Pirate Draik Morphing Potion

Golden Paint Brush

Pink Paint Brush

Darigan Wocky MP

Island Kacheek MP

Camouflage Krawk MP

Lab Map 7

Hallowen PB

Lab Map 5

Lab Map 6


Neoboard Pen

Pink Bow and Sparkles Headband

Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie

Lab Ray Fortune Cookie

Customization Wishlist

Lacy Gnorbu Bracelets

Gnorbu Wool Jacket

Mysterious Forest Clearing Background

Gormball Garland

School Girl Jumper

School Girl Shirt

School Girl Shoes

School Girl Plaid Skirt

Elegant Draik Dress

Black Square Glasses

Water Faerie Eyeshadow

Earth Faerie Eyeshadow

Ixi Forest Cape

Games Graveyard Silhouette Background

Deep Dark Shrubbery

Kacheek Nature Dress
Nox Mansion Background

Gallery Wishlist

30 proof Kacheek Sun Screen

A Light Faerie

Acara Rebel Sunglasses

All About Light Faeries

Altador Sun Yoyo

Altador Sunny Eggs

Amulet of Altador

Balteus of the Sun

Blue Baby Fireball

Bottled Light Faerie (TCG)

Bow of Searing Dawn (TCG)

Bow of the Light Faerie

Brilliant Wing Amulet

Broken Light Faerie Snowglobe

Candy Corn Lights

Chen-Ra Son of the Sun

Cherry Lemonade Slushie

Cho Sticks

Chomby Belle Hat

Cloud Baby Fireball

Cool Poogle Sunglasses

Cool Shades

Cozy Kau Sunglasses

Deluxe Sun Hat

Disco Print Lamp

Disco Scorchio Sun Glasses

Elegant Desert Sword

Elixir of the Sun

Faerie Baby Fireball

Faerie Bubble String Lights

Faerie Circle (TCG)

Faerie Fried Egg

Faerie Kacheek Plushie

Famous Sand Collections

Festive Bori Parasol

Fiery Carved Torch


Fire Mote Stained Glass Window

Flotsam Spy Sun Glasses

Flower Picking Xweetok Gnome

Flowery Pink Parasol

Fun In The Sun Quiguki

Fun in the Sun Usuki

Fun in the Sun Usuki Reject

Gauntlets of the Sun

Gelert Bone Sun Glasses

Ghost Baby Fireball

Glow-in-the-Dark Sun

Gold Disco Ball

Golden Lost Desert Wall Paint

Golden Sun Chalice

Golden Throwing Scarabs

Golden Tulips

Goldy Sun Lounger

Green Baby Fireball

Green Skeith (TCG)

Holographic Sakhmet City Stamp

Illusens Sunscreen

Improved Light Sceptre

In the Dark

Island Negg (TCG)

Ixi Aviator Sunglasses

Kau Sun Earrings

Kiko Drummer Sun Glasses

Kiko Pilot Sunglasses

Legendary Light Sceptre

Lenny Farmer Hat

Light Faerie Backpack

Light Faerie Chair

Light Faerie Doll

Light Faerie Doll (TCG)

Light Faerie Dust

Light Faerie Eye Shadow

Light Faerie Fountain

Light Faerie Hair Brush

Light Faerie Shield

Light Faerie Lamp

Light Faerie Mushroom

Light Faerie Notepad

Light Faerie Snowglobe

Light Faerie Sofa

Light Faerie Sorbet

Light Faerie Spells

Light Faerie Staff

Light Faerie Sword

Light Faerie Table

Light Faerie Token

Light Faerie Token (TCG)

Light Faerie Usuki Doll

Light of Day

Light Sceptre

Light Stick

Lighter and Lighter

Lost Desert Sunflower

Lost Desert Weather Guide

Luxury Dark and Light Faerie Snowglobe

Magma Baby Fireball

Maractite Lined Bori Sunglasses

Metallic Sun Staff


Mosaic Patio Table

Mutant Kadoatie (TCG)

Neopia Central Flying Disc

Neopian Sunrises

Nightsteed (TCG)

Nimmo Adventurer Torch

Not So Brilliant Sun and Moon Potion

Nova Lights

Nova Rug

Nova Sponge Cake

Omelette Of The Faeries

Orange Lightmite Lollypop

Orb Plant

Ornate Chandelier

Pencil of the Light Faerie

Pink and Green Sun Hat

Pink Baby Fireball

Pink Scorchio Sun Glasses

Plain Black Sunglasses

Plain Decorative Negg

Plushie Baby Fireball

Pteri Lemon Sundress

Pteri Sword

Pyramid Sun Rise Stamp

Rainbow Lights

Red Floral Stained Glass Window

Red Lenny (TCG)

Rod of Supernova

Romantic Sunrise Background

Round Sunglasses

Rugged Usul Glasses

Ruki Adventurer Torch

Sceptre of Banishing (TCG)

Sceptre of the Winged Sun

Scroll of Moon Light

Scroll of Radiance

Searing Scroll of Light

Seasonal Altador String Lights

Seasonal Candelabra

Shell Beach Background

Shield of the Setting Sun

Shining Korbat Tiara

Shining Shoyru Rose

Shiny Gold Nimmo Sunglasses

Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic

Shoyru Yellow Flower Dress

Simple Cotton Kiko Hat

Simple Light

Siyana Doll

Siyana Kite

Siyana of Talador

Slick Gelert Sunglasses

Snow Baby Fireball

Space Faerie Sun Wand

Straw Hat

Sun Lollipop

Sun Ray Picture Frame

Sun Scroll

Sunblade (TCG)

Sunblade Replica

Sunblade Stamp

Sunday Bush


Sundial Wrist watch

Sundried Tomato Hummus

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Sugar Cookie

Sunflower Tea

Sunny Altador Negg

Sunny Faerie Days

Sunny Flotsam Bracelet

Sunny Flotsam Dress

Sunny Flotsam Hat

Sunny Shoyru Shelf

Sunny Tuskaninny Sundress

Sunny Yellow Bed

Sunny Yellow Chair

Sunny Yellow Dresser

Sunny Yellow Lamp

Sunny Yellow Origami Couch

Sunny Yellow Rug

Sunny Yellow Sofa

Sunset Coral Armchair

Sunset Coral Bed

Sunset Coral Lamp

Sunset Coral Wardrobe

Sunset On Mystery Island

Sunshine in Neopia

Sunshine Perfume

Sunshine Shield


Superior Shield of Lightning

Sword of Thigl

Table Lamp

Tekkitu Lamp

Terror Mountain Travel Brochure

The Art of Faerie Napkin Folding

The Dancer (TCG)

The End of the Tunnel

The Final Sunset

The First to Rise (TCG)

The Island Of Kacheeks

The Sun and You

Tome of Enlightenment

Tonu Lightning Horn

Tote Bag

Tough Girl Gelert Sunglasses

Treasure Seekers

Triangular Sunglasses

Tribal Desert Garb

Tuskaninny Boy Beach Hat

Tyrannia Sunset Background

Uni Sun Glasses

Usul Sunblock

Whole Wheat Sun Pancakes

Wooden Sun Lounger

YEAAAAAH Awesome Korbat Sunglasses

Yellow Baby Fireball

Yellow Hissi Sundress

Yellow Lounger

Yellow Paper Lantern

Yellow Sunutek T-Shirt

Yellow Yurble Sundress

Yurble Farmer Hat

Zafara Torch


Bookstatic Wishlist

Games on Kreludor
r88 - approx. 47,500 NP

Galactic Adventures II
r89 - approx. 49,500 NP

Yesterdays Future
r88 - approx. 49,500 NP

Kreludan Christmas Carols
r180 - approx. 49,800 NP

Ace Adventures
r83 - approx. 50,000 NP

Binary Stars and You
r89 - approx. 56,000 NP

Its Not Easy Being Purple
r88 - approx. 62,000 NP

The Handy Guide to Neopian Domination
r85 - approx. 67,000 NP

Build Your Own Telescope
r88 - approx. 67,500 NP

Robot Lenny Repair Manual
r86 - approx. 73,000 NP

The Happy Orange Grundo
r89 - approx. 75,000 NP

Low Gravity Rock Collecting
r88 - approx. 89,000 NP

Astrophysics for Beginners
r86 - approx. 92,000 NP

Booktastic Books Value Guide
r88 - approx. 94,800 NP

Dont Push That Button!
r89 - approx. 95,000 NP

Boxes of Bolts
r86 - approx. 99,999 NP

Mining Operations Technical Manual
r88 - approx. 99,999 NP

Kreludor Colouring Book
r89 - approx. 150,000 NP

How To Escape
r90 - approx. 215,000 NP

Do The Moon Bounce
r90 - approx. 240,000 NP

Zarex Diary
r91 - approx. 270,000 NP

Made of Stars
r90 - approx. 300,000 NP

Under the Surface Part I
r90 - approx. 325,000 NP

Guide to Orange Furniture
r90 - approx. 350,000 NP

4 Billion Pie Recipes
r90 - approx. 490,000 NP

Get Organised Stay Organised
r92 - approx. 500,000 NP

Laser Energy
r91 - approx. 500,000 NP

Under the Surface Part II
r91 - approx. 600,000 NP

Space Fashions
r101 - approx. 650,000 NP

Situational Gravity Pranks
r92 - approx. 700,000 NP

Derlyn Fonnet: A Biography
r88 - approx. 715,000 NP

Meteorite Craft Book
r93 - approx. 750,000 NP

Half Moon Pop-Up Book
r95 - approx. 800,000 NP

Kreludan Home Decorating
r94 - approx. 800,000 NP

Space Station Holidays
r90 - approx. 1,000,000 NP

Lennies in Space
r94 - approx. 1,100,000 NP

How to Earn NP the Easy Way
r101 - approx. 1,500,000 NP

Kreludan Architecture
r96 - approx. 2,500,000 NP

Advanced Kreludan Physics

Alien Aisha Invasion

Beam Me Aboard

Easy Decor in Low Gravity Situations

Guide to the Neocola Machine

How Purples Got Their Spots

Interplanetary Communications

It Came From Kreludor

It Came From the Mine

Know Your Robot Petpet

Kreludan Cookie Cookbook

Kreludan Engineering

Kreludor Mining Corridor Maps

Kreludor Versus Neopia

Scenic Kreludan Views

Secrets of Sloth

Secrets of the Universe

Space Station Schematics

The Big Book of Intermediate Evil Plots

The Green Grundo Invasion

The Space Ace

Zenor Kevix: A Biography

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