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Hi! my name is Amy and I welcome you to my customization gallery! I adore customizing, Customizing IS my drawing. Although, it is costly I don't care! My pets are totally worth it! My lovely's deserve the absolute best there is!

When I do my customizations I usually have an idea or a basic picture in my head of what feel I want my custom to have. Each customization I do on a pet takes me just about an entire day just to complete it, sometimes two days because I am so particular on how I want my custom and pet to look. Sometimes I will even complete a custom, look at it and then decide nope I don't like it and then start over from scratch. When I pick the items I do not pick them based on popularity, I have a certain feel that I want my custom to have. I want all the items to flow well together and look like they BELONG together, but it is not all about just the items flowing well together for me. I also aim to bring out the beauty of my pet, inside beauty and out.

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