It started with a dream. I was having a conversation with Bedfords, my newly obtained pirate yurble. We were having crumpets and tea (although I don't like tea that much), and having a friendly conversation. As we were talking, Bedders (Bedfords's nickname) said to me, Don't you like yurbles a lot?. Kind of confused at that question, I nodded. Then he brings up another idea: Why don't you start a yurble directory? As a proud owner of several yurbles, I figured, "Why not!" And from that moment, KYD was born.

Hello, and welcome to Kirbi's Yurble Directory; otherwise known as KYD. And yes, that dream actually did happen; I'm not lying. This directory was created on July 5th, 2012; and released to the public on July 6th, 2012! Because of that lovely dream, the theme of KYD is inspired after Bedfords, my pirate yurble! This yurble directory was created in order to show how awesome the yurble is; despite being on the unpopular side. KYD is listing your Permanent, UFT and UFA yurbles!

To get them listed, please click on the next link in the navigation bar to get started!

Number of Permanent Yurbles listed:

136 yurbles have been listed so far! Hooray!

Reminders & Forms

Before you can have your yurble listed, we have a few friendly reminders that we would like to be acknowledged:

Reminders for Permanent Entries

● Lab rats will not be added

● Fill out the permie form. You can either mail it to toadrocks12, or post it on one of my boards! I created these forms in order for me to add your yurble at a more efficient pace.

● I do monthly entry sweeps if the yurble has changed species, put UFT, or is abandoned/stuck in the pound.

Reminders for UFT/UFA Entries

● Fill out the UFT/UFA form. As mentioned before, you can mail it to toadrocks12, or post it on one of my boards!

● Please let me know as soon as the yurble is traded/adopted out. I want to keep this section as updated as possible!

● Like the permanent entries, I will also do a monthly entry sweep. I will neomail those with their yurble(s) listed one week in advance as a notification.

The Forms

Pick up the information form needed here!

Permanent Yurble(s):

UFT/A Yurble(s):

*Delete whatever part you don't need with this form!

Send the Form!

You can send your form by either mailing toadrocks12 (click the envelope graphic), or posting it on one of my boards!! If you are mailing it to me, I will neomail you back my response to let you know that your yurble(s) have been added.

Converted Spotted-Yellow





None yet!




None yet!

All About Yurbles

These four pets represent the yurble! This fuzzy neopet species was introduced on May 28th, 2004. The yurble's unique features include its fuzzy mane, body structure, curled up ears, and their eye shape! Some people say that this pet species resembles a bear, lion, hedgehog, or a combination of them together! Either way, they're still very adorable! Yurbles are also known for their love of food! Yurble day is May 28th; two new yurble colors, wearables, and more are released in order to celebrate/show how awesome the yurble is!

How can you create a yurble?

1. Create a Yurble: Yurbles are not limited edition pets. Therefore, you can create one any day!

2. Morphing Potion: You can purchase a yurble morphing potion and use it o n one of your pets!

3. Lab Ray: The lab ray has the ability to change pet species. Your pet could potentially change into a yurble from it!

4. Magical Yurble Plushies: Magical yurble plushies are different from regular yurble plushies due to the magical "glow" that it has. Playing with one of those plushies can transform your pet into a yurble!

Old artwork vs. New Artwork

You can still see the old artwork everywhere (UCs, images, etc.) But, here's a comparison of the two! Besides the pose, there's really no major change in terms of their appearance! Plus they're both adorable either way!

Famous Yurbles!

Voslan the Sultan Yurble

The Yurble Raider

The Janitor


The Tax Beast

The Caretaker


Yurble Farmer

Yaniq Avaan (Former member of the Mystery Island altador cup team)

Autrey Fulse (Former member of the Haunted Woods altador cup team)

Hoke Lemtry (Former member of the Krawk Island altador cup team)

Vere Polnicek (Current member of moltara's altador cup team

The Real Negg Faerie

Yurble Items!

Please let me know if I'm missing anything from any section! Thanks!!


Battle Items



Grooming Items

Gardening Items

Gift Items


Magic Items


Trading Cards


Paintbrush clothing

Neoboard Avatars and Smiliey

The following avatars are yurble based:

You can get the Yurble-Forefitor avatar by visiting the hall of heroes. Click here to get there!

You can get the Yarrble! avatar by visiting a pirate yurble's petlookup. You can visit Bedfords's petlookup if you don't the avatar!

You can get the Yurble avatar by visiting any yurbles' petlookup! You can go here or click on any name listed in the directory!

To use this smiley, simply type in * yurble * (delete the space inbetween 'yurble' and the asterik)


The following games are yurble based:

Mop n'Bop

Attack of the Slorgs


Extras and UFT/A Listings


List of UFT Yurbles

None! Add your UFT yurble today!

List of UFA Yurbles

None! Add your UFA Yurble Today!!!

Dream Yurble Listings

Do you have a dream yurble? Do you have a project yurble page set up (Whether it be UC or converted?) You have the opportunity to have them listed here! Simply neomail me your dream yurble/project page, and they will be uploaded here!!


Link Back?

Feel free to pick up a button/banner to add to your lookup, pet lookup, etc. if you'd like! :D

Amazing button made by Bittersweet52 Thanks so much! ^^

Awesome button made by Button Burst (Their button founded @ Affiliates section) Thanks so much!!

Button by Inspire.

Achievements and Past Layout/Artwork of KYD

See KYD's history here (Some of the dates I forgot, so I'll list the major achievements that KYD has hit up to this point):


*Hit 100 views!

*Found our sister site!

Listed our 100th permie yurble!

1/1/13: 1000 views!

5/19/13: Yurble the yurble has been listed!

Past Layout/Artwork

Images to come!

Sister Directory!

KYD's very first sister directory is Lazy Skeith! Lazy Skeith was started on the same day as KYD.


Affiliate requests are closed. Please see updates section for more information.

Listed at:


Layout coded and designed by Stardust
Bullets from Bedazzled
Background from 49 Days

Envelope web resource pixel by The Lunch Box

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

*This was from a past update, but I figured to move it up here and delete the previous one (01/15/2014)

KYD will no longer be updated at this point. As of now, I simply don't have time to keep track of this directory, and I personally want to move forward from neopets (Which is why I am making this specific update).

*To any AFFILIATES that currently have KYD LISTED: You are welcome to take down my directory button if needed (Completely up to you!)

*KYD will NOT be taken down and will remain on Bedders's page!

*Finally, to conclude things: Thank you for all of the positive support towards KYD for the past few years. A huge thank you to those who have submitted entries into the directory. To be completely honest, I'm surprised that people are still finding this site, despite having a lack of updated content for a long time (Seriously, I just looked up some page statistics and there are new view counts on Bedders's page). I hope this directory has served its purpose well!
Once again, thank you all again!

Kirbi and Bedders

Friday, December 26th, 2014

* It's been a while since this directory has been updated. Hello! In terms of content, I don't know when I'll be updating that, but in terms of general updates:

+1 affiliate!

-1 yurble (Mainly because neo caught a certain phrase that wouldn't let me update the site. It shouldn't have been blocked in the first place; which I honestly don't understand, but it is what it is, I guess.

Friday, December 20th, 2013

* It has definitely been a while since I last updated this page..

* The pastel yurble has been added to the directory!

* + 1 affiliate! The Hissi Nest :3

* I need to say something; first off, I can't believe that people are still finding this page. You guys are awesome :3 Second of all, I have no idea how long I'll be keeping this directory up and running.. I'll update it whenever I can, but my interest on this site has been going down a bit.. I don't know yet, but it'll still be up!

Have a lovely holiday everyone!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

* +1 permie yurble

* I'll be moving KYD's hiatus a bit earlier (aka now). KYD is officially on a hiatus as of 7/30/13! We'll be back sometime in December. Explanation can be found from my last update. Thanks!

Friday, July 26th, 2013

* The UFT/A sections will be closed for the time being. There's no point in having it open if I'm not making any KYD boards about it xD So in summary, please don't send any neomails adding your UFT/A yurbles!

* KYD will officially be on a hiatus (maybe indefinite) later on towards August. I won't have any time to maintain it while I'm at school (let alone coming onto neopets in general). For now, the directory will be slightly inactive. Hope you guys understand!

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

* Site maintenance!

* And yes, KYD was officialy 1 year old back towards July 6th :'D (I'm a bad site owner and forgot :'D) But I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who helped out with KYD! From submitting entries, to being affiliates/listers, and viewing the page! KYD wouldn't be here without all of you, so thank you so much again!! :D

* I'm considering taking down the UFT/A section.. Not yet, but thinking of doing so.

Monday, July 8th, 2013

* I'm really bad with updating and making boards. I've literally been MIA from neo for a few days, so sorry about that!!

* Lazy Skeith is re-opened!: The directory has recently gone under new ownership! Please go to /~Deliciea to check it out!!

* Lazy Skeith will continue being KYD's sister site!

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

* I'm so sorry for the lack of updates! I've been working on some other things!

* +1 permie yurble

Monday, June 10th, 2013

* +2 permie yurbles, including our very first elderlyboy listing!

* KYD was recently added at Petopia! Check it out in the listed at section!

Saturday, May 31st, 2013

* Sorry for the really late update! I was on vacation for the last few days!

* YURBLE DAY UPDATES!! Unfortunately KYD didn't get the site spotlight, but we'll try again later on! I added the elderly colors to the permie section, so if you have any elderly yurbles, neomail me and I'll add them! Also added the new wearables (Both np and paintbrush), and the new plushies to its respected sections! Hopefully everyone had a nice yurble day on wednesday!

* Lazy Skeith (our first sister directory) is closing down! If you are affiliates with Lazy Skeith, please update your sitely section! We're also looking for an active sister directory. If you're interested, please neomail me!

* + 5 permie yurbles!

* Last update for today; I will try to make more KYD boards throughout the summer. After that (around august), KYD will be back on a hiatus due to senior year approaching! Thanks!

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

* + 1 permie yurble

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

*Cleared out the UFT section. If your yurble is added to the UFT section, please neomail me if they're traded or taken down for any reason. I want to keep that section as updated as possible! I will probably start UFT sweeps once every month!

*Updated the forms!

Monday, May 20th, 2013

*For the 'all about yurbles' section, everything should be completed, I'll be looking it over throughout the next few days to see if I'm missing anything.

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

*Nope, still not back yet! I will be back after this week!! I must admit, it's been a while since I had a continuous update. Anyways, +9 permie yurbles have been added; including the infamous Yurble the yurble!! hooray!

*Cleaned up some of the coding content for the permanent yurble section. It was rather cluttered as I kept using br tags. That clumped everything up into one huge paragraph of messy code e.e It's fixed so that way, I can add more content efficiently!

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

* No, I'm not back yet; but I'm filling in content for the 'all about yurbles' section. It's not finished yet, but I'm hoping to get it done so I can submit it to the site competition (for yurble day)! Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

* KYD is listed at The Parisian!. I totally forgot to pick up a button, sorry about that!

* +5 permie entries! I'm sorry if I kept those who sent in a request waiting!

* Updated the permie yurble count!

* Everything is updated at this point! I will be making more KYD boards during the summer. Thanks, and sorry again!

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

*Deleted old updates. I'm really sorry for not updating KYD for a while. I put my directories on hold until the summer; where I will be updating it by then! Keep your eyes out for that!

*Lettres is currently on an indefinite hiatus! I'll probably be neomailing everyone who has Lettres listed.

Monday, March 11, 2013

*Updated an affiliate link. Azryn's Transparent Directory is now Vitreous. Same content, just new name.

*Finally, as a reminder, I'm currently on a semi-hiatus; therefore I won't be updating my directories as much. I will get to them once I have more time. Also, if you send me a neomail regarding my directories, please note that it will take a few days/weeks for me to update it. Thanks!

Counter started: 7/6/12

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