I started this directory about a month after creating Aroyala. I have always been just a little obsessed with the more expensive pets of Neopia, and at the time all of my friends were starting to make directories, so I figured, why not me too? So,
after coming up with several ideas (as my main desire was for it to be something Aroyala could be a part of as I decided she would
host it) and throwing them out, my lovely friends helped me pick the best one. And Neopia's Finest was born!

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visitors since the 16th Day of Sleeping, Y9

Pets in Neopia's Finest have only one requirement to fill, and that is that they must be painted a color worth over a million neopoints. At the moment, this includes the eight following colors:









Also, please do not send me the names of lab pets unless you are done zapping them. I do not want to have to constantly be taking pes off and/or moving them.

Unfortunately, I am no longer accepting new pets into Neopia's Finest.

There are several ways of getting a pet painted over a million neopoints. The first, and most obvious way, is to buy the paintbrush you want. You have three different ways to buy the paint brush- the Trading Post, Auction House, and the Hidden Tower.

Trading Post
The Trading Post is a great way to purchase a paintbrush from other Neopians. Just browse the lots for the paint brush you want (make sure you have the correct name) and bid on the best one. Note that you can only transfer 800,000 neopoints per trade, so make sure to neomail the owner if the price exceeds that amount.

Auction House
To get a paintbrush at the auction house, you will have to be willing to part with your neopoints for the duration of the auction you choose. You will also need to keep an eye on the auction to make sure someone else doesn't bid higher than you. Note that if you lose the auction, you will get your neopoints back (the time until that happens depends on the status of the auction house).

Hidden Tower
This is personally my favorite way to get a paintbrush. It works just like a shop (except there is no haggling), so as long as you have the neopoints to buy the item you want, you will get it immediately. There are only two things to keep in mind. One is that the only above a million paintbrushes sold there are darigan and royal. And second is that you can only buy one item from the Hidden Tower every 24 hours.

The second way is by getting a Fountain Faerie quest.

Rainbow Fountain
A Fountain Faerie Quest is, without a doubt, the best faerie quest to get. If you succeed in getting the item to her, you can paint one of your pets any color you want, with the exception of royal, MSP, and robot.

The third way is to get a lucky zap with the lab ray.

Secret Laboratory
If you have the secret lab map (currently priced at about 650,000), you can zap your pet in the hope of getting one of the above eight colors (however, you cannot get plushie, pirate, or royal from the lab ray). However, of all these ways of painting your pet, this is the riskiest one. Labbing your pet can cause it great harm, and anything from species to gender change.

Be very careful when purchasing a paintbrush. There are paint brush plushies which cannot paint your pet, but can be used only as a collector's item or toy. Make sure the paintbrush you are buying is real.

Faerie Paint Brush Plushie

Island Paint Brush Plushie

Before we get to the pets, I just want to thank all of the fantastic people that have been an incredible help to me while making this.
Merry, Maria, Sandy, Credo, Julia and Fenna made the fantastic link back banners. Merry also came up with the guild motto, color scheme, and made the lovely title banners below.

And generally I'd like to thank my entire guild for being so supportive of me, and helping in whatever ways they could. Lots of love to you all!

And finally, the pets themselves. Every single one of the following pets was painted a color worth over a million neopoints. They are arranged by royal titles (starting with damsel/knight and going up to queen/king). The higher the title, the more expensive the brush color at the time I started the directory (The Month of Sleeping, Year 9), except for royal, which has the highest title because of how hard it is to get (a paintbrush being the only way to paint your pet the exclusive color).

And now, the moment you've been waiting for, the wonderful pets that are called Neopia's Finest.

Queens/Kings | Princesses/Princes | Countesses/Counts | Duchesses/Dukes | Baronesses/Barons | Noblewomen/Noblemen | Ladies/Lords | Damsels/Knights

Pet Statistics
Total Pet Count- 1119
Royal Pets- 148
Pirate Pets- 67
Plushie Pets- 77
Maraquan Pets- 131
Grey Pets- 130
Faerie Pets- 249
Island Pets- 145
Darigan Pets- 172

Ciara the cybunny
Freya the kyrii
Jojo the poogle
Stargate the shoyru
Giseulle the lupe
InfantaAlicia the cybunny
Elon the shoyru
Lena the acara
Stana the kyrii
Aquaetia the flotsam
Nai the kyrii
Nik the draik
Bonnie the poogle
Magi the aisha
Zichee the zafara
Phia the kyrii
Kai the mynci
Val the flotsam
Atta the kyrii
Valinsa the lupe
Kat the kougra
Kamiiere the elephante
Giselle of Alsace the kyrii
Divy the grarrl
Vauyi the poogle
Iltawehn the kyrii
Dina the shoyru
Tonia the aisha
LuckySelina the elephante
Lia the kyrii
Milky the lupe
Cutie the cybunny
Crysti the flotsam
Jhalia the elephante
Xoiirca the flotsam
Keryia the kyrii
Eris the scorchio
Xai the kyrii
Mila the shoyru
Opal the flotsam
Rise the aisha
Queen Lali the flotsam
Lumi the lupe
Vely the cybuny
Iaoise the draik
Ivoress the flotsam
Reinza the poogle
Lokani the lupe
Deena the lupe
Firoz the flotsam
Joolilah the elephante
Nisaeh the mynci
Lissia the lupe
Calli the kougra
Yiksi the kyrii
Atrae the grarrl
Ateaya the jubjub
Cleo the kyrii
Vadodrah the elephante
Vica the lupe
Tay the kyrii
Asaerya the kougra
Acqua the flotsam
Elicate the kyrii
Fortune the krawk
Nikki the uni
Tacenda the zafara
Macey the krawk
Yurble Royality the yurble
Leti the peophin
91 the shoyru
Rosie the peophin
Pone the yurble
Misty the cybunny
Naz the elephante
Orisa the flotsam
Ohriah the zafara
Enied the usul
Kemilali the bruce
Nara the zafara
Diane the acara
Ro the krawk
Tez the korbat
Stream the zafara
Aerop the draik
Jaedien the korbat
Phantome the peophin
Red Tyranosaur the shoyru
Cala the krawk
Fantazma the elephante
Midi the poogle
Aesrylia the peophin
Disney the bruce
Lina the wocky
Cowatron the kau
Unibirdieuni the uni
Angeli the peophin
Che the usul
Xarquis the cybunny
Avie the peophin
Rayne the kyrii
Aaphrael the usul
Jynnavier the draik
Hon Rosie the lenny
Looga the flotsam
Astraquanot the peophin
Marty the flotsam
Marco the ixi
Neivenar the shoyru
Krawk the krawk
Ethermore the shoyru
Nutiar the flotsam
Abazu the kougra
Ty the cybunny
Chero the korbat
Grunz the cybunny
Yaer the kyrii
Dartainyon the uni
Riochas the kougra
Wittman the krawk
Alex the draik
Mrisk the aisha
Luc the ixi
Freydalene the lupe
Magic the mynci
Az the draik
Swumed the flotsam
Lyzario the acara
Erkaik the cybunny
Lord Zerox the kougra
Woshei the shoyru
Azrul the grarrl
Chevallier the uni
Eighteen the lupe
Avalion the eyrie
Nikefoxy the kyrii
Cantham the zafara
Unhappiness the kyrii
Little Sahib the kougra
Wind Warrior the draik
Mag the peophin
Taz the korbat
Ka the krawk
Caddy the peophin
Rahjva the elephante
Domitrian the peophin
King Alexander the kougra
Craeth the peophin

Lady Cat the draik
CeeCee the cybunny
Puttums the koi
Kat the aisha
Campy the chomby
Silverpaint the zafara
Mich the aisha
Kaytoyo the lupe
Shels the poogle
Foxiceis the xweetok
Sharrriiee the poogle
Sovereigm the grarrl
Dansterr the xweetok
Zak the zafara
Pebble the gelert
Jumper the shoyru
Rise the draik
Noxy the aisha
Dew the xweetok

Thatch the lupe
Kohaku the lenny
Apzen the shoyru
Santa the xweetok
Andin the shoyru
Xweegoon the xweetok
Porthole the grundo
Liro the lupe
Von K. the kougra
Xar the kougra
GusGus the shoyru
Cofresi the kougra
Carro the xweetok
Wynnye the eyrie
Bori Treasure the bori
Tanyr the lupe
Trackrun the lupe
Roby the kougra
Batty the korbat
Yalo the xweetok
Farr the chomby
Skely the krawk
Sid the shoyru
Sabre the kougra
PuppyDog the lupe
Preilix the kougra
Raugen the yurble
Ice Shoyru the shoyru
Prince Ashi the lupe
Airi the gnorbu
Leoneric the kougra
Depp the kacheek
Passion the shoyru
Kangou the kougra
I3uster the elephante
Wow the krawk
Fabian the kougra
Quenrae the draik
Si the shoyru
Jaymison the shoyru
Hihoneoaway the wocky
Elert the gelert
Mr_TPT the quiggle
Xemach the kougra
Wannabe Faerie the lenny
Vein the kougra
Tom the eyrie
Captain Silver the aisha

Jenny the lenny
Rain the gelert
Snug the poogle
Arndian the cybunny
Magdenlene the zafara
Rixi the ixi
Slinky the hissi
Plushafied the grundo
Tea the draik
Murr the mynci
Xoople the draik
Squish the shoyru
Ru the cybunny
Madie the shoyru
Ema the draik
Lenzia the shoyru
Ghio the kau
Bissi the aisha
Fiona the shoyru
Tazo the cybunny
Trix the shoyru
Ilahe the scorchio
Citri the aisha
Eraile the quiggle
Kikarah the krawk
Feolic the scorchio
Nahdya the krawk
Bombyla the meerca
Kally the cybunny
Leia the wocky
Bunny the cybunny
Fin the flotsam
Weetabixy the zafara
Chereez the zafara
Hazlennut the cybunny
Lapped the flotsam
Pink Daisy the zafara
Veradella the acara
Viey the bori
Livvi the ixi
Zyrria the zafara
Pookzi the cybunny
Saphire the shoyru
Arkhor the shoyru
Stitch the kau
Toumie the shoyru
Mariott the skeith
John the ixi
Puep the chia
Pepsojr the blumaroo
Xee the krawk
Faux the tonu
Klischee the buzz
Star the kacheek
Yuloh the kougra
Madie the shoyru
Omega the jetsam
Liddy the shoyru
Plush the kacheek
Fly the shoyru
Kluzyto the kyrii
Stuff the moehog
Socks the bori
Trunai the flotsam
Edib the skeith
Mailed the buzz
Deuf the korbat
Wocky the aisha
Keeny the poogle
Mic the bori
Nick the skeith
Theslain the scorchio
Perelli the kougra
Car the zafara
Iub the tonu
Zenharu the yurble
Takarno the eyrie

Fredden the shoyru
Fuji the kougra
Cookie the chomby
Sho the shoyru
Nela the aisha
Classou the mynci
Poppy the grundo
Battle the mynci
Rodenga the draik
Kutiekau the kau
Aquaspyro the kougra
Yogho the shoyru
Angel the kougra
Shoy the shoyru
Buttercup the blumaroo
Shining the uni
Marrish the grarrl
Lahkea the gelert
Atom the uni
Rae the kau
Starlite the zafara
Kara the blumaroo
Draikon the hissi
Mehen the eyrie
Udderlycuteone the kau
Nintal the ixi
Anna the draik
Junk drive the skeith
Jumbo the shoyru
Niveeno the uni
Nin the ruki
Inu the gelert
Ivin the skeith
Lily the gelert
Seamus the zafara
Forever the uni
Whi the eyrie
Farencio the kyrii
Marulan the eyrie
Icy the lupe
Frielli the chomby
Zuri the lupe
Toya the uni
Alia the hissi
Thorne the uni
Pomo the pteri
Shanti the eyrie
Deon the cybunny
Giselle the gelert
Deep Hoofprint the uni
Mei the kougra
Zhephern the uni
Baliey the draik
Sage the acara
MoonNight the elephante
Dyslexic the krawk
Inclusion the ixi
Terra the gelert
Serune the cybunny
Kasey the grundo
Nicky the kougra
Rinaldo the elephante
Zerozerosette the meerca
Nifredil the gelert
Vivan the gelert
Allie the cybunny
Blue the uni
Helmi the elephante
Arqueli the eyrie
Cresh the shoyru
Prissy the scorchio
Zoe the draik
Lorrynne the shoyru
Thaisk the hissi
Kiwi the uni
Oba the eyrie
Zai the pteri
Kel the shoyru
Galad the mynci
Phora the eyrie
Alekiah the eyrie
Bilarian the hissi
Qi the uni
Shy the blumaroo
Dyionysys the buzz
Dandy the hissi
Ace the eyrie
Port the skeith
Drackalina the eyrie
Squish the pteri
Hubrid the bruce
Masters the kau
Healing the shoyru
Compy the aisha
TK the grundo
Zee the lupe
Engelachtig the uni
Midniight the shoyru
Gal3lao the kougra
Xiuras the eyrie
Sil the meerca
Sephiroth the draik
Kindled the acara
Lapakhi the ruki
Metropollitain the ixi
TM the meerca
Bungermelon the ixi
Masufumi the shoyru
Dolphin the uni
Telyy the kyrii
Coral the jubjub
Aquient the draik
Tameir the ixi
Aoiue the lupe
Feurno the chomby
Ghron the eyrie
Xaviar the gelert
Moon the krawk
Coral the jubjub
Wilson the shoyru
Silly the techo
Stari the eyrie
Xol the uni
Slide the lupe
Torinaar the techo
Veggie the eyrie
Vaino the pteri
E-Rock the meerca
Cheeky the korbat
Djorgo the elephante
Rakula the uni

Cayter the shoyru
Ori the peophin
Malenta the uni
Kahtti the gelert
Star the uni
Yani the jubjub
Ghaldan the lupe
Poogle the poogle
Maggie the ixi
Rocksanie the wocky
McNabbet the shoyru
Pepper the uni
Cluod the scorchio
Fapa the flotsam
Etebul the acara
Saruiana the kougra
Snow the uni
Kimmy the moehog
Peggy the kau
Ivallai the ixi
Sky the skeith
Glamour the peophin
Diaspro the aisha
Avi the mynci
Crimson the kougra
Adorable the kacheek
Astrid the grarrl
Sharleote the gelert
Rina the yurble
Ullyria the kougra
Taphirane the kau
Zace the aisha
Willow the eyrie
Ashley the aisha
Trah the yurble
Wirrashine the uni
Bay the aisha
Meleca Valente the yurble
Angel the kyrii
Thingy the grarrl
Hawaii the koi
Petal the ixi
Kertie the peophin
Synn the yurble
Lianesa the kougra
Zynz the lupe
Mellon the wocky
Jaye the kyrii
Casekul the jubjub
Queen the uni
Moreau the acara
Gvenour the gelert
Worata the eyrie
Taetae the lupe
Shades of Grey the wocky
Heidi the wocky
Little Neo the kougra
Kicheko the kougra
Tindri the zafara

Sunfire the yurble
Explosiac the grarrl
Jair the lupe
Growl the grarrl
Noda the jubjub
Fuzz the uni
Cas the gelert
Shadan the kacheek
Baby the chomby
Pix the ixi
Salvah the gelert
Misin the zafara
Depanx the grundo
Eal the kacheek
Benji the kau
Yim the uni
511 the meerca
Wind the lupe
Kaelu the gelert
Pathes the tonu
Beatha the kougra
Bones the grarrl
Moon the lupe
Shadsy the yurble
Kufur the kougra
Cal the chomby
Zorro the tonu
Tomimaci the wocky
Ophaon the eyrie
Kuzual the techo
Nin the techo
Cliam the grarrl
Ple the grundo
Char the uni
Maax the yurble
Rhi the moehog
Fori the uni
Raiin the lupe
Chinbue the kacheek
Nny the ixi
Wyn the kyrii
Logan the uni
Zi the grarrl
Tar the wocky
Doll the kacheek
Mange the grundo
Grey the kougra
Perdonare the techo
Seaz the eyrie
Karmigh the kougra
Xayori the lupe
Kay the gelert
Ai the ixi
Bubbley the koi
Shadow the gelert
Zym the uni
Klubertitis the poogle
Modort the ixi
Shivyr the kougra
Caddell the poogle
Syjartha the lupe
Quavsko the jubjub
Dacado the lupe
ThrackCat the kougra
Kiggor the gelert
Foal the uni
Darcky the poogle
Winner the yurble
Cheeky the pteri
Memrie the kougra
Estel the yurble
Rainflower the uni

Juzala the xweetok
Ixi the ixi
Xari the xweetok
Ally the xweetok
Maia the acara
Ilena the kyrii
Stellina the ixi
Bambi the ixi
Miromy the draik
Ripleys the shoyru
Yen the poogle
Dria the peophin
Taelor the krawk
Mith the cybunny
Aurora the shoyru
Kaugirl the kau
Squeezer the peophin
Fuschia the cybunny
Fawkes the pteri
Leah the ixi
Fay the kyrii
Cryssy the shoyru
Mya the ixi
Tro the shoyru
Sorrirma the bori
Lilly the wocky
Zuazan the kougra
Mystic the bori
CryoDart the lupe
fadeuser the bori
Chamadarla the cybunny
Candy the ixi
Jak the uni
Lily the zafara
Plata the peophin
Vafira the kougra
Marshmallow the kiko
Arenarth the lenny
Aislinn the tonu
Berry the lenny
Dot the ixi
Lilly the pteri
Quetzal the pteri
Yisshin the bori
Monsty the xweetok
Cali the kougra
Mercedes the ixi
Darti the aisha
Sadie the gelert
Sadie the xweetok
Harriet the wocky
Rai the gelert
Mari the peophin
Yerboo the elephante
Chi the tuskaninny
Phyxi the lenny
Kat the grundo
Cleo the kougra
Shade the wocky
Nella the lupe
Cutie the kacheek
Presellia the ixi
Candy the korbat
Sugar the zafara
Pyrate the gelert
Kaylin the xweetok
Navi the pteri
Sae the meerca
Gelm the gelert
Dashea the usul
Azourii the kacheek
Pom the ruki
Kumeira the bori
Nemeiya the ruki
Yellie the wocky
Quiggly the bori
Mindy the kau
Cali the lupe
Rhor the kougra
Cherry the zafara
Lornealia the xweetok
Jewel the peophin
Jen the uni
Winnie the poogle
Lark the uni
Space the kacheek
Asma the grundo
5online the gelert
Kate the kougra
Thunderbolt the scorchio
Peca the kougra
Bella the xweetok
Ezae the buzz
Chelsa the wocky
Kara the acara
Dangerous the xweetok
Larenny the grundo
Poolina the poogle
Fable's Chomby the chomby
Rosie the wocky
Skell the buzz
Mish the chia
Nanni the ruki
Addora the elephante
PeakeeBeakee the lenny
Kitty the aisha
Sakura the lupe
Ev the kyrii
Muf the wocky
Briettika the xweetok
Wewt the lenny
Lazy the elephante
Torosiie the cybunny
Faeriean the ixi
Charmed the krawk
Flame the gelert
Helen the elephante
Aspergers the bori
Candi the ixi
Bubble the chomby
Lei the ixi
Jenny the poogle
Maybe the uni
Sukkai the pteri
Kikii the aisha
Sandra Day the xweetok
Pearl the grarrl
Cott-blocked-ie the xweetok
Steve the cybunny
Wind the peophin
Vera the xweetok
Ann the krawk
Tiazzi the aisha
Jewel the lenny
Isette the wocky
Jazzy the krawk
Scareuh the cybunny
Lorynda the kacheek
Melonie the blumaroo
Belle the kau
Mai the wocky
Bre the bori
Irska the chomby
Real the shoyru
Wuggawoo the yurble
Cucuberra the xweetok
Kaze the xweetok
Silv the wocky
Erkaine the eyrie
Lady the cybunny
Ispha the draik
Roxy the xweetok
Isette the wocky
Jeatissa the peophin
Meemi the xweetok
Talulah the ixi
ToxicLust the poogle
Arcaina the uni
Karadyl the koi
Fbfjgjghghg the elephante
Cse the shoyru
Dragonlily the shoyru
Swimmer the grarrl
Dragonia the nimmo
Babymaster the peophin
Ginger Pie the xweetok
Prongs the ixi
Fofinha the lenny
Ixi-Boo the ixi
Taku the lutari
Coral the koi
Slepw the meerca
Sorgatani the zafara
Kiana the peophin
Izzy the ixi
Jay the ruki
Crysta the xweetok
Dragon the draik
Cookie the wocky
Apocalypse the tonu
Laela the lupe
Henry the blumaroo
Lethargy the grarrl
Pluzzyno the buzz
Uxorious the lenny
Ron the techo
Dude the grundo
Xee the kacheek
Poogle_ the poogle
Alistair the lenny
Phear the draik
Fume the lenny
Azzie the xweetok
Drazer the kacheek
Gen the grundo
XweePrince the xweetok
Sei the blumaroo
Freddaska the poogle
Kerotia the lupe
Reeno the pteri
Fyl the cybunny
Laznar the grundo
Sogeki the nimmo
Zynova the ixi
Lord of Ignis the kiko
Riz the grarrl
Prince the tonu
Quixlin the meerca
Elexmono the draik
Happy the quiggle
Kealie the ruki
Ky the kougra
Elli the nimmo
Nf the grundo
Marcio the peophin
Zane the scorchio
Kyllean the poogle
Peeat the xweetok
Sataxa the lupe
Shubocka the buzz
Mat the peophin
Coko the nimmo
Vi Kata the peophin
Vhior the tuskaninny
Lil Boy the jubjub
Tondae the grarrl
Kammie the acara
StealGrarrg the grarrl
Lil'Ono the tonu
Stars the grundo
Xe the gelert
HeartStrong the elephante
Junho the pteri
Lish the grundo
Eszarah the peophin
Zaffy the flotsam
Dol the peophin
Khamoon the ixi
Fluffy the wocky
Nik the xweetok
Shadow the lupe
Betrius the buzz
Frizzle the grundo
Love on Forest the kougra
Barak the kacheek
Lu the draik
Ali the jetsam
Valriku the koi
Empire the grarrl

Marth the xweetok
Suzu the xweetok
Silver the koi
Ripper the peophin
Ouky the shoyru
Leona the lenny
AphraelDanae the wocky
Lanay the kacheek
Sara the ogrin
Yen the uni
Ale the uni
Growl the peophin
Marvinela the kougra
Kuakganne the xweetok
Screwball the krawk
Bella the uni
Annie the wocky
Essie the jubjub
CottonTail the usul
Heart the xweetok
Moon the poogle
Kaihouu the kougra
Nakearee the lupe
Tibs the ixi
Trouppe the ogrin
Binks the jubjub
Neo the ruki
Nistaki the elephante
Maria the cybunny
Ella the eyrie
Shang the kyrii
Larie the bruce
Ami the acara
Tiger the nimmo
Cute the kacheek
Ski the lenny
Topnotchers the xweetok
Dornie the bori
Firmen the meerca
Island the kacheek
Sera the pteri
Zirqa the flotsam
Dan the uni
Gan the xweetok
Sunrise the uni
Grace the ixi
Wenifride the uni
FeefeLove the lutari
Fariellie the xweetok
Jezzeria the lupe
Chocolatemilkymoocow the lutari
Elle the hissi
Gleci the tuskaninny
Kai the acara
Maya the lupe
Leep the quiggle
Saturn the aisha
Sun the uni
Aciid the lupe
Xcean the ixi
Lady Lipstick the quiggle
Qyastiia the lenny
Kyti the techo
Selena the uni
Xaeladora the xweetok
Mieke the kougra
Aeraeo the ixi
Aurora the gelert
CoinOperatedToy the lutari
Temi the lenny
Sappy the xweetok
Booger the bruce
Mysti the eyrie
Cutie the uni
CatMeow the aisha
Jen the lutari
Dreamer the ixi
Ip the lupe
Naamer the peophin
Daisy the krawk
Jessicat the usul
Tawny the aisha
Arrie the koi
Psei the pteri
Felly the quiggle
Shoy the shoyru
Cyodrake the shoyru
Nanners the mynci
Kiwi the kougra
Weeri the kyrii
Ming the xweetok
Laiolan the grundo
X the shoyru
Hitsu the ogrin
Rukinio the ruki
Comrad the kougra
Darkk the ogrin
Night the zafara
Hunter the krawk
Krousa the mynci
Tathian the lenny
Trouro the krawk
Teekatuka the bori
NorVeya the zafara
Gisalle the xweetok
Hiwa the wocky
Yarth the tonu
Sendarath the jetsam
Torg the cybunny
Powpa the yurble
Bazza the poogle
Exzava the ixi
Bubblez the poogle
Scavenger the poogle
Nitus the zafara
Cheryl250 the kacheek
Ammers the xweetok
Flamestrick the uni
Locatis the bori
Faith the buzz
Tanketah the lupe
Sanj the ixi
Crap the eyrie
Zo the kiko
m.C. the yurble
Bori the tuskaninny
Hadithi the eyrie
Suade the lupe
Alikary the lutari
Maba the ogrin
Einstein the lenny
Miikious the hissi
Tay the uni
Ripple the grundo
Akuhata the blumaroo
Roesco the quiggle
Eleven the ixi
Nilly the xweetok
Alex the acara
Berragog the eyrie
Suleb the usul
Tolz the lenny
8_bit_blu the blumaroo
Toltz the lenny
Teghin the uni

Jez the peophin
Knyquist the ixi
Liguado the kyrii
Seastar the peophin
Fallen Star Night the peophin
Mala the cybunny
Ashiega the eyrie
Jhaelen the zafara
Licandar the lenny
Religna the korbat
Kor the lupe
Rox the kau
Lady of Terra the bori
Jemi the shoyru
Zirconalito the kau
Oblivion the zafara
Keteling the meerca
Night Star the yurble
Fant the pteri
Stormy the kau
Maku the wocky
Sharpbeak the eyrie
Yonywa the zafara
Temp the kougra
Yorooo the yurble
Esatali the jubjub
Nia the eyrie
Xiayde the peophin
Uski the zafara
Fex the uni
Mihanako the grarrl
Dame the draik
UsukiGirl the usul
Plushie the aisha
Ari the peophin
Marquiea the eyrie
Dara the hissi
Madeira the kougra
Angel the uni
Fykura the peophin
Sefalliah the kougra
Aisukage the lupe
Xan the zafara
Kearue the kougra
Lady the acara
ReneeLuna the aisha
Jupiter the draik
Agatharah the hissi
Quuitar the kougra
Thinkinhh the shoyru
Swimela the peophin
Kari the shoyru
Jjaksie the aisha
Talis the aisha
Vye the uni
Sta the aisha
Mery the kougra
Ferret the kyrii
Kendall the xweetok
Kat the lupe
Caedir the peophin
Zora the kougra
Abscissas the peophin
Sierra the aisha
Senacko the aisha
LittleHisser the wocky
Kai Wind the peophin
Viper the bori
Loide the ixi

Gun the jubjub
Dolphy the shoyru
Gaz the scorchio
Altadueran the bruce
Kone the lupe
Sil the eyrie
p0or the uni
Jarcin the jubjub
Bell the peophin
Daw the lupe
Vegeta the yurble
Paen the eyrie
Vuie the grundo
Marquis the krawk
Illy the kougra
Lex the draik
Koshi the lupe
Faskya the kougra
Snuffy the eyrie
Gypsy the peophin
Devicloud the kougra
Floaty the pteri
Fox the eyrie
Siren the peophin
Darklord the kougra
Feather the eyrie
Chen the grundo
Disorder the eyrie
Danakar the kyrii
Vince the moehog
Kia the pteri
Draco the buzz
Capichoula the grundo
Ace the lupe
Shaggy the moehog
Maoirn the grundo
Jayden the jetsam
Hush the skeith
Shik the bruce
Precious the uni
Shusis the hissi
Plush the lupe
Durban the bori
Ray the usul
Sora the lupe
Kakmand the eyrie
Mane the kau
Magic the eyrie
Deformed the lupe
Rokura the draik
Saiber the gelert
Snowhawk the eyrie
Wyn the lupe
Ermeria the korbat
Aster the eyrie
Cae the aisha
Sandman the hissi
Mar the grundo
Tootalie Oolie the uni
Cat the blumaroo
Shadowy the kyrii
Xealiak the hissi
Whooftah the krawk
Tory the eyrie
Rivitii the hissi
Pret the shoyru
Bob the bori
Toin the krawk
Dragoncolour the shoyru
Fauna the kacheek
Evil the shoyru
War the aisha
Dirge the kougra
Timmy the yurble
Prophety the aisha
Tink the lupe
Caw the eyrie
Xaienae the lupe
Jellybean the jubjub
Arrafat the kougra
Patrick the wocky
Ger the kau
Rick the peophin
Bomb the wocky
C the kougra
Jell the jubjub
Governmental the lupe
Shandi the eyrie
Jay the lupe
Mero the zafara
Kagz the kougra
Fen the aisha
Plant the bori
Mygestic the uni
Skre the eyrie
Cris the bori
GrimFang the gelert
Zeek the eyrie
Bel the lupe
Nana the xweetok
Demov the wocky
Broken Promises the aisha

Anonymous Directory- What a cute petpage .. so totally snotty too! Lovely page, very well done.

Plushie Pets of Neopia- Oh, lovely directory!

Ixidex- It's so darling.

Megan- I love your petpage by the way, very unique.

Jenna- Great page!

Destiny- Thanks for creating an awesome directory!

Fluffy- I feel so high society!

Ebonhart- Neopia's Finest is an AWESOME page!

Aislinn- I do love the idea and the page! Once again, excellent work.

Jo- I love the idea for Neopia's Finest! Keep up the good work!

Nick- Thank you for the best guide ever!

Faux- I love your directory's layout!

Catherine- Great directory!

Anonymous- Great job with the directory.

Vee- It's an awesome page! Glad to be a part of it.

Lady Lumina- I LOVE your directory!

Liz- Congrats on the awesome page!

Sabrina- You've got an amazing directory there.

Bri- That directory is truly a masterpiece.

Queen Saiyan- I love the page, it's pretty and so useful!

Kaisha- Kudos on making a informative, extensive directory.

Remington- As I'm sure you already know, your site is lovely. It has this great 'secret society' allure.

Hamsterzfinch- Since I found your petpage, I might try re-painting all of my pets a fine color.

To link back to the directory, just use one of the banners below in your pet lookup, user lookup, pet page, or where ever else you can think of (if it is not on your lookup or that of your pet, please let me know in your neomail).

By Fenna

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To be added to this list, just neomail me.

My Other Directory

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Sitting On A Cloud: A Directory For Cloud Pets

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