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Species: Skeith
Type: Striped
Representative age: ~27y
Birthday: 1th June
Gender: Female
Occupation: Adventurer / Carrier
Grimwags Statistics
Caretaker: AJ
Resident: Uzag

Introduction [Top]
It was a clear, sunny spring day. A few clouds softly floated by in the sky, creating shade in the forest below. It all was very peaceful.
Suddenly, a violent gust of wind stirred the leaves and caused the twigs to splinter. A flock of beekadoodles swiftly took to the air in a fright.
The cause of this fluster was Grimwag, a fairly large skeith who ruthlessly made her way through the air with heavy beats of her wings. She had always enjoyed doing more or less daring tricks in the air, pushing her flying abilities to their limit. But today she was in a hurry and did not have time for games; well, at least not time-consuming ones. Thus she now tried to fly as low as she could without hitting any trees of the woodland beneath her. She was doing well so far but her wings constantly touched the treetops and her flight left a trail of shattered leaves behind.

The skeith soon reached her destination without any accidents. The town she flew above was small. In the town marketplace, she was due to meet up with someone she knew. Grimwag quietly circled above the market for a while, looking for a clear spot to land in. The area was really crowded and she soon decided that she would instead swoop down, doing the most graceful landing she could muster. Yes, it was a perfect opportunity for her to show off!
The next moment, to the citizens' surprise, the large skeith crashed into the square's fountain. A large amount of water flooded onto those who were standing close by. One of these unlucky pets was a young acara who had been playing in the fountain's water, floating a little toy boat. The child was now completely soaked, but this was her least concern as she was busy staring at the thing that had crashed before her.
Skeiths probably look intimidating to most young acaras. Grimwag, on the other hand, did not only look like an intimidating skeith but a intimidating, tattered, thug-like skeith; many of her teeth was missing and her skin was covered with all sorts of small scars and a part of her right ear was missing. The skeith's eyes were also covered with a tick pair of flying goggles, which concealed her astonished look beneath.
Oops, sorry lill' un!" the skeith loudly said with a rasping voice. She then flashed a wide, hideous grin and patted the young acara on the head. The little acara began to cry and then fled from the frightening skeith as fast as she could. She took cover and vanished into the nearby crowd of neopets. Many of them gave Grimwag scolding stares.
Hey, sorry!" the female skeith shouted, still with a grin on her face.
Grimwag felt rather dizzy due to the rough landing but forcefully rolled out of the fountain with a light-hearted moan. She lay still on the cobbled ground just for a few seconds before she decided to rise to her feet. Grimwag turned about, noticing that there wasn't very much water left in the fountain. A few neopets was still staring at Grimwag while others blatantly did their best to ignore the awkward skeith.
Oh, dat lill' un' forgot her toy!" she blurted to none but herself as she saw how the small bark boat was bobbing around in the fountain's shallow water.
Oi, wait up!" Grimwag shouted and waved with her hand. She caught the attention from another group of nearby pets, but no little acaras. Grimwag realized that quite some time had already past since her landing and that the acara was likely far away by now.
Oh well..." Grimwag mumbled and pondered while scratching her chin. She did her best to carefully pluck the toy boat from the water, thoughtfully inspecting it.

A shady skunk skeith had silently watched Grimwag since her arrival. He had a large helmet pushed far down over his face, so that his eyes were hard to distinguish. He was rather short for a skeith and had a very sleek body. With an elegant steps he strode towards Grimwag. The difference between them was more then noticeable.
I see that you have made another...marvellous...arrival, Grimwag", the newcomer calmly said with a faint smile.
By all means, Dorukk!" Grimwag shouted in the other skeiths face and in brutal, yet friendly way, cuffed him on the back. Dorukk coughed because of the sudden blow, but managed to not lose his smile. He let out a sharp chuckle instead.
Oi, Dorukk!? Ou aven't seen like any tiny acaras around ere'? She forgot her toy!" Grimwag added quickly proffering the boat to Dorukk.
Who cares?" Dorukk shrugged, "If she forgot it then it's probably not of any importance to her anyways!
Grimwag thought for a time, quickly making up her mind.
No, I certainly think she want it back!" Grimwag coughed, "I thought that if I dun't find er', I could leave it ere' later...
Come on, throw away that pieces of junk!" Dorukk replied with annoyance, "This is exactly why we never go on expeditions together!
Oh," Grimwag mumbled. Dorukk sighed, and with an angry grunt, sat down on a dry space of the fountain's edge, crossing his arms.
Whatever. I'll give you an hour", Dorukk irritably stated. Grimwag immediately brightened.
Great, great, see ou' later then...", Grimwag smiled.
One hour! After that, I'll leave on my own", Dorukk clearly underlined.
Grimwag just nodded and consciously pushed her goggles onto her forehead.
One hour!" Dorukk repeated and shooed her away.
Yeah, yeah, take it easy!" Grimwag sluggishly said and then started to push through the crowd, still holding the tiny boat in one of her oversized hands.
Dorukk smirked as he watched Grimwag shove herself through the irritated mob. One could wonder how long it would take before she broke the toy. And it was a pity that he wouldn't get to see the kids reaction when or if Grimwag found her.
Dorukk yawned. How long would it take before Grimwag came back? He had already waited a few hours for her to arrive and he knew that one hour meant at least three by Grimwag's standards. If she didn't find anything interesting that would interrupt her on her way, that is...
Dorukk began to calculate this and sprung to his feet suddenly, hurrying after Grimwag. He had just realized that the odds they would get on their way today was very slim and he certainly wouldn't sit and waste the rest of his day because of some child's toy!

Personality [Top]
Grimwag is a very wild and happy-go-lucky skeith, who always is on the look for new adventures. "Doing nothing" will make her utterly anxious and jumpy, but she still know how to chill out if it's just for a short while. Grimwag is very daring, has few fears and rarely care to think twice before throwing herself into new situations, something that can be seen as either great courage or plain stupidity.
Grimwag is a really badly behaved as well, without the slightest sense of etiquette! Thus, she may be the last person ones should bring to a restaurant... Nevertheless, those who don't care about such formalities may just find her careless personality amusing. But it should also be mentioned that her little care for details may sometimes be seen as very rough.
However, Grimwag is after all very caring about others and always does her best to encourage and cheer anyone up. Grimwag isn't remarkably clever thought, and she often misunderstands other neopets and that may lead to very confused situations. Grimwag also seam to lack the ability to judge when it's time to get serious, which can get utterly frustrating to others as well as making already tense situations worse.
Grimwag also love to tell stories about her adventures, but her tales always come out slightly differently every time, and few will ever get to know what really happened...
When it comes to items, Grimwag very meddlesome. She would never theft anything (but breaking stuff by mistake is another story), but tend to always find rather odd things in strange places. Grimwag often bring home such "treasures", like codestones and map-pieces (but if she finds a single NP on the street, that's treasure too! Or some old mouldy shoe, for that matter...).
Grimwag doesn't have any real job but tend to get around anyways. Though, at times she does carrier missions to earn some extra cash. Grimwag is known as "The Pigeon" within this business and is often especially requested; she may not get the job done fast or smoothly but ones can always rely on that she will get it done, no matter how hard or dangerous the task may seam to be.
Grimwag is still almost always on the move, looking for adventures and other thrills. However, she uses a certain neohome at Terror Mountainas as a kind of base, which she regularly visits.
(But shall be mentioned that Grimwag... isn't much of a decorator... so her room look kind of... um... well...).

History [Top]
Grimwags history is a slightly rough one and is one of the few stories Grimwag dreads to tell. Whenever someone ask her about her past, Grimwag always try to joke it away or pull a tall story. Most are satisfied with such reply due to Grimwags cheerful personality, and few are able to guess that Grimwags past is of a bit gloomy kind.

Grimwag was born in an every-day home at an every-day place in Neopia. However, she wasn't very lucky with her parents; they never showed the slightest of affection towards their daughter. In fact, they despised their child; she was just an annoying disturbance in their average life, and was mostly left on her own to take care of herself.
Being a mere kid, Grimwag did not understand that this was not a proper way to treat a child until she got fairly old, and in silence Grimwag grew the dream of leaving home and her current life behind.
As Grimwag learnt to fly, she one day quietly sneaked out of the house. Intensely determined to be free, Grimwag took to the air. She flew up trough the clouds and then just went forward with no particular destination in mind.
But being a young skeith on the run isn't very easy. Grimwag had little knowledge on how to survive on her own and at the same time she lived under stress due to fear of being found and brought back home. Grimwag walked and flew from town to town, spending most of her time awake at night or hiding behind trashcans. Luckily, one thing was on her side; as she was a skeith, she had been born with an iron-stomach and the ability to feed on pretty much anything, thus old cans and fishbones became her daily food. In time she even learned to like this rather gross diet and still favour it to this day!
Grimwag did her best to keep her spirit up thought, and even rainy, cold days where she shivering lay curled up in some old box all alone, she still managed to keep her mood up. This was at least better then what she had fled from!
As Grimwag grew older, she slowly learned to take good care of herself and soon she no longer had to bother about being found by her parents. Slowly she turned her rather miserable life into something more enjoyable.

Collection [Top]
On her adventures, Grimwag gets her hands on all sort of "treasures", or junk as most neopets would put it, that she bring home to store. Grimwag just love to show off all the stuff she has gathered, and of course, every item comes with it's own action-packed story about how she obtained it!

Appearance [Top]
Grimwag has an all-over rather torn and tattered look due to her way of living, but it has also given her a quite sturdy and strong body. She is covered with scars, small cuts and scratches (and plasters) of various kinds as she tends to hurt herself in all sorts of ways (which can be anything from slipping with a can-opener to attempts to fight villains). The only well-noticeable permanent damages Grimwag got is a bite-mark in her left ear and a bunch of missing teeth, including her right tusk.
Grimwags clothes (which is just a purple scarf with yellow ends and a couple of black gloves without fingers) are well worn but whole, in difference to her flying-goggles on which the left glass is broken. Grimwag also generally carries an old brown bag that she either pull around or have hanging across her chest. The bag is stuffed with all sorts of things, but rarely anything of use.
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Family, Friends and Foe [Top]
As Grimwag almost always in on her move, she rarely befriend anyone. She has no known siblings and has not heard from her parents since the day she left
her home.
Dorukk is like a brother to Grimwag. The two have very little in common, except that they both are thrill-seekers. But they still enjoy hanging out together or tease each other for fun.
Zibius is a very peculiar little skeith... But Grimwag thinks that Zibius all right and does her best to look after Zibius, feeling bit bad for the lonely skeith. Zibius put her full trust in Grimwag and consider her to be her best friend.
Nirax is an very old and modest skeith who possess a great knowledge. If Grimwag ever gets into trouble that she can not solve and that requires some cleverness, Nirax is the one she'll turn to for advices.
Borzuka is a big brute with a horrible temper who often pick on Grimwag for no apparent reason... Grimwag generally does her best to avoid confrontations with Borzuka.
Zathil have a taste for order and put high value in good manners and appropriate behaviour. Naturally he despises Grimwag and continuously let her know his opinion about her. Not that Grimwag care what he thinks, but she greatly dislike Zathil due to his cruel and dry personality.
Pakwai is a drackonack that Grimwag cares for. Or rather, Pakwai prefer to take care of herself, but she knows that Grimwag is the one to go to if she wants to get spoiled. Grimwag is also the only neopet that Pakwai won't try to bite if they attempt to pet her. Pakwai is a pretty fierce and lazy petpet as well, and she rather stay at home and sleep on the couch then following Grimwag on adventures.
Thingy is a little moffit who sometimes can be seen around Pakwai, and Grimwag just call the tiny petpetpet "da jumpy-thingy". Thingy is a bit hyper, and is often up for various mischief. Pakwai mostly just ignores Thingy, but sometimes the lazy drackonack pounces the moffit for fun. However, Thingy isn't easily caught as she has the ability to jump both far and high! Thingy secretly joins Grimwag on her journeys from time to time, by jumping into Grimwags bag. Grimwag rarely discovers this until it's too late to return home, to Thingys big joy.

Autobiography [Top]
So, I was asked to come here and... uh, yeah, ere' I am!
But to be honest... I think dis page is a little bit creepy cause' it's filled with, eh, me.
But very well, betta' a page full of me then me being full of myself, hehe.
Anyways, I'm Grimwag! Nice to meet ou'.
My hobby is to explore things. I'm an adventurer if you want... Ou' see, I get bored terribly easily! Others say I'm too daring and do dangerous things but... I think dat's fine as long as none but possibly me get hurt, rite?
Flying sure is the best way to travel and being born with wings, I find myself sooo privileged. An'... I don't want to brag but I'm pretty good at it too! Though I still crash a lill' bit ere' and dere, but I say that if you dun't try to new things you can't learn anything new either. It's pretty windy up there too, but me' trusty goggles and scarf never let me down!
I find lots of funky things at all my travels... so I kind of collect knick-knacks. Hoard if you want... Some say it's trash but I dun' care, I like my collection.
Let's see... oh, my pals! I meet many funky creatures, but only a few I know well... since I don't stay long at most places. Uh, lets see...

First we ave' Dorukk,! He's a bit too fancy n' smart for me but I like him anyways... he's a bit like a lill' brother really, hehe. Dorukk get into trouble a lot and even thought it's

almost always his own fault, I'm doin' my best to elp' im' out. I just hope he will learn some day. For both our sake!

We also have lill' Zibius... she's actually a good skeith but many don't agree... she's just a bit special and really mean no harm. She hangs after me as often as she can, dat can get bit annoying but I dun't mind most of the time, I like her very

much. I often try to cheer Zibius up... she's bit anxious and worries wai too much!
Oh, then there's that grumpy one too, uh-huh, Borzuka! Not very nice, I tell yaa'. Still alright I guess. But she sure is grouchy and I dunno why, but she keeps picking on me! As if I've done er' any harm? But... dats
llife I suppose... I'll just try stay out of er' face and hope for the best. Besides, I'm pretty certain she wouldn't truly try to harm me. She has even elped' me out of really deep trouble. I think she is good deep within but she like just dun't want to admit it or sumethink.
Uh... yeah. I think our lill' chat is over now I'm afraid... see, I'm getting pretty jumpy already, being still for this long just ain't my thing. But ey', feel free to come back sume other day!

Grimwag: Hehe, lookit, it's a lill' squishy mini-me!
Pretty sweet, dun't ou' agree?

Art [Top]
Here's some pictures of Grimwag! The artists have their name and a link to their main-account under their art, and thouse without such have been made by me.FAQs about my art can be found here.
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