Welcome to Sunlit's UC Faerie Ruki project page! I am looking for a UC Faerie Ruki to join my neofamily. For the entirety of this application, they will be referred to as Dahlia, a female, but do note that I do not mind what gender Dahlia will be, as I can change their gender. There is a navigation to the top right: hover over it to use it. Thank you for visiting my project page, and if you are interested in trading one to me, my current offer is lilhia405 the UC Faerie Lenny. Want to help?

all dreams are pleasant when they begin

Shall I describe it to you? It was a summer of vines
the mead flowed like the clouds over summer air
and we danced to the steady breath of the sea...

Her father owned a boat. He always scowled when she called Fair Myha a boat, and reprimanded her with his own thoughts. It was a repurposed galley, given to him after years in service to the royalty of Lyones. Totara was the name of the wood used to build it, supposedly hailing for the lands of the Fels, somewhere deep south, and her father proudly stated that it couldn't rot, probably due to some magic she couldn't recall. Either way, she did admit it was quite grand: its sails caught the wind like the moon catches the tides, and the oars swept powerfully through the waves like the Lions that stalked through the menagerie. Inside, a myriad of treasures lay hidden inside countless drab crates, waiting for a curious hand to reveal them. The boat slowly meandered to and from the Ports of Athelion like how her mother used to wander through the gardens, praying for her husband's safe return. Poor Myha, they used to say. Her wrinkles make her look like a woman twice her age.

Dahlia had only been on it a handful of times, for every time he came home he would be off sooner or later. He attested that he went on grand adventures full of peril and heroics: to where, he never had the time to tell. But other gifts she got, the finest silk from Hainan, a heavy fur cloak from Winterhaven and once even some sweet Felian perfume, which they stole from pirates who had first stolen them from the Shadow Fleet. She had only learnt this after questioning the sailors, who doted on her ceaselessly. They too had children, scattered in ports around Gaia, who were also waiting for their return.

Her family was close to the royalty, and she had served as a lady-in-waiting to the Princesses, whom she loved as her own sisters. They were confidants, for both their mothers were always off to some place or another on duty. Many adventures were had, sometimes crawling onto the ramparts to get a closer look at the sea, or running through the kitchens cooking up mischief. Her own mother couldn't care less, spending her time earning more of those wrinkles, and the Queen thought that such behaviour was charming, as long as they didn't do anything too severe.

The Crown Prince was another matter, dark and moody, permanently painted with knitted brows. As much as the Princesses were younger than she, the Crown Prince was as much older, although it didn't make much difference. They all agreed that he was too broody to ever love someone, and that the future of the kingdom was in peril. Ah, if only someone could love them as much as Dahlia's mother loved her husband! It was well known that the Queen did not love the King even half as much as Dahlia's mother loved her husband, and the Princesses lived sourly for this fact. Whether this was reciprocated, the answer was well known, but it did make for a good story nevertheless.

At some point, she realised that her father would be home for longer than a week, and asked to have tea with him. He declined, mentioning that they should drink something stronger, and they had a lovely evening with mother, drinking until the sun yawned below the sea, and cast shadows on Fair Myha's furled sails, having their portrait painted.

Tomorrow would be a court ball, and as always, they had been invited. Invitations to the merchant class were rare, but due to her father's former status as Captain of the Fleet, they were always cordially invited. The King and he had a close companionship, with the former feeling enough strength in their bond to gift her father the finest of his fleet when after receiving a grievous injury. On the recent trip her father had neglected to bring back a new gown, so while her mother fretted, Dahlia was dressed in a gown borrowed from the Princesses. The ball was eventless, and she was forced to endure the company of the Crown Prince (who, it seems, had not improved in the years gone by). He had mentioned that they should go to a walk to see the new portraits: The new Tyrian purple highlights your eyes quite well, and so Dahlia was dragged across the palace to inspect them.

Dahlia herself didn't find anything eye-catching about them, other than that the Tyrian purple must have cost a small fortune, imported from Hainan, far across the seas. However, the Crown Prince was disdainful and had complaints. The dye is fake. Really, Your Royal Highness? She wondered, reaching out to inspect the painting. How can you tell, may I ask? The Prince was rumoured to be experimenting with magical family heirlooms, but she didn't think he had learnt so much. There is magic in the paint. Tainted by the Shadow Fleet, no doubt, the cheapskates they are. He paused for a second, and looked at her thoughtfully. In fact, would you like to have a look at this magic yourself?

It's only now that she truly sees the painting, as before she had only given it a passing glance, an introductory sweep for the benefit of the Crown Prince. The prince was right: The Tyrian purple was beautiful at accentuating the purples of her eyes and dress, and it effortlessly disguised her discomfort in that scratchy dress, when she had sitted for it. Her features were still fine and pale, flaxen hair sweeping down to her waist, fine lips, button nose, and dimples in her smile. They had been very careful to flatter her, and while she could not possess such beauty as the painting, she was still grateful for the exaggeration.

Her attention moves to the background, where the painter had taken liberties with the castle. If she recalled correctly, the painting itself was finished in winter, when the grounds of the castle could not have been in flower. Indeed, the rose bushes were in bloom, and she could see Tekyre's banners being hung from the windows. A soft breeze could almost be felt emanating from the portrait, and Dahlia found herself almost wishing that she could see behind that portrait, to what lied beyond.

The prince extended a hand, and she almost grasped it. What do you mean, have a look at this magic myself? There is simple magic, to enter a painting that has been tainted with it, and enjoy it for a while. She considers his offer, and wonders at the absurdity of it. Such magic has been lost the ages, surely. Your Royal Highness, we must be back soon for the ball, it would do no good for us to be absent for so long. Inexplicably, she feels a certain distaste for the perfect her in the portrait. That's alright, the magic is such that we can spend days in it and no time will pass outside. It will only be a short jaunt, Dahlia. He takes her hand, and makes towards the painting, and mutters a curse from the Felian tongue under his breath.miserere mei, Deus, et salva me.

In a short moment, her skin feels odd, like a thousand birds have landed on her skin and flit around her. Their wings beat her incessantly, and she cannot breathe, and tries to take a breath, but all she hears is wings, wings, wings, everywhere and nowhere all at once they are gone, and she is left standing with the Crown Prince in the painted castle courtyard, the hem of her gown sweeping up painted cobblestones.

Again, he offers his arm to her, and Dahlia takes it so that they can take a stroll in the gardens. She's still slightly shaken by the way they entered into the painting, but her steps don't falter as they make across the cobbled path. Dahlia vaguely recognises the place as the palace, only it is the palace of the painting, with brighter colours and a distinct scent of… paint. Yes, that was the smell: paint in the air. The Crown Prince's grip on her arm is a bit too loose, as if he would rather not be doing this, which is quite absurd because he wanted to do this in the first place didn't he?

Both of them have given up trying to make any polite conversation, and so they proceed along the gardens like ghosts, only making the slight comment here and there: I prefer these roses, they have a much sweeter look to them, almost too perfect. These banners are very indistinct, they don't look like Tekyre's crest at all! Dahlia eventually stops them both to inspect the banner. Help me get it down, I want to take a closer look! The Crown Prince creases his brows, and a poignant look covers his face. I think it would be easier if I took it down from the window: See, it's attached there. I'll unclasp it can you can catch it to take a look.

Just like that, he's off towards a set of stairs (that would normally lead to the hall, if this were not the painted palace). She almost makes after him, feeling slightly useless that she can't do anything to help, but remembers that she has to stay here to catch it. To occupy herself, she fiddles with her dress, the one borrowed from the Princesses.

There is a circle of gems stitched into her waist, and she starts picking at the seams, and when she gets bored of it, she smooths down the soft silk of the front, and feels the curls of her hair. They had long since been sunken down by the constant socialising during the ball (she had cringed when she remembered a particularly bold suitor try to touch them, and was promptly shooed away by the princesses). The fine gems were a bit too much for someone common-born like her, but she was not one to complain about the generosity of the princesses.

A soft wind blew by, and that was when she noticed the banner falling, and she caught it, but not before it floated along the cobble floor. Oh no, now it's dirty. Not that it mattered, you couldn't even see this part of the castle from the painting, but Dahlia did have a particular eye for cleanliness. She shouted a thanks to the Crown Prince, and started looking at the banner.

Tekyre's crest was a simple motif from the days of the Fels, consisting of a golden crown of laurel leaves on a purple background. She was a nature goddess, the creator of the Fels and the guardian of the Rainwood, an expanse of wood so unforgiving that even the Hainan Trade route refused to go through it. No one was entirely sure what could had caused such an unforgiving stretch of forest other than Tekyre's hatred for the sun thief, an eternal trap to lure her in and steal back the second sun. Supposedly, in its center was a golden laurel tree large enough to shade a village, and in days long past a shining star had fallen there and given its colors to the tree. The Fels had been created by Tekyre from its magic, and from then on the Emperor of the Fels always wore a crown made from the leaves of the golden laurel from her domain.

In these days, the crown was long lost, from war, magic, or evil doings she did not know, but the Royalty still claimed descent from the Emperors of the Fels. However, while this banner was obviously influenced by Tekyre's Crest, the leaves were smaller, and with sharper edges, and instead of two branches coming together into a crown, it was a circlet of one continuous branch, grown back into itself.

the best laid plans of mice and men

Dahlia Rosenburg and her companion. As you can see, I plan to extend the story above when I ever adopt/trade for her, and I will probably use this layout for her petpage with a few tweaks to fit. Examples of my pets who have a decent amount of story on their petpages include Aoza, Feyi, Joza, Juya, Rexu and Sunbond if you wish to see proof. I would also put an adoption agency on her petpage, where I would adopt pets from the pound and train them up to 240hsd, and adopt them out! Personally, I do not maintain my petlookups to a high standard anymore due to the captchas, but generally I write my thanks to those involved in helping me reach a permie c:

I also plan to attach a Faerie Peo as her companion, or keep the petpet that she comes with on request. Most of my neofamily are customised, however I'm slowly working towards painting petpets. Her customisation is more simple than those of my other pets: the main reason for this being that she is a UC, and so she does not have many options. My sister has gifted me a Magical Spring Kingdom background, which would be used for her customisation. I would also train her to 240hsd, as a few of permies (e.g Aoza, Evla, Feyi, and Niwi) have also been trained to 240hsd, which is a simple endeavour. I generally do not increase the intelligence stat of my permies.

She would reside on my side adverity_speckled with Aoza, Sunbond and Tekyre. Of course, I can also promise the vanilla things as well, a loving home, being fed and all that (those are all a given :D), but if I adopt Dahlia, I can also promise to give her back to you if I ever leave neo, or whatever plans you would like to keep in place for her. The pain of seeing your adoptees unfed and rotting is too much to bear ;n;

meet my neofamily, aren't they a lovely troop?

Aoza the Maraquan Draik

In the country of Hainan, Aoza is the title given to Head Priestess of the Hirata Shrine. There have been many who have been given the rank of Aoza, and all possess kindness and as part of their core traits. I love Aoza very much, she is the result of a rather convoluted trading chain c:

Cers the Gold Draik

My tribute to the Game of Thrones character, Cersei Lannister. Also to the witch Circe, a cunning character in the Odyssey. I like to think of her as Laur's twin, as they are both stunning Gold Draiks!

Evla the Invisible Lenny

I created Evla myself in the last purge, and she holds a special place in my heart. My portfolio is kept on her petpage because she will stay on my main account forever, as she is my main BD pet. In my universe, she is the ancestor of the Lyonian Royal Family!

Feyi the Plushie Korbat

Feyi's story is that of a person from low society trying to make their way up the ranks. I remember offering on Feyi a long time ago but getting rejected, so it's interesting that I traded up and got a different offer :o I'm not too sure if I want Feyi to be male or female.

Jewu the Wraith Draik

She has a character, the Jewel of Tamlyn, althought I haven't put much effort into that yet. It is a strange coincidence that both Niwi and Jewu came to me as Wraith Draiks, so I consider the pair twins as well!

Joza the Grey Bori

Joza is my real life nickname! She is in Spyla's court as the Duchess of Winterhaven, shunned from the Aristocracy due to her position as a Clan Leader. Hers is a story of an outcast and betrayals, and life trying to survive in the harsh wastelands.

Juya the Skunk Bori

The guardian at the waters of the underworld, who convinces the souls of the dead on to reincarnation, or sends them back, depending on the orders of the gods. I was in love with her name for the longest time, and I did try to trade for her, but I would have never guessed I would adopt her!

Laur the Gold Draik

She is verifiably one of my most adored pets, and currently has the most work done on her character! In history she is remembered as a fair and just Queen, but in her time women were not meant to rule, so she faces struggles related to that. She is the first of my characters to reside in Lyones c:

Niwi the Green Korbat

Floral is my pride and joy, and Niwi is its guardian, owing to the fact that her name is easy to remember. My CSS is available to use on Floral, and Niwi has a little side story in Laur's: she is the Head Gardner of the Palace Gardens.

Rabi the Grey Korbat

Rabi currently holds my coding portfolio, and has no story, on account of her petpage being occupied with my coding lookbook at the moment. It's highly likely that I will move part of Floral onto her petpage now.

Rexu the Island Usul

I adopted Rexu from a UFQA board, and his story involves being torn in allegiances between Tekyre, his Patron Angel, and Sunbond, his fellow primordial. As a result of this, he has been made immortal and one of the last primordials ;n;

Sunbond the Maraquan Ixi

All the problems in this story can be attributed to this thief, who stole the second sun to save her people. I adopted Sunbond on a quick board as well, she reminds me of my neo nickname, Sun!

Tekyre the Faerie Xweetok

It was way back in 2011 when I adopted Tekyre :o At first she was the Angel of Justice, but after she tried to vouch for the Sun Thief, they cast her down and locked her away. Now, she is the angel of revenge, sworn to take back the second sun.

Todu the Usukiboy Usul

Todu is an adventurer, travelling across my universe. He was exiled for trying to depose the Felian Royalty, and he also happens to live a decade before Joza. I spent 3 months looking for a name to trade for Todu, that was quite stressful!

Dahlia the UC Faerie Ruki

Dahlia is a member of the Merchant class, who, before being betrothed to the prince (ha!) gets locked away in a painting. Now, she has to find her way out, and gain vengeance for her time spent in the alternate reality of paintings...

why exactly do I want a uc faerie ruki?

Most neopians do a comparison of the UC version and the converted version, but there is a different reason why I would like a UC Faerie Ruki. I have never considered myself a fan of UCs, and there is a very special reason why I like them in particular.

My story begins a couple years ago before the inflation, even before the purge in which I created Evla. I was a bit less than a teenager then, and new to neopets. I had just started to venture into the world of adopting pets, and I found the perfect one to adopt. She was Tekyre, a faerie xweetok, converted, but my first love. At that point, I had resolved to stalk the foster to find what they were looking for in an owner, and in doing so I saw they had two UCs: A UC Darigan Aisha, and a UC Faerie Ruki. The Aisha is not important to this story, but the Ruki is: For the foster had placed their adoption agency on their UC Faerie Ruki, and I loved how kind of them it was to do that. I have resolved from that point to continue what that foster did: To adopt pets from the pound, and zap them into new colours for loving owners.

To me, the UC Faerie Ruki is the representation of that sentiment, and as someone who has never cared much for UCs, it is the very reason why they are the only UCs that I will ever truly love. With the current PC climate, I find that adoption agencies like this won't be very successful, which is why I have a different goal than zapping pets. You will notice that my only permanent pet on my main is Evla, as she is my permie BD pet. When I complete all my pet goals, the next 4 spaces are for adoptees from the pound, so that I can train them to 240hsd and adopt them out, to help other neopians achieve their goals. I believe that little steps can go a long way, and that those sbd pets can help achieve a variety of pets: Customs, Names, and UCs if their training is continued. I already know from experience that an sbd with 240hsd + a baby custom can easily trade for a FFQ, which covers most bases!

Perhaps I could put the adoption agency on any permie of mine, but to me I have a strong association of that adoption agency with the UC Faerie Ruki. But I know that the UC Faerie Ruki will be my endgame in neopets: I have achieved my dream of starting up Floral, and I will continue to work on my pet's characters, so this is something for me to eventually work towards.

why should you choose sunlit?

1. I care a lot for my pets, in my own way
Sure, I've never read many books to my pets, and everyone visits the neolodge (c;), but I love my pets in my own way. I fawn over their customisations (such cuties, even though the customisations are permanent), and sometimes I just catch myself procrastinating, staring at the lovely art kind people drew for me of them. All my permies are well loved, and hold great sentimental value to me. I give them customisations and characters, and I code spiffy layouts to accompany the art I request for them. Neo is my special space to unwind and relax, and I love that my permies help me to accomplish this.

2. I am active on neo
I train everyone on my main account (with the exception of Evla, who is too expensive to do so), create characters for my permies, and run my css site, Floral. Floral is my masterpiece on neo, and a dream I had been wanting to make into reality since I knew how to code. From time to time, neopians come to me with questions about code, and I'm always happy to answer!

3. Perhaps you should judge me for yourself
I like showing off what I have done than talking about it, so let me direct you to some of my favourite petpages:

My Character Pages: Aoza, Feyi, Joza, Juya, Laur, Rexu, Sunbond, Tekyre and Todu
My Sites: Floral, My Portfolio and My Coding Lookbook

whatever else that doesn't fit

Current Trading Chain:

Adopted: lilhia405 the UC Faerie Lenny, Tiffany I can't thank you enough!

In other words, seeking a UC Faerie Ruki, my only requirement is something with a feminine name I can nickname?

Currently training up Flitea to SBD status to adopt out as part of A Painted Grove. I have already adopted out Neyai and Mislet.

farewell, little one: may we meet again, under the sun

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not all those who wander are lost

A Painted Grove is an adoption agency for lost pound pets. While many choose to zap these lost souls into lovely colours, we train them up through the swashbuckling academy and then adopt them out! Please wait until I post a neoboard or I change the status of my fosters to send in applications.

in training

loveshackles the Speckled Draik

Lvl : 39
Str : 78
Def : 78
Hp : 78

Duhira the Red Poogle

Lvl : 13
Str : 26
Def : 26
Hp : 26

pay close attention

1. neomail/board applications only
You may only send in one neomail or have two posts for an application, and you are forbidden from using a petpage application.

2. You must include the following in your application
A list of your accounts, and why you would like my foster. If you are training my foster up to trade, please provide evidence/examples that you can afford to do so, and please note that I will decline any applications where your end goal will need over 1500hsd to reach.

Neomail me your application!

those who successfully escaped

odds and ends to be tied up

Some of my past converted trades

Xxxxxx (450hsd, e/t) + 2mil custom for Flae
Xxxxxx (180hsd, e/t) + 600k custom for FFQ custom
Xxxxx + 1.8mil custom for FFQ custom

Personally, I think that you can probably get a FFQ/Royal custom for a V/WN 240hsd without a custom.

Petlookup Code

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