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o.Nickname.o Oku
o.Age.o 24 yrs
o.Status.o Single and most definately not looking
o.Starsign.o Aquarius
o.Element.o Water
o.Colours.o Blue, black and silver
o.Food.o Anything Seafood
o.Demeanor.o Flirty, kind, "Playful
o.Nationality.o From the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast
o.Hobbies.o Swimming, driving (if it can be called a hobby ;) ), um... Girl-chasing... But not as much anymore...
o.Can't stand.o Staying put in one place for a long time, being away from the water. Being lied to... Digging up the past.
o.Prized possessions.o Fathers old cigarrette lighter and his mothers pearl earings being the only things left to remind him of them...
o.Interesting facts.o In anthro Oku has a tattoo of an ocean wave on the right side of his chest. He drives a black, convertable, Dodge viper with an ocean wave, like the tattoo on his chest, printed on the hood of the car. He has a cool attitude but remains down to earth. He can also be flirty, but knows when such a thing isn't an option. He can also be sarcastic in funny ways, always making jokes about friends to their faces just for a laugh and never to insult.



When Audoku was younger, he had a wonderful family, who lived together on the east coast of Australia, near the great barrier reef.

Legend tells us, that Oku's mother was actually a marine princess- A mermaid, who had fallen in love with a young fisherman from the local village. Every fullmoon, the mermaid had an option to visit the village in an anthro form, and this particular night, after observing the fisherman for sometime, she walked upon the land and to the fishermans home. The young man, instantly fell in love with the beauty, and welcomed her to his house. The next morning, the beautiful woman was gone, leaving the fisherman hurt and bewildered to her mysterious disappearance.

Back at her grotto, the mermaid had discovered that she had fallen pregnant with the fishermans chilld and was banished from her home, for no mermaid nor merman were allowed any such contact with "humans." She abanded her fins and went back to the fisherman, telling the confused sole, everything that had happened and what she truely was. No matter what, the man was still deeply in love with her and accepted her back. They later married and had their child- A dashing baby boy who they named Audoku. But things weren't happy for long...

A decade had past and it was on Audoku's tenth birthday that his father was taken by the sea... Mellacaida (Oku's mother) was devistated and angry that her own family had done such a thing out of their hatred towards Davahnol (Oku's father) for asumingly taking her from them. After that horrible day, Mellacaida's mental health deteriorated... On Oku's 15th birthday, she had attempted to take her own life and nearly succeeded... Ending up eventually in a Mental Institution where only 3 months later, she succeeded in taking her life, and now she is with her husband in the afterlife, watching over the son that they left behind...

Oku was yet still too young, to the public, to be left to defend for himself and was sent to a boarding school for abandoned and parentless children of all ages... It was this place that he met friends like Dev, Hira and Kacey. Who had helped him through his troubles and made him realise that he didn't have such a bad ordeal after all... But before he left to go to this place, he packed a few things that meant a lot to him.. A reminder of his parents... Photographs and his mothers paintings were of the few things he took.. But the most special of these things were his mothers favourite Pearl Earings, of which she wore everyday til the day she died and his fathers lucky Silver cigarrette lighter... One day he plans to let go of his mothers earings, to give them to one special woman... But he'll keep hold of them until he can let go of the memory and start anew with a family of his own...

These days, Oku has a job as a bartender and part time bouncer at a place called Club Sinatra, earning quite a good amount of money. There are other secrets about Audoku, but they are best left unmentioned here, and some of you may find out from Roleplaying....



Oku is 24 years old in anthro. He has a tattoo of an ocean wave on the right side of his chest. He got the tattoo when he was only 13 years old and against his mothers wishes. He was a little bit of a rebel when he was younger but now things are starting to turn around a little- In the way that he can do whatever he wants since he's all grown up.. He drives a black convertable- A dodge Viper with the same print as his tattoo on the hood of the car. He named it Mellacaida after his mother, and it is also one of his prized possessions. Audoku loves swimming and in his spare time spends hours swimming laps in his back yard pool. He has a voice almost like Heath Ledger with Australian accent and all. He loves to joke around, but can always come back down to earth at the right times.



Audoku has been able to make many friends since his last webpage and would like to give each and every one a special mention on his page.


Tropsia has drifted away... Was Oku's very first friend and has stuck by him through thick and thin. They have known each other for a few months now and their friendship continues to grow. Oku has a certain respect for Tropsia, because she is usually the one that he turns to for a friends comfort. He would like to thank her deeply for her never ending support and friendship, and for never laughing at him when he did something stupid. Thanks Tropsia.


Etnana has drifted away... is another very close friend of Oku's. He is worried for her safety and has been trying to help her through things. But lately she has been rather distant towards him, after something very personal happened, making another friend of hers very angry and jelous... Oku never wanted to hurt her, and never intended to, but some how feels as though he is to blame for everything that happened... He appologises to Et and hopes that they're friendship still remains.

Crystal no longer rps... Is one of Oku's newest friends but is perhaps one of the most closest. She has helped him through his break up with her kindness and wisdom. She is very understanding and has been very patient with him through these ordeals and he wishes that he could find a suitable way to say thank you.



...His heart has been broken many times, and unfortunately it seems that he has given up all hope on finding love. However he is not shy to flirting in the least... The relationships he's had in the past have changed him a lot. It would take a miracle to pursued him that love is a good thing. ;)



Thank you to all the wonderful artists out there that thought Audoku to be picture worthy. If you'd like to draw Oku, then thats great! ^^ We love all the fanart that we get, and trades are open if you'd like to send an example of your artwork then thats great!

[By Toxy]

Hand drawn, inked, scanned and then coloured in MGI photosuite III. Text and transparency done on Adobe Photoshop.

Drawn with graphic tablet in paint, coloured in MGI photosuite III. Text and transparency done in Adobe Photoshop.

The first picture of Oku in anthro that Toxy has uploaded onto his site. Hand drawn, inked and scanned then coloured in MGI Photosuite III, transparency and text in Adobe photoshop.

(All of Toxy's old pictures of Audoku have been executed since her skills have improved and she didn't like the way the last pictures look. She is very picky with the art work that she shows the public and crappy art pieces just wont do...)


This one was a trade with our friend Evanirena/ _Happy_Riana_. We love this so much! Thank you!



Audoku's Coral Cup Award

Thats right! Audoku has his own award that you can apply for! If you have a wonderful petpage that you think you deserve something for, then send a link to your pets webpage through neomail with the title of the message as "Coral Cup." You must abide by the following rules or your application wont count.

-Nice clean layout with knowledge that the creator of the page has a substantial knowing of html or css.
-No stolen images. Note that you will be reported and frozen for using an image used without permission from the artist.
-At least 1 picture drawn by yourself. Doesn't matter how good it looks, I just want to see that you tried your best.
-A link to Oku's page is always good to have ;)
-Interesting story and at least 5 sections to your page. e.g. Story, Stats, Love, Anthro, Petpet, Diary, FaQ, fanart, adoptables, awards, ect...
-Nothing stolen. I repeat NOTHING STOLEN! You will be frozen if I see anything of the sort.

Toxy also has awards on other petpages, BUT- You are only allowed to apply for 2 of them for the same pet. Anymore and they don't count.



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Does your pet have a beautiful pair of unique wings? Then why not request a custom Flapper?


1. Only customs will be made
2. Do not use if they weren't made for you
4. Do not claim them as your own.
5. They are only made for pets with wings- Doesn't have to be only ixi's. But the wings must have something special about them.
6. I do not accept everyones request, only if I have the time, and if your wings are unique.

Customs are: Closed- Sorry I don't have the program to make them anymore. :(






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