Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Hello, my name is Stephen KM. I have a dream to make a guide for neopians to teach them how to make millions of neopoints. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to make neopoints from starting at 0NP. Please skip any steps you feel you already know; just know that maybe you will learn something you didn't before!

These guides will help you learn new methods for making neopoints and will open you up to new possibilities. Do not get discouraged if you lose neopoints on any deals; it happens to ALL of us. You need to learn from your mistakes and move forward, it is not the end of Neopia if you lose some points in the process. Neomails made to me asking for neopoints or items will be blocked. Neomails made to me in regards of "How do I make more neopoints?" will be ignored because you haven't read the guide.

A very special thanks to Pamela who made the layout and coded this page.

Soon to come:

Dear TNT

Once upon a time this guide was deleted by your team. I was told that I was cheating and that there are no quick or easy ways to make neopoints. I was also told that I can not sell secrets; I never did any of these things. I cannot find a place where I said any of these things. It takes time and determination to make neopoints. My guide teaches neopians how to make more neopoints; not that this is an easy task. If you do find something wrong with my guide please contact me and I will gladly abide to any rules or regulations you have. I would like to help the users of this website and I have found it has helped many people. Please review my guide to give me advice on how to improve it if you feel it needs altering.
Your friendly neopian,

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#1 - Abbreviations


AAA = Almost Abandoned Attic
AFC = Air Faerie Crown
AP = Attack Pea
ASP = Altador Strength Potion
BGC = Bony Grarrl Club
Buyable = Less than 100,000NP
DE = Draik Egg
DSoD = Darigan Sword of Death
ETS = Easy To Sell
FQD = Faerie Queen Doll
FSS = Faerie Slingshot
FTab = Faerie Tabard
GBomb = Ghostkerbomb
GH = Got Haggle
GLB = Good Luck Buying
GLS = Good Luck Selling
GoW= Gapes of Wrath
GShield = Ghostker Shield
GSword = Ghostkersword
HB = Haggle Back
HCC = Hanso Charisma Charm
HP = Honey Potion
HPB = Hubrids Puzzle Box
HPD = Half Price Day. Occurs the third of every month; shops are half price.
HT = Hidden Tower
HTS = Hard To Sell
IStaff = Illusens Staff
JWand = Jhudoras Wand
JSS = Jade Scorchstone
K = Meaning thousand. Most commonly seen with a number. (i.e 10K = 10,000NP, 122K = 122,000NP)
KBT = Kelpbeards Trident
LEV = Leaded Elemental Vial
MH = Mishaggle
MMoM = Magical Marbles of Mystery
MoC = Mask of Coltzan
MP = Morphing Potion
MSPP = Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle (TCG)
NH = No Haggle
NP = Neopoints
NT = Neopian Times
NTY = No Thank You
OBO = Or Best Offer
OTB = Offer To Beat
PB = Paint Brush
PC = Price Check
PCC = Pirate Captains Cutlass
PCH = Pirate Captains Hat
PLR = Pocket Lab Ray
QS = Quick Selling
R101/R180 = Item Rarity 101/180 = These items are Special/Retired. Every item has a rarity and it will usually distinguish how common or rare they are.
RFFR = Randomly Firing Freeze Ray
SAP = Seasonal Attack Pea
SLM = Secret Laboratory Map
SoA = Sword of Apocalypse
SoAF = Sword of the Air Faerie
SoL = Sword of Lameness
SoS = Sword of Skardsen
SS = Scorchstone
SSS = Sticky Snowflake Stamp
SuAP = Super Attack Pea
Tarla = Tarla is an Ixi who some times appears in her warehouse and gives items away. You can find Tarla by downloading the tool bar and it will flash when she is in.
TFB = Twin Faerie Blades
TP = Transmogrification Potion as well as Trading Post
TTear = Thyoras Tear
UB = Unbuyable = Over 100,000NP
WoDF = Wand of the Dark Faerie
ZDAP = Zafara Double Agent Plushie

#2 - Rules

Rules and Important Tips

1. Scamming is against the rules.

Do NOT do it. This guide does not promote it or support it in anyway. Making an item sound better than it really is will still be considered scamming. ALWAYS BE HONEST!


Do NOT do this example:
I am selling _____. I saw this sell for ##,###,### NP." Doing this is leaving out vital information to your item.

Do THIS example:
I am selling _____. I saw this sell for ##,###,### NP but I also saw it sell a few other times for ##,###,### NP. I personally paid ##,###,### NP for it. (If you can fill out the next part do so) This person bought the item for ##,###,### NP. The item is (choose one, not both) HTS/ETS."


Do NOT do this example:
Lowest offer on _____? I saw this sell for ##,###,### NP." Doing this is leaving out vital information to your item. Do NOT do it.

Do THIS example:
Lowest offer on _____? I saw this sell for ##,###,### NP but I also saw it sell a few other times for ##,###,### NP. (If you can fill out the next part do so) This person bought the item for ##,###,### NP. Do you have a lowest? I'm a/not reseller." Provide as much info as possible.

2. Buy fast and sell faster! Keep in mind that the best profit is always quick profit. It is much better to hold an item for one hour as opposed to one week for only a small profit difference.


Selling a Faerie Queen Doll for 1,495,000NP while waiting for a week.
Selling a Faerie Queen Doll for 1,395,000NP while waiting for five minutes.

Your neopoints are valuable you can do a lot with pure neopoints. Use your discretion when it comes to this rule. Sometimes hard to sell items can be a VERY good thing to hold for a long time.

3. Remember what the items use is.

Example: Book, Stamp, Battledome, Card, etc.

4. Do not beg.

Example: Can I have this? Will you please do this, I need this really bad?

Asking for any kind of special treatment is considered begging. If someone offers to help you great but if not, carry your own weight.

5. Do NOT ask other people to lie for you to get a better deal.

Example: Can you go to this board and tell them ______ is worth ##,###,### NP?

6. Do NOT mark a trade reserved.

TNT deems this against the rules because it is not fair for other users to bid on your trades if it is marked reserved. Simply mark your trade without a wishlist 'none' and ignore all other offers. Note; I have been warned for this in the past and it can get you in trouble; warning, silencing, suspension, or icing!

6. Do NOT call anyone a scammer or deflator.

TNT deems this against the rules because it can cause harassment for a player. If the player is a scammer or deflator, simply report the player and allow TNT to be judge, jury, and prosecutor. Do not get yourself in trouble! Note; I have been warned for this in the past and it can get you in trouble; warning, silencing, suspension, or icing!

7. Do split trades and auctions at your own discretion.

I had a fairly well-known neopian offer 70,000,000 NP on my Battle Slices Stamp with the request of a junk auction so that they could get it faster. They bid on the auction and then right before the auction ended, they self-iced receiving their NPs back and keeping my stamp. Know that these things can happen.

#3 - Step 1 - Learning Your Surroundings

Learning Your Surroundings

Learning Your Surroundings

We must first learn our surroundings and how they can help us make neopoints.

1. The Shop Wizard. You can find this by going to 'Shops' and clicking 'Shop Wizard'.
2. The Trading Post. You can find this by going to 'Shops' and clicking 'Trading Post'.
3. The Games Room. You can find this by clicking games.
4. The Trade Chat. You can find this by going to 'Chat' and clicking 'Trading/Auctions'.
5. Shops/Restocking. You can find this by clicking 'Shops'.
6. Auctions. You can find this by going to 'Shops' and clicking 'Auctions'.
7. New Features. You can find this by clicking 'News'.

8. Food Club. You can find this by visiting Krawk Island.
9. The Battledome. You can find this by hovering over the 'Games' tab at the top of the page and clicking 'Battledome' from the drop down menu.

#4 - Making Your First 20,000NP

Making Your First 20,000NP

Making Your First 20,000NP

Now that we have learned our primary destinations we will get started with making neopoints. Please note: I have given away all my neopoints and items to walk through this with you.

We will assume you are brand new to neopets and you literally have NO neopoints (OUCH!).

There are a few key areas will we go to first to try and get you some free neopoints and items! You must have an account which is 48hours or older. Please do not make multiple accounts to try and get free neopoints; it is against the rules and you could get your account frozen (banned) from neopets.

1. The Tombola
2. Coltzan Shrine
3. Fruit Machine
4. Monthly Freebies
5. Govenor's Mansion
6. The Discarded Plushie
7. Deserted Tomb
8. Apple Bobbing
9. Wise Old King
10. Grumpy Old King
11. The Forgotten Shore
(Note: You will need to buy 9 map pieces for this but they are VERY cheap)

Check the News and look under Current Events to see if there is an event. If there is check it out and see if you can do any of the puzzles for some free prizes! Hopefully you got some neopoints or items. If you received some items hold onto it for now; it will come in handy shortly! Assuming we didn't make any neopoints we will go to the The Games Room and make some neopoints.

Game Suggestions:

Meerca Chase II
Turmac Roll
Hassee Bounce
Kass Basher
Igloo Garage Sale: The Game

Play games until you reach 20,000NP (at least). You can send a score on each game 3x a day! You will find this process much easier if you work until 100,000 NP.

***IMPORTANT*** Also check out the following two places:

The Battledome to win cool prizes in fights like; codestones, nerkmids, and more! If you don't have a set yet, buy two Scarab Rings, they help a lot! If you are premium, Jetsam Ace gives the most nerkmids. Ask the Battledome Chat for more battling advice should you require it.

The Food Club to win lots of Neopoints. This is a good place to look up Food Club Bets that other players have made open to the public; I personally follow this kind person and it seems to work well for me most of the time. The petpage I linked you to has all the necessary links you need to place bets and collect winnings. This kind user has given you the bets you need to win the majority of the time. At a 10 year old account, I am averaging a 150,000 NP a day profit from this page. If you use it, be sure to thank the author for their help!

Warning: This is gambling and you MAY or MAY NOT win. I find generally people profit long run by sticking with a person they follow but you will lose from time to time. You should only bet when you are over 250,000 NP (ish).

#5 - Learning To Use Your Shop and The Shop Wizard

Learning To Use Your Shop and The Shop Wizard

Congratulations on making your first 20,000NP!

Next we are going to go and make a your shop.

*IMPORTANT* Do this only if you have items but learn this regardless.

If you found or won any items you must now put them in your shop. You can do this by looking at the top of your screen and clicking your NP.

This will bring you to your Inventory.

Go to Quick Stock and select your items to go into your shop.

You may now go to The Shop Wizard and check your item name. Look at the prices for these items. Take the lowest price and subtract around 10% off (5% off for ETS... note this is only a suggestion) the lowest value. Return to your shop and enter the price of your item. You should have lowest price on the market for your item causing it to sell faster.

*NOTE* Learn what price you sell your items for and what other items are selling for. It is very helpful knowing prices of items.

Items only sell when another user chooses to buy them. When you return to your shop later, and your item is gone, check your Shop Till and remove your neopoints!

*Please Note* You can only put items in your shop for 99,999NP or less. Anything above 100,000NP is not allowed and should go on the Trading Post.

Congratulations, you have now learned how to use Your Shop and The Shop Wizard. If at any time you need to upgrade Your Shop, go to the edit a shop section.

#6 - Basic Guide to Shop Wizard Sniping

Basic Guide to Shop Wizard Sniping

We are going to start with searching a very small group of items in The Shop Wizard.

Main Codestone
Eo Codestone
Mau Codestone
Bri Codestone
Orn Codestone
Tai-Kai Codestone
Zei Codestone
Lu Codestone
Vo Codestone
Har Codestone
Sho Codestone
Mag Codestone
One Dubloon Coin
Two Dubloon Coin
Five Dubloon Coin
Ten Dubloon Coin
Twenty Dubloon Coin
Fifty Dubloon Coin
One Hundred Dubloon Coin

These items are buyable Easy To Sell items (ETS). Search these items and look for any of them significantly cheaper than the others.

As you can see in the image, I bought a Mag Codestone for 12,001NP. I will put this in my shop for 13,750NP. That is a 1,749NP profit in a matter of seconds; it was my first search. I can get my profit from my shop till in my shop. All profit adds up, no matter if you have 100,000,000 NP or 10,000 NP!

Keep refreshing and searching different items for as long as you can. Eventually the Shop Wizard will say you used the Shop Wizard too much and you will not be able to use it for the remainder of the hour.

Example: If you are banned at 4:55, you can't use it again until 5:00PM.
If you are banned at 3:05, you can't use it again until 4:00PM.

Better Than You Ever Imagined

Some times you might enter a shop looking for a cheap codestone. It could end out much better than you hoped for. You may come out with hundreds of items; paint brushes, codestones, map piece, etc. This happens quite often. Be sure to look through the whole shop before leaving! This is VERY important!

Experienced Shop Wizard Sniping

Once you accomplish getting around 100,000 NP you can move onto bigger unbuyable items. Try to search the following;

Secret Laboratory Map
Pirate Draik Morphing Potion
Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion
Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie

Magical % Chia Pop
Evil Coconut
Paint Brush
Transmogrification Potion
Brightvale Job Coupon

Here is an example of Shop Wizard Sniping:

Unbuyable snipes may look like this:

This particular snipe was worth around 10,000,000 NP at the time. These items are worth around 25,000,000 NP or more to date now!

Unbuyable wizard sniping can be boring but it can prove to put you from 99,999NP right up to 15,000,000NP in a day. You could snipe big items like Draik Transmogrification Potion or Krawk Transmogrification Potion or Maraquan Paint Brush or even a retired plot/code item. The sky is the limit when it comes to wizard sniping; you never know what you will find.

#7 - Basic Guide to Trade Sniping

Basic Guide to Trade Sniping

Trade sniping involves The Mystery Island Trading Post.

You can do a couple of great things at the trading post.

1. You can set up trades. This can include up to any 10 items you own.
2. You can trade neopoints or items or both neopoints and items for other trades.

A couple important trading post rules.

1. When offering neopoints on someone else' trade lot, you must include an item. Therefore, if someone wants 10K (10,000NP) for their item you must include a junk item with your offer (i.e Pile of Dung).
2. According to The Neopian times editorial, if someone requests 100K for an item, you can not offer junk (100NP, 10K, etc) in an attempt to trick them. However, if no wishlist is present or the wishlist does not specify, you are welcome to offer. Just be careful on who's lots you offer on because we don't want to annoy people and you may find yourself BLOCKED.
3. You can not create a trade that contains neopoints.
4. You can not offer more than 2,000,000NP on any given trade. If you wish to trade in the trading post at a greater value than 2,000,000NP you will have to include ETS items such as a Baby Paint Brush or other ETS items. If you want to only pay with neopoints you will have to request the user auction their item.

When trade sniping, there are important things to look for in a trade lot and a user.

1. We will look for trades to snipe under Browse Lots and click Newest 20. Here we will find the newest 20 lots being put up on the trade post be neopian users.

2. Now it is time to look for a suitable trade. Upon trading, I immediately found a trade with lots of profit to be made.

This lot is worth over 190K and is in a lot with a discount sale.

*Please Note* I do not beg the user to accept and I do not tell them it is a good offer, I simply offer on the trade. Lying to the user is scamming. The user came out richer than before pleasing both him/her and myself.

I offered 125K and in the end, my offer was accepted. I made 65,000 NP quick profit. Trade sniping has no limit. On bigger items that exceed over 3 Million neopoints, I would strongly recommend offering 2,000,000NP and some nice ETS items; codestones, wearables, paint brushes, etc.

Make sure that you know your items before buying them. Are they HTS or ETS? If they are HTS and have a price of 400K, you can pretty much assume you will get offered roughly 60% less than trading post price for it. Can you get your item for less than that? Try and learn what items sell for by watching other people sell them.

Offer fast and early. Other people will see this, maybe some who even read this guide, and if the seller sees your offer first before others, they may accept quickly! In time you will get faster and faster at identifying and doing these things!

What to do in certain situations?

A Wishlist

As you can see with the previous trade, the person is asking for 120k on their Nerkmids. Remember, we can no longer offer really low without permission; not to say we can't offer half but do not offer 1/10th! At this point in time, these particular nerkmids are worth a total of 149,500NP! This item is nice quick profit; our favorite! There is not point in haggling; offer the asking price!

Somethings to keep in mind before bidding

1. Offer fast and early. People will see this and if they see your offer first before others, they will accept quickly!
2. Try and offer higher than the wishlist to appeal to them more and to beat out the others who may have offered right on 30,000NP.
3. Make an educated guess on how many others may have seen this trade. Time of day is a big one; school/work gets out for a lot of people, supper time, evening, morning, etc? Note times vary where you live so try and judge based on the American time zones when the most people are online_

High End Trade Sniping

So, you have over 1,000,000NP and you are tired of the buyables and the small unbuyable items. Here is where trade sniping gets fun!

Here you can see a trade lot with a rare R99 Guardian of Fire Magic Plushie. Remember KNOW YOUR PRODUCT! I initially bought this for a friend of mine but she had already owned the plushie so now it is being used as an example. R99's are bought by all kinds of people; not just professional restockers. The person who restocked this is obviously very good and recognizes that r99s are pricey. That being said, this plushie is still worth a pretty penny, we can still offer them a fair reseller offer. Review these steps:

1. Bid fast.
2. With such a large profit you MUST bid 2,000,000NP or you will most likely get beat out.
3. Make your trade look more attractive. Add some low end paint brushes (Christmas Paint Brush) or some codestones or some wearable items.
4. Since some items are ETS. Usually you can pay 80% of their total price and still receive the remaining 20% as your profit. Therefore, offering close to 2,400,000 NP in NP and ETS items would not be a bad offer for some people.
5. If the offer is accepted, set your items up 5,000 NP cheaper than the others on trades. Wait patiently and keep remaking your trades every few hours/every day.

In this situation, the item was worth around 5,000,000 NP at the time. I was able to purchase this plushie for 2,000,000 NP. I could wait weeks for a full value or sell it quick for 4,000,000 NP; giving a fast 2,000,000 NP profit!

There are many different situations that you can approach trade sniping. I hope these tips will help you and maybe you can discover what works best for you!

Just a few achievements to give some ideas on trade sniping:





#8 - Basic Guide to Auction Sniping

Basic Guide to Auction Sniping

For some of you, this will be a completely new concept of making neopoints on Neopets. The first thing to know is that auction sniping is a competition. The goal to auction sniping is to keep getting your bid in until the auction ends and you get a super cheap item with up any kind of profit; my best profit was 136 MILLION neopoints!

Getting To Know The Auction House

1. The Auction House home page. This contains the links to all the other areas of the auction house. This also shows the ending 1 - 20 auctions; chances are these auctions will end in less than a minutes time.
2. My Auctioned Items shows the items you have put up for auction. You can put an item up for auction by going to your inventory, clicking the item you wish to auction, and selecting 'Put Up For Auction!'. You will need to include the start price, the minimum increment, and how long the auction will last.
3. My Bids shows the items you have bid on which auction has not closed yet. Upon winning an item, you will receive a neomail (from TNT) stating you have won your auction and the item is now in your inventory. Winning multiple auctions can start to flood up your neomail inbox, try and keep up with it.
4. The Auction Genie allows you to search items within the auction house. You are also able to search for a user to see if they are currently auctioning items.
5. Help can answer questions you have about the auction house.
6. Status tells you how long it will take for them to send you your item after winning an auction.

Things To Know About An Auction

There are a few things you need to know about auction sniping. In the following screenshots you can see the outlined information.

As you may have noticed to the above item, I searched it using the Auction Genie. You can learn prices of items by searching them in The Shop Wizard if they are 99,999NP or less, or you can search them in the Mystery Island Trading Post if you believe it is 100,000NP or more. Note: You can still search items less than 100,000NP in the trading post as well.

Please note that some auctions are 'Neofriends Only'. This means that only neofriends, of the user auctioning, may bid on that item. Refer to the next screenshot to see what this looks like when searching for an item.

Rules To Auction Sniping

1. You can only bid 5,000NP extra over the minimum increment as a total maximum.
2. You can only bid once every five seconds.
3. You can not stop blocked users from bidding on your auctions.
4. You may only set up eight auctions.
5. You can bid on as many auctions as you like until you run out of neopoints; you will have to wait till the auction ends until you get your neopoints returned to you or your item if you win.

Basic Auction Sniping

Basic Auction Sniping takes a lot of practice and a lot of talent. No matter how good you get, you can always be beaten because of the five second rule and because no one knows the exact ending time. This means you have to fight for your items; on bigger items you may fight against over 100 different users.

The only way to snipe an item is to be on the homepage. On this homepage you will see 20 items. These items are the items ending soonest. We now possess two different options.

1. We can sit and refresh on this page until we find an item. Refreshing on the front page will slowly reveal new items arriving at the bottom of the page and it will make items at the top of the page disappear; the items disappear once their auction has ended.
2. We can click 'Next 20' until we find an item. Clicking next 20 will show the next 20 items (items 21 - 40) that will finish after the 20 items on the front page.

Here we can see there is a Secret Laboratory Map (70,000 NP) of value on page 2. I will show you how to try and win the Secret Laboratory Map. Once you click on the item name it will bring you to it's item page and we can place a bid.

As you can see, I have put in a bid for 27,418 NP. By examining the auction I could tell that there are a few people who were actively bidding on the auction since the price went up since we first discovered. The bid you enter should be an estimation number that you think of and will hopefully go through.

A bid that goes through will look like the above picture.

Commonly someone might have bid before you and higher than you. That bid will look like this.

If you do not have the top bid, you will have to go back (press backspace on the keyboard it saves times) and reenter a new bid. If your bid is too high your page will look something like this.

If this occurs you will need to use your discretion for one of two options.

1. You can refresh (refresh the page with F5 to save time) the page until and IF your bid goes through.
2. You can go back and reenter a new bid. This will lose time and as a result you may or may not get your bid in and may have to make another bid again; this depends on the number of people bidding.

If you get a bid in and try to bid in again, there is some times a five second rule. Keep refreshing until your bid goes through!

If the auction closes it will look like this.

At this point the auction is over and you can no longer bid. You will have to press 'Back' on your browser page and look at the standings. It will look like this.

The person that is on the top space is the winner. Unfortunately, you do not win anything for getting any other place than first. If you are fast enough you can go out and try and win another cheap auction that is right under this one. (I used a different auction screenshot for this last image since the other SLM auction had long been finished when trying to code this.)

Good luck auction sniping!

#9 - Basic Guide to Investing

Basic Guide to Investing

Investing can make you lot's of money! One thing to realize though is that investing takes time so the money you make will not be quick. Investing does take a lot of luck. Sometimes you may wait years for the profit you are looking for and other times you may look at a couple weeks depending on the economy. Investing requires that you buy an item, or items, and hold onto them for long periods of time until they go up in price.

You can literally invest in anything. The majority of people invest in R101 items; this means that they are a Special item and will most likely never be released again, or they invest in R180 items; these items are Retired and will NEVER be released again. In investing, this does not have to be the case. When it comes to investing you want to buy items that will go up in price.

For example: You may know of a codestone that is around 3,000NP each per stone. Codestones are a valuable commodity and in time that price will go up again; some codestones are upwards to 10,000NP each. Having this information, you should buy as many codestones as you can to the point that you won't severely damage your neopoints and you can still snipe items.

There are many different kinds of investments. To make this easier I am going to categorize investments at different levels.

Level 1
A level 1 investment consists of ETS items. This would strictly be Codestones, Piece of a treasure map, Secret Laboratory Map, Spooky Treasure Map, Dubloons, avatar items, etc. I would describe a level 1 investment as ETS items which values will be undetermined at time of resell. They can are usually give away by 'Tarla'; you can find Tarla by downloading the neopets tool bar. She gives away items for free when she is in. The only problem with these kinds of investments are that you don't know how long it will take to inflate; they very well could lose price before they gain any price.

The best item I ever invested in from a Level 1 investment is Icy Snowflake. It was a Tarla'd and because of that I bought 43 for roughly 4,300,000NP and turned them over for 9,300,000NP.

Level 2
A level 2 investment consists of semi ETS items. I call these semi ETS items because they can usually give awards or they are prize items. These items may consist of R101/R180 Stamps, R101/R180 Books, Plot Prize wearables, Plot Prize Weapons, Advent Calendar prizes, etc. People often like to invest in these items. They are easy to sell and pretty quick to turn over in prize when you by them in bulk. There is a couple problems with this kind of investment.

1. Lot's of people participate in plots and as a result there are a lot of these items; therefore, the items take a very long time to get rare.
2. The items that are rare and worth a fortune are many years old and with that knowledge you most likely do not have enough to invest in the older plot items; Darigan Sword of Death, Marafin, etc.

Investing in level 2 items is not a bad thing. Every level of investment has it's benefit and it's flaw. My best Level 2 investment was when I bought 1,000 Year 5 Stamp's for 18,000,000NP. I resold these quickly for 32,000,000NP.

Level 3
A level 3 investment is unique and consists of somewhat HTS items. These items might be very rare R101 up to R180 Books, R101 up to R180 Stamps, Rare Wearables, etc. When I say rare, I mean there are less than 30 of these known to be left on neopets. You may think these items are very unique because of that but that makes them extremely valuable and collectors are usually only willing to pay so much for one item. The way to find out how many of these items are left (roughly) is to search galleries, trades, and auctions.

My personal bulk best from Level 3 investments was buying 5 Fyoras Favorite Summer Recipes for 2,000,000NP total. I sold these for 52,000,000NP. I bought them right at release and it was discovered that only 15 had been released.
My personal best from investing in one Level 3 investment is buying a Spiced Pastry Hat. This item was exclusively released to only 6 players on neopets; it is a wearable. I paid 25,000,000NP for it and sold it for 55,000,000NP.

Level 4
A level 4 investment is strictly HTS. This item is most likely R101 up to R180. It could be a food, a retired weapon that is useless to use, anything that is not really required in the game. The only people that really want this item is collectors. It has no use except to complete someones gallery. This item can be very unattractive as well.

My best level 4 investment was buying a Marrow Loaf for 600,000NP. This item is R104 and has only been released twice in neopets. It can still be released but it is very rare regardless. It is won at the Guess The Weight of the Marrow game in Meridell. I sold this item for 5,400,000NP.

This best to determine if your item is a good investment or not is to determine it's use, how it looks, where did it come from, and it's rarity. People will value R180 items more than R101 items. Good luck investing!

Below you will see a picture of a sale I made on my Usukicon Y17 Diary Books. I held them all for a year and sold them by the next Usukicon. It is often better to bulk sell all your investments at once rather than selling each item off one by one; use your discretion. I am still very happy with this deal!

#10 - Basic Guide to Restocking

Basic Guide to Restocking

Restocking is an art. It takes a lot of patience and determination. An old friend of mine has made a guide on restocking and it is the best guide I have ever seen in neopets. Please refer to it for all your restocking needs. It will tell you everything you need to know. Thank Lyn for making it!

This guide is old but it is still highly relevant to today!

#11 - Basic Guide to the Battledome

Basic Guide to the Battledome


#12 - Conclusion


As I stated earlier, I started this guide up from 0NP. In time from following my guide I was able to make 1,052,000NP in just under 7 days. If you can learn your surroundings and learn your items you will become a pro on neopets in no time.

If you have any questions or suggestions please mail steve_km.

Remember to always be nice and sincere! Thank you for looking at my guide and I hope you can become all the best!

#13 - My Best Snipe

My Best Snipe

During my time on neopets I had stopped playing neopets due to some unforeseen circunstances which involved losing all my neopoints in October of 2009. I did not return to neopets until May of 2010. At this time I still did not try and obtain neopoints too often as I was still so upset at my lost and the situation that had happened. Come September of 2010 I had begun making neopoints again. I was playing a lot; sometimes I would be on for 12 hours of the whole day. Let's keep in mind I have quit neopets now and this is NOT the case.

Starting from September of 2010 I started with roughly 3,000,000NP. Right up to April of 2011, I worked extremely hard at making neopoints. In the month of December I had a profit of over 100,000,000NP total; however, this was not my best profit. This is my best profit of all.

Sold: 375,000,000 NP

I had to sell ALL of my investments and ALL of my gallery and ALL my items of value to have enough pure neopoints for this item. After winning this item I was left with only 7,000,000NP pure; which for an item that has a 2,000,000NP increment that is not a lot.

UPDATE: January, 2017

This stamp is now selling for 600,000,000 NP. It would have been quite the investment!

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