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Disclaimer: I was not forced to create any part of this application. Making it on a petpage was entirely my choice.

Lost in the milky way,
Smile at the empty sky
And wait for the moment
When a million chances may all collide.

- The Lightning Seeds, The Life of Reilly


Greetings, and welcome to my application for Celeluna. Thank you for taking the time to read this application.

The first part of this application will focus on the character I have for Celeluna (components of her future petpage if she is to come to live with me), whilst the second part will be the more formal section with information about me and the plans I have for Celeluna.

If there's any section you'd prefer to read first, you can use the navigation on the right. ^^


Character & Story Overview

Celeluna has grown up in Neopia with only Ciel the Starry Feepit as her caretaker and friend. She enjoys quiet nights just sitting by the beach and looking up at the stars that dot the sky together with Ciel. She found the night sky beautiful and fascinating, and many times she find herself wondering if there was any one else who lived out there in the vast space. Of course, she thinks that it is just a simple fantasy of hers, being a daydreamer, which Ciel would often accuse her of being. He would always offer his opinion on how the odds are simply improbable whenever she brought up the subject, though he never offers anything else to back his claim.

By chance one day, she meets Slayner, who also believes that there are actually others out there. He introduces himself as someone who lived in Kreludor when it was a thriving kingdom - before it was destroyed and left as the mostly uninhabitable place that it now is. She starts to befriend him and they would spend hours talking about aliens and life beyond Neopia, despite strong opposition from Ciel, who, after that first meeting, would only treat Slayner with much hostility.

Celeluna starts having dreams at night of a home in an unfamiliar palace, and finds that they are places that Slayner have talked about as his old home. Initially thinking they were only dreams that her mind had pieced together, she brushes them off. However, she soon finds that they were in fact memories when she sees places that Slayner have not described to her, yet when she asks him how he remembered a certain location of that unfamiliar palace they were as she had seen them.

She then decides to confront Ciel about where she really was from, because she realises that she couldn't have been living on Neopia all her life and he would know since he had always been by her side. Ciel tells her that she was originally from another planet known as Xenithe, but due to the constant war that ravaged the planet her parents had arranged for her to be sent to live in the palace of Kreludor. However, it was less than a year before Kreludor was mostly destroyed, and Ciel brought her to Neopia, a young planet that was free from intergalactic war due to the lack of technology. Knowing that her parents had placed her safety as the top priority, he decided that it was better if she was unaware of the wars that plague the universe, the same way the citizens of Neopia were.

Celeluna tells Slayner of what she had learnt and now that they have rather solid proof of life out there, start to find a way to Xenithe together.

A Letter

A Message from Slayner, a Desert Prince of Kreludor.
Dear Neopian,

Have you ever gazed up into the sky at night, and wonder if there's life out there?

I have.

I wonder, because if Kreludor, that desolate rock as it is known to most of you, used to have a thriving kingdom where I was from, why not the other countless rocks that are also out there? And if so, wouldn't it be so possible that there are a handful that are able to sustain life, and still continue to?

I wish to one day meet these aliens.

Night Beneath The Stars

The night air is cool as you walk along the beach. It was one of those days where a little time to yourself and some peace and quiet was all you needed, and this was the place. There was no busy chatter of the people you would hear in the marketplace at this hour, nor the rowdy crowd at the inn. Just the soothing sound of the waves being washed on shore and receding rhythmically.

You look around and notice that there is no one in sight along the beach, though it was not lit and you could not see far. To the left were the buildings, their lights reminding you of the people that were within. To the right was the vast open ocean, nothing more than a mass of black at this hour.

But you can see that above the horizon, the stars were as clear as day, shining brightly against the blackness. For the first time in a while, you glance upward towards the sky and take in the sight of the stars above. You are so mesmerised that you do not notice where you are going, and end up tripping over something that was in your path.

.Ouch! Whatever you tripped over spoke. You notice it is a small Feepit, barely noticeable due to his size. You might have tripped over him even if you had been paying attention. He was a very groucy-looking Feepit, with his little paws at his waist.

You quickly pick yourself up and apologise.Sorry about that, was just looking... at the stars, you trail off, realising that it must have sounded extremely silly.

.Oh, the stars are lovely are they not? came another voice.I can see why you weren't looking ahead. It's quite alright, I understand.

.Well, I still don't appreciate being tripped over, the Feepit says.

.It's quite alright. Ciel is just a little sensitive when it comes to his size. My name is Celeluna. The other voice, you can now tell, comes from a Gnorbu. Her deep blue coat blended very well with the darkness, but her light mane and red eyes stood out.And you are...?

.Oh, I'm xfadedmemorie, you reply.

.Well, xfadedmemorie, would you care to join us for a lovely night of viewing the stars? The sky is perfect for stargazing tonight, Celeluna says.

It wasn't a bad idea, so you agree.

The Stargazer


Name: Celeluna
Alias: Lun
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Species: Gnorbu
Paint: Starry
Length: 2"9'.
Height: 3"2'.
Weight: 103 lbs

Reference Sheet
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Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Stargazing, Night, Ciel
Dislikes: Day, Crowds, Noise


Confident: ---------+---------- [47%]
Open: --------------+----- [71%]
Agreeable: --------+----------- [42%]
Conscientious: -------------+------ [67%]
Extraverted: ---+---------------- [18%]
Empathetic: ---------------+---- [79%]
Trusting: -----------+-------- [56%]
Spontaneous: ------+------------- [33%]
Authoritarian: ----+--------------- [24%]
Imaginative: ----------------+--- [84%]
Attentive to style: ---------+---------- [46%]
Practical: -------+------------ [40%]
Neurotic: ---+---------------- [17%]

Confident: Celeluna is relatively confident of herself.

Open: Celeluna does not mind experiencing new things, though she must always watch the stars at night.

Agreeable: Celeluna tries to get along with those that she meets to avoid trouble.

Conscientious: Celeluna will always try her best to be careful in the things she do.

Extraverted: Celeluna does not mind the company of one or two others. However, she does not like having to talk to too many people.

Empathetic: Celeluna can understand the plight of others and feels for them.

Trusting: There was never much for Celeluna to be distrustful of.

Spontaneous: Since almost every day is the same routine, Celeluna would not be very spontaneous.

Authoritarian: Celeluna does not command authority very well.

Imaginative: Celeluna loves to daydream and think of the impossible.

Attentive to style: Celeluna is relatively unconcerned with style, though she does make an effort to look decent and tidy.

Practical: Celeluna is mostly interested in dreams rather than reality, but she does know the line that is drawn between them most of the time.

Neurotic: Celeluna doesn't worry much and leads a carefree life.

The Companion

Name: Ciel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Feepit

Personality: Ciel is very practical and straightforward. He doesn't get along well with other Neopets/Petpets and treats anyone other than Celeluna with much hostility. The only one he cares about more than himself is Celeluna.

He is Celeluna's companion, though he is also the one who raised her. Celeluna assumes that she met him one day and he decided to tag along with her, as her memories strangely don't go that far back. However, she realises eventually that he knows more about her past than he is willing to let on, and that he was not merely tagging along for no reason.

Celeluna dislikes anyone referring to him as her pet, because she treasures him more than that. Ciel is the only one that Celeluna regards as her true friend after all these years.

From Beyond The Stars

It was another night by the beach with Ciel. It was a routine that I had gotten used to, and routines make one forget that sometimes things don't happen the way one would expect. Both of us were looking at the beautiful stars. Truthfully, it was just me alone soaking up the beautiful stars. Ciel was leaning against me, fast asleep.

I mentally note the constellations that I could see and start naming the stars whose names I knew. Today was not a very good night as the moon was bright and full, easily outshining the dim light of the stars from lightyears away. Mostly, I could only see the alpha and beta stars of a few constellations, which are the brightest and second-brightest stars respectively in a constellation.

I sighed, ready to wake Ciel and head home since it wasn't dark enough to see the satellites darting around surrounded by hundreds of stars. The sky was still beautiful, but I had enough of viewing.

.Come on Ciel, I say.The moon is too bright to see anything good today. Stupid chunk of rock. I had observed the moon many times. While it was beautiful in its own way, I do not think that it can compare to the stars in the sky. It was just a passing comment, not meant to offend.

.It's not simply a chunk of rock, came a voice from behind me.

I turned and find myself face-to-face with a Hissi with dark brown skin and deep purple eyes.What? was all I managed to utter.

.I said, the moon is not simply a chunk of rock, he says. He said it kindly, maintaining a gentle smile on his face.Used to be thriving with Neopets, just like here.

.Oh, great, a nutty fellow, mutters Ciel.Let's go, Celeluna.

.No, I want to listen to this, I say. I had always dreamed that there could be intelligent life living out in space. If there was a thriving civilisation on Kreludor... Well, then why not anywhere else?What makes you say that? I ask the Hissi.

.My name is Slayner, and I come from Kreludor. The kingdom I lived in was unfortunately destroyed when Kreludor found itself in the path of an asteriod nearly a decade ago, he says.I'm happy to find a Neopian citizen interested in the stars. You know, I've always imagined that there were others out there. There was a glimmer in his eyes as he said that.

I was surprised, to say the least. After all, it was just too good to be true. If he came from Kreludor, and one could actually live there, even if it was some time ago... this was definitely a step forward from there being intelligent life out there being only a belief of him. What were the chances that I would actually meet him? The best part was that he thinks that there's others out there too!

.Absolute rubbish! Ciel exclaims.It's getting late, even for a night. We should head home. Good bye, stranger He literally drags me along with him as he says it. He's rather strong and big for a Feepit. And I'm rather small for a Gnorbu.

.Meet you here tomorrow? I manage to turn and shout, which earned me a glare from Ciel. I see Slayner nodding his head and I could care less what lecture Ciel would deliver when we got home. Finally, I have found someone who has the same idea that I do.

Xenithe Revealed

Xenithe is not too different from the Neopia that we are familiar with, even though it is technically a moon. It has an atmosphere, and can sustain life. Land covers a good 40% of the planet, while the rest of it is covered by uninhabitable waters to the citizens.

The people of Xenithe are unable to swim as they are very much fire-aligned. However, they are still able to touch water.

There are four main kingdoms in Xenithe and they are constantly at war. They are each represented by a different colored flame. There are no 'different species' on Xenithe as it is taboo to mention species in the planet's custom. Everyone is recognised by their nationality.

The Blue Flame nation is also known as Cerados. The Green Flame nation is called Tharith, the Red Flame Feilo and the Yellow Flame Rimulon.

Cerados is the richest and wealthiest kingdom on the planet, they are also the most technologically advanced. It is also the smallest in population and size (land area), thus a large part of the citizens have to serve as soldiers to defend the kingdom. It is located near the equator of Xenithe.

The people of this place have a unique ability to form fire from their hands. The fire cannot hurt and is used as a light and can appear and disappear at will. This gift was given to the people through various injections many generations ago, and over the years, it has incorporated itself into their DNA and thus every Ceradian is born with the ability.

Tharith is a medium-sized nation in the north. The region is blessed with lots of rich natural resources that help to sustain the country.

Most notably, the place has the largest number of meto mines. Meto is a substance found only on Xenithe and can serve multiple purposes. It is the main component used in the manufacture of weapons but can also be used in jewelry as jewel stones.

Tharith is also a busy port for travelling alien species that drop by for the meto. It is through this that the Tharians get the blueprints for better weapons.

Feilo is the largest nation, located in the southern region. What this place lacks in resources it makes up for in numbers and size.

A lot of aliens love to come to this kingdom to employ workers as the labor fees are significantly cheaper than workers from other neighboring planets.

Unfortunately, most of the people in this place are poor and live very hard lives.

Rimulon is known for being a fortress. While the other three kingdoms are separated from each other by only a small stretch of water, Rimulon is separated from the other three by the largest body of water on the planet, the Rimulon Ocean.

The Rimulians are the most comfortable with water of all the inhabitants of the planet due to this and use it to their advantage in wars.

However, they are also the most peaceful of the kingdoms and will not initate a battle against another kingdom. They will only fight when they are being attacked.

But sometimes, defense is the best offence... Rimulon is a deadly force not to be trifled with.

The Gallery

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I suppose this is farewell. Perhaps we shall meet again?


♦ Dorothy, for placing Celeluna UFA and letting me adopt her.
Vibe by Kiwi, where I got the code for the navigation at the side.
♦ Artists of the art site dA, where I found numerous tutorials that helped me create the space art used on this page, especially Supremacia and Qzma.
♦ Hawksmont for the glow brush used in the header image.

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