Andie's Pack Rat List!

Q: How do I get the SDB Pack Rat Avatar?
A: You need to have 1000 DIFFERENT items in your SDB.

Below is a list I have comprised to help you on your journey to get the very annoying and frustrating SDB Pack Rat Avatar. All of the items below should be 500 neopoints or less. Has the price of an item gone up? Is there any items I do not have on my list? If you answered yes please do not hesitate to neomail me andiee1123.

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Air Faerie Eraser
Air Faerie Pen
Aisha Angel Cookie
Almost Gummy Rat (Grape)
Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry)
Anchovy Loaf
Ancient JubJub Mask
Angelic Notebook
Angry Red Usul Keyring
Angular Sand Sculpture
Ant Eaten Ham
Apple and Cheese Sandwich
Apple Juice
Apple Pie
Artificially Flavoured Blueberry Snacks
Artificially Flavoured Strawberry Snacks
Ash Mote
Asparagus Yoghurt
Assorted Coconut Balls
Assorted Neodrops
Axe Shrub

B-B-Q Pork
Baby Kougra Custard
Baby Tomatoes
Bacon and Broccoli Omelette
Bacon And Eggs Ice Cream
Bacon Muffin
Bacon Omelette
Bag of Gravel
Bag of Nuts
Bag of Peas
Bag of Sugar
Baked Apple Jacket Potato
Baked Beans
Baked Juppie
Banana Achyfi
Banana and Chocolate Rock Slices
Banana Cream Coffee
Banana Milkshake
Bargasaurus Steak
Basic Pen
Basic Pencil
Basic Rubber Axe
Basic Shield of Flight
Bat Cookie
Battle JubJub Cake
BBQ Sauce Omelette
Beautiful Bunches Usuki Hair Set
Beautiful Golden Ring
Beef and Veg Baby Food
Beef Jerky
Beefy Broccoli
Bit of Barbed Wire
Bitten Green Apple
Bitten Red Apple
Black Jewelled Collar
Black Lipstick
Black Mirror
Black Nail Varnish
Black Widow Truffle
Blackened Banana
Blonde Pigtails Usuki Hair Set
Blue Aisha Keyring
Blue Aisha Plushie
Blue Birthday Balloon
Blue Blumaroo Keyring
Blue Cap
Blue Chia Pencil Holder
Blue Cybunny Balloon
Blue Doughnut
Blue Frost Cannon
Blue Fuzzle
Blue Grundo Keyring
Blue Grundo Plushie
Blue Ixi Plushie
Blue Kacheek Group Cap
Blue Kacheek Group CD
Blue Kacheek Group Jacket
Blue Kacheek Group Poster
Blue Kiko Balloon
Blue Kiko Keyring
Blue Koi Keyring
Blue Korbat Keyring
Blue Korbat Plushie
Blue Lipstick
Blue Lupe Plushie
Blue Marbleman Tshirt
Blue Mouth Wash
Blue Nail Varnish
Blue Nimmo Plushie
Blue Orange Chia Pop
Blue Pencil with Eraser
Blue Poogle Toy
Blue Quiggle Plushie
Blue Satin Collar
Blue Short Hair Brush
Blue Techo Plushie
Blue Toothbrush
Blue Uni Plushie
Blue Usul Keyring
Blue Wocky Keyring
Blue Wocky Plushie
Blue Yarn Ball
Blueberry Beetle Cracker
Blueberry Faerie Bubble
Blueberry Fish Pop
Blueberry Gateaux
Blueberry Snow Puff
Bluehamberry Burger
Blumaroo Steak
Bori Snowglobe
Bottle of Black Sand
Bottle of Blue Sand
Bottle of Green Sand
Bottle Of Orange Sand
Bottle of Red Sand
Bottle of Water
Bottle Shaped Sand Sculpture
Bouncy Spiky Ball
Bow Tie
Box of Crayons
Box of Trifle Mix
Box of Wheat Flakes
Brain Tree Branch
Brandy Butter
Branston Battlecard
Breakfast Tea
Brick Cheese
Brightvale Berry
Brightvale Flag
Broken Corn Pyramid
Broken Fake Uni Hat
Broken Fishing Pole
Broken Pencil
Broken Seasoning Sand
Broken Toy Sailboat
Brown Eyeshadow
Brown Sauce
Brown Snowball
Brucey B Battlecard
Bubble Gum
Bubbles Herbal Drink
Bubbling Healing Goo
Bucket Of Mud
Bucket of Sludge
Bud Bud
Bunch of Tomatoes
Burnt Grackle Bug on a Stick
Burnt Red Eye Egg
Burnt Scarab Cookie
Buttered Jacket Potato

Caffeine Free Neocola
Cake coffee
Calcium Supplement
Can of Neocola
Can of Prune Juice
Candy Cane Pen
Candy Peas
Capara Battlecard
Caramel Acara On A Stick
Caramel Quiggle Foot
Carrot and Pea Omelette
Caustic Potion
Cheap Air Ring
Cheap Earth Ring
Cheap Fire Ring
Cheap Water Ring
Chebu Chebu Grub
Checkered Neopets Birthday Balloon
Checkered Neopets Party Blower
Checkered Neopets Party Hat
Cheery Plant
Cheese and Eel Burger
Cheese and Onion Omelette
Cheese Covered Caramel Apple
Cheese Omelette
Cheese Skeith
Cheese Tortilla
Cheesy Meat Wrap
Cheops Plant
Cherries Jubalee
Cherry Faerie Bubble
Cherry Neocola
Cherry Pie
Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie
Chewing Dung
Chicken Roll
Chilled Eyeball Custard
Chilli Hot Dog
Chocolate Achyfi
Chocolate and Asparagus Ach y Fi
Chocolate Chia Treat
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Christmas Scorchio
Chocolate Cloud Cookie
Chocolate Coated Fish Pop
Chocolate Coated Flies
Chocolate Coated Mint Bar
Chocolate Dipped Peophin Cookie
Chocolate Faerie Cake
Chocolate Fish Pop Milkshake
Chocolate Ghostkersword
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milkshake
Chocolate Moehog Coin
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Orange Doughnut
Chocolate Smothered Peach
Chocolate Sprout
ChocoPie Slice
Chokato Chia Balloon
Chokato Crisps
Chokato Ghostkersandwich
Chomby and the Fungus Balls Cap
Chomby and the Fungus Balls CD
Chomby and the Fungus Balls Jacket
Chomby and the Fungus Balls T-Shirt
Chomby Battle Goggles
Chomby Chips
Christmas Brucicle
Christmas Vira Plushie
Chuffer Bob Battlecard
Chunky Meaty Stew
Cinder Block Sea Fungus
Cloud Notebook
Clove Covered Orange
Cobrall Dagger
Coco NeoCrunch
Cocoa Juppie
Coconut Keyring
Coconut Shy Quiggle Plushie
Coffee and Marshmallows
Colour Lillies
Coltzans Gem
Cookie Hot Dog
Cookie Jar
Cornupepper Jelly
Cracked Mummified Pepper
Cranberry Gummy Slorg
Cranberry Jelly
Cream Covered Acara Cookie
Creamy Hot Dog
Crunchy Skullberry
Crust-Only Pizza
Cubical Sea Fungus
Cucumber Eye Cream
Cup of Tea
Cup of Water
Curvy Sand Sculpture

Damaged Ummagine
Dandelion and Burdock Drink
Dark Faerie Pencil
Dark Red Lipstick
Deli Turkey Slices
Deluxe Blue Toothbrush
Deluxe Holly Wreath
Deluxe Set of Colouring Pencils
Dental Floss
Deviled Steak
Dewberry Reviver
Diet Neocola
Dino Snapper
Dirt Pie
Draik Steak
Drawing Pencil
Dried Apricots
Dried Prunes
Duck Neck
Dull Grey Pearl
Dung Cake
Dung Cream Sandwich
Dung Jelly

Earth Faerie Eraser
Earth Faerie Pen
Elderberry Achyfi
Elegant Table Lamp
Essence of Everlasting Apple
Evil Snowball
Exploding Snowball
Extra Evil Snowball
Eye Candy
Eyeball Sushi
Eyrie Sweater

Factor 15 Sun Tan Lotion
Faerie Snowglobe
Fajita Chips
Fake Lord Kass Toy Sword
Fake Uni Hat
Fancy Pen
Fantastic Fly Pie
Fernypoo Battlecard
Fire Faerie Eraser
Fire Faerie Pen
Fire Kazoo
Fire Wocky Keyring
Fish Pop
Flaming BBQ Crisps
Flaming Oven Gloves
Flexible Pencil
Flight Attendant Usuki
Flotsam Sweater
Flower Cake
Fluffy Mynci Ball
Forest Fruit Baby Food
Forest Arrow
Fresh Baguette
Fresh Clam Jam
Fresh Seaweed Pie
Fried Chicken Breast
Fried Egg
Fried Shrimp
Fruit Fly Surprise
Fruity Faerie Fingers
Fungus Ball Ball
Fungus Ball Lamp
Funky Diva Usuki Hair Set
Funnydew Melon

Gammon Dinner
Gelert Wand
Geraptiku Burger
Geraptiku Punch
Geraptiku Snowglobe
Ghost Marshmallows
Giant Brown Kelp
Giant Green Kelp
Giant Red Kelp
Gift Box
Gingerbread Grundo
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Lupe Treat
Glaring Eye Wrap
Glow In The Dark Eyrie Plushie
Glowing Sand
Gnome Shroom
Gold Brush
Gold Chocolate Coins
Gold Eyeshadow
Gold Mirror
Golden Cracker Hat
Golden Medallion
Gormball Stamp
Grackle Bug on a Stick
Grackle Bug Steak
Grackle-Stuffed Turkey
Grape Snow Puff
Green Aisha Keyring
Green Aisha Plushie
Green Blumaroo Keyring
Green Blumaroo Plushie
Green Buzz Toy
Green Cabbage
Green Chia Pencil Holder
Green Chomby Plushie
Green Cracker Hat
Green Doughnut
Green Eyeshadow
Green Grapes
Green Grarrl Mirror
Green Grundo Bath Sponge
Green Grundo Keyring
Green Grundo Plushie
Green JubJub Cap
Green JubJub Plushie
Green Kiko Keyring
Green Koi Plushie
Green Korbat Keyring
Green Lined Notebook
Green Lipstick
Green Long Hair Brush
Green Mirror
Green Mouth Wash
Green Neopets Balloon
Green Pepper Omelette
Green Poogle Toy
Green Quiggle Plushie
Green Quiguki Rug
Green Sandcastle Set
Green Satin Collar
Green Short Hair Brush
Green Toothbrush
Green Tuskaninny Keyring
Green Usul Keyring
Green Wocky Keyring
Green Wocky Plushie
Grey Sea Fern
Grimilix Stamp
Gruel Cake
Gruundo Poster
Gruundo T-shirt

Half Coconut Shell
Half Eaten Cornupepper Jelly
Half Eaten Dung Jelly
Half Eaten Glowing Jelly
Half Eaten Poisonous Jelly
Half Lemon Jelly
Half Lime Jelly
Half Strawberry Jelly
Half Strawberry Trifle
Half-eaten Berry
Hand Bell
Hand Knitted Jumper
Happy Birthday Card
Headless Vonroo Plushie
Healing Potion I
Healing Potion II
Healing Potion III
Healing Potion IV
Healing Potion IX
Healing Potion V
Healing Potion VI
Healing Potion VII
Healing Potion VIII
Healing Potion X
Healing Potion XI
Healing Potion XII
Heart Shaped Sand Sculpture
Heart Shaped Sunglasses
Heavy Blocking Shield
Herbal Scrambled Eggs
Holly Football
Holly Kaleidoscope
Homemade Buggy
Homemade Gooseberry Jam
Homemade Marmalade
Honey and Wheat Baguette
Honey Blossom
Hot Cakes
Hot Crossed Buns
Hot Dog
Hot Dog with Mustard & Relish
Hot Dog with Onions_ br>Hot Worm Hot Dog
House Blend Coffee
House Blend with Cream

I Club Sloth T-Shirt
I Love Kacheekers T Shirt
I Love Mince Pies T-Shirt
Iced Fish Cake
Icky Fruit
Icy Eye Snowball
Icy Hot Berry
Icy Snowball
Illusens Comb
Illusens Cream Cookie
Illusens Potion
Infested Peach
Invisible Sand
Iron Supplement

Jalapeno Popper
Jam Pastry
Jar of Eyeballs
Jar Of Flies
Jazzmosis Glasses
Jazzmosis Hat
Jazzmosis Seasonal Greeting
Jazzmosis T-Shirt
Jellied Eggs
Jellied Eyeballs
Jelly Berries
Jelly Cereal
Jelly Muffin
Jetsam Apple Cake
Jewelled Collar
Jhudora T-Shirt
Jhudoras Brush
Jingly Bell
JubJub T-shirt
Judge Hog Action Figure
Juicy Elixir
Jumbo Pea Sandwich
Jungle Arrow

Kabuggle Mocha
Kacheek Graduation Card
Kacheekers Poster
Kalora Battlecard
Kau Kau Farm Milk
Ketchup Ice Cream
Kiko Lake Cookie
Kikoughela Syrup
Kiwi and Cucumber Sandwich
Kiwi-Pear Gummies
Koi Defensive Goggles
Korbat Ear Shields

Large Giant Squid
Large Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie
Large Melman Smoothie
Large Metal Shield
Large Rasmelon Smoothie
Large Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake
Large Thorn Growth
Learn-to-paint Set
Lemon and Lime Fish Pop
Lemon Faerie Bubble
Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly Pop
Lemon Meringue Baby Food
Lemon Neodrops
Lemon Snow Puff
Lemon Sprinkle Doughnut
Lemon Trifle
Lemon Tuskaninny Pop
Lenny Meaty Burger
Lenny Paper Mask
Lenny Veggie Burger
Lesser Spotted Fish
Lice Rice
Light Faerie Eraser
Light Faerie Pen
Lightning Wand
Lightweight Nimmo Boxing Gloves
Lime Achyfi
Lime Elixir
Lime Jelly
Lime Jelly Blumaroo
Lime Jelly Burger
Lime Milkshake
Little Timmy Battlecard
Lucky Bone Necklace
Lucky Green Boots
Lump Of Wood
Luperus Tooth

M*YNCI Jacket
M*YNCI Shirt
Maggot Stew
Magic Branch
Magic Smelly Socks
Magical Hair Usuki
Mangled Geopeppers
Maraquan Usuki
Mashed Eye Potato
Mashed Potato With Gravy
Meat Feast Pizza
Meat Wrap
Meatballs and Worms
Meatless Meatballs
Meaty Pot Pie
Mechanical Pencil
Medicinal Mud Bath
Medicinal Plant
Medieval Shirt
Meepit Poster
Meerca Whoopee Cushion
Megapepper Pizza
Melted Chocolate Negg
Meridell Gravy
Metal Triangle Puzzle
Midnight Eyeshadow
Mika and Carassa Mug
Milk Chocolate Aisha
Milk Chocolate Flotsam
Milk Chocolate Gelert
Milk Chocolate Grarrl
Milk Chocolate Kiko
Milk Chocolate Kyrii
Milk Chocolate Lupe
Milk Chocolate Nimmo
Milk Chocolate Scorchio
Milk Chocolate Snowbunny
Milk Chocolate Usul
Milk Chocolate Wocky
Minced Beef Pretzel
Mint Flavoured Toothpaste
Mint Ice Cream
Mistletoe Plant
Mistletoe Wreath
Mixed Rock Slices
Moehawk Poster
Moehawk T-shirt
Moehog Hoof Pad
Mollusc Surprise
Molten Hot Chilli
Mop and Bucket
Mossy Rock
Mouldy Potato
Mucus Soup
Mud Mixture
Mud n Mayo Dip
Mud Pizza
Mulled Fruit Juice
Mummified Ice Cream
Mummified Pepper
Mummy Spaghetti
Musho Mushy Peas
Mushrolivepepper Pizza
Mustard Ice Cream
Mynci T-Shirt

Nacho Cheese Stuffed Hot Dog
Neezles Jab
Neggitus Injection
Neo Crackers
Neocrunch Cereal
Neoflakes Cake
Neonip Critter
Neopets Checkered Birthday Balloon
Neopian Philharmonic Glasses
Neopian Philharmonic Hat
Neopian Times Issue 3
Neowaiian Bread
Neowart Fungus
Nerkin Leg
Nice Iced Pizza
Non-magical Blueberry Chia Pop
Non-magical Grape Chia Pop
Non-Magical Lime Chia Pop
Non-Magical Orange Chia Pop
Non-Sticky Sticky Hand
Noxious Nectar
Nutritional Blockberry

Old Boot
Old Croutons
Old Rotten Left Boot
Old Rotten Left Sandal
Old Rotten Left Shoe
Old Rotten Right Boot
Old Rotten Right Sandal
Old Rotten Right Shoe
Orange Chicken
Orange Jelly Sandwich
Orange Juice
Orange Sweetie
Organic Bananas
Organic Cherries
Organic Green Grapes
Organic Mushroom
Organic Olives
Organic Peach
Organic Red Grapes

Packet of Gravel
Pale Elixir
Pale Starry Notebook
Palm Fan
Pasta And Eyes
Pastrami Sandwich
Pea and Ham Baby Food
Peaburger Delight
Peach Snowball
Peanut Butter Slushie
Peanut Butter Spiders
Peophin Mane Brush
Peppermint Pizza
Pepperolive Pizza
Petrified Bone
Pickled Eel
Pickled Leeches
Pickled Olives
Piece of Wool
Pile of Dung
Pile of Sludge
Pinanna Cappucino
Pineapple Tarts
Pink Blush
Pink Doughnut
Pink Lipstick
Pink Poogle Toy
Pink Sprinkle Doughnut
Plain Faerie Cake
Plain Omelette
Plains Arrow
Plastic Butter Knife
Plastic Ring
Plastic Ring of Sloth
Plate of Cookies
Pocket Calendar
Poets Hat
Poison Dart
Poison Snowball
Poisonous Jelly
Poisonous Lollypop
Poogle Putty
Pot Of Peanuts
Prawn Delight
Pretty Bouquet
Prime Veggie Burger
Pteri Combat Jacket
Pteri Sundae
Pull Along Gelert
Pumpkin Cookies
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Shield
Puntec Fruit
Purple and Green Party Hat
Purple Blob Potion
Purple Cracker Hat
Purple Doughnut
Purple Eyeshadow
Purple Felberry
Purple Juppie Java
Purple Nail Varnish
Purple Quiggle Plushie
Purple Toothbrush
Purplum and Cheese Sandwich

Quiggle Keyring
Quiggle Scissors
Quigquig Plushie

Radiant Red Head Usuki Hair Set
Radish Hot Dog
Rain Water Shampoo
Rainbow Birthday Blower
Rainbow Bracelet
Rainbow Doughnut
Rainbow Gun
Rainbow Sand
Rainbow Sand Sculpture
Rancid Old Meat
Raptraphant Leg
Raspberry Faerie Bubble
Raspberry Jelly
Raspberry Jelly Half
Raspberry Jelly Pop
Raspberry Milkshake
Raspberry Sweetie
Raw Potato
Rebuild Maraqua Poster
Red Aisha Keyring
Red and Green Party Hat
Red and Purple Party Hat
Red Apple
Red Bandana
Red Blumaroo Keyring
Red Blumaroo Plushie
Red Blush
Red Bouncy Ball
Red Cap
Red Chiaberry
Red Chomby Plushie
Red Elephante Doll
Red Eye Egg
Red Flotsam Plushie
Red Frost Cannon
Red Gelert Plushie,br>Red Geraptiku Vase
Red Grundo Keyring
Red Ixi Plushie
Red Kazoo
Red Kiko Squeeze Toy
Red Koi Keyring
Red Korbat Keyring
Red Kyrii Plushie
Red Lipstick
Red Long Hair Brush
Red Lupe Plushie
Red Mirror
Red Nail Varnish
Red Nimmo Plushie
Red Notebook
Red Plastic Ring
Red Pot
Red Quiggle Plushie
Red Short Hair Brush
Red Tuskaninny Keyring
Red Tuskaninny Plushie
Red Wocky Keyring
Red Yarn Ball
Red Zafara Plushie
Ring Vine
Ripped Blue Chia Plushie
Roast Tentacle
Rock Sprouts
Romantic Notebook
Roo Island Crystal
Rotten Artichoke
Rotten Beetroot
Rotten Berry
Rotten Omelette
Rotten Onion_ br>Rotten Parsnip
Rotten Puntec Fruit
Rotten Radish
Rotten Wormy Apple
Rotting Driftwood
Round Notebook
Round Sunglasses
Round Table Lamp
Royal Boy Bruce Balloon
Rubber Coin Purse
Ruined Ptolymelon
Rusty Old Can

Salmon Fishwich
Salmon Mousse Tea
Salt Mote
Salted Seaweed
Sand Banana
Sand Pear
Sand Shroom
Sand Snowball
Sausage and Cheese Roll
Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette
Sausage Omelette
Scab Cake
Scary Soup
Scorched Cheops Plant
Scorched Grackle-Stuffed Turkey
Scorched Pyramicake
Scorched Sutek Beans
Scorched Sutek Muffin
Scorched Tut Trout
Scorcie Plushie
Scotch Egg
Seasonal CATFB Mug
Seasonal Evil Coconut
Seasonal Kiko Balloon
Seasonal Quiguki
Seasonal Yoyo
Serf Lens
Shaky Flaky Cream
Shimmery Notebook
Shimmery Seagrass
Shrimptail with Kelp Sauce
Silver 00 Hog Battlecard
Silver Branston Battlecard
Silver Brucey B Battlecard
Silver Capara Battlecard
Silver Chuffer Bob Battlecard
Silver Kalora Battlecard
Silver Little Timmy Battlecard
Sir Cheekalot Training Shield
Sir Cheekalot Trials Shield
Skeith Juice Cocktail
Skeith T-Shirt
Sketch a Pic
Sky Blue Eyeshadow
Slice Of New Year Cake
Sliding Candychan Puzzle
Slime Ghostkersandwich
Slime Sundae
Sloth Faerie Plushie
Sloth Ruler
Sludge Pie
Small Blueberry Tomato Smoothie
Small Giant Squid
Small Metal Shield
Small Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake
Small Table Lamp
Smashed Cheery Blossom
Smoke Mote
Snail Sub
Snot Burger
Snot Wrap
Snotty Spaghetti
Snout Plant
Snow Cake
Snow Chia Sculpture
Snow Grapes
Snow Pepper
Snowghetti and Meatball
Snowglobe Pencil
Soap Bottle
Soggy Old Box
Sour Lemon Slushie
Sourdough Baguette
Sparkly Wocky Ball
Speckled Neopets Birthday Balloon
Speckled Neopets Party Blower
Speckled Neopets Party Hat
Spectre Battlecard
Sphinx Links
Spicy Chicken Burrito
Spicy Juppie Cheese
Spicy Wings
Spindly Plant
Spironut with Cream
Spoiled Sphinx Links
Sponge Grundo Sponge
Spongy Algae
Spongy Mound
Spooky Doughnut
Spooky Gooplecream
Spooky Shake
Spore Blossom
Spotted Neopets Birthday Balloon
Spotted Neopets Party Blower
Spotted Neopets Party Hat
Spotty Cheese Wedge
Spring Onion Ice Cream
Squashed Tchea Fruit
Squeaky Rubber Bruce Toy
Squeaky Tonu Toy
Squished Tomato
Squishy Brain Wrap
Stale Bread
Starry Birthday Blower
Starry Hair Brush
Step Out Shoes
Sticks N Stones Cap
Sticks N Stones CD
Sticks N Stones Jacket
Sticks N Stones Poster
Stone Shield
Strange Green Seeds
Strawberries and Cream Baby Food
Strawberry Artichoke
Strawberry Fruit Cup
Strawberry Gummy Flotsam
Strawberry Jelly
Strawberry Jelly JubJub
Strawberry Kau Cream Cake
Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Techo Cookie
Strawberry Trifle
Strip of Stickers
Striped Kazoo
Striped Neopets Birthday Balloon
Striped Neopets Party Blower
Strong Berry Java
Stuffed Dorkle Pepper
Stuffed Frog
Stuffed Surprise
Stunning Silver Ring
Sturdy Blue Shield
Sugar Bunny
Sugar Doughnut
Sugarbunny Surprise
Sugared Meatballs
Sun Dried Techo Claw
Super Juicy Berry
Super Strength Healing Potion
Super Toy Sail Boat
Surfboard Keyring
Sutek Muffin
Sweetcorn with Tomato Sauce
Swirly Sand Sculpture
Sword Bush

Taelia Poster
Tall Table Lamp
Tami Veggie Plant
Tan Blush
Tangy Tyrannian Cheese and Crackers
Tasty Turnip Tartar
Tatty Notebook
Tatty Pencil
Tchea Fruit
Teal Juppie
TeaLeef Sandwich
Techo Clock
Test Your Strength Mug
Tigersquash Corn Dog
Tigersquash Iced Bun
Tigersquash Swirly Cake
Tiki Tack Keyring
Tin of Olives
Tin of Sardines
Toasted Pyramibread
Tobbie Fruit
Toe Nail Soup
Toffee Classic
Toffee Ice Cream
Tomato Omelette
Tombola Key Ring
Tombola Pencil Sharpener
Tombola T Shirt
Tombola Visor
Tongue with Veggies
Top of the Mountain Crystal
Toy Sail Boat
Toy Train
Traditional Bone Throne
Tree Shaped Crackers and Cheese
Triangle Ringing Cybunny
Triangular Sand Sculpture
Trilo Bite
Tropical Fruit Smoothie
Trumpet Of Blasting
Trumpet Of Deafening
Tuna Porridge
Tuna Sub
Turkey and Cranberry Pasty
Twisted Roses Key Ring
Twisted Roses Magnet
Twisted Roses Poster
Two Bottles of Water

Ubikiberry Elixir
Ugly Snowball
Ultimate Burger
Unlabelled Tin Can
Unripe Bomberry
Usuki Back to School Set
Usuki Ballet Set
Usuki Dream Wardrobe
Usuki Perfect Nails Set
Usuki Pretty Princess Set
Usuki Shipwreck Set
Usuki Summer Fashion Set
Usuki Summer Fun Set
Usuki Toy Hoop

Vanilla Milkshake
Vegan Cheese
Vegetarian Cheeseburger
Veggie Hot Dog
Veggie Sausage
Very Rotten Tomato
Vitamin A Tablets
Vitamin B Tablets
Vitamin C Tablets
Void Plant
Volcanic Rock
Von Kougra Plushie

War Chia Top
Water Faerie Pencil
Waterlogged Book
Watery Hot Dog
Weakling Badge
Weevil Coffee
Wet Snowball
Whack A Kass Puppet
Wheel Of Monotony Mug
Wheel Of Monotony Pen
Wheel Of Monotony Poster
Wheel Of Monotony T-Shirt
White Chocolate Chia
White Chocolate Cookies
White Chocolate Eyrie
White Chocolate Igloo
White Chocolate Kiko
White Chocolate Korbat
White Chocolate Lenny
White Chocolate Lupe
White Chocolate Mince Pie
White Chocolate Nimmo
White Chocolate Orange
White Chocolate Peophin
White Chocolate Skeith
White Chocolate Techo Cookie
White Chocolate Tuskaninny
White Chocolate Uni
White Chocolate Usul
White Chocolate Wocky
White Lulu
Wing Sock
Winter Woolies Usuki Set
Wobbly Pen
Wock Til You Drop Mug
Wock Til You Drop Poster
Wock Til You Drop T Shirt
Wocky Painting
Wocky T-shirt
Woo Woo Grub
Wooden Blocking Shield
Wooden Marble
Woolly JubJub Hat
Worm Nugget

Yam-Lime Pizza
Year 5 Usuki
Year 7 Gnome
Year 7 Plushie
Year Six Lupe Gnome
Yellow Aisha Keyring
Yellow Aisha Plushie
Yellow Aisha T-shirt
Yellow and Purple Party Hat
Yellow Birthday Blower
Yellow Blumaroo Keyring
Yellow Cap
Yellow Chia Balloon
Yellow Chomby Plushie
Yellow Cracker Hat
Yellow Elephante Toy
Yellow Frost Cannon
Yellow Glittery Brush
Yellow JubJub Plushie
Yellow Kacheek Plushie
Yellow Kiko Balloon
Yellow Kiko Squeeze Toy
Yellow Kyrii Plushie
Yellow Lined Notebook
Yellow Marbleman Tshirt
Yellow Moehog Plushie
Yellow Nimmo Plushie
Yellow Poogle Toy
Yellow Quiggle Plushie
Yellow Snowball
Yellow Star Notebook
Yellow Uni Plushie
Yellow Usul Plushie
Yellow Wocky Keyring
Yellow Wocky Plushie
Yes Boy Ice-Cream Cap
Yes Boy Ice-Cream CD
Yes Boy Ice-Cream Poster
Yes Boy Ice-Cream Shirt
You Did It Card
Youre The Best Card
Yummy Muddy Pizza


00 Hog Battlecard
1/3 Bacon and Broccoli Omelette
1/3 Bacon Omelette
1/3 BBQ Sauce Omelette
1/3 Carrot and Pea Omelette
1/3 Cheese and Onion Omelette
1/3 Cheese Omelette
1/3 Green Pepper Omelette
1/3 Plain Omelette
1/3 Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette
1/3 Sausage Omelette
2 Gallon Hatz Cap
2 Gallon Hatz CD
2 Gallon Hatz Jacket
2 Gallon Hatz Poster
2/3 Bacon and Broccoli Omelette
2/3 Bacon Omelette
2/3 BBQ Sauce Omelette
2/3 Carrot and Pea Omelette
2/3 Cheese and Onion Omelette
2/3 Cheese Omelette
2/3 Green Pepper Omelette
2/3 Plain Omelette
2/3 Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette
2/3 Sausage Omelette
3 Leaf Clover

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Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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