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A royal background

Chapter one: From this checkered board

The warm glow of salamanders filled the small stone room. Candles would have been too dangerous, as the open flame might ignite some important papers or chemicals lying about. King Hedrick sighed. Royal blood didn't mean much in Holm as far as work was concerned – in fact, the king worked the hardest of them all, sacrificing most of his nights if neccesary. While his people toiled away in hard labor, Hedrick was coming up with new tools and methods to ease their workloads, to make life more managable in this cold rocky quarry.

Right now, he was in the middle of correcting some blueprints for a mechanised crane, one that would replace the lifting system that was slowly falling apart. He had gone over all the numbers, double-checked every single detail, yet something was still-

Sir? I'm sorry to bother you, but your wife-

A young child, barely a teenager, was standing at the door dressed as a servant girl, which she was. Everyone had to work in Holm, that was the way of the people.

My wife, began the bearded krawk king, knows well enough the importance of my work. Whatever the matter is, she can wait.

B-but sir she's-

She can wait.

Silence fell, and after a moment of it, a nervous servant girl closed the door, leaving the solidatary man to his work.

The salamanders shifted in their nests.


She was only ten, the daughter of a lowly miner, who had offered his only daughter to serve the royal halls. It was a common practice those days, most of the servants were either girls too young for hard work, or old men and women who had not much strength but more knowledge and patience.

Running through the halls, she felt very scared.

Huffing and puffing, she reached the queen's bedroom, where a handful of old women and girls had already gathered. The queen, looking very tired, was half-asleep in the bed, mumbling something to herself.

Where is the king? asked one of the women, who was busy cleaning up after something. The once-white rag she was washing in a bowl was stained red.

H-he said it, um, he said he was busy-

That daft old fool. The servants looked down for a moment shyly, then at their queen, who had spoken. Andra hadn't moved a all, but she had opened her eyes and was more coherent now than before. Always been one, always will be...

My lady, shall I call a doctor?

Pah! What she needs right now is a good cup of tea and plenty of rest! A doctor, pah... spoke one of the old crones.

Andra sighed and looked at the bundle next to her. They were right, she thought, everything had gone so... Smoothly. Wasn't that the whole point of her status? No fuss, no mess, but to keep everything under control, like right now. Yes, she smiled, all she needed now was a hot drink, rest and a name...


That stupid little girl, she should have told me outright what was the matter, I would have been here in an instant! King Hedrick was sitting on the edge of his wife's bed, cradling the newborn in his arms. First time he has ever seen such a small creature, and all he could feel was shame and curiosity.

Andra smiled weakly. We still need a name for him..

A boy? Huh, muttered Herdick, staring at the sleeping babe, who was very unaware of the world around him. I suppose that'll get the council to finally shut up. The little boy yawned widely, then smacked his lips and continued his sleep. He was much lighter toned than his dad was, but at the same time, not nearly as white as his mom. No markings yet, those would come later, and his little tail was barely visible in the bundle of cloth he was wrapped up in.

We won't have him for long, you know. The room suddenly felt ten times bigger than before.

I know.

We'll probably have to wade through the few noble houses there are here, Hedrick thought, some of the councilmembers have young daughters. They needed to keep good relations with the other kingdoms as well, so they might have to start sending their son around the world. Holm didn't need much import, besides for the smaller merchants who brought in exotic spices and new raw materials. But the kingdom did rely on a lot of export of various tools, weapons and gems. Besides that, Holm didn't have much of an army – mostly because every able-bodied man or woman knew how to defent themselves if needed. Still, that meant they needed a good reputation, although for the most part, everyone knew Holm to be a soliditary place, too cold and up north for the rest to care much. Hopefully a new prince would help fix this status, bring a better quality living to the people of the mountains.

At least their first child wasn't a girl. That would have been too painful..

Hedrick smiled under his furry chin and moustace. Sleep well, little Dhanny, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

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♣ ♣ ♣

Chapter two: Playing kings and queens


Underneath the giant castle was a collection of dungeons and tunnels. They were mostly there for security purposes, and also for storage reasons. One of the rooms there had been modified years back to be more comfortable. The floor was covered in soft hay, there was a bin for food and water and even a wooden perch hanging from the celing. In the middle of all this so-called luxury, was a dog-sized tuckeet, running around in circles and bawking loudly.

Calm down – calm down Dea! I'll get you out in a minute!

A young boy stood on the other side of the heavy wooden door, fiddling with the lock. His cheeks were dirty, the robe he wore had seen some wear and tear and he had a wooden sword hanging from his belt. Clunk, fell the huge metal lock to the floor, and groaning, the boy pushed the door open. His brown hair kept blocking his view, and so he pushed some of it aside.

L-let's go, come on! He hushed the creature out, who calmed down as soon as she saw her master, and happily trotted out into the coridors.

But w-we have to be quiet, m-mom said... Um... Well, something important. Let's go!

Out to freedom they snuck, out the gates of the castle, through the streets of Holm and out the inside sanctity of the mountains. A cold wind surrounded them, along with a blanket of snow as far as the eye could see. The young boy, they called him Dhan, smiled and marveled at the horizon. Dea stretched her black wings and bawked, her voice carried out far and echoed across the land. Once she was more comfortable, Dhan crawled ontop of her back and secured his coat better. R-ready girl?

With a happy bawk as a reply, they jumped off together, into the unknown. A boy and his bird.


You were supposed to watch him!

Yes, missus.

Who knows where he could have ended up!

I-I'm sorry missus, I was-

Pack your things.


I want you out of here by first light, that is all.

Yes, missus.

Dhan looked at his feet, as the young servant, shuffling her feet a little, left. He gulped.

And you, young man. We need to have a talk.

Dhan never dared to look at his mother when she was mad. There was a certain glint in her eye that somehow made you want to look away guilty, so he decided to be prepared and not look at her at all. Nodding a little, he followed her.

Queen Andra poured herself a drink and sat down on the throne, sighing. The King only sat here on special occasions anyway, so she might aswell feel comfortable in the meantime. Dhanyuk, she began, when are you ever going to learn?

Dhan stood in front of her, still examining his feet.

You are a prince, not a peasant, and you have to learn to act accordingly. That doesn't mean you get special priviledges, that doesn't mean you get to run off whenever you like! She took a sip. Mmh, you have to set an example for eveyone.

I was just... muttered Dhan.


I was just taking Dea out for a ride! She gets really lonely down there, and I thought she would like some-

Oh, Dhanny, come here. Shrugging a little, Dhan went up to the throne slowly, rubbing his arm a little. He stood right in front of his mother, who gently took his chin and turned his head to face her. Dhanny, you know your father and I... You know I love you, and I just don't want anything to happen to you.

I know...

If I promise you, that you can take Dea out for a flight once every week-


-twice every week, supervised, will you promise to stop this foolishness?

Dhan nodded shyly.

Good boy. Now run along, and please, don't leave the castle anymore without permission.

I won't, promise! Yelled Dhan, already out the door. Andra looked at her drink and then drowned the entire thing in one big gulp.


Father? Dhan peeked inside his dads's study. The room was always cold, and smelled funny, but this was where king Hedrick spent most of his days. Right now, it was empty, and Dhan sneaked in. As usual, he went straight to the bookcase, filled with all sorts of interesting and forbidden knowledge. Dad seemed to love books though, thought Dhan, and these were his favorites. Maybe they held somesort of secret, the little krawk wondered, pulling at one of the bigger volumes. Maybe they'll teach me how to be like-

Thud thud smack thud.

The king walked along the halls, carrying a brand new book from the vast library, and a cup of tea. He had been working from dawn, and all he wanted now was some peace and quiet.

He sighed, entering his study.

What are you up to now?

Dhan sat in the middle of a pile of books that had fallen from a well organised shelf. He had tried to put them back, but a few more had fallen in the process and one of them had fallen open and it looked interesting and-

Go find your mother.


It was midnight, but the young prince was wide awake. He was hiding under his blanket with a jar full of fireflies and a book almost as big as he was. He had lessons every morning till noon, and after a break, usually more lessons, but those he didn't like so much. In the morning he got to learn about history and science and math, but later during they day, they just taught him stuff about forks.

He needed to prove himself. He needed to show both of his parents that he can be smart too, that he's fit to be a prince. So from now on, he would read and learn as much as possible!

Boy, he sure felt tired...

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♣ ♣ ♣

Chapter three: No dance with royalty

More wine, my prince?

N-no thank you, you may go.

Years had passed and it was his 22nd nameday. Dhanyuk sat at the middle of a long table, next to his mother, the queen, and surrounded by the more nobler and wealthier families of Holm. There were the councilmembers and their respective families, the families of the few noble houses in Holm, sons of wealthy merchants and daughters of supervisors. Chatter filled the air and even though there was no roaring laughter – a feature only found in the taverns of Holm – everyone was getting along nicely. Nobody seemed to notice the absence of the king.

Almost nobody.

May I ask, your lordship, where is your father? A grinning merchant turned to Dhan, wiping grease from his chin with a napkin and with a greedy look in his eyes.

Ah, yes, I'm afraid my father couldn't make it-

The king is very busy with his work, I'm sure you all understand, smiled Andra kindly.

Mhh, yes, the kingdom does rely on his tireless efforts. A shame though, a man of his stature deserves rest every now and then. Please give him my regards, madam.

The chatter picked up again and Dhan sighed, taking another sip. He was never good at these social events, and would have preferred the solitude of his laboratory. For years now, while his father worked engineering new and more efficient machines, he had been hard at work studying chemistry and biology, trying to learn the secrets of alchemy. He felt like there was so much he still needed to learn, but-

My prince?

Dhan looked up to a young girl standing in front of him. She was very timid looking, not so much as pretty as she was cute and petite, wearing a dress that didn't exactly fit her. Yes, m-m-my lady? Heh?

I wanted to trouble you for a dance.


Only a few other people were dancing, which made Dhan feel even more awkward. He had been taught how to dance ever since he was a boy, but he never felt at home at it. He twirled the white-furred Kacheek girl around a little, then pulled her close, feeling as awkward as ever.

You dance very well, your lord.

T-thank you, my lady.

He bit his tongue a little and tried to keep his cool, whatever that meant. It didn't help that the girl was much shorter than he was, and she knew even less about dancing than he did.

I-I hope you're enjoying yourself, m-my lady, heh.

I suppose so, my lord, muttered the girl, as they continued their uncomfortable dance.

Andra smiled, looking at the two. She had tried to bring up the topic of marriage to Dhan quite a few times now, but every time he simply blushed profusely and changed the subject quickly. Can't blame him, she thought, he barely has any experiences with girls, especially proper ones. None of the servant girls befriended him as a child, because they were all too scared of, well, her, his mother. But things were different now, they didn't have much time. Andra's husband had fallen ill and the council was demanding of her that she find her son a proper bride – as soon as possible.

But that was okay, she had a plan. Sipping some wine, she turned to one of the councilmembers sitting beside her. So, about this vacation...

♛ The end.. for now ♛

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Full name: prince Dhanyuk II Aarn
Nickname: Dhan
Kingdom: Holm
Gender: male
Species: Christmas Krawk
Age: 22 yo
Date of birth: 22nd October

Height: 5"10
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: brunette
Body type: borderline skinny
Markings: lighter underbelly, facial features and tail tip; light chocolate specks across body; 5 dark brown scales on tail
Scars: none

Family members: Hedrick (father--ill); Andra (mother--alive)
Petpet: Dea the giant Tuckeet
Status: single

Personality: Dhan is a loner type of person, more of an introvert than anything else. He doesn't really hate social situations, he's just sort of... Awkward. Sure, he can crack a few jokes and remember proper etiquette, if you don't mind the stuttering and odd chuckle here and there.

He does, however, have a brilliant mind though. Dhan fulfills the roll of a noble alchemist, seeking answers to help his people. Those close to him know him to be a kind and helpful person, hard-working and loyal.


  • working
  • books
  • peace
  • chemistry
  • biology
  • new inventions
  • astronomy
  • dark chocolate
  • Dea


  • distractions
  • crowds
  • astrology
  • greed
  • close-minded people
  • giving speeches
  • too much attention
  • hipocrisy
  • lying

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Royal Relations


king Hedrick I Aarn

My f-father was a great engineer, he was extremely hard-working and quite c-clever too. He was very dedicated to Holm and his work, which helped our people greatly. He helped fix the old railway system and came up with more efficient mining tools and pulley systems... He was rarely in the public eye though, but he was l-loved nontheless.

He was rarely around as a father though... Always working... N-not that I blame him! I understand him completely, and the few moments we did have together mean a lot to me. He has sadly fallen gravely ill as of late, I hope to see him recover..

Heh, funny, people always tell me I look like him...


queen Andra Aarn

Don't let the picture fool you - my mother is a very serious and stern woman! She is so commanding, everything must be done exactly like she wants and when she wants it... She isn't exactly mean though, people just... Know the best listen to her, if they want to keep their jobs that is.

She never shows it, but I know she worries a lot. I suppose she has her pride, heh.. But she does try to personally insure that I get a proper meal every day, or that father is being properly looked after and such.

She's always hated my petpet, Dea though. Says she's way to noisy..

♣ ♣ ♣


[Pronounced dee]

Dea is a v-very extraordinary bird! She has been with me ever since I was born, and has never left my side. I may enjoy my privacy and can get quite into my work, but I always make it a point to take her out for a ride at least once a month.

She can be a little michevious and rowdy, but I suppose that's just the fun side of her! Dea is actually a very loving and protective companion, and I'm lucky to have her so loyal to me.


My council recently decided I needed a vacation from all the stress and work here at home, so I was sent on vacation to a very beautiful and tropical kingdom, where Lei happens to be the princess.

I must admit, she is a very stunning young lady, and definitely knows how to treat her guests! She seems to care quite a deal for her people, a quality I truly admire, aside from that she is also very lively and kind.

I hope to spend more time getting to know her..

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If you don't like art, here, have a poem instead -

Brains and attitude are not a strong pair,
in fact they make me pull at my hair.
Dhanyuk you must learn that books are not all,
your voice will be silent until I fall!
- tumbling_flowers, via a story-making board one june night in ´12

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W-well! I hope you had fun, or at least got to kill some time...

So, uhm, safe trip and don't count your p-pennies before supper?

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