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About Firestana

Firestana is a dancer, a fire dancer to be precise. She possesses fire magic which she incorporates into her dance performances in a breathtaking and exciting way which the crowds adore. She is not however, unique, in her magical abilities. On the continent she lives in, it is in fact rather common place. Most however do not bother to cultivate or expand their talents as the majority of the population engage in trade occupations such as farming, carpentry, building and so on, and do not have a great deal of use for the arcane arts. Exceptions to this are blacksmiths who use the art of fire to assist in tool making and some farmers use water arts to irrigate the land. Firestana however was enchanted with her natural abilities from a very young age and vowed she would find a way to nurture and use her talents - which she obviously did. Part of a performance by Firestana may involve such antics as spectacular displays of fire dragons and birds weaving through the captivated crowds, soaring above their heads and bursting into a million fiery twinkling points of light or rings of fire curling around her as she dances.

Firestana was not born into a wealthy family and left home at a very young age to pursue what she loved - dancing. She gets by on what she earns through her performances and often finds herself traveling from city to city to entertain new crowds. Her sunshine personality has ensured her many friends and connections who are only too happy to assist her if she is in town. Despite only just making a living, she loves the freedom of her lifestyle and would not give it up for anything in the world.

So there we have a brief description of Firestana's lifestyle and background. I've started working her actual story, but as you can see I didn't get too far. It is a start however, and something I would be able to continue working on if I became Firestana's new owner. Essentially she will become an informant for the rebels and Shadow Hand who are brewing a coup against the Council. Lots of mystery and intrigue ;)

Chapter I

Eraldo walked down the cobblestone street with a bounce in his step. The crowded marketplace was ringing with noise and crowds jostled him at every corner, but he loved it. It was good to be back. The intoxicating scents, sights and sounds - there was nothing like the trader city of Veran. He ambled past the stalls, picking up this object, examining that one and making the occasional purchase. He was in no rush. There was plenty of time before he was to meet with his dearest friend and there was no reason why he shouldn't enjoy himself in the meantime. As he turned a corner, his first glimpse was of platinum blonde hair that was like silk, shining brilliantly in the sun. Looking down he came face to face with a young draik child, almost fully black in colour and whose face was plastered with tears. Her eyes were red rimmed from crying and upon seeing him, her chin began to tremble. The thin membranes of her wings were ragged and were trailing in the dirt behind her. Except for her hair, she was a sorry sight indeed. Taking pity upon her, Eraldo knelt down beside her.

."What's wrong sweetie?" He inquired gently, his cheery and good-natured face comforting the child.
."I-I-I-I lost my mama" the child hiccuped before bursting into tears anew.
."Sweetie, when did you last see her?"
."At the Red Mockingbird Inn...we stopped to get a drink and I went to play outside with the doggie!" A tear slid down her cheek. "But I don't know where it is now!" She whimpered, "...and she's probably gone now! And I'll never see her again!"
."Sweetie, you're in luck! I was just heading there. I promise you we'll find her, okay?" Eraldo stood up, patted her mane of ethereal hair gently and clasped her tiny hand. Together, they meandered through the crowds until they stood before the inn. It was a well kept inn which rather reflected its owner's personality and was decorated in the same style as the surrounding buildings: whitewashed walls, wooden window and door frames.

Stepping through the door, the bell jingled and announced their arrival. Inside was much the same as outside - neat and pleasant smelling with a number of long tables and benches taking up most of the interior. It was softly lit and various tapestries depicting battles decorated the walls. A chubby woman at the bar turned at the sound of the bell, still cleaning a glass and a greeting on her lips which died at the sight of Eraldo and turned into a big beaming smile.

."Eraldo! You finally came! I've been waiting and waiting for you, you big oaf! Come here and let me give you a hug!" Her grin however died as she stepped beyond the counter and noticed the child hanging onto Eraldo's hand. Eraldo, noticing Vera's sudden change, smiled weakly.
."The poor dear's lost her mother...you haven't happened to have seen her have you recently or know where she may have gone?"
Vera merely scowled. "Dangit Elia, I will not have you robbing my old friend Eraldo here. He's a good soul and deserves better, so hand him back his goods." Eraldo stared at her blankly.
."Vera, what are you on about? my purse and daggers are still he...." Eraldo stared at the spot where his coin purse and silver dagger had previously hung, confused by the turn of events. "What...what happened?"

Vera pointed her glass at the child. "SHE happened."

A scowl crossed the child's face and she threw the missing goods on the table and in an instant, much to Eraldo's growing bewilderment, the child was gone. In her place stood a sulky adult whom remarkably resembled the child, bearing even the same markings upon her body but was dressed in dark garb and hooded cloak. The draikess glared at Vera.
."How should I know he was your friend? Honestly. I'm off to find someone else then." With a last glare at Eraldo, she stormed out through the door with Eraldo staring after her, still unsure of what had just transgressed.
."Close your gaping mouth or you'll be catching flies soon!" Vera reprimanded. "C'mon, I'll pour you a drink and explain."

Chapter II

One hour to go. The day was ending, the setting sun bathed the world in a warm, enticing light. Firestana wandered the markets, pausing to examine newly woven fabrics and touch a beautifully crafted perfume bottle that was covered in golden spirals and floral designs. Holding the small purple bottle to the light, its coloured glass threw pinpoints of light on her face.
.'Oh what am I doing? She sighed in exasperation at herself. I have no need for such trinkets! She put the bottle reluctantly and walked on. The smell of freshly baked bread assailed her as she neared the food markets. The distant shouts of the food sellers could be heard over the dull noise of the crowd, calling for customers to purchase the last of their goods before they closed up shop for the day. Hearing her stomach rumble, Firestana made her way to Marion's bakery stall, purchased a warm croissant and seated herself at a nearby bench. Long after she had eaten her fill, she sat there, simply absorbing the sights and sounds and watching the last rays of light shrink and retreat over the dark rooftops, hungrily anticipating the moments slip by until she could perform.

The time had come. The sun was gone but light in the sky lingered amongst the clouds; it was the perfect time for a display of light and fire. Firestana stood up and began to make her way to the open square outside the Red Mockingbird Inn. As she turned the corner, a tall dark figure crashed into her, sending her almost sprawling to the ground. Turning angrily to call out to the stranger, her only glimpse was of shimmering blonde hair, and then she was gone. Straightening herself and composing herself, she cleared her mind and entered the square. An expectant crowd had gathered already, larger than the crowds on the two days previous. Firestana could barely suppress a grin. It looked like the word had spread. Pushing through the crowds to the centre, she saw Dante was already waiting for her, grinning cheekily as he saw her emerge. The young lupe was an amazing violinist and often accompanied her on her travels, playing the music that she danced to in her performances on a daily basis. Dante sat himself on an overturned crate whilst Firestana called out to the crowd. The murmuring died down and she could feel all eyes were on, intent and expectant.

A low melody pierced the silence, cutting through the air sweetly and resonating. The music thrummed and become low, Firestana swayed, gracefully spun and began to dance in a circle. All eyes were on her as her arching orange tattoos on her back began to glow until a small child tugged at his mother's skirts and pointed to the ground. In the centre of the circle, a small glowing orange point of light was emerging from the ground. As the crowd watched, its shape focused and grew into a small plant. Firestana began to dance faster and faster, round and round, spurring on the small fiery plant. The music increased in tempo and the plant continued to grow skywards, reaching with fiery leaves. The audience gave an appreciative murmur as the plant grew into a sapling. Firestana slowed and stopped in front of the young tree. A simple gesture, and the tree shot up and formed an ancient tree, weighed down by large fruit and fiery leaves aflame. Firestana turned and swayed gently, the enormous tree behind her also swaying to the music. Without warning, the tree exploded into a thousand pinpoints of golden light sending a glittering shower over the crowd and floating to the ground. Everywhere she looked, she saw ecstatic faces smiling and reaching out to touch the lights. Abruptly the music changed and Firestana began an upbeat dance, twirling and shaking the bells on her skirt. The glittering lights on the ground stirred and began to rise and were drawn to above Firestana's head and formed a shape. A flash of light and floating above was an enormous fiery dragon. The crowd gasped as it emitted a roar and began to swoop up and around Firestana and the crowd while she continued to dance at the center. After a few minutes, the dragon roared again and flew straight up and exploded into brilliant fireworks.


After the performance concluded, Firestana stood breathless at the centre of the square and the crowd burst into applause. Firestana bowed, joy filling her as everyone she looked beaming faces met her own. Collecting coins from the crowd, she thanked everyone graciously and reminded them that she would be in the city of Veran for one more night. Dante packed up his violin and joined Firestana as they walked to their lodgings.
."I think today's show was even better than yesterdays! The dragon was a nice touch, I think the audience loved that and the eagle the most." said Dante with a cheerful smile.
."Aww, thanks so much kiddo! Your music wasn't half bad either." Letting the conversation lull, they both walked back to the Lantern Inn in companionable silence, enjoying the soft lights and starry sky above them.

After chapter 2, Firestana will receive an invitation from a noble to privately perform for them and their family. Prior to attending, Firestana will be waylaid by a member of the Shadow hand, seeking for her to gather information on the noble family or face consequences. It is in this way she becomes an unwilling tool for the guild and becomes immersed in a world of corruption and deadly power games.



She is a gentle soul that I get along with tremendously well. She is curious, mischievous and entertaining young creature, calm and sensitive to the needs of others. Alatariel is fond of most and although she shows a trait of being shy in her personality, she is not one to get on the wrong side of, not that I can imagine anyone wanting to harm such a gentle and carefree soul. She is not bitter, malicious or vengeful, but rather she can stand up for herself and her allies - a trait that I strongly admire for I do not see it in myself. She practices as a healer. I understand she gained her knowledge from intuition and practice, but she truly is gifted as many need to study for years before they get anywhere near her level of proficiency.

Ikaris is an interesting character - he holds the role known as 'Gatekeeper' among his people, a fiery race of eyries that are known as the Seraphane. He was loathe to tell me the full details of his background, but from what I could gather, his people were once the guardian of a great beast deep beneath the earth. Some great upheaval however occurred some four centuries ago and now the Seraphane, although they still live, they do not truly live in the sense you and I understand. He is lays the blame fully on himself and is plagued by the burden of a guilt and that is not his to bear. Personally, I believe that he has a brave and noble character but which is generally suppressed beneath his bitter and irate mask. He is also extremely quick-tempered and flares at even the slightest of agitations, but more often than not, it is apparent he regrets his loss of control afterward, even if he would never admit it. I need to add also, physically, he is absolutely a magnificent creature, but inside his mind is slowly being tainted by the black tendrils of madness. He is being consumed by his burdens.

A silent, stoic type and weary of the world, Sakiir, has a murky, secretive past from ages ago. He divulges nothing and it rather seems he prefers it that way. As far as I can tell, he is searching for a soul who he once lost, but deep down he knows they cannot be found. Sakiir just prefers to immerse himself in the human literature, and dusty old scrolls, it is how he bears his loss. As he says to me, if he is going to be stuck here for eternity, why not do some light reading? At any rate, he feels that he may as well get to know the creatures of this world better and learn how our minds work. But secretly, I think he also finds the literature rather entertaining, though I know he would never admit that.

Other Characters

Some insight into the other main players in Firestana's story.

Elia is a Raven in the Shadow Hand and an an illusionist to boot. Her magic allows her to cast spells which alter the perceptions and senses of those around her to see objects, events and sounds that do not truly exist. Moreover, she has the ability to alter her own appearance and can appear to be any age, change her hair, eye and skin colour, wear any clothes and change her voice. She is the ultimate master of disguise.

In her public persona, Elia applies her talents to performing illusion shows for the public, except unlike Firestana who performs for the joy it gives herself and others, Elia has ulterior motives. The street performances are spectacular light and picture shows ranging from magnificent flocks of iridescent doves to brilliant fireworks that explode into a thousand points of light, accompanied by a melodius crescendo. Whilst the audiences are mesmerized, Elia's Eikabi pickpocket the unwitting audiences. The Eikabi are three little creatures who are almost incorporeal and appear as three small raccoon-like creatures who can actually touch and pick up objects, so they are not mere illusions.

Within her guild, due to her incredible magical abilities and stealth, she has been nicknamed The Black Hawk. The reasoning behind this name as the rats have discussed on many occasions, is because no one will ever see her swooping in until it's too late and the goods in question are long gone. Some, if they are lucky may have glimpsed a mere shadow. The nickname is also attributed to Elia's stand-offish and aloof personality. If any of the members need assistance, they know better than to bother the hawk. It is interesting how the nickname is somewhat of a misnomer as Elia's hair is the lightest blonde possible. So in keeping with her image prior to the performance of a contract, she changes her hair to a midnight black. Just because she doesn't like to disappoint people.

Elia is an overly cautious and meticulous creature who is a perfectionist in all that she does. Unfortunately, Elia is self-preserving. In a fight or flee situation, Elia will choose the third option: disappear. She seems to have an inability to form any close personal relationships with anyone which she openly acknowledges and does not care to remedy. She doesn't mind manipulating people for her own ends - in fact she rather seems to enjoy it. It's a part of her job which has to be done. Her closest friend is Vera, the inn keeper, with whom she has certain business relationships and the relationship is more business-like than loving or friendly. Otherwise, her only true friend is her minion who she trusts beyond a shadow of a doubt. She realises that in the world she is involved in, there is no room for trust. Trust gets you killed. However this does not mean she cannot act sociably. She can turn on the charm and sweet talk anyone to do anything. And if she can't sweet talk them, she'll turn on her magical charm.

Essentially, Elia is a product of her world that she is immersed in. There is no room for mistakes or slip ups, nor for friendship which she does occasionally feel sorrow for.


Name: Firestana.
Alias: Fira.
Gender: Femme.
Species: Kyrii.
Age: Twenty one.
Status: Unconverted.
State: Alive.
Brush: Royal.
Mood: Ecstatic
Personality: Giving, Daydreamer, Thoughtful.

Fave food: Ramen
Fave fruit: Grapes

Occupation: Fire Dancer
Specialty: Fire Creatures
Element: Fire

Body Type: Slender.
Hair: Platinum Blonde.
Stomach: Sandy.
Body colour: Tan

Reference Sheets

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Firestana is not a particularly cautious or meticulous creature and has a bit of a taste for adventure. She is more cautious however when a decision involves taking risks that will impact on other people's lives or wellbeing. She hates routine with a passion and is often spontaneous to a fault at times - almost hyperactive even - "oh look at that birdie! Its singing such a sweet song...Oh wow, check out this gorgeous fabric! And that lamp!"

Firestana is motivated, highly confident and loves socialising and chatting with anyone she comes across, any random stranger will do - she's a social butterfly. She's bubbly, outgoing, happy-go-lucky and loves to dance and entertain adoring crowds above all else. She can turn on the charm and sweet talk anyone to do anything - its how she gets by half the time! However, she also possesses a strongly independent and stubborn streak, along with an occasional diva-esque attitude. Ask her to do something she doesn't want to and you will see her begin to pout and get that obstinate, determined look in her eye.

But despite everything, she possesses a heart of gold. Firestana will go out of her way to help anyone in need and provide for them, even if she is left with little for herself. Many view this as irresponsible and naive and tell her as such, but her bull-headed streak kicks in and she will tell them EXACTLY what she thinks of them and their selfish ways. She hates to cause unnecessary harm.

Possessing a keen mind and sharp wits, Firestana is fiercely intelligent and not easily manipulated with a particular hate for deception and intrigue. She is usually open-minded, willing to listen to the opinions of others, and adaptable to almost any situation.

Ignore this table. Have to fix it.

  • Reserved
  • Merciless
  • Pessimistic
  • Miserable
  • Reclusive
  • Practical
  • Unorganised
  • Careless
  • Impulsive
  • Uncooperative
  • Suspicious
  • Strict
  • Doubtful
  • Insincere
  • Dependant
  • Inept
  • Inconsistant


    Firestana is gifted with the elemental magic of fire and thus has the ability to create and control fire. She has refined her ability to an incredible extent and to significantly different uses than others who posses the same talents - her control over fire is incredibly fine and she bends it to her will to create fantastical shapes and effects for the purposes of entertainment as opposed to fire-war mages who have no refinement whatsoever and concentrate on the sheer power and intensity of their conjured fire. Her use more closely resembles that of blacksmiths who too must have high degrees of control, but also foster high temperatures so that they can shape and bend metals. Firestana on the other hand strives to make her conjured fire harmless so as to avoid injuries in spectators, though she too has the ability to manipulate its nature and create destructive blazes.

    Although she has the ability to use her fire magic in offensive and defensive capacities, she lacks the will to do so. In fact if she was threatened she would probably completely forget that she is equipped with such a potentially devastating ability and flee for saefty instead. That is unless someone else is also in danger (she has a bit of a hero complex XD).

    Her use of her magic is considered by many as unusual and few put their magic talents to entertainment purposes.


    I know Firestana already has a lovely little Seti attached, and if you don't plan on removing him, I'd love to repaint him Faerie if you would be okay with that, but as I'm not sure whats happening with that, I haven't bothered to draw a pic ^^;

    Few people in Sernon keep Seti as pets as they are usually wild and untamed - moreover, people avoid keeping them as pets as if they are ignored and deprived of contact with their owners or others for a couple of months and kept in a cage or allowed to wander, they often go feral and revert to their wild instincts. Tamer and more 'cuddly' pets and companions are usually kept by the vast amount of the Sernon population like doglefoxes or miamice. However, Firestana was drawn to her Seti's adverse nature and dotes on him constantly to which he grudgingly submits to. The Seti would basically be her accomplice. He watches her back and is super protective of both her and her possessions, keeping a watchful eye on the unfolding dance performances and occasionally choosing to partake. He can sniff a rat a mile away and often steers Firestana away from dodgy characters and suspicious deals. He stands for no nonsense from anyone, least of all Firestana and is not particularly playful - he prefers to watch the world from afar with sceptical golden eyes from a favourite nook or wall.


    This section will be a showcase of all of Firestana's outfits.

    Scarabug Outfit

    This is Firestana's second favourite outfit, a deep blue and gold Scarabug-themed set with matching accessories. She chiefly wears it only for dance performances, particularly those held in noble's homes as opposed to everyday wear.

    The majority of this outfit was purchased from a famous silks dealer at the Teon Bazaar, Halsia, who imports materials from merchants around the world. It cost a pretty penny, but was worthwhile as the luxurious blue silks are finely embroidered and still retain a faint scent of foreign spices and dyes. Firestana commissioned the adorning metallic feathers which are rather eye-catching, drawing curious glances from people passing by. Combined with the other adorning jewelry, Firestana is a vision of exotic elegance in this outfit.

    (PIC: still a work in progress)

    The Land

    Sernon is the continent that Firestana resides on chiefly, but she has visited both Halsia and Fresia in the past when work was short in Sernon and she was struggling to make a living. Its capital is the sprawling, fortified city of Anorin which is situated on the edge of idyllic Lake Hanelia. The lake is naturally a turquoise blue for most of the year due to a certain mixture of minerals and coupled with the distinctive towering city, this provides for stunning scenery for passersby.

    Government: Sernon has a democratic governing body, run by a Council, the three Sayel and convenes in the city of Anorin. Councilmen are elected by the people every three years, one representative from each of the selected main cities and towns across Sernon for a total of 25. Each Councilman is responsible for the administration and management of their own portfolio, but every major decision must be consented to by two of the Sayel or have the matter put to the Council who must agree unaminously. Laws passed must be agreed to by a majority of the Council and a majority of the Sayel. The Sayel hold veto power over certain decisions.

    The land: The land of Sernon has been green and bountiful for centuries and the people have thrived. There has been no wars or civil unrest in the past century, however, nothing is perfect and Sernon does have its share of poverty and crime. The land is largly rich in resoures and covered with farmland and forests. The Andalian mountains run almost the whole length length of the land, effectively creating a barrier between the east and west. It is not an impassable barrier however as there are numerous passes scattered throughout the range.

    Associations: Essential to the fabric of society in Sernon is the various guilds which can be joined. Almost everyone will belong to a guild of some description, be it the merchants guild, thieves guild (the shadow hand), mages guild, farmers guild, crafters guild, blacksmiths guild, fishing guild and so on. There is a guild for almost evry industry and most who work in that industry choose to join due to the benefits and protections it offers its guild members. The guilds are places that people can take their complaints to regarding one of the guilds members to seek a resolution that avoids the law courts and is also the place that can be approached by someone seeking fulfillment for a particular contract. The guilds hold significant influence over the Council, but naturally some guilds are more influential than others, one being the merchants guild.

    Halsia: has been a monarchy for the last millenium. The land of Halsia is mostly comprised of grasslands and plains, but as of late, game and crops have been poor and it has been difficult for the people to maintain their standard of living. Relations between and Sernon have never been amicable or cordial and have become particularly frayed over the last couple of years.

    Fresia: Fresia too is governed democratically, but with a differing structure to Sernon. Relations between Sernon and Fresia are more amicable than between Sernon and Halsia. Fresia is wealthier and better off than either Sernon and Halsia due to its significant woodlands and rich fishing grounds.

    The Shadow Hand

    The Shadow Hand is the name of the thieving guild and they are an organization fundamental to the structure of society. Without a doubt, many view them as vermin and the scum of society, and rightfully so as they are responsible for the formation of organized crime in the cities. However, many fail to realize that the thieves guild also strictly disciplines its members and keeps them in line. They rule with a merciless fist that very few will dare to cross and thus, they keep the criminal underworld in order.


    The guild is incredibly secretive and protective of its inner machinations which are not easily pierced by outsiders. There are five leaders which form the 'Hand' and go by the titles of Unu, Dao, Fau, San, Yio. Dao is the index finger and leader above the others. Very few know the identity of the leaders of the hand but all orders come direct from them. There also have been rumours that the Hand have ordinary roles in society and who conduct their daily businesses in various unassuming roles. A Hand member may in fact be the local tailor or the head guard - no one but the Hand themselves know. Most fear the Hand superstitiously as they believe they possess supernatural powers that are even out of the ordinary in this world that is filled with magic and the arcane arts. Rumours fly unchecked of abilities to manipulate one's mind or thoughts and black magic.

    Below the Hand are the Ravens. This rank consists of those that liaison with and receive the Hand's orders and in turn distribute their word. They are in essence the secondary leaders and the only rank whom have received contact with any member of the Hand and as a result they are considered to be 'privileged' by the lower ranks. Ravens are also trusted with collecting and overseeing each of the member's tithe and by virtue of this and their rank, they do not have to provide their own tithe payment. The tithe monies are distributed to the Hand and to various current projects which are discussed between the Hand members.

    Rats are those who are initiated into the guild and are trusted members. They do the vast amount of the thievery or carry out the schemes and are by far the largest group of members. Some of the rats are designated to be thugs or guards who act as guards within the guild.

    The lowest rank is the Vermin. They are the uninitiated, those who carry out the most mundane of tasks - they are used to run messages, act as bait and basically put themselves in harms way. If a vermin survives the guild for a year, then clearly they have the skills to survive in the guild and are promoted to Rats. The vermin who are designated to act as messengers are fondly nicknamed 'pigeons'.

    Every member of the guild is magically tattooed with a symbol of a black hand. As the tattoo is magical, should someone no longer be a member then that tattoo may be removed through magical means. It is a fairly simple task for a low-ranking grunt to leave the guild; not however, such a simple matter for those in the upper echelons. The guild does not release its inner secrets lightly and leaving the guild at this stage is almost unheard of - circumstances must be exceptional. Contrastingly, if someone has betrayed the guild or is wanted to for questioning, their tattoo will visibly change to a vivid scarlet red.


    These are roles to be found within the main system of ranks.

    Dogs have a special role which requires charisma, skill and cunning. They ingratiate themselves into the ranks of the city guards, preferably in positions of privilege and 'sniff' out information valuable to the guild such as when raids are to occur, what the guard knows of the guilds activities and any other such tidbits.

    Weasels sell stolen goods brought in by the guild to the public at large.

    Foxes are the guild's mages and are rather highly prized by the hand as few in society who dedicate their lives to the study and mastery of magic will utilise their talents in such a.....disreputable occupation.

    There are also those who specialize in lockpicking or are thugs who are used to keep the peace within the guild, but they do not have official titles.

    Tithes, jobs and benefits

    As previously mentioned, the guild demands a monthly tithe from each member and if this tithe is not received there shall be consequences for the member. The leftover stolen goods and coin can be sold to a Weasel who will resell the goods to the public. Occasionally, wealthy clients such as noblemen from the upper houses will contact the guild and order a contract if they are seeking certain objects or artifacts to be "obtained" from others. These contracts can only be completed by the higher ranking members as there is too great a risk for any Vermin to even attempt these tasks - they are untrusted and more likely to betray the secrets of the guild and thus these contracts must be completed by either the Ravens or the guild leaders themselves (The Hand). It is also not only the wealthy who seek out the services of the guild - all manner of persons from all backgrounds have come to the guild in the past.

    Members are promised safety and is often the sole reason for joining. The majority of members are poor or beggers and in being a member they are offered shelter in the main guild halls, some food and a way to make a living as dishonest as it is.


    Boltholes or hideouts as briefly aforementioned are areas that guild members are trusted to "keep safe" and are places of safety. By this, it is meant that no others are to know of their locations and are places for members to take shelter and escape to should they find themselves on the wrong end of the law. These hideouts may be found within city borders or outside and can consist of underground shelters, buildings that are seemingly decrepit or abandoned, abandoned mines and so forth. Each hideout is marked inconspicuously with a carving of a hand to denote that the place is a thieves' hideout. Some which are harder to access will be accompanied by coded instructions and some select hideouts are only for those of a certain rank which is signified by a carving representing the rank. They are often equipped with some food and weaponry. Not all hideouts are known to all members of the guild - many members guard their knowledge of certain hideouts jealously and it is one of the challenges of new members to locate at least one bolthole. The main hideout is a great hall situated in Veran and is also where the majority of Vermins and Rats are stationed.


    Butterfly! Almost everyone in Sernon is talented with some degree of magic but few choose to cultivate and nurture their talents to any degree as the majority of the population engage in trade occupations such as carpentry, building, selling goods, baking and so on, and thus do not have a great deal of use for the arcane arts. The exception to this is tradesman such as blacksmiths who rely on their fire magic to shape and mould tools and metals, whilst some farmers use water magic to irrigate their lands. Likewise, others in trade occupations often find small uses for their magic. Some choose to pursue magic and knowledge as their trade, studying and learning at the Great Library and Arcanium. Many mages earn a living by providing magical services to guilds and to those who seek it - for example farmers may seek a water mage to irrigate or an earth mage to reshape their lands or create wind breaks. If a mage undertakes to recieve their mastery of an element and suceed, they will be bestowed the title of 'Magist' (Geo-magist, Hydro-magist, Pyro-magist, Aer-magist, Gly-magist). Only a handful of persons achieve this rank every few years.

    Magic in Sernon is chiefly elemental and falls into one of four categories - fire, water, air and ground. Glyph magic is also widely pursued as it accessible to anyone, regardless of their element as it utilises runes and other writings to bend the flow of non-elemental magic to the user's will. Glyph magic has many applications that is outside the range of elemental magic and thus accounts for its popularity.

    There are also rather rare magics that occasionally arise within the poulation such as illusion, nature magic and summoning magic. As these magics are relatively unknown, those who possess these magics are often feared or treated with great trepidation and suspicion. Consequently, few will reveal their affinity for such magics, usually preferring to keep their silence or pretending to have little ability in some other element. In the scheme of things, the rarest element is air, followed by fire, and water and earth magic is the most common.

    Few magic users however can use their magic instinctively and without any direction or focus object. The majority of users require the use of a focus object to direct and allow the flow of magic from the user to the outside world. The best focusers are gemstones and as result gemstones are highly prized in Sernon, not just for their physical beauty and uses in jewellry, but for their use in magic. Every magic user will carry a gemstone in one form or another. Many choose to set their chosen focusing gemstones into necklaces, bracelets or other jewellry so as to have instant and convienient access, or into their weapons or other token objects. Moreover, it is important to note that the clarity, size and type of gemstone will impact on a gemstone's usefulness as a focuser.

    Magical tattoos are also commonplace in Sernon and are often used to identify those who are affiliated to a particular guild or association, and some of the high families also use such tattos to mark their own. Furthermore, these tattoos are favoured by many mages by virtue of the fact that they not only serve as markers, but in specific formations and patterns can act as focusers on a user's body, reducing the need for gemstone focusers.

    Firestana personally uses tattoos, which you can see are on her back.





    Customs: Open for trades! Mail me!























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    Kai was here :D
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    Kattrish oohlala you made me so elegant!
    Kat hot potato! How good do I look?!
    Kat drew this fantabuous picture!
    RT, thaaaaank you for this gorgeous picture!



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