The Shadow
A guide to Edna's Shadow.

Welcome to my guide to Edna's Shadow!

Here I'll give you a rundown of what you're up against, your goals, and a walkthrough for each level. Edna's Shadow can be tricky, but if you practice hard, this game can be mastered in no time! There are currently no avatars for this game (sadly) but there are the three high score trophies to obtain. Plus, if the percentage is around 1.0 for your scores, you can easily make 3k a day from this game. In short, Edna's Shadow is a great addition to your favourites!

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Game Goal

Edna's had a terrible explosion! A spell she was working with went kablooey, and now she has been separated from her Shadow, and flung to the bottom of her tower! Poor Edna, what can she do?

Gather ingredients! The name of the game is Edna's Shadow. You use both Edna and her Shadow to gather ingredients throughout fourteen levels of the game. Once all ingredients have been gathered, she can reverse her mistake and get back to the top of her tower!



The difficult thing about this game is the control system. You don't just move one character, you move two, and with all the blocks, bends, and roaming enemies, it can make the game very frustrating. Using your arrow keys to move, and your space bar to zap enemies and grey blocks, you need to learn how to manage using two characters at once to your best advantage. If you're going for a high score, managing your time by managing both characters successfully is key, and it definitely takes some practice. Some levels offer large game boards with two sides full of things to collect and destroy. Using only one character really will hinder your time score.

Edna will always start each level in perfect harmony with the arrow keys. Both her and her Shadow will follow Up and Down correctly, but they will be opposites with the Left and Right controls. For Shadow, Left is Right, and Right is Left. This only changes when you run into a red potion.

Do not try to get through each level with both characters totally even. The farther along you get in the game the less this is possible and the angrier you will get. It is not necessary. The only time you must be even is as the end when you need to touch the cauldron, and there are tricks to do that for each level.

Necessary Evils

Enemies: Tombstones, Ghosts, Bats, and The Brain Tree will all roam around, getting in your way and generally being a nuisance. None of them will chase you, but they will all be there as a threat. (The Brain Tree will periodically stop moving. The time he freezes varies, so be careful when nearby.) If Edna or her Shadow touches an enemy she will freeze, leaving whoever is left on the board to move around and go to save the other. (If Shadow freezes, Edna still moves, and visa versa.) During this time you can not collect any ingredients. You must go to the frozen partner and walk over them to get them to move. Only when Edna and her Shadow are healthy again can you collect ingredients. If both characters are frozen at the same time the game ends. You can zap enemies with one character frozen. Edna's magic never runs out!

Ingredients: You must collect all ingredients to get the cauldron to glow so you can finish the level. The ingredients are a variety of spooky foods, gross foods, and a bag of neopoints. Grab all of them to advance.

Bonuses: There are varying bonuses that can and will pop up during the game. These can help you or hinder you depending on your ability to master the controls of the game.

The Green Blob: It will freeze all enemies for a temporary amount of time. By my count, after five seconds, they will begin to wiggle (which is your warning) and then the second after will move.

The Pocket Watch: It will add ten seconds to your time. (Unless it is difficult to get and will waste more time than it gives, grab the watch. A three second trip for a seven second bonus is worth the trip for your score in the end.)

The Red Potion: This will switch the left and right controls of Edna and her Shadow. Edna will act like Shadow, and Shadow will act like Edna.

Grey Blocks: Light grey blocks with yellow edges show up periodically in different levels. They are zappable with a blast of Edna's magic, and may reveal nothing, but can drop an apple core behind. These cores should be picked up for a five point bonus each!


Getting a high score requires speed and a bit of luck. The more bonuses you get and the faster you complete the levels the more points you will rack up. These are the following things you earn points on...

Enemies: 10 points each
Ingredients: 5 points each
Apple Cores: 5 points each
Time: Whatever is left after finishing the level adds onto your total score. Time bonuses are the key to a high score.

Playing Field

The reason that Edna's Shadow works is that it has a playing field made up of a grid where everything can fit within a direct square. Look at the border of any level and you will see it is made up of squares fitting either equally sized blocks, or fencing that all fits in each square. Everything, including Edna and her Shadow, fits inside a square. This is an important fact to note, because it allows you to line yourself up properly to get to the cauldron. This allows you to be able to pass by enemies easily when they are in the row next to you. Once you start noticing that the game is a grid then you start seeing patterns and possibilities for alignment. You can measure where you need to stop by the outlines of the grid. When you're confused, look for a fence, block, or a border piece to help line you up.

Level Walkthrough

In each level there is one goal: gather all of Edna's ingredients, and take it to the cauldron. You will know when all the ingredients have been gathered when the cauldron glows. At that point it is a race against the clock to even yourself out, and touch the cauldron at the same time. The faster you do so the more time is leftover at the end, the more points you get added to your collective score. Don't do it fast enough and you lose the entire game. The following are level overviews both written and with a picture to help show you how to finish each level. I have also added gifs, linked to right here, that show you how I end each level.

1 - 5

6 - 7

8 - 14

Level 1

(That little skull scroll isn't there throughout game play. It opens up before each level to give you tips, and explanations. I just tried to get the screenshot before I started playing.)

Level One is really simple. Go towards the middle, go up, and then go around to gather the ingredients before going up and around to meet together at the cauldron. The red line is how my characters move. This is one of the rare levels that is totally even and allows you to move in unison.

Two for the price of one! This technique is easy to master and is useful for destroying two grey blocks instead of one with only one effort, and getting two lined up ingredients with one effort. Simply align yourself in the middle of them and then touch the ingredients, or make a zap for the blocks! This also works with enemies.

Level 2

Level Two introduces enemies! Go up and around to get the items. The bat will be moving most likely towards the Shadow, so try and zap it with the Shadow! Either way, get rid of it, get the ingredients then go up and get rid of the ghost. Get those ingredients, then go to the cauldron! It's very easy. However if you get disoriented, just go to the top of screen, move to the right side until Edna stops (and her Shadow does on the other side) then move in again. All matched up!

Enemies constantly move. They won't stay in the same place.

Level 3

I've heard people have trouble moving on with this level, and I can understand why. It really introduces the challenge of moving evenly around obstacles. The first thing to do is to go into the middle bottom part and get the ghost. Then move out, and go through the bottoms of the little dips to get the ingredients on either side. You will have to run along the entire three floor squares there. Note how one side's ingredients is slightly different than the other. Move up from there, and don't go left to collect the ingredients! Instead, hit the top, move left to get the enemies, get the ingredients then go back around and down. The last two pieces will be on your way to the cauldron. If you're perfectly even you should be fine, but if not, just go to the cauldron, go up, then down again.

Level 4

This level is the first level where Edna and her Shadow are separated (sort of) and it also introduces bonuses such as green blobs.

Start off by focusing on the Shadow. Remember that if you need to go right, hit the left arrow key. Get rid of her enemies first and grab Shadow's bottom ingredients as you do. Then, focus on Edna to get her bottom ingredients before moving up to get her enemies and more ingredients. Use the Shadow to get her items, then go to the cauldron. Lining yourself up is very easy here. Just go towards the middle wall and touch it, then go down until you reach the bottom, then back up again. The method I personally use and you will see in the gif is slightly more difficult, and involves Edna being held behind a block while her Shadow moves for her last ingredient. When in doubt though, the simple method solves all. Unlike my drawing shows, it can be done at any height there. That's just for reference.

You can move through the cauldron! If Edna or her Shadow dies, just move through the cauldron to get to the other side.

Level 5

Time to rely on obstacles to give you an idea of where you are! Clear out the level of items and then finish near the top. You are now going to use that top little crevasse to even yourself out (circled in yellow). Go inside the crevasse with both Ednas. Hit the top of it, then spread out so you are beside each other. I like using Edna on the right. Move down until you hit the bottom of it, then align yourself like I have down in the picture. Now, hit the bottom arrow. Once you hit the cauldron (if you have aligned yourself correctly) you will finish the level. There is more than one way to swing Edna into the right place. Look at the fencing beside the green dot for an alignment guide.

Level 6

Level Six introduces the blocks that can be blasted away! Each block you remove may have the chance of leaving an apple core behind as a bonus. Each core is worth 5 points, and can be picked up even if you only have one Edna available!

It is possible to get your Ednas close together near the top of the cauldron but not quite even with it. Pin them against the top wall, then put Edna against the right wall, with the red 1. Have Shadow move out until she hits where the 2 is. Then move them both in towards the cauldron. (You might start to understand why Edna and her Shadow are controlled as opposites on the arrow keys. Without that, they would not be able to meet in the middle.)

Many times it won't be this easy though, so you'll have to even up using obstacles. (Useful if you mess up the first method too.) See where my Ednas are? One is pressed against the lower left, the other has been stopped by the block to the right. All you have to do is go up until both stop moving, then go in. Even if the Edna's are uneven, it's easy to use the same method. (You don't have to hit the block with the right Edna if you can't. Just stop right before it.)

Level 7

To finish this level you will have to use your judgement in one of two ways. The first way is done in red, where you have Edna 1 pressed to the left of the cauldron, and have to inch Edna 2 to the right of it.

The second way is shown by the Ednas on screen. Move your Ednas down until they are flush with the bottom, then move one all the way to the right and inch the second one to the left until she hits the point I've shown. Then move in, and up!

Curious as to how I even managed to get them both in that area? To get them there, use the Edna closest to the cauldron and put her in red Edna 1 position. Then, using the principal of the opposite movements (I prefer using the Shadow as the moving one for this) twist and shift her until she is down with your Edna. It might take a bit of extra movement to get them into position for way 1, but once you get into it, it's pretty easy.

Level 8

Level Eight is almost like a freebie level. You have plenty of time left over, and it's real easy to move around!

Move around the screen collecting items, and getting out the enemies. Then go back into the box. If you're having a hard time getting them both in at once, just put one in, move her up, then freely manoeuvre the second Edna in. Once you have them both inside, hit the top, then spread out to the sides like shown. Move in, and voila! Easy peasy!

Level 9

I dislike this level a lot. It's rough, even for a seasoned player, because of all the opportunities to die!

The real key here for me is removing all of the grey blocks and enemies. Once you've gathered all the ingredients, the cauldron is glowing, the enemies are gone, and the blocks have been dusted, put your Ednas together and move them to the very top of the screen. Once they're even, move down and put one Edna to the right. Then shift, carefully, until you have your Ednas where I do.

The next part is important: move them together FIRST before moving down. Because if you don't, you'll get out of whack, and there isn't a lot of time to correct mistakes.

And yes, there is such a thing as being too close together. But if you find you are, just shift out a bit!

Level 10

Whoo! As you can see with the screenie, I was pretty close to losing on this level when I screenied it!

Level 10 is tough because there seems to be no way to even yourself out! Or at least that's how I felt the first few times I lost at it. That was until, I noticed the grey blocks.

Play out the level but DON'T get rid of the grey blocks on the right hand side of the cauldron area. At least not the one the right Edna is at. Once you are ready to go to the cauldron, go inside that area and press against the top to even out, then go down, and position yourself according to where I have. Move in, and you're done!

Level 11

Urgh. Tricky! This level is longer than the previous ones! You will have to use the 'D' key on your keyboard to move the screen down, so you can get to the bottom.

Be careful, and move quickly! I find this level tricky, however I have found one way that seems to work well to even yourself out. If one Edna is farther from the cauldron than the other, move the significant one you're working with into the crook like so. Then, using obstacles as guides, shift the second Edna so she is in the square that would be on the left side of the cauldron. The right Edna would already be there. Then, move up, hit the top obstacles to even yourself out, and move down again!

Level 12

This level is really simple. Complete everything and move down the screen to the bottom. The very last grey block near the cauldron is something you NEED TO KEEP. Don't blast it! Press your Ednas flush against the top obstacles, then move the one to the inside of the grey block (inside being that facing the cauldron) and keep holding your key down until the other Edna hits the wall. Then move in, and voila! Simple!

Level 13

Level Thirteen has great opportunity for lots of bonus points provided you get a lot of apple cores from the grey blocks! However, if you're just looking to finish, gather all your stuff and go into the little block squares. Don't get rid of them all! Leave it so you fit around the cauldron when spread out. Even yourself out on the top or bottom, and move into the cauldron. Simple!

Level 14

Final level of the game! No enemies, just lots and lots of blocks, and very few ingredients.

The theory is the same as the last level, but this time, you might need to use just obstacles or just your own eye to make sure you even yourself out correctly. THIS is why you keep the 'edmoretime' code. Because the longer time you have, the more blocks you can get rid of to get that high score!

...So, what now?

Er, bye bye? No, I'm kidding! There is much more to do. Practice! Play daily and get better at the game if you're going for a high score. Or, find your daily 1k level that you can play 3 times!

You'll probably find yourself new techniques, and new ways to get around things. I constantly am, but honestly, I forget most of them! That's why I listed the techniques I did, because those are for me, tried and true.

If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them. As well as tips, and any extra suggestions you can think of! Questions will go into a FAQ section, and tips and tricks will have a place of their own. And do you have a new method for finishing each level? Tell me! Give me the instructions, and I'll try it out. If it's easy and useful, I'll put it up! Full credit of course!

Speaking of credit, don't take any of this! I'd appreciate if you wouldn't copy any of the images, or text used on this guide. Stealing is ugly, and wrong!

You can contact me by neomailing the account giggilogalmewmew.


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