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Hello, and welcome to Nyctophobia! My name is Riley, and this is my comprehensive Kadoatery guide. You'll find lots of tips for feeding Kadoaties here, as well as a wealth of other Kadoatery-related information. I hope you find this guide useful! :)


This page was last updated on 18 April 2018.


The Kadoatery is a game introduced to Neopia on 10 September 04. It is found in the Neopian Plaza. You can also access it by clicking on a Kadoatery trophy on a feeder's user lookup.

The Kadoatery holds twenty Kadoaties. Each of them has been dropped off by an imaginary Neopian who is presumably tired of sleeping with the lights on. You cannot place your own Kadoatie in the Kadoatery.

Each Kadoatie wants an item to make it happy during its stay. At certain points in the day, the Kadoaties will be "refreshed", and the Kadoaties will be replaced with new ones who also believe in material happiness. It is up to you, and other users, to make these Kadoaties happy, but remember: lots of people will want to feed a given Kadoatie at a given time, so best be quick!

Common Terms

During your quest to feed, you might find people speaking with strange lingo! Here are some of the most common terms you might find other feeders using:

KADOATIE: What you feed at the Kadoatery. The actual petpet restocks at the Neopian Petpet Shop, and the description for it reads, "Kadoatie is what we like to call a pain in the neck. When it is bedtime and the lights go out, the Kadoatie cries continuously until you turn them back on. I hope you like to sleep with the lights on." Kadoaties are also known as Kads.

KADOATERY: Where imaginary Neopians leave also-imaginary Kadoaties.

MAIN: When the majority of Kadoaties at the Kadoatery are restocked. This means that the Kadoaties are replaced with new ones who ask for new foods.

MINI: When the minority of Kadoaties at the Kadoatery are restocked. This is basically the same as the main, except these Kadoaties were fed at least seven minutes after the Kadoaties of the main were. Note that there is not always a mini, and that there is sometimes more than one mini.

PENDING: A main or mini might not occur when it is supposedly going to. This places the Kadoaties on a "pend", meaning that you should wait seven more minutes to refresh at the Kadoatery again.

MERGE: When the main and mini(s), or several minis, go at the same time, combining themselves into one main or mini.

NTO: Not taking over. This comes into effect whenever there's no set timekeeper and someone posts the times, but does not want to take over for an extended amount of time.

RF: Refresh.

More information about Kadoatery times is located here.

OF: Overfeed, which means to feed Kadoaties beyond the seventy-five required for the avatar.

SW/SSW: Shop wizard / Super shop wizard.

UB: Unbuyable. This refers to an item that costs over 99,999 Neopoints, and thus cannot be bought from the Shop Wizard. Obsolete due to shop price limit being raised to 999,999, April 2018.

How to Feed

Likely, when you visit the Kadoatery, you will see something like this:

These Kadoaties have been fed, so you cannot feed them. You will have to wait until the Kadoatery restocks to feed.

Feeding a Kadoatie if you have the item it is looking for is simple: just click on its cage! Remember to have the item in your inventory and to click on the cage as fast as possible.

If you succeed, you'll see a page that looks like this:

If someone gets to the Kadoatie before you do, you'll see this:

If you click on a hungry Kadoatie when you've fed one already visible, you'll see this page:

And if you click on a Kadoatie but don't have the corresponding item, you'll see a page like this one:

And that just about covers it!

Foods and Feeding Methods

Kadoaties are picky eaters. Fret not, however! There are many ways to find out what foods they will eat, and you'll find that there are probably more than you'd think. Kruif's petpage is a good list to start with, and it includes many corollaries.

You may also wish to fly on over to Jellyneo's item database and look at the categories listed on Silverjojo's petpage.

You do not have to be rich, an expert, or the recipient of a super-duper Internet connection (i.e. Tony Stark) to feed! Many Kadoatie foods are cheap, and the average user should have little trouble feeding with some practice.

Keep in mind that there will not always be a Kadoatie asking for an item you have. Their requests are totally random; just have patience. A Kadoatie will come along soon enough.

There are three primary ways to feed Kadoaties:

Invent Feeding

Invent feeding is comprised of having a small bundle of Kadoatie foods in your inventory. Then, when the Kadoatery restocks, you look for a Kadoatie asking for an item you have. Simple!

As such, invent feeding is the easiest method, and it's the method I recommend new feeders use.

Having 35-40 foods in your inventory would be ideal for most people, but you can use fewer or more depending on your other activities! If you restock a lot, you might want a smaller invent, but if you're doing nothing except feeding, you might want a bigger invent. Be careful not to exceed 50 items, however.

If you're having trouble picking items to make up your invent, try these tips:

Wiz Feeding

Wiz feeding requires two things: Neopoints on hand, and your shop wizard. If you are a premium member, the super shop wizard is recommended.

When the Kadoatery restocks, quickly highlight an item name, copy it, paste it into the search bar, and purchase the item. Then hurry back to the Kadoatery and click on the Kadoatie's cage!

This method takes more time than invent feeding, but there's still a considerable success rate. To improve your chances, try these tips:

Wiz feeding can work as a standalone method, but I personally like it as a supplement for invent feeding.

SDB Feeding

Some people like to use their safety deposit boxes to feed, as a conglomeration of wiz and invent feeding.

To feed this way, you'll need a super-sized invent to store in your SDB. When the Kadoaties go hungry, you'll execute the same steps for wiz feeding, only using your SDB instead of the shop wizard.

This method is best with hundreds of Kadoatie foods: ideal if you'd like to feed faerie items, or possibly cakes! The latter could also branch out into cupcakes and cheesecakes - there's a whole world of possibilities here.

You could feed a random assortment of items, but it might still be a good idea to follow the tips for invent feeding above; you don't want to waste any time trying to remember if you have this item or not. You might also want to review the wiz feeding tips to make the process quicker.


The most common type of thread you will find find on the Neoboards about the Kadoatery will contain the times, lists, and some chatting. The best place to find it is on the games chat.

The title for the thread will usually contain "the Kadoatery", as long as some Kadoatery-related smilies, like the examples below.

There is also sometimes a thread dedicated solely to timekeeping, which looks like this:

The people posting on this thread are "timekeepers". They should be the only ones posting, unless they miss a list or part of it, in which case another user may post the missed items.

The all-in-one threads will typically have a set timekeeper too, but these threads are far more informal.

You may also be able to find the occasional Kadoatery-related thread on the avatar chat or charter, which is a premium-only board.

Times and Lists

And now we arrive at the part that has beginners and a fair amount of older feeders confused: the times and lists!


The times, possibly needless to say, are the times that the Kadoaties may be refreshed. The times always go in cycles of seven or twenty-eight minutes.

Say you visit your local games chat for a Kadoatery thread, and see that the latest post declares "main pending rf @ :22". This means that the Kadoatery may restock at twenty-two minutes past the current hour.

Minis are virtually the same as far as the times go, but the item must have been fed at least seven minutes after the last main, and the time must coincide with a possible main time.

The times also include counting the seconds alongside the minutes. This is a simple matter of refreshing a few seconds after the latest time's second count. For example, if the latest main went at :03:06, you might consider refreshing starting at :31:11.

You can find a more detailed explanation of the current times system in this Neopian Times article.

Don't worry if you don't fully understand the main and mini. Just be aware of what they are and why the Kadoaties aren't going at a given time and follow the times on your chosen Kadoatery thread.


The lists are significantly easier to understand and get than the times: it's a game of copy-and-paste!

Simply refresh at the times given by the timekeepers. If the main or mini doesn't go, then you've got another seven minute break. If the main or mini does go, stop!

That said, one does not usually post a list unless he or she is the timekeeper. If the timekeeper misses the list or a few items in the list it is acceptable to post them.


The Kadoatery does not award the Tax Beast's income or rare items for feeding Kadoaties. Instead, you'll get a trophy, an avatar if you've fed 75, and a good, warm, fuzzy feeling! Doesn't that sound so much better?

Bronze Trophy - feed one Kadoatie to obtain.
Silver Trophy - feed ten Kadoaties to obtain. This will take the place of the bronze trophy.
Gold Trophy - feed 25 Kadoaties to obtain. This will take the place of the silver trophy.
Avatar - feed 75 Kadoaties to obtain.

There is also an Unofficial Kadoatery High Score List.

Editorials and Neopedia

Below is a list of Editorials from the Neopian Times directly pertaining to the Kadoatery, from earliest to latest.

Issue 159
I want to give the Kadoatie to my pet, but it's too expensive. How can I get it? - Reika88888
It is possible to win a Kadoatie from the Kadoatery if you look after enough Kadoaties. Otherwise Kadoaties are sold in the Petpet shop for around 18,000 NP.

Issue 159
Hi everyone. I love the cool new game The Kadoatery. It's sweet, but I noticed that the prices for some of the foods are extremeley high. I was wondering if you would ever have cheap food items out to buy for the Kaodoaties. - Princezz_meeh
The things the Kadaoties ask for are totally random. If you are lucky you may be asked for something simple like a ball of string, however, knowing Kadoaties they are bound to be more demanding than that :)

Issue 167
What is all the kadoaties obsessions with Blue Draik Egg??? I recently saw 8 (Yes, EIGHT!) kadoaties asking for Blue Draik Eggs! I know you said that its completely random, but this is a conspiracy! And anyway, if these kadoaties already have owners why do they want draik eggs? Eh, eh? -Rrhcpmunkeyrocker
Maybe one particularly spoilt Kadoatie started asking for it and now they all want one :p I will look into it and see if this is right. They should ask for more varied things.

Issue 168
Will you please take Draik Eggs off the food list for them? Nobody feeds them the eggs, and the ones that sit there for weeks just lessen chances of feeding. There are cuttently FIVE asking for Draik Eggs. - Laile_denali
The Kadoaties in the Kadoaterie do ask for totally random things. Kadoaties that ask for Blue Draik Eggs are incredibly rare, they just tend to stay there longer as their demands are so outrageous.

Issue 169
I heard there are other ways to feed the Kadoatery pets, can you explain - cottondego
As far as I know there is no other way to feed a Kadoatie.

Issue 172
I think you should have a Kadoatie Feeding high score list, then we can always see who fed the most! Can you consider this? - 14hermionegranger
Consider it considered!

Issue 181
I was just wondering who comes up with the names for the Kadoaties (like, it and help!!!) LOl :D - Mooniewitch
Hehe. Its not just one person, its more of a team effort across the office. We have all come up with a whole loads of different names, some of which are the names of our real-life pets, some are the names of our Petpets and some are just plain wierd.

Issue 192
Could you please eliminate blue draik eggs from the Kadoatery list? - Beccanae_liz
After a little persuasion, Blue Draik Eggs should no longer be on the Kadoatie wish list. This will not affect Kadoaties who are currently asking for eggs though.

Issue 194
In issue 'Issue: 192 | 26th day of Hunting, Y7' This question was asked: "Could you please eliminate blue draik eggs from the Kadoatery list? - Beccanae_liz" This was the answer: "After a little persuasion, Blue Draik Eggs should no longer be on the Kadoatie wish list. This will not affect Kadoaties who are currently asking for eggs though." The Kadoties are 'still' asking for Blue Draik Eggs. Will you or will you not be taking Blue Draik Egg of the Kadoatie wish list? - victoriarose1968
I just checked the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery and they are not asking for Blue Draik Eggs currently. We also double checked the code and they can't ask for those. We will keep an eye on it over the next few days just to make sure.

Issue 213
Obviously...the Rhuby Fruit is a new item sold at the Lost Desert. But the Lost Desert stores are closed, so no one can buy them! So what are we supposed to give to the kadoaties who what them? ~ ___sugarsweet___
Geesh, don't those Kadoaties know what's happening in the Lost Desert?! Have they been living in a cage or something?! ... Oh, right. Well, hopefully someone will figure out this mess and get Sakhmet back to normal so those Kadoaties can be fed.

Issue 231
Can you set something straight for us Kadoatie feeders. How many items are you allowed in your inventory to feed?? Some people said they read in the neopets magazine you can have 69 items and other people are saying it's 50 items and if you have more you will get frozen or all the items in your inventory will be deleted. Please explain thank you :D ~gemsibaby
There really is no hard-coded limit on your Inventory since you can move lots of items from your SDB to your inventory at once, so you will not be frozen or have your inventory cleared just for having too many items out while moving things around. However, having hundreds of items in your inventory for prolonged periods of time is quite fishy and you may be investigated by site monitors who will make sure you're not cheating or anything of that sort. 69 items is the max you can have on hand and still be able to use quick stock. However, we recommend you have 49 items in your inventory as it allows you to still be able to buy items you might need in a hurry for those Kadoaties or be able to accept gifts from friends.

Issue 234
Hey TNT. I've seen a few people feeding Kads on side accounts, and I've been wondering if this is allowed or not. Can you please clarify? Oh, and can you please also clarify the amount of items that are allowed in your inventory at one time? Thanks! ~chenbi
Since you can't gain any items or Neopoints from feeding Kadoaties on your side accounts, this is fine. You can feed 'til the Kaus come home!

Issue 239
TNT, please answer this because it is really confusing me. In Editorial #159, you said you can win a Kadoatie from Kad feeding. However, in Editorial #234, you said it is safe to kad feed on side accounts because you can't gain any items from doing so. Was the Kadoatie prize forgotten, or is it impossible to win one from Kad feeding? Thanks for answering! ~ misterp55555
It was intended to be a prize from the start, but several things have made it so that we had to remove this functionality. :( (Before you ask, no one won a Kadoatie from it before it was removed!) Sorry for the conflicting information. To clear things up, you cannot win a Kadoatie at the Kadoatery.

Issue 252
Hi! I was wondering where you got the names for the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery. I've seen some incredibly strange names, like Lawyerbot, Food4Turmy, and Moooo, but there are also some average names like Honey, Cupcake, and Cassie. Can you please clear this up? ~ allo_allo_numa
Kadoaties are rescued by Kadoatery staff who clean and groom them before they make their way to the Kadoatery floor. (This helps them attract feeders!) Once this is done, they are set free in a HUGE room at the back of the Kadoatery. This room has Petpet toys and quite a large space for Kadoaties to play. This room also has many, many cages, each with a name on it. Every Kadoatie can wander until they choose the cage - and the name - that suits them best! Only then are they placed out front to await the kind feeders of Neopia.

We hope that answers your question and you don't write back asking who put the names on the cages in the first place or anything like that.

Issue 273
Among the Kadoatie names, there is one called Q. We have theories on what/who this refers to, but can this be cleared up for us? (There's red vines in it for Snarkie...) ~laile_denali
Unfortunately, a quantum singularity is preventing us from answering this until sometime in Y439.

Issue 311
As referred to in some issue of the NT, is it REALLY possible to win a Kadoatie by feeding Kadoaties? ~nnboogie
We're sure we amended this in another Editorial but guess that it bears repeating. While we originally intended that to be possible it was never programmed in, and we figure it's hard enough to feed Kadoaties without there being a prize gained from it. x_X So yeah, that's a no.

Issue 348
Do the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery have eyesight problems? I'm asking because, for a few days this week, they have plotted a conspiracy and all asked for carrots. o_o; All of them. ~yellowsugardog
Maybe they felt they were lacking vitamin A in their diets? In any case, we're currently working on convincing them to explore a broader range of food again.

Issue 372
I was in the middle of class when this hit me. What happens when someone puts their Kadoatie in the Kadoatery and they have a Petpetpet? Will it fall off? Also, why is it that all the Kads I see at the Kadoatery are either white, blue, pink, rainbow, or island? Please answer! Thanks. =3 P.S.: Kadoaties PWN you! }=D ~laurenalrick
O.O Pssst... people don't actually put their Kadoaties in the Kadoatery. It's just an automated system. They aren't actually anyone's Petpet from a techincal standpoint. It's just in the world of Neopia that they are.

Issue 401
Hi TNT, I want some clarification here. On some boards they enforce their own set of "rules" in order to keep the board in order. For example, there's a board for posting the times that the Kadoaties may be hungry. Other than posting the times, their rules state that you're not allowed to post. Now most people agree that this makes sense, but some say that (since these are public boards) they are allowed to post whatever they want. Are the "rules" made up on these boards enforced? ~krystalkairi
Nope, these rules are not enforced by our site monitors. Any "board rules" are up to each player to decide whether they want to respect them or not. They are public boards and anyone may post on them if they like. Remember, though -- spamming isn't tolerated either, so if your only purpose when posting on a board is to harass the people who are trying to keep it clean and organised, then you might get a warning, too.

Issue 436
*gives Kadoaties* Way back in Year 6 you guys wrote in the Editorial that we could win a Kadoatie by feeding Kadoaties at the Kadoatery. Is that still true? Thanks! ~phdinmagic
Originally it was our intent for the Kadoatery to randomly (and rarely) award a Kadoatie, but if we remember correctly we decided against it, although afterward we mentioned it in the Editorial. (This is all based off of some very rusty memories, forgive us.) Please remember that the information we offer in Editorials is what we believe to be the most accurate information at the time. This means, however, that sometimes things unexpectedly change or just develop as the site ages (or, heck, sometimes we just plain mess up and are wrong about something). Aside from Lawyerbot, we're all human here and can only do our best.

Issue 496
Hey, TNT. I've been seeing a lot of confusion regarding the Kadoatery recently. There have been a few people on the Avatar Chat board saying that they never got their avatar awarded after feeding their 75th Kad. Inevitably these people are swiftly attacked for being cheaters, the explanation always being that, "TNT can tell when someone is using a cheat engine to automatically feed Kads, and won't reward them the avatar. If you didn't get your avatar, you're a cheater!" If that were the case and you found someone cheating, wouldn't you guys just freeze their accounts? Other people say that you, TNT, don't hand out the avatar to people who feed while having more than 50 items in their Inventory. Are either of these two postulates correct, or are people just using these theories to attack each other for "cheating," when the truth is that a simple glitch keeps some users from getting their avatars? Please leave out my username. :) ~username removed
Those are rather elaborate theories! Neither is correct, though. It's a simple glitch that we're looking into. If you have fed more than 75 Kadoaties and haven't received the avatar after visiting your User Lookup, please contact Support so we can investigate!

Issue 497
Now that we have new smilies, I have a great suggestion: A KADOATIE SMILEY! They are just the cutest things. *kadoatie* ~umwhoa
Oh, that is a nice suggestion. We're sure the players who run the Kadoatery boards will appreciate that one. :) /pencils it in

Issue 547
You guys should really make some sort of apology item for when you accidentally pwn a friend in the Kadoatery and words just aren't helping you out. Please and thank you! *throws cookies* ~happytimewithmilk
And then additionally taunt them about it through the Editorial. *cackles* You're as evil as we are. As for the card, we'll ask our Content Department to pencil something in. :)

Issue 576
Hi, TNT! I've recently noticed a few users at the Kadoatery who log onto their main account on one internet browser and their side account on another internet browser and then feed Kadoaties on both accounts through this method. It's my understanding that users are allowed to feed Kads on their side accounts if they log out of one account and into another, but are users allowed to feed Kads on their side accounts by being logged onto multiple accounts on different browsers at the same time? Please remove my username. ~username removed
Hmmm. While feeding Kads on your side account is fine, as well as being signed into a side account in another browser, we think this is pushing over past the grey zone into the no-no zone. What's not allowed is using both accounts simultaneously to gain an unfair advantage, and we think this counts as one such case. Please only feed Kadoaties with one account at a time.

Issue 601
Previously in an editorial you stated that feeding Kadoaties simultaneously on two accounts is against the rules. However, this rule didn't really define what feeding simultaneously means. If we feed the "main" on our main accounts, can we attempt the "mini" on our side account? Or can we not be in the Kadoatery listed on two accounts at any given time? ~dandelien
Ugh, honestly, we're not thrilled at the idea of people doing the Kadoatery on side accounts, but there's also no NP/item reward, so it's not against the rules either. Yes, you may switch between accounts for minis and mains (this makes sense if you're an active Kadoatie feeder), just don't use two accounts simultaneously during the same feeding.

Issue 611
Okay, I am now very curious, TNT. *throws Kadoatie* Which staffers are involved with naming the Kadoatery Kads? I saw one named chibikadoatiekawaiibaka, and many other cool and strange names. So, who are the culprits? ~limo8
If we recall correctly, most of the names came from the somewhat deranged mind of snarkie. The rest of them were due to a brainstorm instigated by our content team, with the input of various other staff members from different departments. Put that many TNT members together, and you're bound to get some... creative results.

Issue 623
Hi, TNT! Is the Kadoatery broken, or have you lot just come up with a fantastic new way of driving us poor Neopians crazy? Kadoatie-feeding enthusiasts have lately discovered that the reasonable regularity of the Kadoatery is no more. So far no exact pattern has been deduced, and we're simply wondering if this is an intentional New Order, or if something is broken and needs to be fixed? ~twiddl3d33
If the Kadoatery timing is still acting oddly, please submit it to bug reports so that we can get a better idea of what's going wrong with it, or if the issue has already resolved itself.

Issue 626
Dear TNT,
How many Kadoaties do I have to feed in order to get one as a Petpet? ~nostalegia
The Kadoatery does not award Kadoaties. Apparently it was intended to at some point, and was stated so in an Editorial response 10 years ago so the inaccurate belief persists.

There is also an entry about the Kadoatery in the Neopedia!


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