Welcome to Sunlit's Portfolio

A wisp floats by, quite harmless, cloaked in cloth-of-gold. Who are you? They hover above the ground a little, quite ethereal. You didn't know that such a being existed in neopia. That's because I don't exist. Not in Neopia, at least. You're quite shocked when the wisp answers your thoughts. They hand you a little pouch and you sneak a little peek into it. This is my portfolio. Take a look, if you want.

Last updated 23.10.17

All coding done by Sunlit, hover over buttons for credit. Anyone caught stealing will be punished.

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On neopets

I run a premade and custom css site named Floral. I can code userlookups, petlookups and petpages. I have a couple years of experience under my belt, so I can do a lot of things, and it's always satisfying when code works! Visit Floral here: hopefully you can find something you like! I'd say my coding style is still stuck in 2012: that's when I learnt coding and went on hiatus. I'm not modern or anything, but hopefully you'll like it!

Creating characters is an old hobby, which came about as a result of my creativity! I'm in the progress of unifying the universe all of my neopets are situated in, as that means that my pets can interact with each other ^^ I currently have 3 time periods in the same country, which will be toppled and overthrown several times.

I admit it: I trade neopets. But I don't find it to be overly shameful, even though I understand that trading isn't the most respected way to get pets. I also understand how it feels to have one of your previous pets forever exchanging hands. It hurts, deep down, in a place everyone thinks that had disappeared when you traded them. Yes, I do trade 4ls, but I have sentimental reasons why most of my 4ls are permies: in fact, I only have a few trading chains active at the same time, as most are permies. Once I finish trading, I'll buy a couple of lab rays and start zapping pets for adoption!

I train everyone on my main account. Soon I'll only have permies on my main though, but I'll always keep training Evla, even though I don't really have much to aim for, as I love Evla's name. It's rather easy, really, and you just have to have a few minutes of the day to pop in to the links and place your neopets in a different course. But I am running out of np xD

Off neopets

I'm a high school student currently studying English, Maths, Latin, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I have a special fondness for Latin, as it's one of the best subject choices I ever made xD No speaking or comprehension, and the grammar helps greatly with English c; There's also a lot of vocabulary that crosses over between the two, so it's very easy to learn! As you can see, I have a bit of a sciency background.

Animanga is one of my favourite pastimes! I have a whole list that I've been into, but I should be up to date with Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul (and :re), Nanatsu no Taizai, Gintama, and a whole other bunch I can't remember. I'll have to find my list of animanga that I've read/watched! If you've got any to recommend, I'd love to hear them!

I have also played video games, but I don't really do this anymore. Sims 3 and Minecraft were the main ones, I think. I haven't played these games in a long time, as I have something called Tachycardia and everytime I get really hyped about playing it hurts ;n; Minecraft is where Sunlit comes from, btw c;

my accounts

10lank10; My main, where Evla will be the only permie: the rest of the slots will be filled up with fosters :D Personally, I've never really cared who would be on my main account, and Evla is only here because she is my BD pet! I do love all of my permies, but I just like going to their lookups and petpages to soak in their glory :3

adverity; I'm still training and trading pets for these permies! They would all be Cvcv ending in -a. I currently have Joza, a grey bori, who is a duchess surviving in the cold wastelands. I would also have a plushie bori, pestering Feyi, a member of the Dawn's Raid. Lastly, I would have a faerie bori, with an undecided tale.

adverity_faerie; The current lab account. Apparently a lab is meant to be on your main first? Oh well, I was, like 11 when I got the lab xD Niwi (RG Korbat), Dupi (Grey Korbat) and Feyi (Plushie Korbat) shall be here! Niwi holds Floral, but she has a side story of being Laur's gardner, while Dupi is undecided. Feyi is trying to climb up the ladder of society by joining the raid, but how will that turn out?

adverity_speckled; Ah, all of my lovelies! They're all so beautiful, and I think that I'll help them all make a story of their own, I think. Tekyre is very precious to me, as she were adopted before I went on hiatus, and Sunbond was adopted through a quick board application! *cuddles* I hope to one day have a UC Faerie Ruki on this account as well!

adverity_plushie; This side holds Rexu, Todu and Jewu, all been turned into usuls c; They will all be fallen from the grace of society: Jewu would be a very suspicious lady, Todu a famous adventurer cast out from court, and Rexu is a primordial cursed with immortality. Todu would be a usukiboy, Rexu an island usul, and Jewu a wraith usul.


Floral is a CSS based premade and custom layout site created on 8.7.17. It's been 5 years in the making from conception to completion, and I'm very proud of myself for FINALLY finishing! Currently I am looking for affies and listers, and I guess I'll put old updates here.

11.11.17 | We have a new affiliate, Salt, which offers minimalistic premade petpage layouts, do check them out! I've removed Streamlined and added Dream in its place, and I'm still working on disabling the carousel for Neopian.

+ 1 Affiliate
+ 1 Layout
- 1 Layout

30.10.17 | We have a new affiliate, Whitespace, who I'm sure needs no further introduction c; But just in case, Mexxy creates lovely minimalistic layouts, for your userlookups, petpages and petlookups! In other news, I am in the process in creating code which disables the carousel for my userlookups, as apparently not a lot of people like it ;u;

+ 1 Affiliate

27.10.17 | Neopian Header has finally been patched up, I forgot to update it ;n;

22.10.17 | Neopian Footer has been patched up, and I'm in the process of seeing what I can do with the headers. I'm removing Soliloquy. I also updated Satellite to reflect the new changes c; Mexxy of Whitespace has a good guide on how to fix/modify the changes to your liking c:

- 1 Layout

11.10.17 | Finished off my last custom, and added more variations! A vertically scrolling version of Photo Reel, and a Faerie Peophin adoptable of Legion. Also removed two listers because Floral is no longer a custom request site ;n;

- 1 Request
- 2 Listers
+ 2 Layouts

05.10.17 | Added Day & Night, variations of Myriad: one with 2 columns and an anchored layout version.

+ 2 Layouts

30.09.17 | Floral customs are now closed: sifting through the ones that read the rules closely *ahem* and put their username in the subject xD I also have a layout up for grabs here: if you want it for a neo-site, contact me and I can make some changes for you. The previous requester never ended up using it *facepalm*

29.09.17 | Floral customs are open! But after this they will be forever closed ;n; I'm very sorry about this, but customs are too time-consuming. However, Floral will still be updated, and my nm is always open if you have any questions about my code. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. I have added 2 petlookup layouts: Litany and Clarion.

+ 2 layouts

16.09.17 | Finally (kinda) finished a request, and a shameless plug for my sister site, Confectionery: Candy has made a new button for Floral, and you can use her pixels in your layouts, they're very cute! I will be adding more petlookups and a petpage soon as well. Requests will be opening in 2 weeks or so, for those of you who have been waiting! Stay tuned c;

+ 1 button
- 1 request
- 1 lister

20.08.17 | + 1 request for Marge @ Kimochi! She has made a lovely new button for Floral o3o I also finished putting up Legion, and I'm working on a portfolio/directory layout right now.

17.08.17 | Our new affiliate, CandyBox, is a charming premade petpages site by HMGR! I especially love how beautiful and unique her layouts are, so do check out CandyBox! c:
I have also made a new petpage layout, Legion, for pets/applications.

15.08.17 | We have a new affiliate, Aurum! Del creates beautiful premade and custom layouts for your shop and gallery: do check them out! I have also changed the custom layout section, but I'm currently in the middle of school work so I cannot take requests at this time ;n;

13.08.17 | In the process of putting some of my layouts on pages so you can see what it looks like in action! If you can click on the image, you will be taken to one of my pages where it is in use. Also have a new lister, Refresh, which contains updates about the (request) site community, so you can always stay updated c:

30.07.17 | Confectionery is now my affiliate and sister site: check her out! She creates lovely pixels and code for you to use c: It's the end of the holidays, so updates will be less frequent (10 weeks or so)

17.07.17 | I have a new lister, directly! Finished my last request yay: requests will be closed for ~10 weeks because I'm going back to school. Finally got around to putting new layouts on! Imperial is a nifty scrolling petpage layout, and Photo Reel can display your pets c:

14.07.17 | I have a new affiliate, Bliss, where Sam creates wonderful premade CSS petpages, check them out! Also finished 1 request, and have one left to finish (phew!)

10.07.17 | Finished 2 requests! I also have 2 new affies: Jewel, where Jewlz offers custom buttons, petpages and guild layouts (I have 2 beautiful buttons from Jewel, so I'd highly recommend her!), and Mahou, where Jewlz and Ashe offer lovely custom petpages (with cute gijinkas!). If you want a custom petpage, then why not check them out?

Also, giving a shout out to my listers, Unwound Clock, Dragon's Lair, The Garden and The Popsicle Stand!

09.07.17 Requests are closed. They're not quite as interesting as I'd hoped, so I'm shaking up the form. But in other news, I requested a button from Exquisite and it looks very beautiful! c:

08.07.17 Grand opening! Requests are open, and I'm looking for affies and listers because I can't find many sites updated these days ;n;
Layouts added: Soliloquy, Neopian, Satellite, Streamlined, Portrait and Myriad.

06.07.17Just got the most beautiful buttons from Jewel, they look quite dashing!


Fantasy is a unique portfolio directory of active neopians! People request buttons for their portfolios, but they're never really... used? So here they can be useful c:

I have not been advertising Fantasy a lot xD
+ 1 Portfolio

I have another amazing button from Exquisite, so thank you Ceci!
+ 7 Portfolios

Got a beautiful button from Kimochi :o Thank you Marge :D Fantasy is now open and taking listings!

adopted out

hmm, which pets have I adopted out?

traded off

No links to be found here.

just visiting

All on my accounts who are semi-permies/not permanent pets

the priestess

Aoza the Maraquan Draik with Vanilla the Ukali and its Veespa
Petlookup, Petpage

Trading Chain: Cvcv sbd 4l - 3l - ffq custom - 3l (trade reversed) - Aoza!

And with every passing breath,
I feel the pressure of time sink into my heart
And with every passing day,
I feel its beat softly ticking away
And with every passing eternity,
I open my eyes and am blind again.

It's been too short. Too short.

So, once upon a time, I was a newbie to the PC. And I made a bad trade. The whole reason why I started trading for 4ls was because I wanted the pet I traded back, but somewhere along the way, my pets became more valuable than them, so I stopped trying. Anyway, I eventually traded the 4l for a ffq custom of a Stealthy Korbat ( as there are hardly any of them on the PC ;n; ), but some time later the trade was reversed.

A while before the ffq custom, I was offering the 3l around for nice names to do a custom (for Todu) on, and Aoza's name popped up! I loved her name, but I wanted the name for the custom badly, so I didn't trade. Eventually, I traded for Todu, and then the ffq custom. When I got Aoza back, I remembered the past offer, and after some clever detective digging, I finally found her owner xD

And so, that's the story of how Aoza came to be with me. She was evidently loved, having read many books, and have some small sbd stats. I trained her from even... 60s? to 80s, and I'll read more books to her when I can c: Thank you so much, Night and Isis, as without you both I wouldn't have such a cute maraquan draik!

a sordid queen

Cers the Gold Draik
Petlookup, Petpage

Trading Chain: 250k custom - 5l + 1.8mil custom - Cers!

In ancient times, Circe was a goddess of magic, daughter of Helios and Perse, who turned Odysseus' men into animals, and kept them in her manse for a year.

She doesn't have a character yet, owing to the fact that I host my UC Faerie Ruki project page on her petpage. Currently, I love to stare at her, as A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my favourite series, and I requested a customisation from Milkfish for her that I tweaked a little to give to her! With the new pet slots, I'm not too sure what account she will be on...

I offered a custom on Cers, and then I had second thoughts and backed out. AND THEN I HAD second thoughts again, and reoffered! And was declined. So I asked if they wanted any other customs, and they said a mutant wocky custom. (the morph was 4mil?) so I decided to trade for a ffq.

At one point, I found a lovely 5l offered ufa to a specific user, but they declined, so I hunted down the owner and offered to trade for said 5l. I decided to zap and train them, but their name was so lovely I did a 3 way trade with trading a royal custom on said 5l for a ffq custom (yay!), and then I traded that for Cers!

A massive, massive thank you to all of you who traded with me on this trading chain: Cers is looking quite precious and lovely c;

103rd curator of the citadel's collection

Dupi the Yellow Gelert
Petlookup, Petpage

The Citadel has many scrolls: from past the Shieking Seas to the Other Lands many months away, and from many millenia ago, detailing the journey of the stars across the sky. Over the course of its history, the Citadel has amassed many of these precious materials, and has kept them safe, and hidden. Many barbarians have tried to ruin this collection, but the Citadel has remained true over the centuries, keeping its collection safe. The last time harm fell was during the Sack of the Ceriath Dynasty of the Lyones Kingdom, two millenia ago. Half the scrolls were burnt, all because King Rexu Lyones was not partial to the knowledge that has hidden in them.

I, Dupi, 103rd Curator of this collection, vow to keep these treasures safe for my life, and for those who come after to enjoy.

She currently keeps my coding lookbook safe and sound c; It is always nice to admire your work, y'know? But I need to update the code. Thank you Karen for the trade, and I hope that you will always love Fuya!

The Queen's Shadow

Evla the Silver Shoyru with Adelie the Stealthy Kookith
Petlookup, Petpage

Laur I, First Queen of the Lyones' Kingom's Rexian Dynasty was widely known as a ruler plagued by prophetic nightmares. However, her rule was quite wise, perhaps aided by those same nightmares, but helped most of all by her court of advisors. Among them was a Lady thought to be akin to her shadow: Evla, the Head of the Imperial Sources. It was true that her advisors oversaw the day to day running of the Kingdom, but most worked for their own ends, with the exception of Evla, the Queen's Cousin, and a Princess of the Realm. Over her time, she kept records of the day to day running of the Realm, which gives us great insight into the matters of the Kingdom during her tenure.

Evla holds my portfolio, of course! I created her during the last purge, and I probably won't be trading/adopting her out if I ever leave neo. She will be frozen with my accounts, or given to my twin sister. At one point, I wanted to trade her and since I heard that pets with level 250 were valuable, I tried rushing her to that. But I ran out of np and patience, so I stopped at level 200 or so. Luckily, this means that she has two faerie freezing abilities, so she still makes a good BD pet!

Fey, Embodiment of Magic

Feyi the Plushie Korbat with Magic the Plushie Eizzil
Petlookup, Petpage

Trading Chain: 3.2mil custom - Cvcv + 260hsd + 1.7mil custom - Feyi!

As a young thief of the city's lowborn, she had been found with the gifts to help further the interests of the Raids, the guards of Athelion. On agreeing with these terms (for her life was at stake), she is plunged into an open mockery of court life, and sent to uncover mysteries and plots at court.

Feldream, once a great empire of the Fels, had fallen in the last millennia to only one small city, where the Fels kept themselves secluded, locked away with their magic stones. Recently, the gates to enter Feldream had collapsed, and the magic stones of those who were inside were lost forever, and it was now up to those outside to live a life devoid of magic, although its use had been slowly dwindling for centuries.

One day, an illusionist shows up at Athelion's Citadel with magic dice, and so her plot begins...

Whew, I've spent the most in customs on Feyi! Everytime, I sell of all of my stocks and have to start all over again, I'm not very good at saving np ;n; I love training up my pets to sbd status, it's pretty cheap (or at least, was) to train up to 240hsd. I should start reading books to my permies to increase their intelligence, but for some reason I perceive it as more of a hassle...

The Jewel of Tamlyn

Jewu the Wraith Draik with Tirae the (zapped) Faerie Ghoti
Petlookup, Petpage

All who meet her can agree: there's something a little strange about Jewu, who was given the moniker Jewel of Tamlyn. A dark beauty, mysterious, and supposedly well versed in the dark arts, many distrust and envy her abilities as a Felchild. But most look the other way when she goes around the city, sometimes stopping in a shop, wandering the alleys, and staring into the souls of passersby. Most simply attribute it to her silence, and state that if she could talk, the aura would disappear. But the rumours continue, and the adage still stands: Sure, a mute person can tell no lies, but could you really trust them?

I wonder, how does a mute person perceive the world?

Currently, I host Fantasy on her petpage! One day I'll advertise Fantasy more if Neo ever gets more active again, and I'll definitely code her a petpage so you can read her story as well

Thank you for the trade, and congratulations on completing your long-time dream!

a duchess of crows

Joza the Pirate Bori with Amalthea the (zapped) Royal Zebie
Petlookup, Petpage

Trading Chain: Cvcv sbd 4l + 2mil custom - Joza

What is a Duchess without a name? A Prince without titles? In Nivalis, those from Winterhaven are shunned as half-fels, frostpeople, and degenerates: they hunt to live, and go raiding other tribes. Joza is a tribe-leader, and the one who resides closest to Nivalis, and so is given the duty to make peace, lest war comes.

Fierce, beautiful, and knowledgable, she is not without her shortfalls: As an advisor to the Queen, she is commonly targeted for bribes, and both the Royal Court and the other tribes hate her position as a tribe leader: Why is she in power? She is harsh and unforgiving from her lifetime in the harsh wastelands, as well as her treatment from others. In another life, she always thinks: But if only there was another life.

I still need to purchase a grey paint brush for her, she just looks so splendid then ;n; I've even gotten two grey zaps from the lab ray during my time on neo, but I don't zap her. I've always loved the clothes of the RG Bori, and they certainly make Joza look hauntingly beautiful!

It's not every day that you find your offline nickname (or roundabouts) uft! I was quite shocked when I saw her offered, and I didn't hesitate to accept c; Thank you for the trade!

a twilight fair

Laur the Gold Draik with Flae the (zapped) white krawk
Petlookup, Petpage

On account of her father's revolution, Laur rises to the ranks of royalty, along with her mother, the Crown Prince, and his daughter, her cousin. Of course, situations change, as even the dunes fall prey to the winds, and soon she finds herself Queen Laur of the Lyones Kingdom, with her cousin, Crown Princess Evla her only next of kin. They are the last, or the first, depending on the choices they make, and the thoughts of those who seek the throne for themselves. Not everyone wishes for a woman to rule, and if they don't make the populace change their minds, they may find themselves quickly deposed of.

How I ended up with two stunning gold draiks, I will never know, but suffice to say they make a beautiful pair! I just love how I managed to zap a white krawk, and a year later along came Flae! Normally, I don't really plan to keep zapped petpets, but I think I'll leave Flae as an exception c;

Always remember to check the price of the morph route and the paint route when doing a custom! I was going to trade a water draik custom for Laur, and so I needed to buy the items. Unfortunately, I didn't check if there was a way I could morph a pet into the water draik, and so I ended up buying a water paint brush and a pdmp, which was 1.3 mil more expensive than the morph (2mil)!

Luckily, I managed to resell the items in time as the custom was to be done on a untaken name, and I managed to recuperate some of my losses. However, looking back on that now, I would have been happy to just do the pdmp and water paint brush custom if necessary, as Laur is such a beautiful draik!

Thank you Alaura for the trade, she's worth more to me than the stars in the sky!

Niwi, css guardian

Niwi the Wraith Draik with Floral the Spring Faellie
Petlookup, Petpage

Trading Chain: 4l (adopted) + 600k custom - 4l + 600k custom - Niwi!

Even wraiths enjoy the flowers: though they have lost their corporeal forms they can still enjoy their sight. When Niwi was alive, she took care of the citadel's gardens during the reign of Laur I, and often had banter with the Queen. It is said that her wraith still blesses the gardens to this day: after all, the citadel grows a marvellous 200 species of flora, and it matters not where the species originally came from: if it can fit into the citadel, then it can be grown there. Indeed, her presence is so revered that the old oak in the courtyard has not been cut down yet, even though it is trying to grow though the dining hall!

Niwi guards the flowers of my mind, Floral. Floral's name was created when I saw Flowers ufa, and even though I didn't adopt Flowers, I did love the lowercase f of the italicised georgia font, so I kept it in the name. There isn't really anything fancy behind the name Floral (after all, it was created on a whim), but it does fit my girlish design style.

There isn't much to say about her trading chain, I didn't make any nice friends along the way ;n; Trading has changed a lot in the two years I traded/adopted for most of my current permies!

last of the primordials

Rexu the Island Usul with Regina the Usul
Petlookup, Petpage

The primordials are a long-lost race: the first mortals, as it were. In return, the gods and angels expected worship and subordination, which they were happy to give. It was in this age of peace that Rexu was born, and he grew up to be a secret thief in Tasiel, catering to a number of elite clientele. The Angel Tekyre noticed this, for her temple was in the city, but she approved his actions as they were just.

When the Sun Thief stole the sun, he had two choics: To side with the Angels, or to side with the Sun Thief. To choose his Patron Angel, or to choose his race, he was torn apart by guilt and grief when he realised he had been spared, and that he was one of the last primordials to live. His ghost still haunts the ruins of Tasiel, and while both the Sun Thief and Tekyre visit from time to time, he shuns them, forever grieving inside.

I remember trying (and failing) to chat on a very active board, just to adopt such a little cutie! Amber, if you're reading this, thank you so much for such a little fluffy pastel potato, it was fun finally seeing an active board after so long xD

the one with many names

Sunbond the Maraquan Ixi with Death the Belonthiss
Petlookup, Petpage

This is the thief that stole the sun,
then took its power and tried to run.

Sun Thief. Angel of the Moon. The First Demon. Night Bringer. She has gained many names for her infamous act of replacing the second sun with a moon, and so bringing night to the world. She is the last of the Primordials: the first mortals that were created by the gods. The angel Tek spends her time chasing her, until she too falls to the fate of the angels: for the moon hinders magic, and weakens the power of the sun. Now, with gods and angels dead, the one bearing the most power is her: and we all fear what she will do next.

there is wind in your heart, and freedom in your sails
you had courage from the start, and believed that nothing fails

When I came back from my hiatus, I thought I had finished with all of my dream pets. A few days after I came back, I remembered my other goal: a Maraquan Ixi. Beautiful, flowing, elegant, and cute, in a fuzzy way c:
I traded a Woodland Peophin custom (600k) for one and completed my dream. I am rather ashamed to say this, but she was rotting away on my side account. She had nothing, no story, no art, not even a glimmer of hope. I had no idea what to do with her, she just... existed.

A few months later, I recieved a Valentines Petpet Paint Brush in an RE, and promptly burst out in crazed laughter. I put my first ixi UFQA because I believed in giving back when good things happened. I was torn between two lovely applicants, but I chose the one who I believed couldn't have created their dreamie if they wanted to.
Her new home was even lovelier than one I could have given her.
She had tales and art within a day of adopting her, and the decision to pick her new owner was one I have not regretted. It is fun checking back on her and seeing what progress has been made!

Fast forward a week later, and I found Sunbond UFT. She was cute, but I didn't really want another Maraquan Ixi after the first, so I thought none of it. Sunbond's name was cute however, and reminded me of my own nickname on several sites, Sunlit. I decided to keep a close tab on where she would go. A couple days later, she was UFA, I applied eagerly, and the rest is history!

How I adopted Sunbond seems to be a tale of good karma and chance, and contrasts greatly with how I adopted my other permies: a lengthly petpet application, detailed descriptions of their future stories and characters, magnificent future plans and true promises mixed inbetween .I thank three special neopians so much for being a part of this story, and I am elated to say those words with honesty in my heart :D

last fel of the rainmark

Tekyre the Faerie Xweetok with Lika the Plushie Sandan
Petlookup, Petpage

She does not remember where the wings came from. Their shimmering iridescence captivates the stars, and the denizens of the Rainmark sleep to the soft whisper of their movement. No one in the forest is as ancient as her, not even the old sentinel that watches them all.
She prowls along the forest floor, sometimes a human, sometimes a xweetok. Her eyes are always watchful like the sky, and her mane is a seamless blend with the forest leaves. Slowly, she meanders through the forest, her paws treading lightly on the lush carpet of emerald and amethyst.

This is her territory, where the darkness creeps, subdued, and the light will sleep, unhindered.

Okay, so way back when, in 2011, I was a little girl on a much more active site, scrolling through petpages to adopt pets with nice colors. That was when I came across Xoria's orphanage, and saw a lovely faerie xweetok names Tekyre UFA. Now, you see where this is going? Anyway, I used my then-non-existent CSS abilities to create a petpage application, and looking back on the code, it wasn't the greatest. There were probably going to be better applicants than me, right? But out of all the applicants, I got chosen: and suffice to say, I brushed up on my coding abilities and now I look back on Tekyre with pride: My first adopted neopet, and seriously, she is the reminder of my younger self playing neopets.

Thank you Marjo, for without you, I wouldn't have such a beautiful faerie xweetok to adore c:

fallen angel of feldream

Todu the Red Usul with Daneika the Miamouse
Petlookup, Petpage

4.5mil custom - Todu!

A famous adventurer, who noted down many tales of his youth sailing between the Thousand Shards, and tramping across the Dymian Jungles. He was exiled from Feldream in his youth, for speaking out against the Royalty, and for suggesting that no man should be above others. His case was noble, yes, but those in power would not hear it, earning him the moniker Fallen Angel of Feldream. Eventually, the Revolutionists talked him into joining their cause, as it was very similar, and they eventually deposed the Lyones Kingdom and removed the Monarchy in favour of a system where all were citizens were freeborn, no matter their race, creed or gender.

In a world of your dreams, you, are the only oddity.

Such a hunt started with me getting a valentines petpet paintbrush in an RE. My second such petpet paintbrush ever, with the first being an eventide petpet paint brush a few days after the release, which I hastily traded for a lab ray set :*

I was looking for Cvcv 4l names to do a custom on, and I cam across someone wanting a pastel cybunny for Todu. Of course, I immediately offered a custom, and the deal was settled. However, I didn't anticipate that the trader was picky with names, and so I spent what must have been a month offering a 3l and a 4l for the perfect name.

Eventually, I did find one: but the trader was no longer interested in trading, and my heart broke ;n; However, around the same time, I offered a custom for a much nicer name, and while discussing the specifics, they asked if I would like to adopt said name! I immediately accepted, and after some deliberation the custom was to be done on the adopted pet, and we immediately traded.

When I look back, I do admit I was being kinda generous with my offer to look for names, but it is always best to help out when you can c: I attach the fond memories of looking for names to Todu, and I daresay that has bleeded into his character as well xD

A huge thank you to Gus and Jojo as without both of you I would not have ended up with this adorable little critter *hugs everyone*

title blurb thing

Name the Color Species with Name the Color Petpet and its Petpetpet
Petlookup, Petpage

Trading Chain: hahaha no

Pet Goals for Aoza

Aoza, Priestess of the Hirata Shrine, Possessed by the Soul of the Kind Woman

Yay! Aoza is almost done, I just need to write up 2 more short stories ^^ One will be about a priestess who was originally very kind, but descended further into grief, and the other will be about a priestess who fell from the order of ascension to the throne, but later retook it! muahahaha

[x] Finish Petlookup
[x] Finalise Story
[x] Finish Customisation
[ ] Finish Petpage

Pet Goals for Feyi

Feyi, the origin of magic, former god of creation

There isn't much to do, I just need to write a short tidbit on how he created magic, and I'll put an adoption agency on his page!

[ ] Finish Petlookup
[ ] Finalise Story
[ ] Morph Feyi into a Plushie Korbat
[ ] Finish Customisation
[x] Buy/Paint petpet into a Plushie Eizzil
[ ] Create the Adoption Agency

Pet Goals for Joza

Duchess Joza of Winterhaven, and Advisor to Queen Spyla.

She's an outcast of royalty, trying to survive with her clan on the frozen wastelands at the southernmost edge of Gaia. She is considered a Duchess of Nivalis because of a non-aggression agreement, but she is still part of the Wasteland Clans. A formidable huntress and armed with a sharp wit, she manages to survive from day to day, and avoids going to the Capital for as long as necessary.

[x] Finish Petlookup
[x] Finalise Story
[ ] Paint Joza into a Grey Bori
[x] Finish Customisation
[ ] Buy/Paint petpet into a Grey Faellie
[ ] Buy a Bumbluz
[ ] Finish Petpage

Pet Goals for Laur

Queen Laur I of Lyones, the People's Angel

If we could all be equal, wouldn't that be nice? Queen Laur came to power following the death of the Crown Prince and her father, the King. With her cousin Evla in tow, they manage to seize power despite being two women, and establish a peace and dynasty lasting generations to come.

[x] Finish Petlookup
[x] Finalise Story
[ ] Morph/Paint Laur into a Gold Draik
[ ] Finish Customisation
[ ] Finish Petpage

Pet Goals for Niwi

Guardian of the Citadel's Gardens

She doesn't have much of a story, but I still need to morph/paint her into a RG Korbat and customise her!

[x] Finish Petlookup
[ ] Morph/Paint her into a RG Korbat
[ ] Decide on a customisation
[ ] Decide on a new petpet/petpetpet
[x] Finalise Story
[ ] Keep Floral updated!

Pet Goals for Rexu

King Rexu Lyones, Commander of the Imperial Army, the Foreign Usurper, and Demon of the Fall, and his messenger, Princeps the Royal Ukali

Maybe I should detail his conquest, or something...? Planning to make him Laur's father, or just another person entirely. hmmmm Maybe a descendant? Probably do a record or historical book?

[x] Finish Petlookup
[ ] Finalise Story
[ ] Morph/Paint Rexu into a Royalboy Usul
[ ] Finish Customisation
[ ] Buy/Paint a Royal Ukali
[ ] Finish Petpage

Pet Goals for Sunbond

A Nameless Sun Thief, formerly the Head Priestess of the Sun God, and bane to all Fels


[x] Finish Petlookup
[x] Finish Customisation
[ ] Decide on a new petpet/petpetpet
[x] Finalise Story
[ ] Finish Petpage

Pet Goals for Tekyre

Tekyre, Last of the Fallen Angels and the Angel of Revenge

Perhaps... perhaps revenge can corrupt someone, but it can also give them purpose. Tekyre was once the Angel of Loneliness, however due to events surrounding the Sun Thief, she has changed into the Angel of Revenge.

[x] Finish Petlookup
[x] Finish Customisation
[ ] Decide on a new petpet/petpetpet
[ ] Finalise Story
[ ] Finish Petpage

Pet Goals for Rexu

Master Todu, First Commander of the Raid, the Fallen Angel of Feldream, a Former Child of Feldream, and his companion, Daneika the Brown Miamouse.

This one will have a log book of his adventures throughout my world! He'll meet with the characters around the same time as his, which is currently... Tekyre, Sunbond and Joza.

[x] Finish Petlookup
[ ] Paint Todu into a Usukiboy Usul
[ ] Finish Customisation
[ ] Paint Daneika Brown
[ ] Finish Petpage

coding site

Completed on 6/7/17, Welcome Floral!

Quick Overview: Okay, so I have coding abilities. And I want to put them to use, and maybe help others. I don't actually know what kind of site I want atm, but there are a couple of options: requests, premades, help, guide... I don't actually know which one to do, maybe a bit of all? idk if people actually want to use my code, but it would be nice to do requests, or to put up a guide. It would be nice to get neopians coding.

Requirements: This is just me, but I want a Latin Cvcv 4l RW ending in -i for the site name. Woah, that's a bit over the top! But I really want this pet ;n; The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are Mihi and Tibi xD And Veni, Vidi, and Vici, of course! I'll have a good look around, but I'm going to be hard-pressed to find one. I also need a lot of time to do this, I guess, and I'll need to brush up on my coding abilities even more!

18/11/16 Created Page. Currently trading/training Pehi, Faoi and Flae for a name.

23/4/17 idk what to call it: sunlit, catena, sunshine???

notes: petlookup x4, userlookup x4, petpages x2, shop/gallery x1

requests not much of a priority, bigger pet images on userlookups, try palettes, try a clean style?

7/5/17 4x Niwi, 1x Rexu, 3x Todu

17/6/17 ok I'mma call it Floral and put it on Niwi's Petpage .-.

6/7/17 YES ITS FINISHED! It's on /~Niwi and it's called Floral~ Finally completed a long term goal! Now all I need to do is to keep it active.

adoption agency

Quick Overview: This is rather simple. I plan to have a lab ray on all accounts (but maybe not my main), to foster pets and adopt them out! I already know that I want 3 pets on each of my sides, so that leaves an extra space, but it looks like my main will have 4 pets o-o Draik and Krawk mps are pretty cheap to come by, so I could easily fulfill wishes, and I may be able to get donations? xD I'll dream big!

Requirements: I'll need at least 3 more full lab ray sets, and I plan to have my pets mostly finished before I get started on this. My accounts are all muddled right now, so I can't start this just yet ;n; However, this doesn't take a lot of time to do. I might use /~Niwi for the page the agency will be on? I may also join one of those zapper guilds, I think. I also don't own any UCs, or paints more expensive than... 4mil, so I won't be in too much harm.

22/10/17 Since we now have 5 pet slots, I can probably get this started earlier :D I can also train up sbd pets from the pound to adopt out: I don't think anyone has done that before o-o

18/11/17 I'm going to put it on a future UC Faerie Ruki, but I have a quick mock up here. Training up Neyai and seeing how much HSD I need to adopt her out.


Quick Overview: This will take the most time, I think. I have a combines universe for all of my pets, spanning a few millenia/centuries focusing on one area. Or maybe it should be the same time period? I don't know yet, but currently I have a few countries planned, and a basic outline of my characters. I'll draw up a map soon, hopefully, and I'll start this when I finalise my permies! I'll also need a page dedicated just to this universe...

Requirements: I'll start this as soon as I get 10/12 of my permie 4ls? I'm at... 8/12 or 9/12 atm, so pretty close. I'll also need to move everyone to their correct accounts, so I'll probably start next year?

8/10/17 I'm making good progress, a timeline has been fleshed out, and most pets have a decent amount of content on their petpages.

sunlit's dti link


This wishlist contains the following:
My NC Tradelist
My NC Wishlist
My NP Wearable Wishlist
My 4:1 Sale
My Spare PB Clothes
My Wanted PB Clothes

sunlit's jellyneo link


This wishlist contains the following:
My NC Tradelist
My NC Wishlist
My full NP Wishlist

uft & ufa pets

Flae the White Krawk w/ 455hsd
Uft for Cvcv/sbd 4l swaps

Kahoruko the Lab Rat
Currently zapping for stats.

Neyai the White Peophin is ufa, see here for details! Rikoua the Cloud Ogrin is in training.
Mislet the Blue Xweetok is in training. Duhira the Yellow Grundo is waiting to be trained.

nm me!


Stuff you should have done already

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Slightly more annoying stuff

captcha bypass

It's a bit annoying, having to do the captchas, so here's the quick links to my userlookups, petlookups, and petpages. I'll add other links as I get bored, I guess. Hover over the images for the names of my pets.

Coming soon!

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