child, and nearly went into shock. This baby wasn't a boy, it was a girl with a tuft of green hair sticking out of her head. Her scales were the color of dark peaches, but her eyes were what startled him the most. Her eyes were the color of light lavenders, but she had no pupil. The midwife shook her head at the baby.

She is blind, Tzu. She will never be able to see with those eyes," the midwife said. "I'm sorry.

But..." Tzu couldn't move, or even get the rest of the words out of his mouth. He looked down at the baby in a fright. "But its impossible! Tza was supposed to have a healthly baby boy! Not this abomination!

Tza looked up from her place in the bed and held out her arms to receive her child. The midwife bought the babe over to her and placed the child in her arms. She then stared at the baby, looking at it with frightened eyes. The baby started to cry for her milk, but Tza did nothing, just but continued to stare.

This baby cannot survive the way we do. It will die by walking into a ditch, or even drown in the pond near us," Tza said. "We will keep it for now, but if it doesn't die first, then we will get rid of it when our true son is born.

Tzu nodded in agreement, but the midwife looked at both of them with sadness in her eyes. She knew how the baby will be treated and end up if she survives long enough. None of the folk who lived in the country would take care of a blind or stupid child, but there was nothing she could do. The midwife picked up her bag and prepared to leave the room and the house.

Remember, both of you. This is a child, not a pet. You may regret it one day," she said before she exited the room. Neither of the parents ever saw that midwife again.

Then we should name the child at least," Tzu said. "We will call it, Ryozine.

Ryozine was only five years old at the time, but she knew her parents hated her for being what she was and for surviving for so long. Never once did she fall into a ditch she didn't see, but then, she could feel the earth slipping downwards and feel her way to the side where there was no danger. Nor did she ever fall and drown in the pond that was near the house, for she could smell the water and stayed away from there.

Today, they ignored her more than ever since they would always taunt her when she is around them. There was no food by her bedroom door, which was the attic with its weak supports beams. She guessed that they put her up here in hopes she would step in the wrong place and fall to her death. It was nothing new to her, they always had tried to make her go the wrong way into something dangerous, and each time she had used her other senses to tell what was there.

But today however, her father was running around the house to and fro, doing whatever he was doing. Her mother, she could hear was screaming in pain from something. She thought her mother was dying at first, but she remembered that for almost a year she was hearing two heartbeats from her mother instead of one. It was the day they promised her that they would throw her out of the house if she didn't die first. They always joked about the son they were gonna have.

Ryo didn't care about her parents at all. Why should she, when they didn't want her here in the first place? They always called her the mistake child. When she was old enough to do things for herself, she would sneak away from the house and go into the forest for hours at a time to her secret place. It was where she headed now since she didn't want to be around when the baby was born.

She just walked right out of the house and headed into the forest along the pathway she made for herself with branches that would stick out and hit her legs, telling her she was going on the right path; flat stones half buried in dirt that would tell her which way to turn when she stepped on them. She could feel the leaves of the bushes and the pinpricks of the pine trees that surrounded her. Soon she felt the last stone turning her towards the right and the vines of a willow tree that made a door into her secret grove. She could smell the clean water of the slow moving brook that was beside her. Slowly, she felt her way down into a sitting position on the ground and put her hands into the shallow brook. She could feel the water slipping between her fingers to move on down the brook that emptied out into the stream that was nearby. The music of the water created a tune in her head, so she sang along with it, making no words come out, just a sound that fitted in with the music of the brook.

This was her world, a world without sight, but filled with feeling, smells, and sounds. She didn't need to see the colors of the water to know that it was clean and cooling; she didn't need her eyes to tell her that the sky was clear and content with the rays of the sunlight; she didn't even need them to tell when people would be looking at her for she could somehow feel their gazes baring down upon her. She was always aware when her parents would look at her in disgust. This was the world she lived in, but if she knew the world she would continue to live in, well, she would have tried to run away long before.

Suddenly, Ryo heard the bushes rustle from behind her and footsteps of someone coming closer. The sound was different from what she had come to recogonize as her parents, but that sound was only heard on hardwood floors. The grass masked the footsteps from her hearing. It wasn't until she felt the hand grip her shoulder that she knew it was her father.

So the little blindie is still alive. She can't even get herself drowned in a small brook like this," she heard her father's voice say. "Let's remedy that
since we now have our son, Tzos.

Ryo fought to get out of her father's grasp to no avail and felt herself being lifted in the air. She kicked and fought some more to break out of his grip, but he held on to her tightly as he walked past trees and tall bushes. She didn't want to go with him. She knew what he would do to her now that they have a son. He was going to kill her somehow. Ryo screamed at the top of her lungs for help, but she knew it would be pointless. Her own father was going to end her life.

Sleep with the fishes, abomination," her father last said to her as he threw her into the stream.

Water surrounded her everywhere as it tried to force her to go to the bottom. She struggled to remain above the water in the fast paced stream that soon turned into a river. She knew she was in the river only because she had felt it once before when her parents tried to rid of her, but it wasn't this fast then. Now the river swallowed her whole under the water, dragging her to the bottom to her grave. She gave another burst of enegry to reach the surface and broke though once again for a gulp of air. Ryo was losing to the darkness of her mind. Soon she fell into the darkness of her soul and let the water wash her downstream.

The years had past since that day when Ryo's father threw her into the stream. She'd found herself on the river bank in front of the city of Unua and lived there on the streets ever since. She stole food and other things when she could, but sometimes people would leave things in front of the small alley where she made her home in. She didn't know why, but she would always tell when someone appoached the alley by hearing them, and she knew they left food by the smell of it. She never said thank you, but neither did she leave the food to rot. She had learned back then to take when given, but don't give anything in return.

Nothing good happen to Ryo for a long time, though she was able to steal clothes that she liked the best. They were baggy clothes that would fit her as she grew. The other street kids that she grew up with mostly stayed away from her, but they loved to taunt her when they had a chance. They teased her about her clothes one time before she beat them up for it. So she knew she was wearing a orange shirt, purple pants, and a purple rimless hat. In some ways she liked the colors on her. They were the few colors she knew about since she couldn't see them.

Then she found something she loved even more. One night, she was outside of a building in a part of the city she didn't normally go because of the greater danger of being caught. Not many of the people who hung around these parts knew of her at all, so they wouldn't know to watch out for her. She was doing pretty good for the night, she had pickpocketed seven pockets already and had enough gold coins for her to get by on for a few weeks. She was about to leave the area when she heard a voice coming out of the building she was next to.

Get out of here fool! Your singing is not even good enough to beg with!" a voice yelled out and Ryo heard a thud on the ground near her.

She made her way towards the voice and soon came upon an open doorway. She snuck in and felt her way around till her hands came upon some strawberries in a bowl. She stuck them in her mouth and turned to make her way back out of the place. Suddenly, she felt something plush-like behind her. She couldn't figure out what it was untill she felt its head. It was that of a plushie grundo. Now she was in trouble.

What are you doing stealing from my kitchen! No one steals from my kitchen?!" the grundo yelled at Ryo as she was grabbed by the back of the shirt.

Let go of me, ya pig! You shouldn't leave things out if you don't want them taken!" Ryo yelled at him.

The grundo threw her back down on the hard floor and walked away. Ryo was about to run when she heard his footsteps return. She tried walking out the door but she was grabbed by her shirt again and something was handed to her.

Might as well pay back what you owe with entertainment. I just had to fire the last person because the crowd booed them out. Go give them someone else to boo at for now," he said.

He walked her towards a room and pushed her into it, locking the door behind her. She stumbled around the room till she felt a chair and sat down on it. She felt the fabic that was in her hands, moving slowly to take in the feel, to place an image of it in her mind. The first part felt light and soft so she could imagine it being see though, though she also felt hard stuff that must make it sparkle. As she moved onto the next part she felt the soft fabric of the dress. She moved it around untill she found the large opening and then changed into them. She didn't know why she was doing it, but something in the back of her mind was telling her to. She worked her way into the dress and heard the door unlock from behind her. The pluhsie grundo was back.

Good. I see you are ready. Have fun singing to all the people by making a fool of yerself," the chef said. He grabbed her by the hand and led her out of the room and into a long hallway. Soon he stopped and pushed her past a curtain.

She grabbed the stand just in time to stop herself from falling over and hurting herself badly. She stood there, scared stiff to the bone. She felt the eyes she couldn't see watching her from below. She didn't know what to do. Her mind was frozen, but her voice cried out in a song she had never heard before.

In the times of old when things fade away,
My heart goes along with them.
You never stayed on the path that was there,
And that is why your now gone.

Why did you leave me,
To suffer inside myself?
Why couldn't you stay by my side,
Till the work was done?

Don't you understand I'm suffering inside,
Why did you leave me all alone?
Why did you turn away from me when I needed you?
Father? Why did you abandoned me?

Why did you hate me so for the way I was born?
Couldn't you see that I was special?
Couldn't you see the soul inside?
Why did you throw me into the river?

Father I'm sorry that I was born,
But there was nothing I could do about that.
Next time when you meet I hope you will treat me,
With some needed respect.

I can't understand why you hate me,
Just because I am blind.
Goodbye Father.
There is no turning back now.

In the far back of the cafe was a hooded figure sitting at the table with a small cup of soda in front of them. The figure was small, but if one had looked at it, they would see a red snout sticking out from under the hood. It sat there, staring at Ryo singing on the stage. The figure gave a small grin and slipped off into the night, outside the cafe. All that was left was a small note in a strange language and a silver rose by the empty soda glass.

So ends the tale for now of Ryozine and her new life. Even though more events occur, those times are for other stories to tell, and for you to read them when the time is right.

Art And Fanart

src='http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v413/dragonwing520/LD/Ryosad.png'src='http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v413/dragonwing520/LD/Ryosing.png'src='http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v413/dragonwing520/LD/LP_t51.jpg'src='http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v413/dragonwing520/LD/Ryocafe.jpg'src='http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v413/dragonwing520/LD/Ryozineref.jpg'src='http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v413/dragonwing520/LD/RyoDexterColor.jpg'src='http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v413/dragonwing520/LD/RyoFull-Body.png'By Dehoot


So I have some adoptables to show off and do for others. I'm not doing requests unless I offer since I haven't much time for many of these, but I can do what I can.


Custom Adopts

Blur's Vivii


Karikinet Ryo
Inny Ryo

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About Me

Oh hi! You're here to hear more about me now today. Well I'll tell what I can so read on.! ^^

My name is Michiru, or, as most call me, Michi for short. The name Michiru means "To Rise, To Mature, To Expire" in Japanese.
That is me! But I'm not really Japanese as you must be thinking right now. I'm just a big fan of anime and manga so I studied some of the language. I know mostly romanji, which is the written English character style of the language. Kanji is the proper text for it and is widely used. Well,enough about that, time to move on.

Real Life-
In real life, I'm just a 19 year old girl living with her sister and helping out taking care of three kids. We have Skye, who is four, Joey, who is two, and little Zach, who is 8 months now. All love to cause trouble in their own little ways as well. I'm currently looking for a job, but in the mean time I spend what time I have role playing, drawing, or just writing the many stories about my pets and more. Most of the time I write about dragons, wolves, and magical adventures, but other times I also write songs and poems about life and all that. It helps my stress problem since a lot of things like happening to me, but I keep that smile on my face.

Neopet Life-
I started Neopets on September 1st, 2001. My first account was dragonlover520, but that ended up being hacked into by a close friend whom I no longer consider a pal. The second account I had was dragonwing_5_2_0, which was frozen after I made a slight spelling mistake in a role play one time and bought the ticket. My current account, dragon_dragonwolf, was named after one of my characters, and it is still here today. I did almost lose it to a hacker who got into the account and stole Revives the Darigan Krawk (who was going to my friend Blur after putting her up for adoption last year). Rnei was going to my friend Ronnen, but she had quit and asked me to put her back up for adoption, so I am keeping a promise to her. Well that's aboutit when it comes to Neopet life for me.

Leopet Life-
I might as well add this, since I am using the Leopet petpage at this time. I am Dragonleas on Leopets and have 15 pets. Yes, that is a lot, but most of them were mine on Neo so I bought them over to Leo. You will hear more about them in the family part, though some are designs still in progress for various reasons. I mostly just hang out with my friends and try to paint all the pets I have that are still a basic color. Though I have some completed pets as well, but its hard to get the LPs to paint and morph them all. Well, onto the family!


Family will be named first and have a (Leo) or (Neo) next to it to tell you where the pets are. These pets are mostly in progress for the new plot I am making that you have a sample of here.

[Lie-rith] (Neo and Leo)- Desert Lupe. Dark blue hair up in a ponytail, red eyes, wearing a light blue dress and a golden cape. Silver fur. Has a purple blade at her side.
Brief History: Lylth is a loner and doesn't come around the cafe often. When she does, it is usually to report something to Michiru - or Ryu, depending on who she is at the time and if she is there. No one knows much about Lylth, as she likes to keep her past to herself. It is said that only Michi knows about it and she is not one to talk.

Chef (Leo)-
Normal plushie grundo with chef's hat and apron with black marks from burns.
Brief History: Sock is the cook of Fayt Cafe in Luniaa. He met up with Michiru one day when he was kicked out of the Golden Dubloon because of his looks. He likes to keep to himself, but he has a temper to rival Ryu's when she appears in the cafe. Sock stays out of his boss's business, but knows that Michiru and Ryu are the same even if they act totally different. He is famous in Luniaa for his cooking.

Ryu [also Michi] (Leo)-
Red shoyru wearing male royal clothes, or a girl with raven black hair. Both have golden eyes.
Brief History: Not much is known about Ryu at all. She mostly drinks a lot and gets into a lot of fights. She is known to carry a strange Silver Fire and Black Ice Blade as well. When she is in human form on one of her rare occasions, she is known as Michiru, or Michi, the owner of Fayt Cafe. The only thing that is known about her is that she is kind and caring, but can be serious when the situation calls for it. It is said she used to be of the human world before she came to both Luniaa and Neopia. It is also known that she travels a lot and is rarely helping out in the cafe.

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Why Should I Get Ryo?

Well, why should I get Ryo? That isn't up for me to say in many ways. Mostly because I hear I'm too modest to say I deserve anything. I mean all I do is try my hardest to help others first before myself. Plus, I have never gotten a pet by application before, so that doesn't help either much. Yeah, I can tell you what promises I can make and all this yada-yada stuff you know I would do already. I bet by now you are tried of hearing the same things over and over again. But, there's one thing I can tell you that should make you happy. I will not trade Ryo. I'm only trading Esa to help get a friend's krawk back that she adopted from me, but it turned out I didn't need to. However, I am finishing the trade because I keep promises, plus the draik I'm trading for has a good name, so who knows, I might be able to come up with a design for him. I put Rnei up for adoption again, though I could have kept her, because I made a promise and I keep them.

So, in the end it's up to you if I should get Ryo or not. I mean I hope you do, but I understand if you don't as well. Well, I guess I should explain that part next.

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Reasons Why I Shouldn't Get Ryo

Reasons I shouldn't get Ryo... Hmm... I can name a lot just because I am me. I saw some other applications for Ryo and I admit they are much better than mine especially art-wise. I'm not a great artist, and I'm still at the beginner's level. My grammar is messy most of the time with past and present tense since I get them mixed up. Sometimes my stories seems too long and some people don't like long stories.

I am known for adopting out my pets like Rnei, Xaidao, and Revives. I only put them up for adoption because at the time I was planning to quit, but when I decided not to, I kept them up. It was a promise to have them up for adoption, and you should know what else by now. There is always gonna be a better owner than me, I'm sure you will see many for Ryo. It's just the way it is. I feel I'm never good enough, but I'm not giving up, I can't because you won't find out anything unless you try.

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Role Play

Four-way roleplay between Olivia, SharonBunowl, Kari, and myself. We're pretending to be literate! c: Hahah, two Rnei characters, this is fun and definitely not confusing at all! Also, Samp should totally feel left out for being the only non-R name in this thing. And for being the only guy. Well...maybe he's happy to be the only guy.

A merchant pushed his cart ahead of him, on his way home after a day at the bazaar. In the half-dark, he didn't notice the blue bottle in the middle of the road until it connected with his foot. Tripping, then regaining his balance, he swore and kept moving, while the bottle rolled off the side of the road into a pile of sand.

A string of curses spat from the mouth of the bottle. Inside it sat a hunched-up blue dragon-djinn, swearing her mouth off. The bottle in which she was encased (which had probably contained a strong alcohol earlier in life) made her words resonate, causing a few passers-by to stop in confusion. After a few moments, she stopped, crossing her arms and glaring at her surroundings. She noticed a can glinting at her, sitting a few inches away on the sand.

Oh, wonderful," Ri drawled. He's still here too.

This place wasn't a happy magical place the man promised him. Where was he?
It was dark and smelled like beer/soda. It was wet and it reeked. The orange genie decided he really really reallydidn't like this place or the man. He slowly floated down to the bottom the of thing that imprisoned him and sat down.

Bump. Thud.

The darkness suddenly flipped and rolled sending the little dragon-djinn face down. The meeting between the solid and his snout was not very friendly. Not friendly indeed. Pain also had a friend named nausea come with him. He decided didn't like any of them.

Ri? Ri?! Are you there?" Sampfire whimpered softly. He didn't want to be alone in..in..who knows where. He was sticky, smelled really badly, and he really didn't want to be alone to top his bad day. He slowly crawled his way to the small opening and poked his head outside. A giant grin sprung onto his face.

RI! You're here!

Two figures could be seen walking into the city under the hot sun. A red shoy dressed in royal garbs could be seen crawling along the ground next to the other figure. Neither of them were looking at the other. It seem like they had just gotten over a fight.

The other figure was taller than the other. Dressed in baggy clothes, even on this hot day, it walked in front of the shoy. The krawk's peach scales shone in the sunlight and green hair moved in the silent wind surrounding them. Suddenly something came up under the krawk's foot and she tripped over a can of something.

Ow! Where did that come from?" she yelled.

The shoy just stopped crawling and laughed at the krawk.

Why its a can in the road. Your blind so of course you didn't see it Ryo," the shoy teased.

RI! RI! RI!" The orange djinn put his head back under and stuck his arm out to try and attract the attention of the dark-colored genie. He retracted his arm and stuck his head back out like the hokie pokey. He changed his mind about the can, he liked it! But as soon as he poked is head out, his body shot back inside due to a sudden collision.

HOLY SHABALABADINGDONG! What was that?!" Something was after him, he had to run! He quickly spouted his legs, along with the stereo-typical poofy pants, and ran! He ran like a hamster in a never ending wheel of terror. Run run run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbreadman..er hamste-no..genie! Yeah genie with legs!

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Clink! Clink!

What was it today and the bumping? Sampfire cautiously looked outside to see what he ran into, a shiny glint shone. Struck with complete and utter terror, Sampfire ducked back into the safety of his can.


Ri's ears pricked up. Was it just the echoes in the bottle, or did she hear something? Some faint, annoying, vaguely familiar shriek. She glanced back at Samp's can. Sure enough, there he was, the idiot. Poking in and out of his new can like a ridiculous twist on the Jack-in-a-box. She rolled her eyes and turned away, and -

Ouch!" Something hit Ri's bottle, jostling her out of her sitting position. Turning, she saw a frantic-looking Sampfire darting back into his can, which was now right next to her glass prison.

Ri tried to wriggle out of the bottle, but found herself stuck at the waist in its neck. She swore again, remembering that the bottle would have to be rubbed to allow her escape. "Stupid human rules." She reached out, barely brushing the edge of Samp's can with her claws.

Samp!" she yelled. "What are you doing?" Before she could hear a reply, though, she heard people behind her. Twisting around (rather difficult to maneuver in her awkward position at the mouth of the bottle), Ri glanced up and noticed the two intruders. She slunk back into her bottle, hoping they hadn't seen her.

Well you are a stupid baka Ryu!" Ryo yelled at Ryu. Then something caught her hand. It was some kind of bottle on the ground half buried int he sand. She picked it up and she thought she felt something for a second and started to slightly rub it.

Ryu ignored the insult and noticed a can laying on the ground. It was as if something was looking out for her from high above.

Its soda!" Ryu yelled as she jumped towards the can and started to try and drink it. "Soda!

Shootshootshootshoot. Ri grimaced and clenched her fists, even as she whooshed involuntarily out of her bottle. She really hated that guy who had captured them. Serving masters? Really not her thing.

Um. Hi," she muttered to the girl who had let her out. "I guess I owe you three wishes, then." She made a mental note to hunt down the horrible man who had caught her and stuffed her into that horrible bottle, to really teach him a lesson once she was done serving her time.

Sampfire sucked back in his legs and sprouted his tail(?). Maybe if he stayed in long enough Ri would forget about it. He heard a commotion outside, he couldn't make out the conversation, but it sounded like the adults on Charlie Brown...whatever that was. Next thing Samp knew the can was upside down and he was being sucked into a...a...black hole! Oh the tragedy! On a side note pain came to visit again, he should of told him to leave and never come back when he had the chance. When the suction stopped, he opened his eyes. His surrounding was the same, it was still dark, but it was veryvery wet.

Please let this not be someone's mouth, pleaseplease..." Samp grumbled.
((Curse you Ri ;c))

Then the black hole was put in reverse and spat him out. Samp tumbled onto the sand, and unfortunately it stuck to his face. Bleck. He dusted out his eyes to meet his "so-called" attacker.

((^Permission from Mitchi to play that out~))

Ryo just stood there, trying to define where she heard the voice from. Three wishes? What was this about? She didn't even know who or what this thing was. Like she needed anything but a full stomach and to be away from the stupid drunk next to her.

What are you talking about? Three wishes... I don't need any kind of self pity from some kind of creature. You might be some nasty thing that would get into my hair or something," Ryo snaps.

Ryu looked at the draik on the ground covered in her spittle. She just continued to stare and then turned to the can and tried to look inside.

There is no drink in here... I wanna drink now!" she yells. She looked at Samp again and turned her head in disgust. "I didn't know they put worms in here now.

Ri narrowed her eyes, and flew into the rude girl's face. "What am I talking about? Listen, you! You obviously don't know a djinn when one ends up in your hands. And it's not as if I want to be ordered around by any random person who rubs my stupid, stupid bottle! What that idiot mage was doing, I don't know, but he has a lot coming to him! And I - " She stopped abruptly. "Why am I even talking to you? It's not like I have to stay out here if you're not going to make any wishes." She sank back into the bottle, muttering curses under her breath.

A gracious purple draikess jumped on the roof.
Those gardens became harder to cross... Who had the idea of installing those stupid guards ?
While she was pestering about the presence of unwanted men in her backyard, she continued to walk on the dried mud roofs. The sun was pretty hot today, and the ground quickly became incredibly warm. And it was emplified by the metal golden gloves she was wearing.
Ouch, why does it have to hurt that much ? I have a long way before being able to come out of the city...

She started to ran. But like her athletic abilities were undevloped, so, she stoped, out of breathe, next from the bazaar. Right next from her, under the tent... It has a drink shop.
No, I shouldn't go there, too many people will recongnize me... No... No... Maybe, I can ask this someone to go instead of me ? Yes...
She went down and tried to localize her someone who may help her. She noticed a krawk with flash green hair and a neon orange skin. Now, all what she have to do, is to attract her attention... The young girl took a little rock, and threw it to the punk.

Worm?! I ain't no worm miss!" Sampfire yelled with a flick of his genie tail. He tried to look menacing, but as soon as he realized he was only a couple inches tall, he stopped, and noticed that Ri was back in her bottle. So with a wave of his hand he grew about the same height as the 'black hole' girl..if not taller. With a toothy grin, Sampfire drew in a deep breath.


The toothy grin was still stuck on his face. Samp hadn't had a master in several years...or weeks..He didn't have much of a memory, but it didn't bug him so much.

How would I know what you are if I am blind stupid!" Ryo snapped back at Ri even though she went back in the bottle. Ryo threw the bottle in anger and heard something whooshing towards her from behind. She quickly turned around and caught the rock in her hand.

Who dared to throw stuff at me! I know it isn't Ryu!" Ryo shouted.

Ryu just stared as Samp grew to a height taller than herself. She grin her own silly grin and stuck out her hand to shake with Samp.

And I'm Ryu! And I love to have a Orange soda! I just love orange soda! You're name is Samp! That's a cool name! Let's be friends!" Ryu said in all of three seconds.

Samp eye's twinkled. Orange was his favorite color...But it was probably the only color he knew.


Sampfire threw his hands and waved them an a spazztic way. A purple cloud appeared and poofed a orange soda in Ryu's hands.

One orange soda for a special Ryu!

(To Be Continued...)

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Good Bye For Now!

You look at the girl as she tells you all these things. This story, it was sad, but it seem so unreal at the same time. You notice there was a drink on the table and take a sip of it. You turn back to look for the girl and she was suddenly gone from your view. You figure that she just left to deal with the other customers. You finish your drink and take out a few neopoints that you have on you to place them on the table. You get up to walk out when you notice a red shoyru sitting at a table near yours watching you pass by. You hear something as you pass.

I thank you for coming, and it seems your quest is at an end. Remember to keep that map close by in case you want to visit here again, for it will never let you get lost between Luniaa and Neopia. Farewell, traveler, till we meet again," the shoyru said.

You turn around to look at the shoyru and it was gone from the table. On the table top you notice was a silver rose. You make your way out of the place and pass by Ryozine at the entrance. She gives you no notice, but moves to make sure she doesn't hit you. As you continue to walk back up the streets, you reflect on your visit and know, that you would be back here again to find out more about this strange krawk and the Fate Cafe.

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