This is my portfolio.

Hello and welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Laura and I have been playing on this website for a long long time. I was introduced by my sisters about eight years ago, and I continue to play because of the few wonderful ~friends~ I have left on here.

The picture on the right is me if I were a neopet. :3

I am currently in the process of looking for a new guild to join along with my friends, Jojo & Cami. If you have an active, semi-lit, NR guild, please let us know.

I hope you enjoy viewing my portfolio if you have any questions feel free to neomail me!


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Hellooooooo. I'm Laura, but a lot of people call me Lolo. I am a senior in college, and have been playing neo since I was eight years old. I love triffins, poogles, and draiks. Normally you can find me customizing my pets and lurking on the PC. I have a huge collection of faerie poogle plushies and I'm currently saving for a baby elephante. If you would, please visit my shop? (:


TV SHOWS: Awkward., Bates Motel, Cut Throat Kitchen, American Horror Story, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Hey Arnold!

MOVIES: (500) Days of Summer, October Sky, Field of Dreams, Fight Club, Back to the Future, Mr. Nobody, Frank, 27 Dresses, Up, Final Destination, The Breakfast Club, & Monsters Inc.

BOOKS: The Outsiders. Harry Potter. The List. The Lorax. Catcher in the Rye. Curious George.

MUSIC: Fall Out Boy, One Republic, The Script, Parachute, Troye Sivan, Young the Giant, twenty one pilots, Olly Murs, Mat Kearney, OAR, The Weeknd, Modern Baseball, Panic! At the Disco, Neon Trees, etc.


  • Faerie Poogles
  • Triffins
  • Marvel Comics
  • Outerspace
  • Photography
  • Trophies
  • Baseball
  • Poker & Boardgames
  • Movies
  • Friends!
  • Fun Facts

  • My favorite faerie is Queen Fyora.
  • I am a film major w/ a political science minor.
  • My first dreamie was a Faerie Poogle.
  • I have spent over 300k neopoints playing round table poker on this site.
  • I am ambidextrous.
  • My gallery is space/cute themed.
  • I am from California.
  • Roo Island for the cup! xx

    * = Pet is under construction or UFT/UFA


    Areign the
    Royalboy Draik
    Kystren the
    Faerie Poogle
    Loveq the
    Grey Draik

    Shaelio the
    Baby Draik

    & Alioth
    the Darblat
    & Kennedy
    the Faellie
    & Hero
    the Gallion
    & Lyrics
    the Dragoyle


    Ellanme the
    Blue Acara *
    Hadyne the
    Baby Lenny
    Janla the
    Baby Acara
    Kaesyr the
    Baby Skeith

    Karlin the
    Red Gelert *

    & Foster
    the Snuffly
    & Conrad Birdie
    the Mallard
    & October
    the Yullie
    & Shakespeare
    the Mirgle
    & Costco
    the Spardel


    Bryyt the
    Chokato Kiko
    Cecilles the
    Chocolate Draik
    Gents the
    Grey Gelert *
    Jiyra the
    Desert Draik

    Julione the
    Pirate Krawk *

    & Gordian
    the Quetzal
    & Lic's
    the Dribblet
    & Grammer
    the Manjeer
    & Juneau
    the Ukali
    & Currency
    the Cofferling


    Dehulia the
    Baby Grarrl *
    Flobell the
    Baby Kau
    Iqiara the
    Baby Chomby
    Pabilla the
    Baby Nimmo *

    Topaie the
    Baby Gelert

    & Roger
    the Gabar
    & Future
    the Seece
    & Pebbles
    the Icklesaur
    & Leagues
    the Screal
    & Mr. Samuel

    the Triffin


    Elfir the
    Wraith Kougra *
    Marqo the
    Mutant Chia
    Mircha the
    Labrat *

    Shurns the
    Labrat *

    & Mr. Tumnus
    the Plumpy
    & Monster
    the Flosset
    & Fritz
    the Ghoti
    & So-and-so
    the Blugar




  • Cell Block Gold Trophy
  • Pyramid Bonus Silver Trophy
  • Sakhmet Solitaire Silver Trophy
  • Round Table Poker Bronze Trophy

  • Feed a Kadoatie
  • Redo old pet lookups
  • Jhudora's Quest Avatar
  • Earn lots more monies $$$
  • Finish pet customizations
  • Morph Ella into a Baby Elephante

  • 200 Avatars
  • Beat Punching Bag Bob
  • Gold Snow Wars Trophy
  • Morph Loveq into a Grey Draik
  • Paint Areign Royalboy
  • Gold Go! Go! Go! Trophy
  • Join and mingle in a new guild
  • Round Table Poker Runner Up Medal

    This page is under construction!






    This page is under construction.
    6/11/2016 - Ended on page 10.








    Jojo (beansiie) is a good friend to me she smells nice and I like her hair and her generosity and her jokes. She helps me with neopets a lot sometimes and I appreciate it very much thx a bunch.

    Homegurlz 4 lyf eva since june of twenty-ten woot woot. xx


    I met Cami (cami112596) on the neoboards in 2010; with me trying to buy a lab map piece and her trying to sell one. Unfortunately, it turned out that the piece she was trying to sell me wasn't even a lab map piece at all, but a treasure map piece. For some reason we became friends after that and now she's one of my best neofriends.


    I met Autumn (autabun) in my old guild, Craze a few years ago. Although Craze has now become inactive now, and Autumn has moved on guild-wise, we have remained friends and continue to neomail about random stuff daily.


    When I met Amy (ammyx3) we instantly clicked. Although we are both busy with college and don't talk as often as we used to, I am happy for the memories that we shared together.


    I met Angie (x_sk8er_girl_x) a long long long time ago, when she made me a blinkie for a pet application I was making. She loves cybunnies and has been very supportive in helping me reach my neodreams over the years.


    Karen (karentimesthree) was the leader of Craze. Although she became very busy irl and no longer has the time for Neopets, she was and continues to be a good friend to me.


    UFA / UFT

    I am able to do a gender change on any pets.

    Name: Pabilla
    Gender: Female
    Species: Nimmo
    Colour: Baby
    Pickiness: *
    OTB: None
    Seeking: Anything!

    Name: Dehulia
    Gender: Female
    Species: Grarrl
    Colour: Baby
    Pickiness: **
    OTB: None
    Seeking: Anything!

    Random Stuff

    My friend Joanne made me as a neopet!
    One as the real me and one if I was a kacheek who really loved hotdogs. :)





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