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Then you've come to the right place! Welcome to Sugary Premades, a site by Nene that offers premade layouts for your use! I adore desserts; that's why most of my premades are sweets-themed. Use the navigation links (at the top) to browse through the layouts. However, read the rules before taking any of my premades:

Do NOT remove the credit link
Do NOT re-distribute my layouts on your own site

Click the envelope above to neomail me (through my userlookup)!
1) I do NOT take layout requests.
2) Please read the FAQ (below) first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I go to edit my userlookup/petpage/etc?
Edit your userlookup here. Edit your petpages here. Edit your petlookups here. Edit your shop layout here. Edit your gallery layout here.

Can I edit your premades (images, colors, lyrics, etc)?
Yes. With credit. As long as you keep the credit link on, do whatever you like with the premades.

Do you take requests / do customs?
No, sorry.

What happened to some of your old lookups/petpage styles?!
I had to remove them because I can't get them to work with the new filters, sorry.

I can't find the "Save Changes" button while editing your petpage layout!
Hold down the CTRL button then repeatedly click the dash/minus button to zoom out. The save button should come into view. After you click save, hit CTRL and the zero button to zoom back to normal.

Where do you find the images for your layouts?
I take most of the neo-related images from the Neo backgrounds page and the Background Bonanza. All other images were found using a search engine.

How can I make my neohome/habitarium/shop show up on the userlookup?
Paste the coding into Notepad. Go to Edit, then Find..., and type in #userneohome. Once you find that word, delete it. If there's a comma after #userneohome, delete that too. Do the same for gallery and habitarium, except look for the word #usershop and #habitarium respectively. NOTE: displaying the neohome/shop/habitarium may mess up the layout. Do at your own risk!

Can I change your credit/css link into a button link instead?
Yes, sure! Pick a button you like (at top of this page) and copy the code.

Can you teach me how to code??
For starters, you need understanding of basic HTML and CSS. Then you can apply it to userlookups, petpages, etc. Here are excellent guides that may help you: one, two, three (for userlookups), and four. Good luck!

How do you code anchored petpages (many pages on the same page)?
It's a relatively advanced HTML and CSS trick. I can't explain to you how to code that type of layout, but you can check out these beginners' guides to page anchors here and here. Good luck!

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Sitely Updates

April 17, 2011
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Feedback Needed!

There are some things I'd like to know from you, dear visitor! Please take some time to answer some/any of these questions? Neomail me the answers! (Subj: Suggestions)

What are your favorite colors? (for color scheme ideas in future lookups)

Do you have any suggestions on layout themes that you want to see? (for userlookups, petlookups, or petpages)

What colors do you want to see added to Sugary's collection of color-themed petlookups?

All suggestions will be listed here, so that I can keep track of them.

  • Maractite petlookup - in progress
  • Graphic-based petpages - considered
  • Sketch petlookup - considered
  • spring petpages - considered
  • rare faeries/seasonal themes - considered
  • mutant petlookup - considered
  • more banner style lookups - considered
  • petpage w/ patterned BGs - considered
  • faerie-themed shop layouts - considered