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what, then, could she complain of, except that she had been loved?

A wisp floats by, quite harmless, cloaked in cloth-of-gold. Who are you? They hover above the ground a little, quite ethereal. You didn't know that such a being existed in neopia. That's because I don't exist. Not in Neopia, at least. You're quite shocked when the wisp answers your thoughts. They hand you a little pouch and you sneak a little peek into it. This is my portfolio. Take a look, if you want.

sunlit's little corner

02.10.18 // I did a couple big trades in the past week! First was trading Eine for Kiendy with 920hsd, e/t, who I retraded with my sister for Antain (500hsd, e/t) so that she can be closer to her UC goal of a Fae Peo. Today I traded Flae for a UC Maraquan Chomby, who I retraded for Fuya back, yay! I'm guessing its time to update this now, Eine is still listed in Captcha Bypass! D:

24.09.18 // I finally traded for a UC Faerie Ruki, welcome prainfriendthe3rd to my neofamily! I'm so happy, I've just been staring at and admiring her, what a cutie *hugs* I can't believe that turned out better than I expected, I don't have to trade and train up a BD pet now ;;u;;

20.09.18 // My mocks are over, so it's time to do a little spring cleaning of my accounts and work on my projects ^^ Hoping a trade for next month works out, and after I'm going to trade lilhia for a bd pet so I can finally get a UC Faerie Ruki!

19.08.18 // Floral is now on a mini-hiatus until both my mocks and exams are over. I'm debating on whether to move part of Floral to another pet, because there's way too much code on there now and I have use my phone to save the code, which gets annoying pretty fast. Mislet is getting adopted out and Duhira is the new pet in training.

12.08.18 // I got chosen as lilhia405's new owner, I almost got a heart attack when I read the neomail :o This is my first time owning a UC, so I'm pretty apprehensive!

09.08.18 // Currently going through all of my accounts to clean up anything outdated, and am currently working my way through updating code on petpages. Sunbond and Juya have nice new layouts, and I've also updated the code on my coding lookbook so that it looks nicer. I think I might add a section on nice emails I've gotten about Floral, or maybe I'll put those here, on my portfolio! Flae is currently sitting nice at around 600hsd, so I'l debating on whether to trade her for a future plushie bori friend for Juya and Joza, or to continue with my dream of a UC Faerie Ruki. I'm also debating on whether to restart Evla's training, or to hold on that until I achieve all my dreams.


thank you for visiting my page!

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about sunlit

/ˈsʌnlɪt/. adjective. illuminated by direct light from the sun.

I run a premade and custom css site named Floral. I can code userlookups, petlookups and petpages. I have a couple years of experience under my belt, so I can do a lot of things, and it's always satisfying when code works! Visit Floral here: hopefully you can find something you like! I'm always willing to help, so send off a neomail if there's something in my code you're unsure of.

Otherwise, on neo I tend to keep up with updating my pet's characters, and creating layouts for their petpages. I also trade pets, although since I have most of my permies now I don't trade as often. If you want advice on 4l trading, then neomail me about that, I didn't get here by being clueless about it, after all! I also train up everyone on my main account to 240hsd and beyond, because I've settled into such a routine habit. Generally, I will adopt out some pets from A Painted Grove from time to time.


I'm a high school student with a knack for maths and the sciences. I also have a special fondness for Latin, as it's one of the best subject choices I ever made, it's fun and all of the teachers I have had are very enthusiastic! I used to watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga, but that has morphed into watching Chinese drama x3 I have also played video games, but I don't really do this anymore. Sims 3 and Minecraft were the main ones, I think, and I have my eye on playing the Witcher 3 and Crusader Kings 2.

frequently asked questions

Can you help me with this code?
I can definitely help you if it is my code, and even if it is someone else's then I will try to do my best! No guarantees though, since I'm not a pro.

Can I use the code on /~Xxxx?
The answer to this depends on what I use it for, but generally it shouldn't hurt to ask me! I'd be more than willing to give you the base code for a lot of things.

Can you code me ____?
I have no time anymore, sorry! Floral's requests are forever closed ;n;

Is Xxxx UFT/A?
Probably not, if I mention on their petlookups that they were adopted, that's a definite no, but as always, ask before you offer.

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This wishlist contains the following:

  • My NC Tradelist
  • My NC Wishlist
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Floral CSS

celebrating one year since 8/7/17, and hoping for more to come!

Floral is a CSS based premade layout site created on 8/7/17. It has been 5 years since I first thought about making one, and while we no longer offer custom layouts, I'm proud to be one of the only css sites still updated today! I am always looking for layout site affiliates and listers, so pop a neomail to enquire!

old updates

14.07.18 | I've added a new userlookup (finally, I've been making too many petpages recently), it's called Panacea and it's a nifty anchored layout, made to be nicely customisable. I've also removed the carousel from the neopets section, the only problem is that now code needs to be changed when you have 5 or more pets.

+ 1 Layout

09.07.18 | Woah, I can't believe it's Floral's one year anniversary! Here's to hopefully another year more c: Sorry for poofing so long, school got busy so I had to focus on my studies. I have a new layout, Halcyon, which is multipurpose and has a nifty background and headers.

+ 1 Layout

26.04.18 | Added a new layout, Candies! It's for portfolios, lookbooks, sites or pet directories. Changed the arrow links in Pastel which link to another page, they got a bit confusing :/ WIll probably update by coding lookbook to include tutorials on some layouts (especially on changing images in Legion). Apologies to Kalux and Pascal, I forgot to add you two to my lists of affies and listers ;n;

+ 1 Layout

27.03.18 | I finally got around to fixing up Floral's base code (behind the scenes, it was just... so hard to update xc). The textarea and sitely layout have been changed, while the space for layouts is a bit wider. A few new versions of my layouts have been added for Neopian and Pastel, and we have a new lister, Explorer! c:

+ Many new layouts for Neopian and Pastel!
+ 1 Lister

05.03.18 | We have a new affiliate, Pascal, which has beautiful css-based userlookups and petpages for your use, so please do check them out! Floral is also now listed and recommended at Kalux, which is a cause for celebration *throws confetti* Unfortunately, I'm going to get busier from here on out so I can't promise frequent updates anymore ;n;

+ 1 Affiliate
+ 1 Lister

16.02.18 | Pastel is a new layout for portfolios or sites, do check it out! We also have a new lister, Scrapbook, managed by Silver who also runs Mint c:

+ 1 Lister
+ 1 Layout

11.01.18 | We have a new affiliate, Mint! Silver creates lovely collaborations, and I can't wait to see how my layouts will look with a bit of pizzaz c:

+ 1 Affiliate

02.01.18 | Welcoming in a New Year, and a new layout! I've added my personal portfolio code under the Imperial petpage layout, so please do check it out c:

+ 1 Layout

7.12.17 | Hooray for festive cheer! It's been almost a month since I've last updated Floral, as I just had my end of year exams. I've swapped out the code for the horizontally scrolling Photo Reel so that the textbox scrolls, and I've changed the code for dream because it looks weird on different browsers.

11.11.17 | We have a new affiliate, Salt, which offers minimalistic premade petpage layouts, do check them out! I've removed Streamlined and added Dream in its place, and I'm still working on disabling the carousel for Neopian.

+ 1 Affiliate
+ 1 Layout
- 1 Layout

30.10.17 | We have a new affiliate, Whitespace, who I'm sure needs no further introduction c; But just in case, Mexxy creates lovely minimalistic layouts, for your userlookups, petpages and petlookups! In other news, I am in the process in creating code which disables the carousel for my userlookups, as apparently not a lot of people like it ;u;

+ 1 Affiliate

27.10.17 | Neopian Header has finally been patched up, I forgot to update it ;n;

22.10.17 | Neopian Footer has been patched up, and I'm in the process of seeing what I can do with the headers. I'm removing Soliloquy. I also updated Satellite to reflect the new changes c; Mexxy of Whitespace has a good guide on how to fix/modify the changes to your liking c:

- 1 Layout

11.10.17 | Finished off my last custom, and added more variations! A vertically scrolling version of Photo Reel, and a Faerie Peophin adoptable of Legion. Also removed two listers because Floral is no longer a custom request site ;n;

- 1 Request
- 2 Listers
+ 2 Layouts

05.10.17 | Added Day & Night, variations of Myriad: one with 2 columns and an anchored layout version.

+ 2 Layouts

30.09.17 | Floral customs are now closed: sifting through the ones that read the rules closely *ahem* and put their username in the subject xD I also have a layout up for grabs here: if you want it for a neo-site, contact me and I can make some changes for you. The previous requester never ended up using it *facepalm*

29.09.17 | Floral customs are open! But after this they will be forever closed ;n; I'm very sorry about this, but customs are too time-consuming. However, Floral will still be updated, and my nm is always open if you have any questions about my code. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. I have added 2 petlookup layouts: Litany and Clarion.

+ 2 layouts

16.09.17 | Finally (kinda) finished a request, and a shameless plug for my sister site, Confectionery: Candy has made a new button for Floral, and you can use her pixels in your layouts, they're very cute! I will be adding more petlookups and a petpage soon as well. Requests will be opening in 2 weeks or so, for those of you who have been waiting! Stay tuned c;

+ 1 button
- 1 request
- 1 lister

20.08.17 | + 1 request for Marge @ Kimochi! She has made a lovely new button for Floral o3o I also finished putting up Legion, and I'm working on a portfolio/directory layout right now.

17.08.17 | Our new affiliate, CandyBox, is a charming premade petpages site by HMGR! I especially love how beautiful and unique her layouts are, so do check out CandyBox! c:
I have also made a new petpage layout, Legion, for pets/applications.

15.08.17 | We have a new affiliate, Aurum! Del creates beautiful premade and custom layouts for your shop and gallery: do check them out! I have also changed the custom layout section, but I'm currently in the middle of school work so I cannot take requests at this time ;n;

13.08.17 | In the process of putting some of my layouts on pages so you can see what it looks like in action! If you can click on the image, you will be taken to one of my pages where it is in use. Also have a new lister, Refresh, which contains updates about the (request) site community, so you can always stay updated c:

30.07.17 | Confectionery is now my affiliate and sister site: check her out! She creates lovely pixels and code for you to use c: It's the end of the holidays, so updates will be less frequent (10 weeks or so)

17.07.17 | I have a new lister, directly! Finished my last request yay: requests will be closed for ~10 weeks because I'm going back to school. Finally got around to putting new layouts on! Imperial is a nifty scrolling petpage layout, and Photo Reel can display your pets c:

14.07.17 | I have a new affiliate, Bliss, where Sam creates wonderful premade CSS petpages, check them out! Also finished 1 request, and have one left to finish (phew!)

10.07.17 | Finished 2 requests! I also have 2 new affies: Jewel, where Jewlz offers custom buttons, petpages and guild layouts (I have 2 beautiful buttons from Jewel, so I'd highly recommend her!), and Mahou, where Jewlz and Ashe offer lovely custom petpages (with cute gijinkas!). If you want a custom petpage, then why not check them out?

Also, giving a shout out to my listers, Unwound Clock, Dragon's Lair, The Garden and The Popsicle Stand!

09.07.17 Requests are closed. They're not quite as interesting as I'd hoped, so I'm shaking up the form. But in other news, I requested a button from Exquisite and it looks very beautiful! c:

08.07.17 Grand opening! Requests are open, and I'm looking for affies and listers because I can't find many sites updated these days ;n;
Layouts added: Soliloquy, Neopian, Satellite, Streamlined, Portrait and Myriad.

06.07.17Just got the most beautiful buttons from Jewel, they look quite dashing!


the main account, with only one permanent resident

I only made this account 10lank10 because that was the username I used to pester my sister with, what a fun time! I don't care too much about changing it though, unless I could swap it for for sunlit, of course! Evla is the only permie here, all the other slots will be filled with fosters for A Painted Grove, and sometimes my pets from other accounts may visit on birthdays and for training.

Evla the Invisible Lenny with adelie the stealthy kookith

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; Created by me in the last purge

summary; The inexistent ones gather around her, as if they were swirls and ebbies of dust, not quite formed into living, breathing creatures.

She had died when it was time to live: all seasons and hours swept together in a great cascade that culminated in her death. Oh, Evla, how I wish you were still alive, they crooned. She knew better than to listen, and wrapped her shawl tighter around her.

Ransom? Your soul from us? They laughed, almost sweet as the tinkling of temple bells, almost as crude as the scream of steel on steel. You may pray all you want, but your soul has been juya's from the moment you were born. Such a fate is as certain as the way the stars fall in the sky, and how the tides breathe in and out. It is not for you to decide, and in a way, it is not for us to decide either.

notes; Evla holds my portfolio, of course! I created her during the last purge, and I probably won't be trading/adopting her out if I ever leave neo. She will be frozen with my accounts, or given to my twin sister. At one point, I wanted to trade her and since I heard that pets with level 250 were valuable, I tried rushing her to that. But I ran out of np and patience, so I stopped at level 200 or so. Luckily, this means that she has two faerie freezing abilities, so she still makes a good BD pet! I have also turned her into a lenny for the bd weapons, but personally I think they are an ugly species so I turned her into an invisible one x3

cers the gold draik

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; 250k custom - 5l + 1.85mil custom - ffq custom - Cers (3 way trade)

summary; In ancient times, Circe was a goddess of magic, daughter of Helios and Perse, who turned Odysseus' men into animals, and kept them in her manse for a year.

notes; She doesn't have a character yet, seeing as I traded for her because I was reminded of Cersei Lannister. Currently, I love to stare at her, as A Song of Ice and Fire is one of my favourite series, and I requested a customisation from Milkfish for her that I tweaked a little to give to her! With the new pet slots, I'm not too sure what account she will be on, so she's just here as a placeholder.

When I saw her I first offered a custom, and then I had second thoughts and backed out. AND THEN I HAD second thoughts again, and reoffered! And was declined. So I asked if they wanted any other customs, and they said a mutant wocky custom. The morph was 4mil then, so I decided to trade for a ffq.

At one point before this, I found a lovely 5l offered ufa to a specific user, but they declined, so I hunted down the owner and offered to trade for said 5l. I decided to zap and train them, but their name was so lovely I did a 3 way trade with trading a royal custom on said 5l for a ffq custom (yay!), and then I traded that for Cers!

A massive, massive thank you to all of you who traded with me on this trading chain: Cers is looking quite precious and lovely c;


side account #1, for my bori clan and the ruki ma'am!

This account was meant to be my new main, but eventually I decided that I actually liked 10lank10 as a username. At the very least, I'm just happy that my sides are somewhat themed, even if the name adverity doesn't mean anything? Anyway, these bori are all cuties, I adopted one and traded for the other 2 from the same person! Rain is the end result of a uc I adopted for the purpose of retrading for a uc faerie ruki!

Fuya the Plushie Bori with Malrie the Eventide Ignalce

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; 6l trained to 450hsd - 4l trained to 675hsd + 3.5mil custom - v/wn uc maraquan chomby - Fuya

summary; All knowledgable travellers know that on the high seas there are only two threats that must still be guarded against, even in friendly waters.

The first are the Deep Ones, dreaded Lovecraftian beasts with tentacles the size of cities, that prey upon the uneducated across the gulf from Hainan to the Felian Cities. Who has lived to tell the tale, for the survivors are few and far between, and even the ones that do dare not to tell their past. It is said that one of the Hippocampi consorts with them, an offshoot of the primordials.

The second is the Shadow Fleet, what was formerly a rag-tag band of escaped slaves and turncoats had turned over the years into a verifiable mercenary army, able to be hired for the right price, carrying all sorts of illicit goods and people across Gaia. None dare to destroy them, for they have friends in all ports, and their sailors are varied in ethnicity and aims as well. Commander Fuya currently heads this fleet for whatever nefarious purposes he wishes, the one who is said to be beloved of Juya, an Ancient God of Death. Perhaps he is her son, or perhaps he has made a deal with her for his soul, but at any rate, he has been unmatched and peerless in duels, and supposedly recovers from grievous wounds in record time.

Joza the grey bori with fate & duty the grey faellie and its bumbluz

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; Cvcv sbd 4l + 2mil custom - Joza

summary; What is a Duchess without a name? A Prince without titles? In Nivalis, those from Winterhaven are shunned as half-fels, frostpeople, and degenerates: they hunt to live, and go raiding other tribes. Joza is a tribe-leader, and the one who resides closest to Nivalis, and so is given the duty to make peace, lest war comes.

Fierce, beautiful, and knowledgable, she is not without her shortfalls: As an advisor to the Queen, she is commonly targeted for bribes, and both the Royal Court and the other tribes hate her position as a tribe leader: Why is she in power? She is harsh and unforgiving from her lifetime in the harsh wastelands, as well as her treatment from others. In another life, she always thinks that it would be different: But if only there was another life.

notes; I can't believe I finally found the np to paint her, and I'm also very sad that she only looks best when she is sad but holy does she look cute! I've always loved the clothes of the RG Bori, and they certainly make Joza look hauntingly beautiful!

It's not every day that you find your offline nickname (or roundabouts) uft: I was quite shocked when I saw her offered, and I didn't hesitate to accept c; Thank you for the trade!

Juya the Faerie Bori with Naira the water Skree

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; adopted from Emmie

summary; Although we are mere mortals, the Naira fills our every breath, our every step, our hopes and dreams are shrouded in its dark depths. You people from the lands to the west do not remember her name, and you scorn her in favour of models of stone and wood. Juya does not demand these precious objects, roaring temples hewn out of sweat and blood. No, no, she does not want for anything, for think on this: If a god was truly a god, would they want for anything?

The leaves and branches in the forest belong to her, and the fishes in the lakes and the merfolk in the sea, and the crops you spring from the soil, and even the children you bear and your own lives belong to her. Have you not been told? Juya is our lady of the night, the goddess of the dead, the one true goddess. All things good and true come back to her: even you, dear one.

notes; I pretty much pined after Juya for a long time, but at that point Flae didn't have enough hsd and I didn't have anything I could trade for her. Some while later, I saw her ufa, made up an application, and Emmie graciously chose me to adopt her!

prainfriendthe3rd the uc faerie ruki with companion the faerie peo

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; adopted d/bn uc faerie lenny from Tiffany - Rain!

summary; She remembered when she had a life, a mortal life, where the wind murmured along her hair like the lazy bubbling of rivers across a lazy bend, and the true colours of the earth and land weren't grounded in soft pastels and false hues. They used to call her Lady Rain, the Dahlia of Athelion, and she blushed gracefully when she heard them sing her praises high, high up on the island to the castle where her friends giggled and blushed with her. What was there that she wouldn't give to steal those moments back?

notes; I have never considered myself a fan of UCs, and there is a very special reason why I like UC Faerie Rukis in particular. I adopted Tekyre, a faerie xweetok, from a foster who had an adoption agency, and the foster had placed their adoption agency on their UC Faerie Ruki, and I loved how kind of them it was to do that. To carry this on, I adopt pets from the pound, and train them to 240hsd so that adoptees can achieve a variety of goals.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Tiffany for adopting out lilhia405 to me, and to Nina for trading with me for Rain! You can both be assured that she is in safe hands ^^


the lab account, for a labbie and my korbat coders!

Originally, I got a lab for the purpose of zapping pets into pretty colours and adopting them out, and I was lucky enough to get an eventide petpet paint brush in the month after its release where its value was unstable, and offered it for a lab ray. These days I just use it to get stats, and I hold my little korbat troop, where I intend to put all of my css related things on their pages.

Niwi the royalgirl korbat with floral the spring faellie

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; 4l + 600k custom - 4l + 600k custom - Niwi!

summary; Even wraiths enjoy the flowers: though they have lost their corporeal forms they can still enjoy their sight. When Niwi was alive, she took care of the citadel's gardens during the reign of Laur I, and often had banter with the Queen. It is said that her wraith still blesses the gardens to this day: after all, the citadel grows a marvellous 200 species of flora, and it matters not where the species originally came from: if it can fit into the citadel, then it can be grown there. Indeed, her presence is so revered that the old oak in the courtyard has not been cut down yet, even though it is trying to grow though the dining hall!

notes; Niwi guards Floral! Floral's name was created when I saw Flowers ufa, and even though I didn't adopt Flowers, I did love the lowercase f of the italicised georgia font, so I kept it in the name. There isn't really anything fancy behind the name Floral: after all, it was created on a whim, and I wasn't successful in adopting Flowers, but it does fit my design style. There isn't much to say about her trading chain, although I did find a lucky trade for Niwi!

Rabi the Grey Korbat with Sorrow the Grey Chumblah

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; 300k custom - 4l - 4l trained to 205hsd + 350k custom - Rabi

summary; At the beginning of his memories there is nothing. No dark, no light, no time, space or color. Only him and the other, and the one sentence: This is how it begins.

And so he woke up from an endless sleep, facing frozen tundra and a landscape softened with snow and the scent of pine. An ageless world, that had always been here, like him, a friend so old and close they did not need names, and a complement so complete that they were one another. He dug her paws into the fresh snow and relished the feel of life.

That is when he notices herself. A shadow in the world, mere thought and power having dislodged itself from the chains of its own mind. You were not meant to be. A phantom in the incomplete system of the world, a threat to the age of heroes and myth, a darkness so profound that none could match it.

I let you chain me! He bellowed such words into the endless space, and heard no reply. By that you were meant to be happy, free, and be rid of me. It took so long, and so much magic that it tore a rip though the fabric of the rip forever. Why did you free me again?


the forest troop, with the simplest, but most elegant customs

Well, what can I say about these three? They're three mystical figures in my lore, and I love how all of them came to my accounts! Aoza was a trade done from a reversal, Sunbond was a quick adoption, and Tekyre was my first adopted neopet that I still have today! I especially love Tekyre, I wouldn't let her go even for an unconverted faerie xwee x3

Aoza the maraquan draik with heart & soul the ukali and its veespa

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; 4l - 3l - ffq custom - 3l (trade reversed) - Aoza

summary; Aoza 「青座」is the name given to the Head Priestess of the Hirata Shrine, located on the edge of a pristine lake in the country of Hainan, famed for its silk, customs, and religion. The name means One Seated in the Blue, and her jobs include taking care of the poor, and feeding travellers that come and go from the Royal Capital. When a Priestess ascends to become the Aoza, they renounce their birth name, and up until the murder of the very last, they are known apart from each other by their nicknames. Apart from having divine powers, they were also expected to carry out blessings of the Emperor and the Empress, as well as listen to the common folk and their grievances to help mediate relations between the crown and the people. Their favour and power were the furtherest any commoner could hope to reach in Hainan, resulting in struggles for the ruling class to place on of their own in the Hirata Shrine.

notes; Aoza's the result of a bad trade, an exasperated trade, and a trade reversal. Aoza was well loved by her former owner, she had a lot of books read as well as some stats, which I finished training. Thank you so much, Night and Isis, as without you both I wouldn't have such a cute maraquan draik!

Sunbond the Maraquan Ixi with Halberd the water turtum

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; adopted from floralfawn!

summary; Sun Thief. Angel of the Moon. The First Demon. Night Bringer. She has gained many names for her infamous act of replacing the second sun with a moon, and so bringing night to the world. She is the last of the Primordials: the first mortals that were created by the gods. The angel Tekyre spends her time chasing her, until she too falls to the fate of the angels: for the moon hinders magic, and weakens the power of the sun. Now, with gods and angels dead, the one bearing the most power is her: and all mortals cower in fear of the one who cheated death.

notes; I've always loved maraquan ixis, so when I came back from a hiatus I traded a custom for one and completed my dream! But I eventually adopted her out as a celebration and then I found myself wanting another one and regretted it. So I came across Sunbond on a ufqa board, where I was chosen as her new owner!

Tekyre the Faerie Xweetok with Ferns & Ashes the Faerie Drugal and its Glack

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; adopted from Marjo!

summary; She does not remember where the wings came from. Their shimmering iridescence captivates the stars, and the denizens of the Rainmark sleep to the soft whisper of their movement. No one in the forest is as ancient as her, not even the old sentinel that watches them all.
She prowls along the forest floor, sometimes a human, sometimes a xweetok. Her eyes are always watchful like the sky, and her mane is a seamless blend with the forest leaves. Slowly, she meanders through the forest, her paws treading lightly on the lush carpet of emerald and amethyst.

This is her territory, where the darkness creeps, subdued, and the light will sleep, unhindered.

notes; Okay, so way back when, in 2011, I was a little girl on a much more active site, scrolling through petpages to adopt pets with nice colors. That was when I came across Xoria's orphanage, and saw a lovely faerie xweetok names Tekyre UFA. Even though I didn't think I'd get her, I did, and she is well-loved by me c:

Thank you Marjo, for without you, I wouldn't have such a beautiful faerie xweetok to adore!


the three musketeers, or at least, one, a witch-doctor, and a wraith

My little usul family, who I haven't actually done much work on their stories at all! Todu took a ridiculously long time to trade for, and Rexu was a quick adoption from a board. I love both their customs (which are fully np) and I especially love Rexu's because the whole thing + the morph amounted to less than 500k :o

Rexu the Island Usul with Regina the Island Eizzil

links; petlookup, petpage

origin; adopted from Amber!

summary; The primordials are a long-lost race: the first mortals, as it were. In return, the gods and angels expected worship and subordination, which they were happy to give. It was in this age of peace that Rexu was born, and he grew up to be a secret thief in Tasiel, catering to a number of elite clientele. The Angel Tekyre noticed this, for her temple was in the city, but she approved his actions as they were just.

When the Sun Thief stole the sun, he had two choics: To side with the Angels, or to side with the Sun Thief. To choose his Patron Angel, or to choose his race, he was torn apart by guilt and grief when he realised he had been spared, and that he was one of the last primordials to live. His ghost still haunts the ruins of Tasiel, and while both the Sun Thief and Tekyre visit from time to time, he shuns them, forever grieving inside.

notes; I remember trying (and failing) to chat on a very active board, just to adopt such a little cutie! Amber, if you're reading this, thank you so much for such a little fluffy pastel potato, it was fun finally seeing an active board after so long xD

Todu the Usukiboy Usul with Daneika the Brown Miamouse

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origin; 5l (adopted) + 4.5mil custom - Todu

summary; A famous adventurer, who noted down many tales of his youth sailing between the Thousand Shards, and tramping across the Dymian Jungles. He was exiled from Feldream in his youth, for speaking out against the Royalty, and for suggesting that no man should be above others. His case was noble, yes, but those in power would not hear it, earning him the moniker Fallen Angel of Feldream. Eventually, the Revolutionists talked him into joining their cause, as it was very similar, and they eventually deposed the Lyones Kingdom and removed the Monarchy in favour of a system where all were citizens were freeborn, no matter their race, creed or gender.

In a world of your dreams, you, are the only oddity.

notes; I spent ages on hunting down the perfect name for a custom, so a huge thank you to Gus and Jojo as without both of you I would not have ended up with this adorable little critter *hugs everyone*

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