Name: Happalotbaby_
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birth day: 11-26
Owner: kiri_the_kid
Creater: The Moon Fearie
Sibling: None
Best friend: Hunter
Petpet: Peckey
Love: Okanie
Kids: Oh please NO! I'm only 16


*The Sun
*The Huge Willow Tree
*My willow moon flower
*The Moon!


*Art theaves
*Being alone
*My curse!!


My Fur is Nave blue and my chest and part of my face is and dark baby blue. Both my eyes are half dark green on the bottom and dark blue on top. My hair and my tail are made out of the softes grass in all of Neopia. My hoovs and my horns are dark gray. My noins and the inner part of my ears are dark baby blue.
I have a cresent moon under my right eye and a star in the middle of my forhead. I have one star on each sholder and one star on each side of my neck and a medem size star in the middle of my back. I have cresent moons on both sides of my hips with a star next to each one. The fur on the end of all four of my hoovs, have grass desings on them. Well thats me^^



Hello.....I don't know why you came here.....but....I'm glade you did......

My Story

Happa's Childhood....
Happalot was born in Meridell. She Opend her eyes for the first time, but she did not see her Mother or Father. Insted She saw a Strang looking Fearie. She was Pritty and had a Cresent under her right eye. Happalot Sniffed the Fearie with her tiny snout. The Fearie Smiled and Pick her up, rapping Happalot in a small blue blanket with yellow stars on it and the name Happa stiched on it. Happalot was just a Navy blue Ixi with grass hair and grass for a tail. Her and the Fearie then moved to an Endless forest hidden in Meridell.

As Happalot got a little older, she would stare at the Fearie's Necklace often. It was a light blue ribon necklace with a big cresent moon charm and a little star next to it. Happalot Was starting to feel lonly and wanted to play with the other Ixi's she saw that had done a dare to go into the forest.

One day she snuck away from the Fearie's site and went to Maridell. There she said so many Ixis and other Neopets. Happalot then saw some Ixis playing tag, she waked over to them to say hi. One Ixi was running right to her. He was coming so fast, she dident know how to reaced she just closed her eye's hopeing her would stop. The Ixi kep running, Happalot opend her eyes to see if he was still running. At that Igzecked moment the Ixi ran right through her. Happalot was shocked of what just happed. She started to wunder if she was dead this hole time or she was just dreaming.

Happalot Ran back into the Forest, back to the Fearie that had been raising her. "Em I Dead!?" Happalot Shouted to the Fearie as She panted catching her breth. The Fearie just smiled at her. "You are not dead.....You are just Immortle." The Fearie said with a smile. "Im....Mortle...? I don't want to be Immortle if I can't play with other Ixis!" Happalot said with a sad face. "If you want to be Normal fine" The fearie said taking off her Necklace. "But I leave you my Necklace..." She said Placing it around Happalot's neck. The Fearie faded away with thease words. "You will be normal, but you can never show your self in the full moon's light ever agen. If you do, You shall have an Early deth...

My Family
LOVE'S to draw, she draws almoast every day. Oh and did I mention she Love's Cookies? Oh yes If you want to be friends with her, You mite aswell give her a Cookie First^^

Rajah......He was also found by our loving This is my Love Okanie. He is very kind and sweet. He waches over me during the night and during the day, the most funist Ixi to be around with. Because of him I don't feel loney any more, and I know now what the meaning of Love tuely is. So Thank you Okanie.....

Fan Art

Oh thank you Bluecat108 *hugs*

Tank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Hayley90!!! *Realy big hugs* -^.^-

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1.DO NOT clams as yours.
2. No using in the bc or any place els.
3.DO NOT take out link.
4.Tell me if you want a petpet with your Ixi or not.
5.Dont alter or take out my Name.
6.Have FUN!.
7.Neomail me saying Star Ixi if you read all of this.

Mini's of Me