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Welcome to Flying Solo! Here you'll find a directory dedicated to the Unconverted Grey Pteris of Neopia as well as other winged Unconverted Grey pets. This site opened on Oct. 31, 2011, and is maintained by me. At Flying Solo, we can appreciate and keep track of one of the rarer UC Greys (Pteri) in Neopia.

... What? You're asking if we're talking about the same UC Grey pet? Of course we are! Not everyone has a taste for the loveliness that is the UC Grey Pteri, but for those who do, please join me in the praise of these elusive pets, as well as other UC Greys fitting into the winged-pet category...

In order to navigate this directory, please use the links on the left.

The Flock is a specific part of the directory, dedicated solely to UC Grey Pteris.

However, the other species of winged UC Greys can be found in The Troop.


Awwww, who can resist that charm?

How to get your own UC Grey...

Warning: an extremely UC Pteri-biased person wrote this next section.
*insert innocent smile here*

Unfortunately, you can't create your own depressingly adorable Unconverted Grey Pet.

Unconverted (UC) pets feature the old art of the pets before the conversion, which happened on April 26, 2007. This was done to make all the pets have a uniform pose that would make it easier to customize them.

What is this great Conversion, you might ask, and why do we talk about it as if it was a cataclysmic event that greatly changed Neopian life? Compare:

Converted vs. Unconverted Pteri

Here's a very informative guide discussing Unconverted pets and also features the Unconverted Pet images:

Remember - UC Grey Pteris (along with a few more of the winged UC Greys) are a bit on the rare side so you might have to wait a long time to see one UFA/UFT. Trading up is never easy and you might have to make countless self-bumped boards before getting a good offer. These Pteris aren't one of the most popular UC pets so they have quite a trading range. Like everything else, "value" is subjective though so you may find yourself trading directly for a Pteri, or just may not have enough Neoluck so even if you have a VWN UC Plushie Hissi, you still don't get offered a Pteri (oh, who am I kidding?! *insert eyeroll here*).

Applying for pets may be a fun hobby or the bane of your existence (like in my case). It's not for everyone. You WILL have competition when it comes to UC pets so it's always a good idea to exert extra effort in your application. Be sincere, don't forget to take care of the pets you own, have fun, and be polite. If you don't get the pet, be happy for the person who did (or at least try not to send him/her tons of hate mail). Remember, this is a fun game, but there are real people involved behind these pixels.

Adopting an Unconverted pet from the Pound/Pound Release may be as rare as winning the Neopian Lottery or getting a Draik Transmogrification Potion from Dr. Sloth. Some people tend to lurk at the Pound at around 8:47 NST (or 9:47 NST during daylight savings time) since they have noticed that batches of PR pets are being released around this time every day (both AM and PM). You might even find "PR waiting boards" as well as "Pound Surf" boards at the Neopian Pound Chat, which could help you keep track of the PR pets you're stalking or give you an idea of what other interesting pets are in the Pound at the time. Remember that some of the pets cannot be adopted by accounts less than 4 months old (Neopets rules), and always leave space for the pet you plan to adopt.

UC Grey Pteri images...

... Help me find more Grey Pteri images and please mail me the URL? I searched most of the Caption Contests, Neo Backgrounds, Advent Calendar, Gift Tags, and Neogreetings but have yet to see ONE image of a UC Grey Pteri (there are fanart, though, as you can see). (T_T)

Gift Art for Cymru

Pretty art done by the lovely dunmandoll (drag and drop the image to your URL for full size view); visit her art page here:


Something else you'd like to see on this page? Please mail your suggestions/comments to me - jo_9tails.

Special thanks goes to a few of my lovely bunch of Neofriends who have weathered through my whining and venting throughout the making of this Directory. Without you, I'd still be stuck with that horrid premade layout-tweaked petpage. Or worse, the generic Neo-generated one. (O_O) Thank you Emily, Calico, Luna, and Melon! *hugglesquishes you to death*

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Dev for mailing me a handful of UC Grey Pteris she knows of; without her, I wouldn't even get started on this page. *hugglesquishes her adorable Skeith, whoops, I mean her* (^_^)

Adding Your Pet

To add your winged, unconverted grey to this directory, simply copy, paste, and fill out this form:

... and Neomail me with the Subject: Add Pet to Directory.

Before neomailing me, please be sure that your Unconverted Grey pet is one of the winged species:

- Eyrie

- Korbat

- Pteri

- Scorchio

- Shoyru

- Skeith

- Uni

The Flock

The Flock consists of the Unconverted Grey Pteris of Neopia. Here, we can keep track of one of the rarer UC Greys in Neopia in all their runny-mascara'd beauty and majesty. Unfortunately, many of these gorgeous Pteris are located on long forgotten and inactive accounts. However, a few of them can still be viewed on this page (placed in order of being added to the Directory).


Name: CymruAllstar
Gender: Male
Owner: Jo/ jo_9tails
Description: Superior to all Beings.
Other Info: Definitely a permanent pet. ^_^


Name: Rimilina
Gender: Male
Owner: Jane/ kakalake
Description: No character idea yet.
Other info: Most likely a permanent pet.


Name: _LittleBobble_
Gender: Female
Owner: Danii/ smashedskies
Description: A Phoenix of ice.
Other info: Permanent pet.


Name: wiyten
Gender: Male
Owner: Ren/ angelofspring131
Description: Musician. Haunted shell of his former self.
Other info: Permanent pet.


Name: zirrenia
Gender: Female
Owner: K/ costed
Description: Cute round head. (^_^)


Name: Xazion
Gender: Male
Owner: Ashleigh/ Seniority


Name: _Magical_Toast_
Gender: Female
Owner: magicalhat1
Description: Hopeful, yet determined.
Other: Zapped grey, color stayed (lucky!).


Name: Elerosse
Gender: Female
Owner: Roman/ dragon_revival
Description: Kind-hearted and humble.
Other: Permanent of course!


Name: nicholasjohnverga221
Gender: Male
Owner: Star/ pixies_magic
Description: Two souls, one heart.
Other: Permanent pet.


Name: Pluvi
Gender: Female
Owner: daynamoo (previously Rajani/ crzyindian01)
Description: A fortune teller, tells fortunes by feathers plucked from her wings.


Name: rebeccaxx
Gender: Female
Owner: Caz/ carolyn77295
Description: Cute Fat Bird, lol!


Name: Tallvanor
Gender: Male
Owner: Oliver (Ollie)/cylies


Name: Indi_grl
Gender: Female
Owner: Robb/pumpkinrob


Name: ninija555
Gender: Female
Owner: Milk/ milkjar


Name: Heart_65_90
Gender: Female
Owner: Emelie / froguin_97_
Description: She is a cute fluff n.n
Other info: My precious birdie is never UFT, she will be mine forever :3

Add your UC Grey Pteri Here...


I'd also like to thank all the people on this page who have granted my request to add their UC Grey Pteris. And also for ignoring my stalkerish tendencies. *huggles all of you* ^_^

Inactive Pteris

These are the Pteris I know of whose owners haven't logged in for at least 80 days... (T_T)

The Troop

The Troop is dedicated to the other winged Unconverted Grey pets of Neopia (who are in active accounts). Since UC Grey Pteris are so few in number, a Neofriend convinced me to add these lovely pets so admirers can keep track of a few more maudlin beauties on this page.

The Eyries

Name: Tarshanon/Tosh
Gender: Male
Owner: Kambria/ madamkambria
Description: 1920s science project. (His story, lol)
Other info: Tosh is a permanent pet, along with my other UC Eyrie. Their stories all intertwine and all I'm missing is a UC Plushie Eyrie to complete my family. (^_^)

Name: Avoict
Gender: Male
Owner: Erin/ deaths_kis s
Description: Fairy-touched investigator.
Other info: Permanent pet.

Name: Sphinxy_31061/Sphinx
Gender: Male
Owner: Zaichka/ doralla411
Description: Dreamer, Historian, Flyer.
Other info: Permie. *heart*

Name: Yodabot/Yoda
Gender: Male
Owner: Nika/ pravljica
Description: Botanist that dreams of discovering a new flower that will be named after him.
Other info: Yoda has a permanent home.

Name: dq
Gender: Male
Owner: Synnie/ wichawaffles
Description: He hates people.
Other info: Permanent pet with a trophy, yup.

Name: Regulis/ Reg
Gender: Male
Owner: (Ingrid/ j_harkness) now owned by Kiata/kiata_freetrader
Other info: Currently UFA

Name: Eubai
Gender: Male
Owner: Breanna/jesterb88
Other: Permanent pet.

Name: Apologia
Gender: Female
Owner: Sara/ _sweetiejj_
Description: Silent but strong.
Other info: UFT - silver BC trophy.

Name: Zaykel/ Zay
Gender: Male
Owner: Claire/ bakedincakes
Description: Zay is a time-traveler and a romantic, he's just seeking answers.
Other info: Permanent! 2 Bronze BC's, 1 Gold!

Add your UC Grey Eyrie here...

The Korbats

Name: winteral/Winter
Gender: Female
Owner: (Asche/ iblock, then Dan/mage, and now owned by x/drudruchu

Add your UC Grey Korbat here...

The Scorchios

Name: Antioxidant
Gender: Male
Owner: Bpx/ tribasketballer
Description: I'm Healthy!
Other info: Semi-permie.

Name: Rip_Snortin_Mortin/Ripper
Gender: Male
Owner: Stacey/ stacey2009_49325
Other info: Permanent pet - he will have trophies at some point. XD

Name: xyphlir/ Xy
Gender: Male
Owner: Casey Darling / jdolfin42

Add your UC Grey Scorchio here...

The Shoyrus

Name: Acilicia/Acil/Lici
Gender: Female
Owner: Ella/ indifferently
Other: Permie.

Name: xxD4rK_W4t3Rxx/D4rk
Gender: Male
Owner: Samantha/ veterinaries
Description: Loves to be customized! C:
Other: Permanent Pet and has two trophies so far! (currently working on earning more!)

Name: Canterville
Gender: Female
Owner: (Jei/ jeisson_27) now owned by Josh/meerca_helper_3454
Other: Permie.

Name: Tydol
Gender: Female
Owner: kj mitchell/kaylaj2355

Add your UC Grey Shoyru here...

The Skeiths

Name: Jitaiip
Gender: Male
Owner: Samantha/ daddyslilprincess250
Other info: Permanent pet.

Name: Skeith0925/Skeefy
Gender: Male
Owner: Maia/ maiascutepets2
Description: My sad little puppy-dragon.
Other info: Permanent pet.

Name: Aroaryal/Aro
Gender: Male
Owner: Kira / kiran202

Add your UC Grey Skeith here...

The Unis

Name: Snowieh
Gender: Female
Owner: Anna/ blackforest_wolf
Description: Sad little pony who loves to play dress up, but she can't since she's UC.

Name: Horse_Feathers_79/Feathers
Gender: Male
Owner: Phoenix/ _inheritance_trilogy
Description: Elderly Baron.
Other info: Permanent pet.

Name: Ojirou
Gender: Male
Owner: Kura/ littlelindsey
Description: Can't touch this.
Other info: Permanent forevar. One BC Trophy.

Name: Raybabinea/Ray
Gender: Female
Owner: Jess/ tangofairy_x

Name: Solaric
Gender: Male
Owner: Night/ Dakktota (charzam)
Other info: Account was disabled. :(

Name: Liekien
Gender: Male
Owner: Charlotte / callmecharlotte

Add your UC Grey Uni here...

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