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Loading .neopia.simulationv5.21

Lives in a Neopets simulation but isn't fully aware of it. Is a glitch though, so can't properly interact with anything. Clips through walls/ground a lot, and when approaching people, time slows down until it stops completely, then he has to walk away from them for time to start again. To others, this appears like he jumps from one spot to another in a split second, jaggedly.

If he looks at his reflection too long, everything "crashes". Blue with white outlines, strings of code in the shape of objects, glitchiness, etc. Is frozen in spot, must wait a varying amount of time before things "reset" and he ends up going back in time to a random point within the past few hours. In this state, he is blue with white outlines, and E̥̭̹͈͓̞͈̠̜̔͐̊́̕͢͞͡R̶̢̦̙̫͓̮̺͈̎̄́ͣ̊ͣ̆̍ͫͮ̕̕͝ͅŖ̲̥̘̖̺̰͇̗̤͇ͮͪ̒ͫ͂̒ͣ̿͋̐ͫ͂̈͆̍͌̉̑̆͢͜O̧̎̈́ͯͭ̆͗ͥ͒ͫ̔̔ͪ͢͏̠̘̹͈͔͖̠͢͝Ṟ̱̮̩̻̪̬̪̝̥͎̯̯͚͙̄̓̏̀̂̀͋͐͗ͩ́͟͡ͅ is written on his face (no other features).

Otherwise, normal appearance does vary, but generally is a dark grey jubjub with green outlines. Normal features, though eyes are 9 times out of 10 covered with a jagged "censor bar"-esque slash. If not, they're often just filled with TV static, rarely ever forming normal eyes.

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