2007 Here, I updated a few links. Took me forever with all the new neopets rules. The stuff is INSANE. I cant even have an extra bracket without being told so!!
**And excuse the neopets disclaimer that wont go to the bottom!


How Do I get secret avatars?
Theres different ways the avatars are obtained, Check out for details!

Whats an avatar? How do I use one?
Its a little icon that goes with your name in chat and in guilds. The default avatar is a small Neopets Star, to change yours go to Boards, chat preferences and you will be able to choose your avatar...

How do I know I got a secret avatar?
You will see an event happen (That little image that says SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED!)and The secret avatars will be added to your avatar list in the chat preferences under a ---- line.

How do I match my font to my avatar?
Scroll down, that's in the FONT section of the page =D


Where do I write the font codes?/Where do I go to change my font?
Go to Boards, Chat Preferences and enter the code in the NEOHTML Section.

Can you make me a personalized font?
Sorry but I cant. I'm a pretty busy person! Also the point of me making this guide is so you can make your own original font, but if you dont want to there's people who will, check the avatar/Neosignature chat board.

How Do I make my font Invisible?
Okay, I think that this has been banned by neopets. But I received many neomails saying typing 'white' as your font color works, or i got put this hexidecimal code: #F8F8FF. Im not responsible if it doesnt work...

How Do I make my font rainbow?
Its a really long process and should only be used for neosiggies cuz its long. For every color you must put a color font code
Example: for this: This is So Colorfull!!!
The code would be: [font c=red]This[/font][font c=purple] is[/font][font c=green] so[/font][font c=blue] Colorfull![/font]
See why its long? But feel free to use it! =D

How do I use a Glow/shadow font?
You can not anymore, neopet has removed the use of glow and shadow as it caused problems on some computers that weren't able to read the codes.

How do I change my font color?
Simply type [Font c=Blue]NeoHTML[/font] -- Change blue to a color that matches your avatar or change it to your favourite color, it's your choice! Advice: Make sure it's easy to read for others!

What are the colors I can use for my fonts?
There are two ways you can choose your color, either by typing the color name or having the hexidecimal code here are some links for both;
Hexidecimal color number site:

How do I make my font bold/italic/underlined?
Bold: [b]neoHTML[/b]
Italic: [i]neoHTML[/i]
Underline: [u]neoHTML[/u]

How do I change font size?
[font s=3]Neohtml[/font], See the s=3, the S stands for size, change the number to what you want. 3 is the default size, 1 is the smallest, 7 is the largest.

How do I change my font, like the way its looks? (Font Face)
[font f=verdana]NeoHTML[/font], the F stands for face, change verdana to the face you wish to use.

What are the fonts faces I can use?
Heres the list:
papyrus,chiller,impact,cursive,garamond,verdana,modern,fantasy,roman ,terminal,georgia
Remember if you use another special font, not everyone might have it on their computer, and therefor might not be able to see it. ***THESE ARE THE MAIN FONTS, I KNOW MORE EXIST! Please do not neomail me any!!

**Also, note I have received neomails abotu some of thse not working at times... Im not sure.

How do I change my font size AND color AND face? (all together)
Combine the codes you need [font c=blue f=verdana s=4]NeoHTML[/font]

How do I match my font to my avie?
Try using a font color similar to the one in the avatar, or having a quote that matches the avatar in your siggy... Just match colors, styles and siggy words, and you will match. Look around the Boards for ideas, but don't copy others! Also, I have in my links section a page for good siggies!

How do i change my font for the message board in my guild?
It's the same for both the chat boards and the guild message board. Try having a fotn that will be visible on both, although it's not always that easy...


How do I put avatars/images on a petpage?
The avatars are there as images and are there with HTML (Neopets html guide) to get the URL of an avatar - right click it and select "Properties" and youll get it
(Ex: If you right click that image and select properties you will get as a url. Use that as your image location..)

How do I make a site like yours?/How do I make a site like your old one?
This site is CSS designed. I don' t really want to get into explaining all of it, my old site was a table based HTML layout. For help on both check out my link section -- I have links to great help sites for you.

How do i make a that box where people can copy a code from?
(for an example look at the linking back to me question in the Linkssection.)
text _ area text text /text _ area just copy&paste, and remove the spaces and add the sideways v brackets.

How do i make my font 2 colors?
You use to do that through Glow and Shadow fonts, They have been removed for compatibility issues. Basicly, you can not anymore.


How do I center/bold/italic/color that dotted Line over my siggy?
Put [center] in your Neohtml Box and [/center] at the begining. Everything between the Center tags will be centered -- So if you put it before you neo html codes -- your neohtml will be centered -- same for siggy itself.
To get a bold centered line you put [center][b] in the neohtml box and [/b][/center] in your neosignature box..
For others effects like color or italic -- same process.
**Note: I have been neomailed other ways of doing it. But ill keep this one up as it works and it's pretty easy to have explain...

How do i remove the dotted line?
Put [ at the end of your NeoHTML box and ] at the begining of your Neosiggy box.
Example:In your NeoHTML youll have [font c=blue s=3]NeoHTML[/font] [
and in your neosiggy ][font c=blue][b]NeoHTML[/Font][/b][br] **This is my super siggy!!!!***
(Thanks to Sinn7 for this!)

How do i have a message before my message? (siggy on top of your text)
Its like the question before but put the text before your neohtml codes...
Example: In your NeoHTML box you'd have: Oh boy! Im kool![font c=blue][b]NeoHTML[/Font][/b][br] **This is my super siggy!!!!***

How do i skip a line?
Typing [br] will skip a line.

What if i wanna color my siggy thats in the neohtml box?
Same Process!
Example: [font c=red]Oh boy! Im kool![/font][font c=blue][b]NeoHTML[/Font][/b][br][font c=green] **This is my super siggy[/font]
**Note: Theres is a limit to the amount entered in the NeoHTML box, so you will have to live with that!

Where can i find some good siggies?!
Got that all figured out for you in my Links section!

Can i put an image in my siggy?
This is not allowed on neopets, to prevent anyone from posting offensive material. The only images you can have are neopets chat board icons and the images off the wingdings font (which i explain in the following questions!)

What are the neopets chat board icons? How do i use them?
Its useless for me to name them them all when it's all nicely listed here: Neopets' icon guide --Just type what it says to.

What about the other images like hearts and stars people have? (wingdings font)
Its a font called windings. Instead of letters the font is images. Each letter corresponds to an image. To use it just type[font f=wingdings](Add a letter of your choice here) [/font]
** If you would like to know which letters are what images just open a typing program (usually Word Perfect) and type the alphabet and change the font to 'wingdings'. You should have it installed -- if you dont sorry i cant help you!
Tip: Caps and non-caps dont give the same image -- Example: R becomes R while r becomes r
**Note: There are other fonts that do this, but i can not assure you everyone has them on their computers, and that they will work.


**Note: These are links to OTHER sites owned by other People. Dont neomail me about them! Thx!

About that good Siggy site you mentioned earlier?
Here you go:

Do you have links for HTML help?
Basic guides:

Neopets HTML guide (its in the HELP section!):
Lissa Explains it all :
For those who want to learn:

How about CSS help?
Its the best in terms of neopets.

Do you have other petpages?
I have a petpage where I have all my avatars, although I seem to be lousy at keeping it up to date...
Etoile_Magique's Petpage. I also wanna do a screenie page, but might not happen.

Can I link back to you?
OF COURSE Lol! Here you go a simple paste code:

Of course, just use this code:
P.s. TO know how to do that copy code box right there, go to the PETPAGE section on here, i explain it all!!!!!!

Can you link to me?
Send me your petpage, ill look at it, if it's related and i find its good i will without any problem. Be patient though, it takes me forever to get to things i have to do (Ive been meaning to re-do this layout for a year LOL!)

I need a link for ...
Anything you need from backgrounds to fully made layouts are all on Its an amazing search engine. Search precise things like "Neopets premade userlookups" and youll get great results!

6.About/Contact Me

Wanna be my neofriend?
I dont accept requests, my neofriends are mainly my friends from real life.

Questions not covered/Comments/Mistakes/suggestions
Click Here to Neomail me!
FAQ Before you mail me:
1)-PLEASE, make sure your question isnt on my site already!
2)Make sure you accept mail from non-neofriends - I will not request to be your neofriend to answer your mail.
3)Make your question clear, i dont guess what your thinking.
5)respect if it takes me a few days to mail you back -- I dont come on everyday!
6)Dont expect a long answer, i have alot of mails to answer so my answer are short and straight to the point

Can you make me a font?
I answered that earlier, no. I do not have the time, and that is why i made this guide so everyone can make their own original fonts.

Can you make me a petpage/guild/userlookup layout?
Again no. Im not mean or anything, im a university student, i have 2 jobs and i do volunteer work. I also enjoy seing my friends. So, yeh lol! Use the links i provided to learn, or search on the message boards, a lot of people offer free layouts.

Your site Tineneohelp ...
I DO NOT own tineneohelp. Only this petpage, use the contact form on tine neo help to contact them

Why arent you answering my question?
I cant answer everything at once, sometimes it takes me a little time, but i always answer. Make sure people that arent your neofriend can neomail you, or else i wont be able to! (and no i wont ask you to be my neofriend just so i can reply to you.)

Wanna join my guild?
No thank you. I have been a coleader in my guild for 2 and a half years and i love it. It's a Charmed guild with great member interactivity. Check my userlookup for details!

How do you know all this?
I learned a lot on my own. And i guess it helps that i am now studying graphic and we design in Univerisity. Lol!

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