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Things to do:
  • Write Basic Naming FAQs-interview HC again for some?
  • Find more other Naming FAQs, write Other Naming FAQs blurb
  • Write Name Stalking section-(ask sky if she is interested in contributing there?)
  • Write "Creative Speling vowel and consonant sounds" comparative sounds- ask HC for helpers on this?
  • Finish 'colors' table
  • Finish 'neopets colors table'
  • Finish 'numbers' table
  • Finish 'animals' table
  • Finish 'elements' table
  • finish 'requests' table
  • Write synonyms and antonyms blurb, provide examples


About the Page

Proudly helping Neopians find names since April 26th, 2008!

Imposing Names was originally started with Falsified back in 2007, ad then Impose in 2008. When Imp went on to a new home, Dublyn volunteered to host the page.

This page was started on 4/26/8 on Taeoko's page while waiting for the release of the pound and transfer system. This page has taken over ___ hours of work.
4/26/8: Basic layout: 2 hours
4/27/8: Update layout, anchor links, tables, some written sections, researching some words in other languages: 7 hours
4/29/8: Worked on writing sections; got lucky and found two language teachers to give me the words for French and Spanish. 3 hours
6/12/8: Worked on entire page, 5 hours
10/12/8: Worked on entire page, redid entire layout, 5 hours

Page is in progress, and will be moved to another host soon. Check back with Merlynshade at a later date!


About Dublyn

Former Lab rat.


Basic Naming FAQs

Can you change your pets name?
  • No. Pet names are permanent, this is one of the main reasons you want to strongly consider your choices when naming a pet. If you have a pet who's name you dislike, either you can pound the pet to a new home, or you can live with the name the pet has.

Grandfathered Names?
  • Grandfathered names are ones that are, according to the current rules of the site, against the rules. However at the time of the pet's naming, the words/terms used in the name were not considered against the rules. Grandfathered named pets are, therefore, older pets on the site. They are not considered reportable due to the fact that they were not against the rules when made. TNT is not going to remove a pet and punish the owner because they named a pet something against the rules before those rules were made or changed. This does not mean that you can go and create a pet with a name that is against the rules today. Names that are against the rules can get the owner warned, suspended or even frozen. If you adopt a pet from the pound and it's name is against the rules, you can still get into trouble for owning it.

Inappropriate Words
  • Inappropriate words are ones that are against the site rules. Naming your pet with one of these words can get you warned, suspended or even frozen. Do not attempt this.

Blocked Words
  • Some words are considered against the rules and they don't seem to have any reason to be. For example the pet name "Hai" is unmakable. 'Hai' is basically an affirmative or the word for yes in Japanese. TNT has reasons of their own for disallowing some names, though we users may not understand these rules ourselves.


Other Naming Guides

Erin's Naming Guide


What makes a good name?

Just a day into the making of this petpage, Shade decided to interview people in the Neopets Help Chat to see what they thought made up a good name. The replies varied, but many players responded quickly, making the board jump to almost 100 replies in a matter of minutes and showing that people do have distinct opinions on what they believe make a 'good' name. Some of the posts that I received included, in no particular order:
  • No numbers or underscores. (This was by far the most repeated reply)
  • Has to be original, no names from movies or actors.
  • Easy to pronounce.
  • Not very long.
  • I hate when people put xoxo or whatever in their pet name
  • I don't like it when people add double or triple of the same letter in order to make a real-life name fit their neopet. Seems tacky.
  • The name should mean something to you. I see people saying good names don't have letters or underscores, but if they mean something to you, then that makes them good names.
  • CAPITAL LETTERS! It just rattles my nerves when I see a pet with an uncapitalized name.
  • I think a good name for any neopet is one that is creative and original.
  • Bonus points if I can pronounce the name! I admit that there are definitely some names floating around where I would have no hope of pronouncing them at all.
  • Oh and real word names like "Impose" or something like that do not make attractive names. They're impossible to use creatively on an NT story, comic or whatever. (*Note I inserted one of my own names to substitute the one the poster said-they both end the same way and make the same point-and I don't mind people disliking his name, but others may if they had the pet name that she said.)
  • A name that suits the pet.
  • No underscores, or numbers. Creative names are really nice and are unique. (snow__white94 gave me permission to quote her on that. XD)
  • I like numbers in the name. =P
  • I prefer traditional names: composed of alphabetic characters, starting with a capital letter, and pronounceable in one or more of the languages you speak.
  • No numbers or underscores, and it "flows" well. Even if a name has no numbers or underscores, a name like: (random mix of consonants and vowels here) isn't a good name.
  • Names that are real words are always cool, as long as it isn't something too pretentious/obscure. Then it just looks silly.
  • Short, and unjumbled. No one likes tripping over their tongue when reading a Neopet's name.
  • I don't like numbers or underscores and I especially dislike mispelled "real world" names.
  • I think that what makes a good name is something reasonably short and easy to pronounce without any x's, numbers, underscores, or words joined together. I like to name my pets things that sound nice, not like Blah_Blah_Blah129874938274.
Now if those tips, strait from users like you, does not illustrate how different peoples' opinions of what make a 'good' name, I don't know what will. Tears (taste_your_tears) posted this:

If you like it, who cares what other peoples' preferences are?

Another user, Runaway_ducky, offered the following advice:

I am very particular when it comes to pet names and in my opinion, you shouldn't name a pet because it's defined as a good name. I think it needs to 'jump out at you'. It really needs to fit the image you have of your pet. That way, it will never lose its charm."

These two quotes are by far the best thing to consider when naming a pet. In the end, only the player who owns the pet has to be happy with the pet name. While it is nice to have other's opinions or approval on a pet name, ultimately it is the owner of the pet that has to live with the pet's name.


Underscores, numbers and framing letters

Many users debate the use of numbers and underscores in a pet or user name, and in the end it is a matter of personal preference.

Underscores can be used to make a pet when the name is already taken. For example, Shade made _Elric with an underscore when the name 'Elric' was already taken.

Numbers can be used creatively or at the end of a name to help find a name that is free for creation. 1 has been used as an 'i' or a 'l', where as 0 is used for 'o', 3 for 'e', 5 for 's' and so on. Also numbers could be used in a name for their pronunciation. If someone wants the name 'forgettable' and it is not available, they could, for example, make a pet with the name '4gettable'. Be creative out there.

Finally it is popular to use letters or numbers to frame a word if the name is unmakeable. For example, xXx_Baby_xXx or o0Neopian0o.

While these work, some people dislike the overall look of such names. But if it is to your liking, do as you prefer.


Name Stalking

Coming soon


Making a name



Real vs Made Up

While many players prefer real names or words for their pets, it is often very difficult to find such names free for creation. Thus many players revert to different methods to try and get the names that they want. One of these methods includes making up names, be they based off a word or name, or be they completely made up.


Creative Spelling vowel and consonant sounds

With a little bit of creative spelling, a person can find a name based on what they are looking for. An example of such would be Seltyk, who's name is based off the word 'celtic'.

Wanted sound a' as
in cat
e' as
in see
i' as
in I
o' as
in go
u' as
in you
y' as
in fly
x' as
in explode
Useable combinations a, e, ee, y, ii i, ai, eye o, oh, u, oo, y, ai, eye x, eks, ee

Wanted sound
Useable combinations


Prefixes and suffixes

Adding a prefix or suffix to a word changes the meaning, and some of such words will no longer be real words, but the effect can be interesting when one is making a name. Prefixes are meant to attach to the start of a word, such as the prefix 'un' in the word 'Unmask'. Suffixes attach to the end of a word, such as adding an 's' to the end of a word to make it plural, and example of this would be 'words.' Below are some common prefixes and suffixes.

Prefixes a-, an- ab- ante- anti- auto- chron- circum- con- contra-
Meaning not, without away from before against, opposite self time around with, together against, opposite

Prefixes de- demo- dia- dis-, dys-, dif- dyn-, dyna- ecto- endo- equi- e-, ex-
Meaning from, down, away people through, across, between away, not, negative power outside, external inside, within equal out, away from

Prefixes exter-, extra- hetero- homo- hyper- hypo- in-, im- infra- mal- mega-
Meaning outside of other, different same over, above below, less than not beneath bad, badly great, million

Prefixes meso- meta- micro- mis- multi- neo- non- omni- per-
Meaning middle beyond, change small bad, badly many new not all through, intensive

Prefixes photo- poly- re- retro- semi- sub- super- syn- tele-
Meaning light many back, again backwards half under, below above together distance, from afar

Prefixes therm-, thermo- trans- un- vita- mono- uni- di-, bi- quat-. quad- quint-, penta-
Meaning heat across not life one two three four five

Prefixes hex-, ses- sept- oct- non- dec- cent- mill-, kilo- mega- giga-
Meaning six seven eight nine ten hundred thousand million billion

Prefixes tera- milli- micro- nano- pico- femto-
Meaning trillion thousandth millionth billionth trillionth quadrillionth

Suffixes -dom -ity -ment -sion, -tion -ness -ance, -ence -er, -or -isk -ive
Meaning state, condition, rank, position condition of, quality of state of being act of state of being act of act of small doing something,
tending toward
doing some action

Suffixes -ics -ic -al -able -y -ous -ful -less -en
Meaning things having to do with characteristic of relating to can, able to having full of full of without

Suffixes -s -ize -ate -logy -ly -ism -ist -pobia -sis
Meaning to make plural to make to have or be characterized by the study of makes a word an adverb or adjective belief in one who believes in fear of act, state, condition of


Other languages

Another method for finding the name with the meaning that you want is to turn to another language to find your name. Using another language to find a name can open up a wide variety of unique or unusual names, however one should be aware of the problems that may happen when using this method for finding a name.

While using another language be aware that some words in one language may be appropriate, yet have an inappropriate meaning in another language. This happens as well when you change the spelling of such words, so be wary of mistakes.

Also, if using translation sites, note that the translations provided might not be accurate. It is best, whenever possible to use a book or a person who actually speaks the language to help find the word you are looking for. If you do not do this, attempt to double check your name with one of these resources if possible.


Made up languages

Using other languages is a method to find a name, and one thing to consider is the use of a language that is not 'real,' or rather one that is from fiction.

Klingon from the series Star Trek can be fun to use-if hard to pronounce. Tolkien Elvish is another option-however there are many different versions out there to look through. Be creative and see what you can find out there!


Synonyms and antonyms

Page is in progress. Check back with Merlynshade at a later date!


Language Tables

I do not claim to be an expert in any language other than English, and even then I can be a little iffy! Please if you see any incorrect words NEOMAIL MERLYNSHADE so that I can fix the problem. All of the words I have listed here have come from on line English to ________ Dictionaries or from kind Neopians who were willing to translate for me.

Special thanks to blessed_faerie,x666_darkangel_666x, _dark_kittie_, stryclone, faerie_poogle709, bozziesgirl, manamanah, shadylady20, wallsofjericho, angelica1322, anuarisa, filipa_, and mysterys_mystique for helping provide correct translations.

**Special Note: Many of these words require accents that, due to the limitations of the pet page processor, I am unable to replicate.



English Dutch French Gaelic German Italian Japanese Latin Spanish
Black zwart noir schwarz nera, nero kuroi, kuro niger negra, negro
Blue blauw bleu blau azurra, blu aoi, ao lividus azul
Brown bruin brun braun marrone, cafe chairo brunneus
Green groen vert gruen verde midori pratinus verde
Orange oranje orange orange arancia orenji aurantius naranja
Purple paars violet lila, violett lilla murasaki purpureus morado
Red rood rouge rot rosso akai, aka ruber,
White wit blanc weiss bianco howaido,
albus blanco
Yellow geel jaune gelb giallo koushoku,
flavus amarillo



English Dutch French Gaelic German Italian Japanese Latin Spanish
Alien buitenaards extra-terreste coimhthioch alien uchuujin extra-terrestre
Baby baby bebe leanbh baby osanago bebe
Biscuit (cookie) koekje biscuit briosca keksi, platzchen kukki- galleta
Camouflage camouflage camouflage duaithniocht mesai camouflage
Checkered geblokt a carreaux kariert chekku
Chocolate chocolade chocolat seaclaid schokolade cioccolata chokoreeto chocolate
Christmas kerstmis noel nollaig weihnachten natale kurisumasu navidad
Clay klei argile cie lehm nendo barro
Cloud wolk nuage scamall wolke kumo, sorairo nube
Desert woestijn desert, sable fasach wuste sabaku desierto
Disco disco disco diosco discofieber disuko disco
Electric elektrisch electricite leictreach elektro erekuto, rikku electricidad
Fairy fee fee siog fee sennyo, sennin, yousei
Fire vuur feu tine feuer fiamma faiya fuego
Fruit fruit fruit toradh obst, fruechte kudamono fruta
Ghost spook fantome taibhse geist, gespenst youma, goosuto fantastma
Glowing gloeiend rutiler lonraigh leuchtend niou, keikou brillar
Gold goud or oir golden kin iro oro
Grey grijs gris liath gurei gris
Halloween halloween halloween oiche shamhna horouxi-n
Ice ijs glace oighear aisu, koori hielo
Invisible onzichtbaar_ invisible dofheicthe meimei invisible
Island eiland ile oilean shima isla
Mutant gemuteerd mutant hen'itai
Pink roze rose bandearg pinku rosa
Pirate piraat pirate foghlai kaizoku pirata
Robot robot robot robo jinzouningen
Shadow schaduw ombre scath kage sombra
Silver zilver argent airgead gin iro plateado
Sketch (draw) schets dessine sceitse diseno
Snow sneeuw neige sneachta yuki nieve
Vegetable groente legume glasra yasai
Zombie (undead) zombie zombie



English Dutch French Gaelic German Italian Japanese Latin Spanish
Zero nul zero nialas null zero rei, reido zero
One een un aon eine un ichi uno
Two twee deux do zwei due ni dos
Three drie trois tri drei tre san tres
Four vier quatre caethair vier quattro yon, shi cuatro
Five vijf cinq cuig funf cinque go cinco
Six zes six se sechs sei roku seis
Seven zeven sept seacht sieben sette shichi siete
Eight acht huit ocht acht otto hatchi ocho
Nine negen neuf naoi neun nove kyu nueve
Ten tien dix deich zehn dieci ju diez



English Dutch French Gaelic German Italian Japanese Latin Spanish
Cat kat chat cat katze gatto neko cattus gato
Cow koe vache bo kuh ushi Bos,
Dog hond chien madra hund inu canis perro
Dragon draak dragon dragan drache katsu, ryu (n/a) dragon
Fish vis poisson fisch sakana yu
Horse paard cheval capall pferd uma Equus caballo
Lion leeuw lion leon loewe rion leo leon
Mouse muis souris luchog maus nezumi mus rat
Sheep schaap mouton caora schaf hitsuji ovis oveja
Snake slang serpent nathair schlange hebi serpens sepiente



English Dutch French Gaelic German Italian Japanese Latin Spanish
Air lucht air aer luft kuuki aer, aeris aire
Dark duisternis fonce dorcha dunkelheit yami ater, atra, atrum oscuro
Earth aarde terre talamh erde humus tierra
Fire vuur feu tine feuer flamma fuego
Light licht lumiere solas licht hikari lux, lucis luz
Metal metaal metal moital metall lamnia, lammina, lamna metal
Water water eau uisce wasser aqua agua
Wind wind vent gaoth wind ventus viento


Requested Words

Please if you would like to request a word NEOMAIL MERLYNSHADE so that I can find and add it to the list.

English Dutch French Gaelic German Italian Japanese Latin Spanish
Autumn herfst aki qiu
Boy jongen garcon buachaill junge, bub, bursche muchacho,
Clever slim intelligent cliste
Cute schattig mignon cleasach hubsch kawaii guapo
Dream droom reve briongloid yumi sueno
Evil kwaadaardig mechant olc boese malvado
Flower bloem fleur blath blume hana flor
Funny grappig amusant, drole greannmhar comico
Girl meisje fille cailin maedchen muchacha,
Good goed bon maith gut bueno
Imperfect gebrekkig imparfait neamhfhoirfe imperfecto
Innocent onschuldig_ innocent naemhch iontach unschuldig inocente
Moon maan lune gealach mond tsuki luna
Pretty mooi joli gleoitedeas huebsch bonito
Shade schaduw ombre scath
Sky lucht
ciel speir himmel cielo
Smart slim intelligent innealta inteligente
Soft zacht doux min suave
Spring lente printemps haru primavera
Star ster etoile realta stern sei estrella
Summer zomer ete natsu verano
Sun zon soleil grian sonne sol
Sweet zoet sucre milsean dulce


Name Lists Free for Creation

Here are some lovely petpages that list names that are free for creation. Be sure to NEOMAIL the page owner's so they can remove names if you use one of the names on their list.

Persuasion's Real Word Name List
Thaqa's Name List
Greatname's Name List
Azn__Kiddo's Name Ideas
CuddleyCubbie's Untaken Name Guide
Kemikol's Names Unlimited
Lestius's Most Helpful List of Decent Names
Prejury's Pet Names
Kavikk19's List of Pet Names
Lil88Macey's List of Pet Names
The Best Pet Names
Moeztiet's Naming Guide
Kliarin's Name Guide
Literary Pet Names
Amy's Pet Names
Gzu's Pet Names
Wordage Pet Names
Deceitful Pet Names
Goldendoodle_Lover's Name Page
Ouchz's Name Page
Ciemorre's Pet Names
Iisia's Name Page (Ciemorre's page 2)

**Note a large number of these petpages were found via: Chaibunneh's Petpage Directory and Hitakae's Directory



A number of users and resources have proved very helpful in the making of this page. So here is a big thanks to all of them!

Jess [ebiltastic]: for sending so many fabulous free names my way.

Premium Charter and Main Hall Message board chatters for critiquing and helping along the way.

The Help Chat helpers for also giving me tips and putting up with my numerous cries for help!

The M.o.D. Guild members for keeping their leader sane while she worked on this page!

Chaibunneh's Petpage Directory for being a wonderful resource on finding petpages. ( same goes for Hitakae's Petpage Directory too!)

And users like YOU! XD


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