❀ introduction

▹▹▹ Running with devil, Running with the devil

It is a cool spring night as you are traveling along the road somewhere between Meridell and Brightvale. You stop for a moment to take it all in: the sun is just barely setting over the horizon, the light filtering through the leaves in the trees on the hill. A slight breeze picks up from behind you. Its just cool enough that you pull your jacket a little closer around you. Best be on my way before it gets dark! you think to yourself

As you make it over the little grassy hill you look down to see a small town just ahead. Perfect! you think, Maybe they have a cafe where I can grab some supper! You head down the hill toward the town.

The sun casts long shadows throughout the town as it sets. As you walk, you notice its eerily quiet. The air is warmer and stiller than it was when you were walking along the path. There also seems be a lack of... well anyone in this village. It looks as though its a ghost town.

As you near the center of the town you notice a little girl running across the town square. She spots you out of the corner of her eye and stops suddenly, as though she's seen a ghost. She soon realized you pose no threat, but instead of looking relived, she starts waving her hands above her head franticly. After doing this for several moments and receiving only confused looks back she dashes off around the corner of a building. A door slams disturbing the silence.

Seriously creeped out, you decide its time to get out of here

▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲

You hang a left and exit through a stone archway. Some hoodlum has gratified the side of it with "à bientôt"--whatever that means.

The path a head of you is beautiful though: A giant field of white flowers as far as you can see. Since the sun is seeing, the flowers have an orange glow about them. Content with the simple beauty of nature, you continue on your way.

Or.... not.

❀ little gracie

▹▹▹ What a day to take to a wild child

Only a little ways outside of town you find yourself facedown in the dirt. You try to roll over to get up, but realize that your body is paralyzed. Panicked, you try and scream but all that comes out of your mouth is some jumbled words and a large pile of drool.

Aw, not again, Mauve! you hear a voice say. The voice sounds young and feminine.

Hang on... Let me turn you over. This time the voice seems to be talking to you. You feel something nudging you at your side. After a few more nudges, you are turned over onto your back, staring up at the fading daylight.

A little white fawn appears in your line of vision. You realize that she was the one who was nudging you with her nose to flip you over.

HI!! she says.

Still anxious about your paralysis and not sure what the intentions of this Ixi is, you manage to get out a Whoo wat yoo? before another slobber of drool falls from of your mouth.

Oh, sorry about that, she says, The paralysis will wear off in a little bit, I promise. Mauve likes to do that do those he likes. Oh that's him there! She motions to a little Moquot who just landed on your nose. He seems to be...smiling. Gulp!

I'm Grace by the way. I kinda live out here in these fields. And like I said, this is Muave. He's my friend. Again, sorry about the whole.. paralysis thing... He means well... I promise we'll stay right here with you until you start feeling better!

Since you lack the basic motor skills to talk, Grace the Ixi jumps right into telling you about herself:

. ◄ | quick information | ► .

Full Name Disgrace
Alias Grace, Gracie
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Age 10
Species Ixi
Brush Grey
Element Dusk & Spirit
Personality Type ENFP
Caregiver Ani!
Pelt Cool Grey 20%
Undercoat Cool Grey 20%
Hooves Lavender Grey
Horns Floral White
Eyes Dusty Rose
Extras Gossamer strands on horns; Floral White: flower crown, flowers on back, ankle wings
Markings Dusty Rose: chest circle; Floral White: freckles on face and joints; Lavender Grey: back stripe

. ◄ | preferences | ► .

  • Grace loves meeting people & making new friends.
  • Her favorite time of day is dawn--it's so peaceful.
  • She loves spending time in the flower field.
  • Her favorite activity is trying to scare Taupe & Mauve.


  • She hates being alone.
  • Grace doesn't like the concept of Death.
  • She tries to not show it, but hates that the village doesn't like her.
  • She is sad that she disappointed her father.

. ◄ | personality | ► .

Extroverted Grace gets her energy from interacting with others. She's never shy about approaching new people, although sometimes those other people are wary of her. She will chat all day to Taupe and Mauve, her closest pals. Sometimes she wanders into the local town market just to be around people.

Intuition She doesn't necessarily pay attention to all the details when gathering information. She'll remember a board and generic sense of events and people but also insert her own thoughts and inperpretionaks into what is happening. Processing happens in short bursts of energy!

Feeling Grace makes decisions based on the people (or pets) involved in the situation. She sees a wide range of possibilities, and will choose things based on how they will effect herself and others as living beings. Her decisions are made with her heart and not with her mind, which sometimes gets her into trouble.

Perceiving Grace's carefree nature outwardly shows to others. She doesn't like doing the same thing, day after day and will always be looking for adventures. She's flexible and adaptable, especially considering all the changes she went through, and is now living a completely different life!

Grace is child-like and carefree for the most part. She's adventurous and will seek attention of those around her. Grace hasn't quite accepted the trauma that has happened to her. She knows something feels different than what she knew before, but it's not certain whether she's ignoring the difference on purpose, or just hasn't figured out the whole puzzle quite yet. Grace is talkative, spontaneous, and full of life (only figuratively, though). Sometimes Grace goes through bouts of moodiness and sadness. She'll realize that she disappointed her father and will get extremely sullen for days. Taupe and Mauve can usually talk her out of it, and she'll back to her outgoing self.

. ◄ | physical appearance | ► .

Grace is a very light grey in color with small, white, feathered wings sprouting from each leg. Delicate, white flowers grow in a circlet upon her head and down her back. Unlike most females of her species, Grace does have prominent antlers upon her head in which Spyders' gossamer webs balance between them. Grace's eyes are a dusty rose color, while her hooves and nose are light lavender in color. She has little white, freckle-like spots under her eyes and on her back and front legs. The very front of her chest is a old mauve color and fades into her grey fur.

❀ the tale

▹▹▹ and they say you are a monster / but what i see is a child

. ◄ | character reference | ► .

[info about the characters/people in her story here]

. ◄ | grace's story | ► .

Grace was once a wonderful little fawn, alive and carefree as anything. She loved meeting new people and making friends with them. Her father, a tremendous buck, often warned her about this, since the forests were full of hunters nowadays.

Unlike her father, the young Ixi was ignorant of the troubles of the world and still wandered about as free as ever.

Once day, trouble did meet little Grace. A hunter--not unlike that which her father warned her about--pursued her in the forest. Tricked into thinking his hunting-Lupe would be a great playmate, the hunter and his Lupe chased her into the open field just outside the little town you find yourself in now.

The hunter's arrow struck Grace straight through her chest and into her heart. She lay on a bed of pure white flowers as her own blood stained her pure white pelt. Her spirit, though, was unable to pass through to the afterworld and she lay there, hovering in the In-Between.

This strange happenstance somehow saved her. Because her spirit was neither here nor there her body became invisible to the hunter and he was unable to claim his prize.

Grace now "lives" in a state of imbalance. She still hasn't figured out how to pass through to Afterlife, so she wanders about our world as a Spectre. She still is her same old self and is always trying to make friends with the local children and pets in the village. But her circu.mstance leaves her physical form a bit lacking. Sometimes she's completely solid and whole. At other times she is completely invisible. This factor kind of scares the villagers (you know...just a bit) and thus the town is extremely frightened of the Albino Fawn.

Grace is joined by Taupe, an overly large Whoot, and his friend Mauve the Moquot, both of whom were shot by the same hunter. The three of them live in the field and nearby forest as Spectres.

Maybe you can help them get to Afterlife?

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

. ◄ | notes | ► .

Grace's pelt was a pure white before she was shot by the hunter. As her life faded away the color faded to the light grey she has now. Her horns and purple stripe on her back were always present, while the wings by her hooves are results of being in the In-Between.

The flower crown and the flowers that are along her back are also a result of where she was shot with the arrow. The flowers joined her body as she became a Spectre.

The flower field, as well as the flowers that grow on Grace, are White Asters.

❀ grace's world

▹▹▹ and now I am alone in a world of disgrace

. ◄ | the land of vitis | ► .

Grace's story takes place in the island of Vitis, a large island off the coast of Altador in Neopia. The name of the island comes from the ancient Neopian word for "vine"--a fitting name for the island which exports grapes as well as other rare items such as spices and salt. Here's an excerpt on Vitis from a history book:

In the ancient days, a chief magistrate ruled the city and it's people, however now there is a council of elected officials ruling the city and protecting public interest. The people of Vitis are independent and capitalistic to a fault, and many of their previous disputes with other nations were over trade routes or port taxes. They are well known for inventing the banking system long before the rest of Neopia picked it up, with The National Neopian having it's first original home office in Vitis before it moved to Neopiam Central.

. ◄ | the in-between | ► .

❀ abilities

▹▹▹ you must go where i cannot

❀ companions

▹▹▹ tell me what it was i used to be

After Grace finishes telling you what you're pretty sure is her entire life story (Who even does that anyway? To a complete stranger?) you're able to sit up for a bit on your own. You're not sure what to do next. You don't want to be rude after she just spilled her guts out to you, but you aren't sure if you want to stay here either.

Okay remember how I was telling you about Taupe before? I really want you to meet him! I think you'd think he's awesome. Can you walk now?

Grace nudges you as you get up, the little Moquot buzzing around her antlers.

Name Taupe
Type PetPet
Species Whoot
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him/His
Form Spectre

Taupe was shot by the same hunter that Grace was, and was also left hovering in the In-Between. He is a wise, old Whoot, and mentors Grace as she discovers her new form, providing her with guidance.

Name Mauve
Type PetPetPet
Species Moquot
Gender Unknown
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Form Living

Mauve was caught in the webs that hang from Grace's antlers one day. She decided to stick around Grace and Taupe for whatever reason. Mauve's poison will leave her victim paralyzed for a short while.

It was a gloomy spring day in the outskirts of Meridell. There was a chilly breeze in the air and the clouds were handing low in the sky. There is a vast field that spreads to the horizon and white wildflowers that were just starting to bloom bend to the chilly breeze as though they were huddling together for warmth.

A small, grey Ixi popped her head up from below the grass and flowers. She looked around—her eyes darted around; finally she took off at a sprint across the field. The little Ixi seemed distressed as she galloped through the brush.

There was a small grouping of trees up a head of the Ixi and she slowed her pace to a walk as she neared the trees. Needing to catch her breath for a moment, she sat down under one of the large trees. Having paused for a moment, it seemed the grey Ixi's emotions caught up with her and she began to cry.

Suddenly, a soft ❝whooo?❞ came from up above somewhere. The Ixi yelled and jumped and turned her head around to look for the source of the noise. Her erratic movement lead her to put her head straight through a Spyder's web. She cried out again which caused the poor Spyder to scurry away into a bush. Although there was no immediate danger anymore from the multi-legged friend, some remnants of the web remained stuck on the Ixi's horns.

A rustling and soft flutter of wings indicated that whatever had made the noise earlier was on the move. The Ixi was frozen for a moment, hoping the hidden creature had decided to move on and not make an Ixi omelette out of her. A rustle from behind her told her that was not the case. She whipped around faster than a Chia running from a Lupe and saw a magnificent creature staring down at her with big, black eyes.

The creature who was looking down at her was no scary beast, but was actually a light brown colored Whoot. His presence seemed to draw others into him and make the rest of the world fade into the background. ❝Whoooo are youuuu?❞ he said in a deep mellow tone.

❝Oh!❞ the Ixi said quite in awe of the Whoot, ❝My name is Disgrace, but you can call me Grace I suppose.❞

❝Hulloooo Grace. I am Taupe. Why are youuuu crying?❞ he asked kindly.

Grace looked down, ashamed that he had caught her in such a sad state.

❝Um, well you see… I lost my papa a bit ago,❞ she says, ❝We were separated east of Brightvale and I'm not sure how to get back there.❞

❝Ohooo! I knoooww that area well,❞ the Whoot said to Grace, ❝Whooouuld youuu like my help?❞

Slightly taken aback at his offer, Grace sniffled and stuttered, ❝Oh—That—that would be great!❞

Mauve swooped down and landed on the ground next to Grace. ❝Alright noooww. Wipe your tears. We will find him. Doo not wooorry.❞

And with that proclamation, the two soon-to-be close friends started off their new journey together.

The end.

. ◄ | acquaintances | ► .


So one day i was just sitting in the field talking to Mauve, minding my own business, and POOF Wyrall appeared! Of course I didn't know his name was Wyrall at first, but we started talking and he told me he appeared out of nowhere because he's a time traveller! Like, how cool is that? He's kinda looking for a lost friend, but I told him we could be friends too!!


Okay, this is Kaz. She's super cool! I met her one time when she came to the town. She wasn't even frightened of me at all! We talked and she's kinda young, but has seen so much of Neopia! It's really cool. She's an apprentice to Naia, the Fountain Faerie. Kaz flies around the world to paint pets. So cool! Sometimes I wish I could be brave like her, but I get nervous when I go to new places sometimes. She's someone I really admire!


Sheryl is someone who I run into every once and while. Mostly I see her when I go to the other world. I reallllyyy don't like going there. It's so scary! Sheryl appeared one day when I was crying about being there and she was really really kind. She told me about how she left people she loved in the Alive world too. I am so glad I can see her when I'm nervous over there. She takes care of me kinda like a mom. I hope she doesn't mind me saying that!

❀ history of the flower crown

▹▹▹ the time i saw, flowers in your hair

So, we all know that the flower crown was something that burst back into popularity in the past couple years. From becoming a fashion cliche at music festivals to being drawn on pictures of your favorite celebrity, the flower crown revival took the world by storm! But where else in history can you find these floral crowns?

▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ ▲

Floralia This is an ancient Roman festival honoring the goddess Flora. Both men and women wore flowers to the festival. In paintings, Flora is depicted as wearing a flower crown.

Etruscan gold crowns The Etruscans made beautiful gold head wreaths. These intricate crowns often depicted leaves and berries.

Ancient Greece Different head wreaths, such as the olive wreath and the laurel wreath, are closely associated with ancient Greece. Olive head wreaths were given to champions of the Olympic games. Other plants were used to make wreaths dedicated to differed gods.

may day A holiday that traditionally celebrated the end of spring and beginning of summer. A May Queen will be crowned in the celebrations with a flower crown. In later times in America and England, May Day is celebrated by dancing around a maypole.

the Ukrainian wreath This wreath is worn by girls and young, unmarried women. It's history is associated with Ivan Kupala Day (similar to a summer solstice day) and the wreath is still used in traditional Ukrainian folk dress.

flower power Flower crowns are often associated with the hippies of the 1960s, so much so that they became known as "flower children." Inspired by the song "San Francisco" because of the lyric "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair".

Its fun to see that flower crowns and wreaths have been used in so many different cultures and in so many different time periods! A lot of the cultures use the flower crown to celebrate spring or summer and to represent the young and pure.

. ◄ | flower crowns and wreaths on neopets | ► .

Ever wanted your pet to look beautiful in a flower crown or head wreath? There are plenty of wearables that will look good on your pet! Both NP and NC wearables are available. Here's a list:

Altador Cup V Champion Laurel

Asparagus Head Wreath (NC)

Autumn Harvest Wreath (NC)

Beaded Floral Headwreath (NC)

Crown of Flowers Spring Wig (NC)

Daisy Circlet Wig (NC)

Delicate Flower Laurel (NC)

Earth Faerie Daisy Ring

Faerie Head Wreath (NC)

Flower Circlet Wig (NC)

Garden Wreath Wig (NC)

Gothic Flower Wreath Wig (NC)

Holiday Headwreath (NC)

Laurel Wreath Wig (NC)

Loosely Braided Wig with Flowers (NC)

Golden Flower Wreath Wig (NC)

Spring Flower Head Wreath (NC)

Tropical Flower Head Wreath (NC)

Wheat Wreath Wig (NC)

Wispy Flower Crown Wig (NC)

❀ adoptables

▹▹▹ Shorty don't wait 'til your life goes by

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5. Have fun!
Send in a Request or Trade!

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. ◄ | customs for me | ► .

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❀ art gallery

▹▹▹ growing, growing, gone, little one

. ◄ | art by ani | ► .

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❀ awards

▹▹▹ As soon as I'm on my way I long for the things that I have left

Grace brings you over to a little patch of bushes and jumps around excitedly.

You sit down on the ground so that you are at Grace's level and wonder what outrageous gift this fawn has in store for you.

From under the bushes, Grace pulls out a little golden wreath.

Here! I wanted you to have this because you've been such a good friend to me! Grace says and drops the wreath in your lap. You start to refuse such a precious gift, but then you see how happy this is making Gracie and gently tuck it away in you satchel.

The Golden Laurel is a special little award made by Disgrace herself! If you think you've worked hard on your petpage for your character, please feel free to take it and display it proudly! Always remember to link back!

. ◄ | my awards | ► .

  • I won 2nd place in species December 23, 2016
  • I won 1st place in species May 20, 2016
  • I won 3rd place in species May 13, 2016
  • I won 3rd place in species April 29, 2016
  • I won 2nd place in species April 8, 2016
  • I won 1st place in species November 20, 2015
  • I won 1st place in species May 15, 2015
  • I won 3rd place overall on May 15, 2015

❀ inspiration

▹▹▹ I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart

❀ mix tape

▹▹▹ Dance in my garden like we used to

▲ gossamer (gos·sa·mer) ˈgäsəmər/ - 1. a fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders, which is seen esp. in autumn.

❀ links & credits

▹▹▹ This is a beautiful start / To a lifelong love letter

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