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Welcome to Dovac's page

He came home Febuary 17th, 2014 all thanks to Dallas ^.^
Just a side note. I made all art, animations, and drawings in this app unless stated otherwise!
Yes, well, I hope you enjoy your time here!
*sets you in big fluffy chair with plate of cookies*

Before we Begin

A few notes about Dovac.
His character is directly linked with my baby ogrin's character, Arrkat, so it would help immensely if you read his story first, as it sets up where Dovac's story is going to begin. Otherwise I fear it may not make much sense at all ;-;
You can find it on his petpage here..

And if you scroll down a little it's a scrolling story in the middle! Woo!
Also I hope you were able to see the animation I made on the front page.
(It was being wonky earlier)
Uhm uhm uhm I think that's it :3

If you have any questions or concerns please, feel free to mail me at my main account

The Beginning

I wasn't there. I don't know where I was, or where I came from, but suddenly, I was there. Just like that. But everything was dark. Too dark to move. Too dark to see at all.
Oh, wait. I needed to open my eyes. Where am I?
I still hadn't opened my eyes.
Is that what they're called? Eyes? How did I know that? Struggling to form a thought, pull at a memory, reach for the knowledge of how I'd come to learn what eyes even were I felt it
Coming out the depths of my being, an instinct. To protect. And what was this? A....a rage.
They are going to hurt him
You have to look.
Humph, but I don't want to.
They're going to hurt him.
But what will I see??
They're going to hurt him
They're going to hu...

The feeling because too much. There was a sense of urgency. This him, this boy, he was going to be hurt.
my boy.
They were going to hurt my boy.

So I opened my eyes.
That's all I did, was open them.
And that is when I saw for the first time.
I was in a large grassy field. It seemed to go on forever. And everything was so full of..full of..color
And I felt my rage build, but not from the color, or the trees surrounding me, or the breeze that felt so magnificent rushing over my body....but from 5, small, terrified looking boys, lingering in my shadow.

These 5 tiny things. I wanted to crush them. It wouldn't be hard. Just lift up my foot and set it down conveniently on their little....a foot! I had feet!
Baffled by this marvel I had just discover I went to lift one. One of these feet I had, and the 5 gaping mouthed good-for-nothing little turd droppings turned and screamed the screams of 1000 girlies and fled.
I internally patted myself on the back as they tumbled away.
For just having discovered what being alive is like, I wasn't half bad at name-calling.

It ignited again

The tugging deep in my chest. I looked down. There, just in front of my own feet.
How could I have missed him.
My boy.
He was poofing out his little chest, very proudly, watching the boys scamper across the field, and almost as an afterthought seemed to notice my shadow hanging over him..

The Introduction

He seemed to stop breathing. I tilted my head. This was my boy, right? He turned ever so slowly, his head towards the ground, away from my glowing orb eyes.
There was no doubt in my mind. This was him. My boy! I wanted to nudge him, knock him over in excitement and tell him how overjoyed I was to see him! Actually see him! But he seemed frightened. So I withheld. From what I gathered in my mind of what I looked like, I might be nervous to meet me for the first time too.

Here he was, standing before (well, below) me and he had no idea that he had created me. Wanting to be impressive, but not intimidating, I lowered my gaze, and assumed a relaxed stance (or as relaxed as I can look).
He looked up, T-thank you he managed to get out after staring for what I would consider long enough to be rude. (but he's my boy, so it's an exception)
I nodded my head at him in response. Baby steps. I didn't want to frighten him.
It was then I noticed the tiny plushie anubis in his arms. This was his small protector, before I was here. I took note to acknowledge the little anubis's courage, when the time was right.
He seemed to have relaxed at this point, realizing that I was no threat to him.
Wh-what are you? Where do you come from?
He was joking, right?
I stared blankly at him. Surly he knew.
From the forest?
Nope. He had absolutely no idea. I shook my head left, then right, indicating that was a negative.
Well, from where then?
How do I tell him? How do I get this across so it doesn't completely freak him out? He's so small. He couldn't possibly understand. I just didn't want to frighten him.
Bringing my tail around calmly, I lightly set it upon his temple. That is where I had been, in the dark. I had been there all along, there had just never been a time when he had needed me so dearly.
From....my mind?
I nodded my head, careful to not catch my horns in the tree branches above me, and slid my tail back behind me.
But..but you're real?
Yes I'm real! And it's all because of you! Because I was needed and you wanted me here and somehow magically willed me into existence to help you, and now I'm here to protect you. You're my boy! I still held back. Instead I softened my eyes, knowing how through an instinct that I had just discover after coming from this small boys imagination.
The boy smiled for the first time, What is your name?
I hesitated. There was only one way to answer this. I reached until I felt it, that tugging in my chest, and I let it unravel. Slowly..slowly, I extended it until I was resting on the edge of his conscious. Then we melded together as naturally as if we had done this a lifetime. And I spoke into his mind,

My name is Dovac

About Dovac

Under Construction


This is a ref image of how I imagine Arrkat and Snoop would be if they were humanized. This gives you an idea of the forest they wander through and have adventures in.

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