Hello and welcome to my application to retrade for a UC Faerie Meerca. I've developed a small character for this Meerca so when I talk about him I'll just refer to him as Fable from here on out! Also, I was not at all forced to make this petpage application and no coffee was harmed in the making of this application...tea might have been though, yum. Anyways, please read on and enjoy!

The Story

Fable's world, in addition to being populated by the expected humans and animals, is inhabited by various nature spirits. Although most of them have been extinguished in the modern world due to overpopulation, habitat destruction, etc, in the vast northern regions where humans are scarce, spirits still live and thrive. It is here that Fable's story takes place.

Spirits are broken up into a few classifications, but the most dramatic distinction is between shade and elemental spirits. Shade spirits are quite weak overall; they typically only have a fully corporeal form in darkness, and their abilities typically don't amount to much more than weak illusions or making a candle flicker. By contrast, elemental spirits are always corporeal (and often will have different forms to choose from) and have strong abilities linked to their particular affinity. Elemental spirits are more social by nature and although many will live primarily solitary lives, they still welcome the rare company of others. Shade spirits, likely because of their weakness, actively avoid other beings and tend to spend their lives staying in the margins.

There is no better symbol of the disparity between shade and elemental spirits than the Blue Palace, a small kingdom full of some of the most powerful elementals, where they have created their own court and one monarch among them has risen. Although the denizens of the Blue Palace do not exert any control over the territory outside the physical structure, it is widely considered a place for weaker spirits to venture into at their peril.

Fable is a young shade spirit who resents his low status in the world having to constantly hide and fear the passage of elementals. His life in the wilderness isn't hard, but it feels empty. He decides to take matters into his own hands. There are old legends of power passing from one spirit to another, and Fable reasons that if there is any truth to the stories, the Blue Palace will be his best bet for accomplishing his goal. In his inner heart, he dreams of taking the mantle of the monarch and attaining the highest power possible. On the night of a full moon and using his shadow abilities to sneak into the palace courtyard, Fable encounters the Blue Palace denizens for the first time. Perhaps naively, Fable had expected it to be a mecca, a gathering of wisdom and power. Instead, he found a twisted court, focused on obtaining more power--or merely entertainment--by any means necessary, whether that involved backstabbing, tormenting weaker spirits, or taking more power by force. Horrified, Fable retreats into the echoing hallways but quickly becomes lost in the labyrinthine structure. His mind whirls with what he just witnessed, and he is now torn between fear and yet still desire for power--at least enough that he would never become prey. While the Blue Palace is terrifying, it is just an extreme version of what he's felt his whole life--fear at being at the whims of other spirits.

While wandering the hallways, Fable stumbles into a tall masked figure--the monarch, as immediately becomes apparent. Although Fable is quickly overcome with terror at meeting the monarch face-to-face after seeing the elemental spirit court, the monarch is mild-mannered and inquires about his purpose here. Fable manages to stammer out that he wishes for more power, to be untouchable in the world, and to his surprise, the monarch smiles and offers a deal. The deal is simple: for both spirits to exchange their powers. As the monarch explains, he has grown old and weary of the court's antics and merely wishes for an easy life now. Fable eagerly accepts, and their powers are switched. Fable's shade power flows into the monarch, and in and instant, he flutters out the window as a shadow. In turn, the mantle fallen from the monarch's shoulders sweeps up with a life of its own and fastens itself to Fable, and the mask also attaches itself to his face. In a panic, Fable tries to climb out the window that the monarch exited, only to find that he cannot--the mask, as if with a mind of its own, prevents him from doing so. After a few panicked moments, Fable calms down enough to notice that the mask is trying to guide him down a particular hallway, and hesitantly, he follows.

In a few minutes Fable finds himself in the main courtyard in which he first arrived, where the elemental spirits have assembled as if the mask spoke to them, as well. He looks out at the gathered spirits, their eyes glittering with avarice and curiosity, and realizes that he has gotten what he wanted: to be powerful. Alone. Against them.


My plans would involve fleshing out Fable's story, more art, and a custom pet lookup. I am also very into customization and came up with the following outfits that match his colors as well as his story.

Fable would live on my account proposal, where all my other nature spirit characters live. All their characters take place in the same northern area, and I really like that they're all linked in that way.

About Me

Hello again! As mentioned before, my name is Solo. I've been on this site for over sixteen years now, and it holds a lot of happy memories for me. I highly doubt I'll ever quit; I just love so many aspects of this site. In all this time, I've never really even had a hiatus; while I've slowed down a bit in the last couple years due to having bought a house, I've still always been active and logged in a minimum of daily. Lately my focus has been on developing my characters, collecting avatars, trying to get game trophies, and trying to trade up to my top goal pet, a UC Royalgirl Lupe, which would also be part of my Hallowdom account and characters. My accounts are listed below, and I'm very active on all of them, even my sides, which are each themed with different types of pets and characters.

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Thank you so much for reading and please let me know if you have any questions!