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today in neopia

Sunday, December 9, 2012;

Daily Quiz
Answer: Database glitches
Prize: 332 neopoints
Featured Game
Time Tunnel
Earn double neopoints
Today's Concert
The 2 Gallon Hatz
1, 250NP a ticket

Faerie Crossword Answers
3. clouds
4. grumpy
5. goo
6. spear
9. bone
10. olly
12. ppl
13. mutox
1. asparrot
2. roo
3. chomby
7. evil
8. pests
11. lenny
13. matic
Monthly Events
The Month of Celebrating
Dec 5th - Bruce Day
Dec 12th - Wocky Day
Dec 20th - Borovan Day
Dec 25th - Day of Giving
Dec 28th - Ogrin Day
Dec 31st - New Year's

The Advent Calendar

It's that time of year again! Make sure you remember to pick up your daily prizes from here.

The Snowager

Since it is now officially winter, the Snowager has gone into hibernation. Now you can attempt to snag an item at any hour during the day (only once a day however, as opposed to the 3 times a day).

daily clicks

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{} means that there is a specific guide to that daily. Click on it to go to it.
Neomail me if you have a guide to one of the daily clicks below.

* The snowage sleeps between 6-7am, 2-3am and 10-11pm NST (Neopian Standard Time)

Giant Omelette
Take a free piece of omelette one per day

Giant Jelly
Want some jelly? Get some from here once per day
Sponsors: 1, 2
Feed your pets here
The Soup Kitchen
If you have under 3000np, you can feed your pets here
Bank Interest
Collect your daily bank interest
Adver Video
Watch a quick video and then spin a wheel to earn neopoints.

Wheel of Slime
Spin the wheel and see how much money you can make!
Rich Slorg
Get 50np or 100np from the slorg but he only appears once a day
Freebies For You
Every month you can get some free food + 2000np
Try to steal an item when he sleeps.
Wetlrudes Toy Chest
Open the chest & see what you've found
Blue Grundo Plushie
Talk to the plushie and see if anything happens
Meteor Crash Site
Will you get a free item?
Try and wake up the Turmaculus with your petpet. Good luck!
Coltzans Shrine
Check out what the Coltzans Shrine has ready for you
Grumpy Old King
Try to cheer up the King by telling him a joke, and see what happens!

Wise Old King
Show that King just how much wisdom you have
Fruit Machine
Spin the wheel & test your luck
Tiki Tack Tombola
Get a free ticket here & and see if you win anything
Lunar Temple
Test your skills here
The Money Tree
You can find or donate things here
TMR Dump
Take a look here & see if you can find something interesting
TN S-H Shoppe
Take some of the wearable items here or donate some yourself
Underwater Fishing
Try and catch something here & get your fishing level up
Healing Springs
Heal your pets or get a free healing potion
Mystery Island Mystic
Have your daily fortune told here for free
Stock Market
Check your stocks, or buy some new ones

games [20k a day]

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Some people don't like games and some people do. Either way, they are a great way to make neopoints. You may think that your no good at any of the games, but that doesn't mean you can't try thought, right?

For those of you who can never find the time to play games, or have a pretty slow internet connection that drives you insane, don't think that you can't make plenty of neopoints, there are a ton of other ways to do so. Keep scrolling down the page if you want to find out how to make neopoints without having to play games.

I have tried to make these scores reasonable so that anyone can reach them. It doesn't matter that much if you can't get them though, just keep trying and see what happens. Maybe one day you might even get your name on the highscore list, who knows what the future holds. Just keep your head held high.

Daily Clicks Doing your dailies everyday is an excellent routine to get into. It should give you around 400np, but it is completely random so there is no absolute guarantee you will get this exact amount.
+ 400np
total = 400np

Adver Video Click "start the video" and while it is playing minimize the screen so you can go on to play other games but remember to check back to spin the wheel so you can earn neopoints. Repeat this five times. The average amount of neopoints you can make from every spin is 450np, so thats 2250np in total. N/A
+ 2250np
total = 2650np
Crossword Try to complete the Faerie Crossword within 5 minutes so you can receive 600np. Just copy and paste the answers from here. Finishing the crossword within a short period of time might even boost your active pets intelligence. N/A
+ 600np
total = 3250np
WO Slime
Spin the wheel every 8 hours so you can earn neopoints (100np - 2000np). When I spun it, I received 600np. Your score will variey each time you play. N/A
+ 600np
total = 3850np
Fashion Fever Start the game and then click "randomise character". Then press "end game" so you can send the score. If you do this three times a day you will have 900np. (1.00)
1000pts = 1000np

+ 900np
total = 4850np
Kass Basher Wait until the windspeed reaches 9 and then press spacebar to let the kass fall. When the beak of it reaches the blumaroo, press spacebar again to hit it so it will fly into the air. Try to unlock hard so you will be able to reach 800 points pretty easily. Do this three times a day so you will get 3000np. If your still having trouble with this game, go here. (1.25)
800pts = 1000np

+ 3000np
total = 7850np
Splat-a-sloth Hit the space bar when you see the sloth sliding down. The point of this game is for you to attempt to hit it. However, when you do hit the sloth your score will automatically be sent. My average score is 250, which gave me 470np. Repeat this three times a day to receive 1410np. (1.88)
532pts = 1000np

+ 1410np
total = 9260np
Freaky Factory This game is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Click on the colored bobs so they will drop into the vat (but make sure they are the same color). Get 250 points, which will get you 1000np. After playing it three times you should have 3000np. (4.01)
250pts = 1000np

+ 3000np
total = 12, 260np
Smug Bug Chose a weapon to start off with (it doesn't matter which one) and then try to click on the bugs to shoot at them as fast as you can. There are only three levels. Try to get 500 points which results in 500 neopoints. Send the score three times so you have 1500np. (1.00)
1000pts = 1000np

+ 1500np
total = 13, 760np
Crisis Courier
Before paying this game make sure you read the intructions so you know what to do. Somewhere during the second level you will reach 2273 points, that is when you can stop playing and send the score. You will get 1000np from this. Do this three times. (0.44)
2273pts = 1000np

+ 3000np
total = 16, 760np
Meerca Chase I I
Select the "hard" mode so you can get points faster. Use the arrow keys to collect the neggs, but don't run into the red ones or otherwise it's game over Type in "superextrahypergravitymode" to receive extra points. End the game once you reach 681 points. This will give you 1000np with a daily total of 3000np. (1.47)
681pts = 1000np

+ 3000np
total = 19, 760np

neopian bank

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So your starting to make some money, huh? Well carrying all of it isn't always the best idea because a large portion of it can get stolen so it's best to put it into a bank account. To do this, you need to create an account. You can do this by going here. Just fill out the details and your account has been made! (Filling out the details isn't important because it's just a joke so type is whatever you think is funny and your done.) The best thing about it, is that it's 100% free & and even get an extra 50NP for signing up. You can put deposit and withdrawal as many neopoints as you like now.

bank interest

Bank interest isn't automatically credited to your account, you have to go to the bank everyday and collect it yourself. When you have collected you interest, it won't be added to your hand, it will be put into your bank account & slowly grow. The more neopoints you have in your bank, the more interest you get. If you want to get even more neopoints from your interest, it all depends on your account type.

account type

The higher your account type is, the the more interest you will gain. For example, if your account type is "Neopian Student" you would get 5.5% of your total balance back through interest, but if you had enough neopointsto upgrade your account type to "Bronze Saver" then you would get 6% of your total balance back through interest and so on.

When you first sign up for an account, your account type will automatically become "Junior Saver", but you if you want to upgrade then you will have to have at least 1000NP in the bank. There are more details on how many neopoints you need to upgrade in the the actual bank.

your shop

- Back To Top -
Investing your neopoints into shop is usually a very good idea, if you know how to do the basics. Keeping your shop update to date & restocked is needed if you want to see people returning back to your shop.

For SOME people owning a shop isn't necessary to make neopoints. Some people just like having a shop so they have a space to through all their junk that they don't want and sell it, which is an option that you can chose but in my opinion I think owning a shop can be very profitable so it's worth a shot.

There are two main area's that you need to be familiar with if you want to maintain a well-kept shop. The first one is restocking. Restocking is a very important thing when having a shop because if you can't do this properly then you can lose neopoints, which nobody likes. The second area (which isn't compulsory when owning a shop) is looking for forms of advertisement. You can get free advertisement by being in a mall, or you can pay to advertise your shop on the Notice Board.

IF you have the time try to do these everyday, but if our one of those people who doesn't have much time to spare on Neopets then just do a quick checkover every couple of days.

your daily checklist:

Check what items have been sold
Re-buy all of your missing items
Make sure all your recently purchased items are priced correctly and in your shop ready to be sold
Don't forget to check your shop till for profit

Tip: Try not to have to many graphics/pictures in your shop. Shops that have overcrowded pictures everywhere often turn away customers because they find it hard to read prices ect, or because it takes to long to load and decided to move on. Having a nice neat picture or two is fine. They do usually look very attractive and it adds a little something to your shop as well, just don't over do it.


- Back To Top -
Restocking is basically buying a item from a Neopian shop at a lower price, and then selling it for bit more and making a profit. Sounds pretty easy, right? Thats because it is. Apart from games, this is one of the most common ways to make neopoints. If you a unfamiliar with the process of restocking, I am here to help YOU. So, lets get started.

First, you have to decide on what kind of items you want to sell. If you are new to this, it would be a good idea to start off selling simple and cheaper items like food or grooming supplies.

Below is a picture of a part of Jelly Foods inventory. This is the shop I will be using to show you how to buy and haggle an item. SOME items are good and some items are a bad at Jelly Foods, so just be careful of that. In this example, I'm buying a Raspberry Jelly Pop. For the price that I have bought it at, it is a really bad deal. The only reason I bought it at that price was so I didn't have to rush taking to screenshots because all the good deals go super fast. So when your looking to buy an item, make sure your quick at the mouse!

choose a shop and an item:

Since I have chosen what shop I want to shop at & what item I would like to buy (the Raspberry Jelly Pop) its time to actually purchase it. You do this by clicking on the item.

Once you have clicked on it, you should see a window appear like the one above. Make sure you click "ok".


When you click "ok", its not going to purchase the item. Instead, it will bring to to another window that will let you haggle if you want to. Haggling is when you are offering less neopoints then the amount that they want. 99% of the time they will agree to a lower price, but only if you don't bring it down too far.

The original price for a Raspberry Jelly Pop is 676NP, but I'm going to offer him 600NP for it instead.

search the shop wizard

Yay! I got the item I wanted! Now I have to sell it. Go to the Shop Wizard and search your item. Make sure before you click the search button you change it from "containing my phrase" to "identical to my phrase". If you don't change it, the Shop Wizard might search another item instead of the one you wanted it to search.

sell for profit

I've searched my item in the Shop Wizard, and I would sell the item for about 300NP since that is around the average price for it. In this example I lose money, but in most other cases you make a profit.

So now that you know how to buy, haggle and sell.. Why not start NOW? Good luck :)


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Sniping is basically buying an item that someone has mispriced (which I have accidently done several times). It is based ALOT of pure luck, but if you do manage to buy an underpriced item it results in a huge profit. There is no guarantee that you will find a good item to snipe though because there are hundreds of other players on Shop Wizard trying to do the same thing too so make sure if you find a good item to buy, buy it as fast as you can.

find an item you want to search:

Before you sniping, you have to figure out what item you want to look up, right? Here are a few items that you could try searching since they are often mispriced:
Bottled Faeries
Map Pieces

If your going to search a group of something, eg. codestones then type "codestone" in the search box, and make sure below it says "containing my phrase". OR if yo are wanting to search something specific eg, Main Codestone then type "Main Codestone" in the search box andd make sure below it says "identical to my phrase".

Below is an example of a mispriced item:

If you get outstanding cheap items, then press F5 to refresh the page again, but you get something similiar to the picture above race in and buy it! The item above should get you 3000NP profit, just from one item.

When you enter the shop, the item you looked up should be right at the top, above all the items there. If you click it a window will appear. It's just double checking that you want to buy the item. Once you click "ok" it should just return back to the shop. YOU BOUGHT THE ITEM BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE!

If the item isn't at the top and instead there is writing that says, "item not found" this means that someone else beat you to the item and bought it before you could. But don't worry if this happens to you, just go back to the Shop Wizard and keep re-freshing the page until something happens.

stock market

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Buy low, sell high. It sounds so easy, doesn't it? Well thats because it is very easy once you get the hang on it. The Stock Market can be a bit confusing for those who don't understand how it works or what it is. Here, I will teach you what the Stock Market is & how to make a huge profit from it.

The Stock Market is a place where you can go to buy shares of parts of Neopian Companies. What you want to do is to buy shares when they are selling at a very low price, this would be from 15NP - 17NP per share price range. Unfortunately, you can't buy shares any lower then 15NP but that doesn't mean that you can't make huge profits.

Remember: NEVER sell at a loss.

the meanings

Are you have trouble understanding what all the names/slogans/titles and so and what they all mean? Here is where you can find the answers!

A percentage of how much its gone up/down during the day
The name of the place you can buy shares from
What the current cost is
Picture of the company
What the cost was when the day started (12:00 NST)
Abbreviation for the companies name
Shows the number of shares bought in that day

% change
current price
mkt value
A percentage of how much its gone up/down since you bought it
How many neopoints the price has gone up/down by
How many neopoints the company is currently worth
Picture of the company
How many neopoints you would get if you sold your shares
What the cost was when the day started (12:00 NST)
How many neopoints you have invested into that company
How many shares you have bought in the company
Abbreviation of the companies name

step one: buying

Firstly, you need to figure out what company your going to buy shares from. I would recommend going here when deciding where your going to buy from. You should see another window appear. This is called "Bargain Stocks". The helpful thing about going to Bargain Stocks is that it lists the companies in ascending order of the price they are selling at. Scroll down the list until you find a stock that is currently selling at 15NP per share. If there are multiple companies selling at 15NP, just chose one of them. It really doesn't matter which one you choose. If there are none selling at 15NP then you can either buy one thats selling at 16NP or 17NP (nothing higher) or you can wait until the next day to see if any are selling for 15NP.

Once you have chosen which company you are going to buy from, click on the abbreviation for the companies name. (For eg, if I wanted to buy shares from Breadmaster Bakeries I would click on 'BB'). Once you click on it, it will bring you to the "Company Profile". It lists some information about the company & who it's competitors are. You can read about these if you like, but none of it really matters. After you have taken a look around, click on the Companies name (eg, so I would click on Breadmaster Bakeries).

You should now see a box just like the one below

The maximum amount of shares you can buy each day is 1000, so type in "1000" beside "Number of Shares" just like the picture above. If your buying shares that cost 15NP, this will cost you 15, 000NP (16NP per share = 16, 000NP, ect). It might seem like a lot of first, but don't worry about it because if you do everything right you can double or triple your neopoints! Once you click "buy shares" it should take you to your portfolio. Your portfolio keeps track of all the shares that you own. This is very helpful when you are wanting to sell your shares.

step two: waiting

Using the Stock Market to make neopoints is very helpful if you don't have much time to spend on Neopets or you just want to make some extra NP on the side. The prices for stocks change everyday, but move very slowly. It can take months and months for it to reach a decent profit but don't worry because EVERY single stock will rise eventually. What some people do, is they freak out that they won't get there neopoints back so they decide to sell so they won't lose anymore. This is a very BAD thing to do. You must never sell at a loss because the prices will rise even though you might think they won't, THEY WILL.

step three: selling

Wait until the overall change reaches to 100% or higher and your ready to sell! If you don't want to sell yet and wait until they go even higher, thats fine to. Stocks can reach to 300%, so sometimes waiting might not be a bad idea, if your willing to wait longer.

See the grey triangle beside the companies logo icon? Click it, and that should bring down another box. This is wanting to know exactly how many shares you want to sell. Some people sell all of it in one go and other people sell a little bit and wait to see if the price will go up even higher. It is a personal decision on how many shares you sell. Type in how many you want to sell underneath "sell" and then click "sell shares" at the bottom of the page. It should then bring you to this page telling you about your transactions and how many neopoints you now have.

Am I missing something?

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Do you think I am missing something from this page? Would you like to know more about a topic or would you like me to create a new one? Maybe there is a mistake somewhere? Let me know by sending me a neomail!

It is really appreciated if you want to help make this page even better for YOU :).

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