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Early History
How to Get?
Lupe Looks
Famous Lupes
For Fun
Lupe Treats
Something to Read
Collectable Tcg's
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It's a very mysterious night inside a very thick forest. You're having the same strange feeling the somebody is watching, or somebody might just come out from nowhere. You walk a little faster to resist your knees from shaking. As you walk, the sound you thought was your own footsteps grow larger and larger. Your mind tells you to keep on, but you hesitate. Right, there really is something in there.

You look around, you see shadows then run from tree to tree; it's not human. Their number grows everytime you turn your head. You hear the ruffling of the bushes as the wind gets colder and stronger against you. They're running around you, surrounding you. For the first time, you wish for a miracle, that somehow, you were just somewhere else. Your whole body trembles as you slowly try cry for help. One of the shadows stops, and with an agility like the lightning, it makes a move that seems to charge unto you. For the first time, you feel your heart stops, you didnt close your eyes but everything turns dark as if you did.


Was it some sort of a nightmare? You find yourself lying on the same location as your "nightmare" has happened. You stayed lying on the ground as you feel the sunlight warms up your frozen body. The sunlight never felt so good to your skin as you tell yourself "Gosh, it's over." Everything suddenly gets cleared in your mind. You have been attacked by a pack of lupes.


Hello there chronicles_999, welcome to this little page honored to all Lupes of Neopia! For you to know what's that thing Lupes have that most of the other pets dont! Ever wondered why are WE so popular? What makes US a tough battledome opponent? How are WE always able to be the stars of games/plots? All that and much more can be found here in the awesome page made just for you!

Of course, you can feed in all the information that you can find here, and even use it in other sites. But please don't steal anything without giving any credit. It would be very rude to take somebody's work without permission right?

Early History
Our name was taken from the latin word lupus which means "wolf.
We took our first step on neopia on January 13, 2000 through a Create a Neopet Competion along with our pal Elephante. There've been a lot of changes in our looks since then.

(the very first image to the left, followed by the make-overs)

This is our new .png image. It's been released at the same day neopets
changed its layout. To what do you think of our new image? yeah yeah, I know
you guys have different reactions about it :)

As of September 5, 2007, 10.7 million Lupes have been created,
placing us in 4th out of 54 Neopets in popularity!

Haha! millions of neopians really do appreciate us more than all of our competitive neopets!

How to Get a Lupe?
Well, the easiest way is to take home a lonely Lupe, seeking for TLC in the Pound
(when it opens of course) can get your very own
(I mean your desired color, name, gender, ideal personality, etc).

....but what if I already have 4 pets? or i already have my ideal pet, except i wanted him to be a Lupe?

-then you really should grab one of these items:

Lupe Morphing Potions: funky-looking potions that will change your pet into a Lupe! Hurray!!
they also vary on different lupe colors :D

Magical Lupe Plushies: cute, cuddly and magical! these plushies do the same thing to your pet with morphing poions,
the only difference is that they turn into normal plushies after you use then.

You can also make a real life lupe!!
just follow the instructions here:

Lupe Looks
Hurray! We Lupes are also gifted with thousands (well not really) of paintable colors!!

feeling a little jealous now?

Here are some clothes for your lupe! haha...only lupes can wear these :D
once you have these in you closet, all your other lupe pets can also wear them :D

These super special clothes are only available through
other special colors from the Lab Ray and Paint Brushes (when you paint/zap your Lupe,
you get free clothes you know) that's why these clothes are called "special" :D

Christmas Paintbrush

Lost Desert Paint Brush

Halloween Paint Brush

Mystery Island Paint Brush

Pirate Paint Brush

(Lab Ray)Robot

Royal Paint Brush(Boy)

Royal Paint Brush(Girl)

We also care about the little "friends" our masters give us. They most likely become our
best friends (next to you, of course), and we come to them when we get bored.

Top Petpets
We asked about a hundred Lupes about the petpets they liked the most,
and here's the result:

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

4th Place:

5th Place:

Unfriendly Ones
We also asked them about the worst/unfriendly/annoying petpets they ever had
(remember to keep these petpets away from Lupes):

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Famous Lupes
Lupes are common characters in Neopian Games and Plots, having
one of the largest impacts on the whole Neopia! Here are some of the famous Lupes around :D

Admiral Arvakis

A very brave lupe(hero) from Krawk Island
Nobody is sure wheather he's a true hero or a villain from the inside....


Little is known about the assassin, other than that if you need something done, you have the right amount of neopoints and a bad enough reputation, he'll be willing to work for you.


Balthazar is a Lupe bounty hunter who captures Faeries with
magical bottles, selling them for huge profits...


After being plagued by some particularly hungry Meepits,
Brack decided to take protecting his crops to a more extreme level!

Buck Cutlass

An awe-inspiring combination of size and strength, Buck's eating prowess simply must be seen to be believed. Buck is one of the best "munchers" of the foodclub, so if you're going to place a bet, be sure to pick him first!

Captain Scarblade

Captain Scarblade is the self-proclaimed ruler of the five seas of Neopia,
along with his crew of pirates on their ship, The Revenge.


Cassile is a surfer in Shenkuu. She is apparently one of the best, along with Bowe. Cassile and Bowe are both featured in the game Shenkuu River Rush


Garon is an intelligent Yellow Lupe who starred in two puzzle games -
the Faerie Caves and the Ice Caves, in which he is set the challenge of escaping the labyrinths.

Ghost Lupe

The Ghost Lupe is a restless Lupe Ghost who prowls Mystery Island,
seeking revenge against the dangerous natives who
kidnapped his bride two centuries ago.


Gnarfas is the giant, four-armed Lupe in service of the Werelupe King. His uncontrollable nature keeps him chained deep in the Werelupe Barrows, locked behind a very heavy wooden door.


Mean, ferocious and underhan, he is a mercenary who will fight for anyone, providing there are enough NeoPoints involved.

Hagar Mountbane

Hagar Mountbane is a mystery to us all, with no comment on his collectable card and no recognizable world behind him, we'll have to wait and see.


Harker is the old poorly dressed Lupe that runs the Bagatelle in a corner of the Deserted Fairgrounds. The books under the table are to level the table... not the game!


Jeran is widely considered the greatest knight in the kingdom of Meridell.
He appeared in the past of Meridell while playing hide and seek with his younger sister, Lisha.When his sister arrived in the past years later during
Champions of Meridell, he had grown into a full adult. After the first war between Darigan and Meridell, Jeran continued to serve King Skarl and lived in peace with his long lost sister.


Keergo is the hungriest Lupe in Tyrannia. He prowls around the omelette taking more than his fair share, but nobody ever, ever argues with him..

King Altador

King Altador (also known as The Hunter) is the ruler and founder of Altador, the kingdom that bears his name. A noble Lupe and hunter, he was was the original gatherer of the 12 heroes of Altador.

King Coltzan III

King Coltzan was a Lupe and former King of Sakhmet in the Lost Desert. Killed by foul play during a dinner in the Usurper! murder mystery puzzle plot. Coltzan's Ghost inhabits Coltzan's Shrine, where he can randomly gives out prizes to people who visit.

Lord Luparn

When he heard of the nightmarish Skeith who was terrorising villagers, he just had to go to the rescue. Only this time he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Mr. Lupid

Mr. Lupid is a Blue Lupe who teaches Learning Art in Neoschool and is famous for his words "There's nothing more inspiring than a paint brush and a blank canvas.

Number Five

Number Five (also known as Prisoner Five) is an old White Lupe from the game Cellblock.
He's always banging his stick against the wall and ranting about Jelly World.


Reginald is a young Lupe from Neovia, brother to Bruno and Sophie. He desired greater intelligence, and as part of the Tale of Woe plot took a potion, along with most of the rest of the town, to make him more so.


Little is known about this wild yellow lupe. What is known however, is that he has only been spotted on nights where the unblinded moon is full.


Nothing is currently known about this Lupe Knight, though he does bare a startling resemblance to Lord Luparn.


One of the six elders of Tyrannia, Sabre-X is a Lupe and is in charge of the
Strategic War Division and omelette supervision.

Squeaky" Tressif

Squeaky" Tressif is a Red Lupe and a Left Defender and Team Captain for Brightvale's Yooyuball team of 2006 and 2007. "Squeaky" (as in "squeaky clean") simply plays hard and sticks to the rules, consistent in his strong guarding skill. To the surprise of no one, he's also on the receiving end of countless practical jokes that are perpetrated by his mischievous teammates.

The Paint Brush" Timu

Timu is a Pink Lupe, and Right Defender for Altador's Yooyuball team of 2006 and 2007. Nicknamed "The Paint Brush" for the way she covers her opponents, Timu's abilities as a lockdown defender are considered legendary.


Tomos is a Red Lupe and a main character in the Lost Desert plot that Neopets ran in 2005. His work, along with his friend Nabile, in saving Sakhmet qualifies him as a hero.

Wereupe King

The Werelupe King is the leader of the Werelupes, earning his position through treachery and ruthlessness. He holds his rule in the Werelupe Burrows and will fight anyone who challenges his rule.

For Fun
Is your pet sick of the stupid toys you give to it? then you should check out some of these
highly-recommended toys from the Shop!

Wait! the Toy Shop keeper is also a LUPE!!!

-"Please click on an item you wish to buy. Playing with your pet can make
it very happy, but they do tire quickly of old toys."-



Why not show your lupe how you love him/her by treating him to some yummies?
Remember to always put some of these on your shopping list!




Lupe Treats!
Speaking of yummies, you wanna treat your Lupe extra special, you should be thinking
about these extra special yummies....Lupe Treats!!
don't they just look chialiciou...uh i mean delicious?

Something to Read
Develop the Lupe intelligence in your pet! these books are
some of the most recommended books from the INU (International Neopian University)!

Beautify your Garden with these stuffs!!

We already have this "killer instinct" from the start
if you want your lupe to develop this unique side of us, then don't forget these useful weapons!

Battle Magic

Defence Magic

Collectable TCG's
We are also featured in different cards!
always have some of these in your deck!!!

Tell every one on the Neoboards how you love lupes!!

Hello, little Lupe... BOOOM!
Lose with or lose against a Lupe neopet in the Battledome. Can be 2-player or 1-player Lupe challengers.

Ghost Lupe
Defeat the Ghost Lupe in the battledome.

Neoquest II - Weakling
Lose to a Plains Lupe in Chapter 1 of NQ2.

If you have a Halloween Lupe, visit its lookup.

Jeran - Hero
View the 7th BFM comic here. You may need to refresh.

Defenders of Neopia - Lupe
Look at old comics here. (You may have to press 'Enter'.)

TCG - Wanna Play
You had to win the BFM TCG Staff Tourney.

Lupe - King Altador
Visit King Altador's Statue in the Hall of Heroes

To get it, have 1 NP on hand, have an item with "Scarab" in its name and then visit Tomos How-To-Draw pg. 2.

Captain Scarblade
Visit page 2 of the Captain Scarblade How-To-Draw.

Stamp Collector - Lost Desert
Fill your Lost Desert stamp page.

Make a Lupe-themed shop! to start, here are some Shop Keepers for you!

yeah, that's just some of the great lupe shopkeepers, and there's a lot more here
now, how 'bout some blog to complete you shop?

Want more? there are a lot of lupe-themed images!
You can put them in your userlookup, petlookup, pages or even in your shop too! :D

Fun Images

more fun images here


You can download ALL these from here
by searching for the keyword "Lupe

Lupe Directory
Show off YOUR lupe here!!

Some simple rules for the Directory:
1.Neomail me the name of your lupe and its color. I need both, and I'm going to ignore requests with incomplete informations. The reason for this is beacuse... well, I'm too lazy to go to your look up just to see your lupe. So don't just mail me "I have a lupe" or "please put my lupe in your directory" okay? :D
2. Don't mail me names of lupes that dont belong to you.
3. Please let the owner of the lupe neomail me, I
just want to make sure he/she agrees with me adding the pet here.
4. If there are changes in your lupe, then please inform me right away :D
5. If you did not recieve any response about your mail within a week, then please mail me again
6. Could you please put one of my buttons/link back on your lupe's lookup? thanx! :D(just to let people know that your lupe is in the directory)
7. i only have time to udate on weekends(mostly on saturdays), so don't worry if you don't recieve a reply right away.

mail me!

Total Lupes: 536

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Then please link back, so more people will know about this page!
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Thanks guys for all of your wonderful feedbacks and mails that I have recieved. I want to give y'all a big big THANKS, I really appreciated everything. And here are some of those

And there are much much more, thanks again for all of those who have sent their appreciations!
I can never thank you enough! :D

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