Dungeon Dash

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I have been browsing the Neoboards and boy! Has there been a lot of questions on the new game called Dungeon Dash. Click the picture above to visit it. So if you'll take your time to read this guide, maybe I can help you out a bit. Also, to search the entire page do CTRL + F and type in a keyword.


Q: If I score 5,000 points will I still get my bonus prize?
A: No, Daily Dare is over.

Q: The three heads in the bottom right corner of my screen, what are those?
A: Those are your lives. You get three lives that help you live from falling blocks, ice cream, skeiths, etc. You get one life for being caught.


April 6th 11:52 - I finally achieved the trophy, after staying up until 3 in the morning :P

April 4th - Game back up! NOTE: Abigails scores only 800 points per level now. AAA is now the only character who can score 5,000 points.

April 1st - Game taken down

March 31st 2008 - I fixed a few minor spelling/grammer errors thanks to people who told me. (Neomail me if you see more)

March 30th 2008 - Guide now added level walk-through for level 5, thanks to gomugomunoono.

March 30th 2008 - Guide has been made!


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Daily Dare is over, so, scoring 5,000 points no longer gives a prize.

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In the picture above, I'm clicking my shovel early so I can make it through the block faster.

In the picture above I am switching from bubble to spring to jump over a tall tree.

In the picture above I'm using my shield to defend from ice cream scoops, but once I've done that I must go right back into a bubble to move faster through the icre cream piles.

In the picture above the wocky is about to catch me, when you see the wocky on your screen it is very hard to escape.

In the picture above I was going passed a pile of mud when a tree came. So right there I'd have to switch from bubble to spring.

The image above shows a situation where you could be in between three fallen blocks that you have to break through. Just rapidly click with your shovel so you can smash right through them.

In the image above you can see me and two tall blocks. You can use a regular jump to make it over.

The image above shows the final level, where I'm jumping across a break in the ground. Remember to watch out for neopets.


Dead Game
This really isn't a glitch, but it is a problem people have been having with the game. They accept the challenge, but they can't find the game link.

Check, make sure you competed in every other daily dare game. If you did, then there might actually be a glitch. If this happens, try clicking the image at the very top of this page.

Level 4 Multiple
In this glitch players have problems getting to level 5, they continuosly walk through level 4, without stop.

This may be because you are a mac user. The only solution probably would be to use a computer that isn't mac.

This glitch seems a little rare, but a few people have had it. This happens when it says you are caught when you had three lives left and the wocky didn't catch you.

Right now there are no solutions, the only thing I would suggest is exiting your game and trying again.

This is VERY rare, but in this glitch you jump and you get stuck in the air where you are vulnerable.

There is no solution. Just restart and make your way through the levels again.

Trophy Info

NEW: This game IS a special six trophy again.

The trophy is once again awarded to all 100 people on the highscores table. Don't know what this means? Read below.

Special Six Trophies:
Special Six Trophies are trophies in which if one player has a score of 1,675 in the trophy slot, and another player got the same score, but he wasn't in the trophy slot. The other player would still get the trophy. Examples of special five trophies are Faerie Caves II, Chia Bomber II, Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway, Ruins Rampage, and Grand Theft Ummagine.

Top 17 Trophies:
These trophies are the opposite. If someone score 1,500 in a game and is in the trophy slot. Then another player scores the same but is not in the trophy slot. The first person will get the trophy but the second will not.

Understand now? Well you still could have a chance at getting this cool looking trophy!

For more information on Special six trophies and top 17, click


Your goals in this game are fairly simple to understand. Escape the dungeon without being caught by the wocky. You can hear about how abigail and AAA got in that situation by clicking here. Let me start you off with the basics.


Alright, technically your first control is picking your character. People have said Abigail would be a little bit easier, as AAA will give you better rewards. This is because AAA has bad jumps and when on the Turmac roll part of the game, AAA can't walk up the hills without jumping. also, AAA scores more points than Abigail per level, so this means only AAA can score 5,000 points. Abigail only score 800 or so per level.

Once you are in the game you don't have to do anything, until you pick up a shovel.

When you have done this, you are now able to use it to smash through things, but I'll explain that later.

You can either use your mouse and click on the shovel to activate it or, you can use the keys ' x, c, v, b, and n'. Some people find it easier using the mouse, I personally do. This is because you don't have to use the arrow keys to move, you automatically move, so that is an extra free hand. So put one hand on the mouse and one on the spacebar (To jump with) and you are all set to go!
X = Shovel, C = bubble, V = Spring, B = Helmet, N = Shield.


There are five pieces of equipment in the game, all used for their own little things. The pieces are: Shovel, Bubble, Spring, Helmet, and sheild. I'll explain their effects below.

The Shovel: The shovel can be used for two things. First off, you are definitely going to need it when running through the snowmuncher area. A good stratedgy would be to start clicking the shovel when you are a few steps ahead of the place you need to break down. The other thing the shovel can be used for is the destruct-o-match part. It can break through the blocks. This is NOT recommended, as it will take more time and you will get caught.

The Bubble: You will find this in the snowmuncher area as well between 600 and 900 points. It can be used throughout a lot of this game and can be very helpful. Right when you start the Turmac Roll part start clicking the bubble over and over, jumping over trees and hills when you have to. I find this making it a lot easier to get farther ahead of the wocky. The real main purpose for it though wasn't to make you go faster, but help you get passed mud piles (Turmac Roll) and ice cream piles (Ice Cream Machine)

The Spring: The spring will be found at the very beginning of the Turmac Roll level. The spring will have to be used MANY times in the game. First of all, in Turmac roll, when you come to a hill or tree stump you can get over by jumping regularly, use your spring. Once you do that go right back to your bubble. When you come to the destruct-o-match level you have to use the spring to jump over the three block tall cliffs. You can regularly jump the two block tall ones. Do the same idea on the Ice cream machine level, there will be tall three or four block cliffs, so be aware.

The Helmet: The next two items are basically protection items. You use them to protect against Falling blocks or flying ice cream cones. Though, they are different in ways. The helmet is the one used for falling blocks, since you don't get the shield until after you pass the falling blocks. In the Ice cream Machine part it is a bit more complex. The helmet blocks things that are going for your head while the shield blocks things going for your body, so watch out.

The Shield: As I said before, it is used to block ice cream scoops from hitting your body. You usually get this at the very end of destruct-o-match or at the very beginning of ice cream machine.

Levels + Points

Scoring points is really easy in this game all you have to do is move foward and your points will go up rapidly. Each level ends at a certain point, look below.

Level one (Snowmuncher) 0 - 1,000 points
Level two (Turmac Roll) 1,001 - 2,000 points
Level three (Destruct-o-Match) 2,001 - 3,000 points
Level four (Ice Cream Machine) 3,001 - 4,000 points
Level five (Stowaway Sting) 4,001 - 5,000 points

As you may notice each level is 1,000 points long. So each level you complete is 1,000 points added into your score. The table above shows AAA's score per level though. Abigail's is different:

Level one (Snowmuncher) 0 - 800 points
Level two (Turmac Roll) 801 - 1600 points
Level three (Destruct-o-Match) 1601 - 2400 points
Level four (Ice Cream Machine) 2401 - 3200 points
Level five (Stowaway Sting) 3201 - 4000 points

As you can see you can't score 5,000 points with Abigail. This is because she is very fast and can navigate through the levels easily.

Level Walk-throughs

Here I'll show you the basic tips for what you need to do for each level and what equipment you should use. I'll also state the level difficulty.

Level 1 (Easy Peasy)
Level one is of course snowmuncher. First off, you are going to need to pick up the shovel.
1. Pick up the shovel
2. Jump up blocks that you can jump up.
3.Use your shovel to break through the blocks
That's all the basic things you really need to know about level one.

Level two (Easy)
Right when you start level two get in a bubble and start rolling.
1. Continuously press the bubble.
2. Grab the Spring
3. Jump upon high trees when needed with your spring.
Those are the basics for level two.

Level Three (Medium)
When you finish level two keep rolling in your bubble until you find a big cliff.
1. When reaching a high cliff, use your spring to jump it.
2. Grab the helmet somewhere in the middle of the level.
3. Watch out for falling blocks, quickly use your helmet when you see these.
you may even find the shield on this level, but a lot of the time it is at the beginning of level four. Note: Sometimes you might not be able to get the helmet because it is behind a large cliff, so I suggest knocking down the cliff with your shovel to get the helmet.

Level Four (Hard)
When you start level four the wocky is usually close behind, so keep up your speed!
1. Pick up the shield if you haven't already.
2. Use the shield and helmet when needed (explained in equipment section)
3. Use the bubble when going across ice cream piles
4. Jump the high cliffs with your spring.

Level Five (Very Hard)
In level five their are many thugs and everything to watch out for.
1. Avoid Kougras and skeiths, helmet for kougras and shield for skeiths.
2. Avoid the hole in the ground as well, use bubble to get passed (may be able to jump it)
3.Finally, don't fall on to the spikes, use the bubble to pass this as well.
Well if you can do all that then you should now have a score of: 5000, congratulations!
Special Thanks to gomugomunoono who gave me this mini walk-through.

For better, more detailed walk-throughs, click here.


Hey there folks, I've gotten a lot of feedback, so I thought I'd share it with all of you. I blocked the names for saftey reason, so don't neomail me asking why. A few might be a bit hard to read, as they were too big to fit.

Started: I started posting fanmail on April 5th, 2008

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