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Hatsushimo's Page | Makeables | Adoptables

Uhm... err... hello?
M-m-my name is Hatsushimo. And th-this is Bansou.

Uhm... yes. That's it.

[About] [Description] [Stats] [Story] [Family] [Likes / Dislikes]
[Adopt] [Toybox] [Customs] [Link back]


Name: Hatsushimo
Meaning: First frost of the year (Japanese)
Nicknames: Shimo, Frostbite
Home: Mystery Island
Birthday: October 8th 2004
Specie: Bori
Color: Ice / Ghost
Gender: Male
Magic: Ice, Spectral

NC=NbormW6Sl--DCice/ghosmgErAp/aT^Lev[2]N[2]B--Mice;;[left wrist]G[none]


When found
Pelt: Ice blue
Shell: Dark grey
Eyes: Red
Claws: Dark grey
Markings: White top of muzzle, top of head, ears, back of neck and tip of tail (hairy part is ice blue). Front of all legs is white. Blue scar on left wrist.


Description of young and older me to come.


Age: h
Lvl: 11
Int: 43
Str: 20
Mov: 22
Def: 20
HP: 54/22


I don't remember much
everything is confused and smudged and white.
And cold.
Even for a bori.

Lost. Alone. Dying.
In a place so vast the sky would touch the land.
Sadness, pain and dispair.

that wonderful music.



Kushruneid is kind of my adoptive mother. I know she isn't my real mom, but I can't really remember who my mother is. Or my father. Or any of my relatives.
All I remember is that one day, after the 'big blank', I woke up at her place. I was feeling dizzy and sick, and my left wrist was hurting really bad. I saw a bandage around it, and I heard her telling me I should rest.
The next time I woke up, I was feeling way better. And I was really hungry. She had left some food near the huge pillow I was on; I devoured it. I can't even tell you what it was; I just gulped it down.
Since I was alone there, I went around to explore the cave. It's all made of ice, you know, with many pillars, but it doesn't feel cold at all for your paws. It shines a lot, too. I even licked it, just to know. It tasted like snow. I was walking around, looking at the glittering ice, when I bumped into Kushruneid.
- Hello, sleepy head! she smiled at me, but her fangs are kind of scary.
- Hum... h-hi?
- You don't have to be afraid of me, Hatsushimo.
- H-How do you know my name... M'mam?
- Oh, I know many things, little one... then, she smiled in a strange way. By the way, my name's Kushruneid.
So I stayed with her since that time. She's really nice, even if some people think she weird or dangerous. I mean, yes, if you enter her cave without invitation, she'll turn you into a turkey. Or a frozen turkey. But that's not mean, no. She's a sorceress, and she's teaching me some magic. He frowns, sticks his tongue out, trying to concentrate, then waves his front paw in front of you. A poof of glittering grey smoke appears. Shimo smiles, looking very happy of himself. See? I know it's not that much, but i'll learn more and I'll become a powerful sorcerer!


Eeeep! He runs away and hides
You see him coming out, watching over his shoulder. He clears his throat. Sokaris is a nice lupe. Really. It's... It's... he hesitates, looks around, then deciding he can trust you, he lowers his voice : ... the other one. You don't want to meet him, oh no! He's evil.



Bansou (Ban-soh) is my pirate gallion. He looks down on his left, where the pirate gallion seems to have appeared; you could have swear it wasn't there 2 seconds earlier.
His name means 'late frost', but also 'to accompany another somewhere'.
Kushruneid gave it too me not too long after I recovered. Well, she let me have it. You see, I found it in the cave while wandering about. Actually, he bit me because I stepped on his tail... you can't imagine how many things and creatures you could find in there... And hum, yes, he looked as surprised as I was, we were both starring at each other, when he jumped onto my head! That was weird... And then, he fell off because, you know, my head isn't flat enough for a gallion to just lay there. Since that time, he just sticked with me.

Likes / Dislikes

Kushruneid and Bansou and Sokaris / ... Sokaris's yellow eyes
Ice / Firey stuff
Sweet food / nothing, I like all foods
Glowsticks / Wood sticks (boooring!)
Blue / Kaki
Reading and learning / Having to go to Sokaris's to get a book and see him
Playing in the snow / Swimming


Please, always link back and dont claim them or use in them your pictures or a contest. These are not makeables, you cannot modify them.

Moved! Go to the 4th box : Adoptables



Done using makeables:
I am NOT emo.

Made by others, Thanks!

Lost images :
From Raonio
From Troggy7

Fan Art


Link Back


I now have a patch! Take the first one for light backgrounds, or the second one for dark backgrounds.

Patch, light

Patch, dark

Makeables | Adoptables | Up

Counter from boingdragon.com


Makeables are on hiatus!

I removed my loooong rant about stolen art.
Please don't make me put it up again and make this page go poof.

[Rules] [Requested Templates] [Trophies] [Link back]
[Finished Makeables] [About Makeables] [Tutorial] [Ressources] [F.A.Q.]

[Aisha - Bori - Hissi - Lupe - Kougra -
Krawk - Peophin - Uni - Xweetok - Zaffara]
[Anthro] [SPB]
[Rainy - Mage]

They are becoming more and more popular!
Why? Quite simple : less work for the artist =3, everyone can get theirs, everyone can get the coloring style they prefer!

Remember to check the F.A.Q. if you have a question!


- Do not claim them as yours or enter them in any contest. Do not sell them for real or fake money/points.
- Do not remove or mask my signature (you can move it if it's in the way).
- Do not trace them.
- Link back! (see box bottom)

You can
- Alter (edit, modify) the lineart to best represent your pet.
- Just take them as they are (save them on your server, though).
- Flip the pictures.
- Copy-paste them on your pictures or layouts.
- Color some for friends/family/guildmembers.
- Use them outside of Neopets or for non-neopets characters.
- Show me how you colored them :)

Basicly, you can do almost anything with them, as long as you follow the 4 rules. That's quite simple, isn't it?

Note : You can use two or more linearts at the same time. For example, if your lupe have two tails and tusks, you can overlap the two existing bases. See the F.A.Q. to learn how.

Note 2 : I get this a lot. You can't sell them for real or fake money/point/gold/whatever, or use them as a payment or part of a trade.
The logic is: you can't sell what isn't yours, unless you have the consent of the owner. And you don't have it, so there, you cannot sell them.
If you actually want to sell my colored makeables, you truly have a problem, and wouldn't make a lot of money anyways. Explanation? People who can't draw good, sellable pictures usually can't color right. The result is horrible. People don't pay for horrible art (sometimes they take you in pity and buy one, but that's it). So don't do it.

Need Help?
Go to Ressources
Go to the F.A.Q.
Go to my Makeable Tutorial

Requested Templates to be Done
Too many requests pilling up! Requests are closed!!

Please be precise when requesting a template,
or it may not end up like what you wanted.
When requesting an anthro, please also suggest
an outfit and hair style, with ref if possible

Asking for shading of a certain template or different
clothes for anthros are not valid requests.





Cat-like, no earstalks

Cat-like with fluffy tail

Really Cat-like









Landing, winged


Big cat

Big cat : Lion and Lioness


With mane

With spikes



Two tailed

Short tailed

With tusks


Short hair

Floppy ears


Faerie winged

Puppy, sitting

Adult, sitting

Flying (darigan wings)

Flying (feather wings)


Two tailed mini

Desert mini




Feather wings





Remember, you can modify any makeable and mix and match different templates!

Female kougra

Male kougra

Female lupe

Male lupe

Female zaffara

Male zaffara

Female cybunny

Male cybunny

Female Xweetok
(It's a yukata, not a kimono, so shhh about the "plain-ness")

Male Xweetok

Female acara

Spare Parts Box

For Anthros

Eno-her-u, eno-ira-u, to ma-to-u per-fu k'sho.

Here you will find items to add on anthro adoptables. Most can be used for both gender, but you'll maybe have to modify them so they look ok. You can also add them on normal (quads) makeables. You can modify these items.

The light purple lines are only there as a guide to place the items. Erase them on you final version of the makeable.

Female : neck, right hand, left hand

Rainy and Mage

I'm not really sure about those. If I get positive feedback, I might turn them into multiple species.
Tiny pixel hands are not the easiest things to daw .__.
Feel free to add falling raindrops or delicious muffins.

Male Lupe

Female Kougra

I wanted to do something similar to Rainy, but a little more dynamic. I'll also maybe make this one a multiple specie base.

Female Kougra

Female Lupe

Images below this are NOT makeables.
Please don't use them as such.

I've got trophies! =3

Thank you Ashamingly !

Thank you Pluffygal !

Lost images
From Hiei_and_Koenma
From _Fluffy_Chic_
From Gelert_crazy_1
From hhgf

Colored In Makeables
When people send me link to the makeables they colored, or when I look around petpages, I often find really nicely colored ones! The coloring and the details make all the difference!
Here, I'll keep some of my favorites. Remember, don't take them if it's not your pet.

Cause what's the point in a makeable to make if it's never made 'cause not making a makeable makes no sence! "
-- kumobyou

Marduken---owned-by-tranquil_azul Sehgo---owned-by-_fluffy_chic_

About makeables
Those are basically outlines of a picture, that you can color yourself. Some are just outlines, some have the shading provided, others have more things on (like wings, clothing, etc.). The outline remains the property of the artist, but the colorist owns its coloring. It's like team work. This is why you have to keep my signature on, but you can add "colored by -username-" on too.

In response to those accusing me of stealing the concept / idea / name of "makeable
I honestly don't know who did the first one or thought to do so. However, makeables are not only on Neopets; you can find makeables all over the Internet and in books. People ("dolls"), animals, buildings, objects have been made into makeables. You could even consider coloring books as a collection of them. At a certain point, someone decided to make Neopets ones, people liked the idea and maked their owns. That's all. Just like the 50x50 px patches (for quilts), there was a time there wasn't even one on Neopets, but they did exist elsewhere on the Web. Someone made a Neopet patch one day and now they're everywhere.

Makeable" is a word that means "that can possibly be done". So it does indicate what we're talking about (I think "modifyable" would be clearer, but it sounds horrible. Anyways.). "Makeable" is a term almost everyone interested in adoptables on Neopets understands. It identifies and defines a concept, just like the word "patch" does. This is why I use the word "makeable" here. I use it so people understand what I'm talking about. If a new term was to be invented and replace it, well I would use that word. It's that simple.
I'd like to remind you all that you can never prove you were the first one to think of something. Maybe someone did before, but forgot / didn't like it / didn't care. You can only be the first one to claim it.
I have come across at least three persons who claimed they invented makeables ( / thought of it first / created the concept / made the first Neopets ones / started the trend / etc.). So who am I to thrust? I, again, honestly don't know. However, I do thank whoever introduced that idea into Neopets.

So, in short :
I do not claim I invented makeables. I do not deny anyone the right to claim they did. I do not go around and flame those who do. I do not give myself the obligation to believe everything everyone says.
I do thank whoever brought it to Neopets. I do thank everyone who put time and effort into creating makeables.

Step 1 : The idea
Have a rough idea of what you want to draw. You may change your mind while drawing, but it's always nice to have some sort of plan.
For this tutorial, I will draw the requested makeable template "Lupe with skeletal dragon wings". Since it's winged, I will draw that lupe in a flying pose.
Start with a specie and a pose, for example, a sitting lupe or standing kougra. If you need help with anatomy, look for animal pictures on Google or Corbis.

Step 2 : Sketching
I almost always begin with a sketch on paper, which I then scan. If you don't have a scanner, you can sketch directly with your graphic program.
I use Photoshop 7.0, but you can use any program you have, although I suggest using one with layers.
Don't worry if your sketch is not perfect, it's easier to edit it with your graphic program than to erase and draw it again.

Step 3 : Editing
Place your sketch on a layer and name it "sketch". Play around with the ContrastLuminosity tool until your drawing is clear enough for you to see the details.

Note: If you don't want to make your eyes to go mad and teary, create a layer named "bg" and fill it with a neutral color (I use pale cool brown).

On a new layer, trace over the sketch. Name the layer "lineart 1". Use a 1 pixel pencil of a contrasting color (I use purple). This is the first version of your lineart, so it'll still be rough. Only draw the basic body for now; leave the wings and other "extras" for later.

Copy "lineart 1" and name it "lineart 2". Refine your drawing and fix the little problems. For example, on my makeable, I fixed the size and position of the head and tail.

Continue copying your layers until you're happy with the result.
This method allows you to easily go back to the previous lineart you made in case you make a big mistake. You can also try out things without loosing your progress.

Step 4 : Adding details
Once you're happy with you basic lineart, you can start adding the details. Use a new layer and a new color. I named my layer "wings" and used blue.
Again, layers are your friends! Use them to create a basic sketch, then refine it on new layers.

Step 5 : Finishing the lineart
When you have everything you wanted to have, merge down (Ctrl+E in Photoshop) your final "extras" layers with your final body layer. Name this layer "final
Use the paint bucket to make your final lineart with black. Crop if necessary. Add your signature.
If you want, you can shade your makeable, or leave it as it is.
To shade, create a new layer named "shading", and place it under your final lineart. That way, you won't alter it.

That's all! Now you have to upload your makeable and put it on your petpage. Be sure to clearly say that this graphic is a makeable. If you need an image host, try Photobucket.
To learn about HTML, go to LissaExplains.

How to link back
You don't have to use exactly this coding, as long as you link back here.

Hatsushimo's Page | MLP | Adoptables | Up

Makeable listing project

The Makeable Listing Project (MLP) is on hiatus.
It had become a real pain to update and keep afloat, so the MLP will change its vocation. Instead of listing all makeable pages, I'll pick out my favorite ones and post them here. Kind of like a Hall of Fame. So beware: the MLP was a neutral list, this isn't anymore. I'll be pickier.

Color/symbol coding :
: my personal favorites =3
# : off-site (not on the Neopets.com servers)
A : Aisha and/or Kougra and/or Wocky
B : Bori and/or Zafara
D : Draik and/or Krawk
E : Eyrie
H : Hissi
I : Ixi
L : Lupe and/or Gelert
P : Lenny and/or Pteri
U : Peophin and/or Uni
X : Usul and/or Xweetok
@ : All species or more than 21
(@) : The artist is planning to do all species or more than 21
+ : Other species
& : Anthro species

Akir [Khestrel] @
Ahzure_ [_Elfwood25] * U
Bennie280 [Wyomingal23] @
Elastawolf [Revits] * L
Growllsan2 [Wet_Pants41123] * L
Inukujou [Crizzlepizzle] L
Ivanhoe_23 [Butterflyx21] * L
Kaireio [Merph] * A
Kekiaria [Klauram] * L
Khursed [Mree] * IL (@)
Kiokiru [rewriter] * (@)
Ktri [katpig] * L
_little__bit_ [knux2201] * @
Lufiie [Spoileh] * L
MavenDuvall [MavensHallow] L
Nimtolien [coyote_bum] L
Naiobe [Valdrak] L
NovadarVonCallan [Mindsend] @
NeoOddOnes [Krawkess] # @
PhoenixBuzzkill [Mindsend] @&
Piinattsu [d_4_danilee] @
Raeiki [Talia931] # L
Rennyfish [Pichu4850] * I
Scapinno [Chukat] @&
SpringsRain [Silver303] * L
Surreal [Furbiez] L
TeddyPRuxpin [Alakaipuaa] AL
Tosukey [_Fluffy_Chic_] @
Yukaeko [Marellestorm] # @

Dead pages
_Burnerdragon_ [arien_ravyn] * # U
Eriade [Tenacities] ABEILU+
Akkierukio [dragonoid_tt_ten] * B

Hatsushimo's Page | MLP | Adoptables | Up


And custom adoptables too, at the bottom.

I'm sure you probally know by now how those things work ... :P
Just make sure you follow the rules!


- Do not claim them as yours or enter them in any contest.
- Do not modify them.
- Do not copy-paste them on your pictures or layouts.
- Always link back!

For the block of ice

go to Kushruneid's petpage.

For the scarabs and charms
Sokaris_s amulets |--Anubis---God--of--Embalming--and--Guide--of--the--Dead--|
go to Sokaris's petpage.

Please, always link back and dont claim them or use in them your pictures or a contest. These are not makeables, you cannot modify them.

Take a gallion home

Hover the picture to see the 3 letter code.
Replace COLOR with this 3 letter code.






Adopt a maneki neko
Maneki neko (招き猫) could be translated as "beckoning cat". The movement it does with its paw (waving it up and down, palm out) means "Please come here" in some Asian countries (and other places too, like some African countries). Maneki neko will bring luck to its owner, it is sait that a raised right paws will attract money, while a raised left paw will attract customers or visitors. Being a cat of wealth, it wears an expensive red collar with a bell, and sometimes a decorative bib, with or without gold pieces attached to it. Most hold a coin against their belly (on these ones, it says 千万 両 : ten millions taels, which is a huge amount of money). Traditionally, the specie portraiyed is the Japanese bobtail, but I drew these maneki neko with tails.

Hover the picture to see the 3 letter code.
Replace COLOR with this 3 letter code.
(Some have 3 letters + a number)

Basic :

Solid :

Pattern :

Others :

Below are special neko for special people =3. Their coins read 報恩 (repaying a kindness).





Since the plural of bori is bori (not boris or bories)

Not much to say about these... Bori for you to take home and place on your petpages and look up.

Hover the picture to see the 3 letter code.
Replace COLOR with this 3 letter code.



- Do not claim them as yours or enter them in a contest.
- Do not alter the lineart and/or remove my signature.
- Do not copy-paste them on your pictures or layouts.
- Do not take one that wasn't made for you.
- When neomailing me for a custom, send the filled form.
- Make sure you have read the info about the form (just above it).
- Please upload your custom on your own server if you can
- Always link back!


Trades : closed
Requests : closed

Respect the status!
I will ignore neomails that don't!

* Soki has too much customs made for him compared to Rune or Shimo, so I will not accept a trade for a custom of him.
If you only have lupe adoptables, fear not! You did know that Kushruneid was a shapeshifter, didn't you?

Infos you have to read before filling the form
If you haven't read it, I won't even reply to your neomail. Simple as that.

Pet's full name
That's the easy part

Just so I know what you want (it does get ambiguous these days... with all those hybrid pets). Specify which template here ("happy / frowning / etc" ) (if available).

Ref : Reference picture
This is required. If your pet doesn't have one, or if it looks too messy, I won't make you an adoptable. You can give me the url or indicate where it is on the pet's page or lookup.

Eye color
Eye color, yes. People tend to forget this.

Base color
Keep it simple, all your design explanations will go bellow. It's basically the "paintbrush" color. ex.: "light blue", "ghost", or "white".

Addit. : Additional designs and colors
Flames, stripes, spots, scars, wings go here. Specify shape and color.

Jewelry, clothes, items, etc go here. Again, specify shape and color.

Name on?
If yes, specify full name or nickname; if no, just say no thanks ^^

For a border of pixel around your adoptable (not the blue square thing, it'll follow the adoptable outline), specify the color here. It's useful for dark customs on dark backgrounds. Or just for the fun of it. =3
If your pet glows (like a ghost) specify color and intensity here.

Something else?
For anything that could not fit anywhere above. When sending your request/trade, tell me here your favorite muffin flavor so I know you did read this.

And that's it! Make sure my status says open !

The Form
Please include this information (copy and paste in your neomail) :
Pet's full name : Specie : Ref : Eye color : Base color : Addit. : Etc. : Name on? : Border? : Something else? :

Note that I reserve myself to refuse any trade, and to not do extreme modifications (ex.: extra or missing limbs, huge wings, outrageous hairdo, etc.).
About trades : You're not obliged to trade for the same specie (ex.: a lupe for a bori, a kougra for a lupe).
Also, please be nice when you neomail me. I will not make you a custom if you just put in the filled form and that's it, without even saying "hello". This is just plain rude. I'm not an automated custom factory.

For easy reference, infos for my pets

Kushruneid | Sokaris | Hatsushimo

Pet's full name

Pet's nickname



September 16th, 2000

Apparent age
Young adult

Character sheet

Eye color

Base color
Light silver

Additional designs and colors
Thin triangular stripes, navy at the base and ice blue at the point
Tip of ears is navy, base is ice blue, with dark blue inner rim
Navy ringed tail, tip is navy.
Black lined eyes

Location of stripes
One under each eye
2 on each arm, 2 on each forearms
3 on back
2 on each thigh, 2 on each foot

White feather wings, two black horns

Necklace: black claw shapped stone on a shiny navy ribbon

If Anthro
Dark blue hair, any lenght or style

Black tank top or shirt, blue jeans
Strong magic (favorite: dark ice, time)

Pet's full name

Pet's nickname



October 1st, 2000

Apparent age
Young adult

Reference picture

Eye color
Red, no pupil (shines orange, not pink)

Base color
Dark grey, with fire

Additional designs and colors
Golden Horus markings below both eyes
Golden fire and lapis-lazuli (shiny medium blue) stripes on right front leg
Golden ears with one large lapis-lazuli stripe on both
Three wavy lapis-lazuli stripes over left knee
Fire on the other legs, and tail (light yellow on the toes/tip)

If Anthro
Black hair, short
White shirt, black pants

Magic (favorite: fire)
Possessed by the fire demon Neser

Pet's full name
Neser (not actually a pet)

Demon (lupe-like)


??? In ancient times

Aparent age

Reference picture
None at the moment

Eye color
Gold, no pupil

Base color
Dark grey, with fire

Additional designs and colors
Red Horus markings below both eyes
Golden ears with one large red stripe on both
Fire all legs, and tail (red on the toes/tip)

Strong magic (favorite: fire)
Fire demon inside Sokaris

Pet's full name

Pet's nickname



October 8th, 2004

Apparent age
Child (~ 10 y.o.)

Character sheet

Eye color
Red, (shines pinkish, not orange)

Base color
Ice blue

Additional designs and colors
White top of muzzle, top of head, ears, back of neck and tip of tail (hairy part is ice blue)
Front of all legs is white
Medium blue scar on left wrist
Dark grey shell
Dark grey claws (3 on each paw, or only on front paws)
Inside of mouth and tongue are purple

If Anthro
Medim grey hair, short, messy
Any clothes, usually a t-shirt and jeans

Magic (favorite: ice, spirit/spectral)
Found and adopted by Kushruneid
Can see spirits and communicate with them

Available templates








Pick up Box
taken home

taken home

taken home


Taken home

Taken home



How to Link Back
You don't have to use exactly this coding, as long as you link back here.

Related Links

Hatsushimo's Page | Makeables | MLP | Up

Eeeeep! nomm is invading my petpage!

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yes. riiiight... here.
A tad lower in fact. Bleh!
As Shimo said, I'm nomm and I'm invading his petpage. This little box is mine!

nomm is currently plotting for

- shading existing makeables
- new makeables
- updating Shimo's page
- changing the MLP
- creating adoptables and customs
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Some link to some where, some just sit there. If you want them, feel free to click/take them!
See below the badges I've made (and that you can take).

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I voted llama
I saw one like this somewhere on Neopets, but I don't know who did it. If you do, please neomail me.

C.A.T. serie - Counter Art Thievery

Collected adoptables

Inspiration Box

Take a restaurant suggestion box, a lottery ball machine and an order registration mailbox, mix it all together, and you'll get...
the Inspiration Box!

How it works :
The IB is basicly a modified guest book, where you fill a form, similar to my custom adoptable form. Then, I choose one or pick one out randomly, and draw the pet you entered. Simple, neh?
Also, if you too like to draw, but don't know what to draw (death to artist block!), feel free to browse the filled forms too.

However, be aware that I may not draw all pets entered, and the art you'll get can be an adoptable, a pencil sketch, a full color picture, a popsicle sticks sculpture, anything! Consider it really random fanart.

Desperate for a picture or custom? Have artist block? Use the Inspiration Box!

Copy this URL in your browser

Most recent pictures done using the IB entries

Also, gifts and trades are placed here

Skeith Neotoy, base by ill337erate

Schise, owned by Sasayaki_chan


Khizzet, owned by My_Chemical_Way

About nomm

Pet related

Q: Can -petname- be friend with one of your pets?

A: Sure !

Q: Can -petname- date one of your pets?

A: No, none of them is looking.

Q: How come Hatshushimo's design isn't always the same??

A: I'm still undecided on some bits of Shimo's design. For example (this is the one point most of you ask me about), his eyelids are sometimes blue, sometimes white; also he may or may not have the bori shell, or hind paws claws. Until I make up my mind (it may or may not happen), you can draw him the way you prefer.

Art related

Q: What do you use to make your graphics?

A: Photoshop CS3 and a Wacom tablet.

Q: Can I use your graphics?

A: No, unless it's an adoptable or makeable. That would be stealing. Stealing is bad.
Stealing gets you frozen.

Q: Can I draw fanart for you?

A: Of course you can! =3

Q: I drew a picture of one of your pets. Please draw -petname- in exchange, as a trade.

A: No. This is extremely rude. It's like saying "Here, I brought you a gift. Now you own me 30$."
An art trade is a exchange of art between 2 or more people. You have to ask first, then wait for the other person to approve the trade. If the other person doesn't agree, then there's no trade going on.

Q: Can we do a trade?

A: Show me a picture you have already drawn. I will not accept to trade if your pictures are 15 min scribbles, or if you don't know basic anatomy and shading.

Q: I saw people with Warriors adoptable with your name on them. Where can I get those?

A: Those were done by Blizzardclaw with my makeables (don't worry, I gave her my permission). You can adopt them on her site, Warriors Wish (single word, dot net). I also made a special base for her site, the fighting warriors. Once there, click Graphics, then Sprites.
Take note that if she decides to move them, change them, or delete them, I have no authority on that.

Q: Draw my kougra. She's blu and green and has fire eyes and drak bron stripes with her fearie petpet playing in the honted forest. Make it dark and scary and add her brother lupe too hes black with bandages [and yadda-yadda]. Kay. Do it for wednesday.

A: *deletes message*

Makeable related

Q: When I try to color your makeables, every color I use ends up grey. What can I do to fix this?

A:This is most probally because your image has been saved in a greyscale format. For most image programs, select
Image » Mode » RBG colors".
In MSPaint, select
Image » Attributes » Color
If you can't find it there, you'll have to to do some searching in the program's help center.
Remember to always make attribute changes before you start coloring or changing the lineart.

You can also open a new canvas, big enough, and draw a little spot of color (say, red). This way, your graphic program will "understand" that you want to work in color. Then, copy-paste the makeable and start coloring!

Q: When I copy and paste a makeable into my program, the background turns up black. Help?

A: My makeables have a transparent background. Your program may not support transparency.
For MSPaint, use the color replacement utility to selectively turn the black into white (or any other color). You'll find links to tutorials in the Ressource section.

Q: Can I use your makeable to create a lookup / petpage design?

A: Sure! Just make sure you keep my signature on.

Q: I've colored a makeable. How do I put it on my pet's page?

A: You need to upload it on an image server (such a Photobucket). Simply get an account there, and follow their instructions to upload an image. Then, use the provided code to put the image on your page.

Q: Can I color one of your makeables for someone else?

A: Yes, with some conditions.
You must follow my makeables rules, keep my signature on it, not do it as a trade and not ask for a payment.
So you can color those for a friend, as a gift or things like that.

Q: How can I mix and match different templates?

A: It's easier if you have a program with layers, but it can also be done with Paint.
Let's say you want a cybunny anthro with an anthro lupe tail. Open a canvas big enough to copy-paste the two templates and paste them in (not too close together). Erase the cybunny's tail. With the star lasso and the correct setting (see the screenshot belox), cut out the lupe's tail, then place it on the cybunny. That's it! Erase the lupe and start coloring!


Q: I flipped a makeble so it looks to the other way. Do I have to flip your signature so it looks the right way?

A: I you can, that would be better, but if you can't, it's okay.

Q: I mixed different templates.
Q: I flipped a black copy of the makeable to create a shadow.
Do I have to keep both signature on the picture?

A: No, only one signature per picture is needed.

Q: You don't have gelert makeables, so can I take a lupe and change its ears and tail?

A: Of course! You can morph any of my makeables in another specie, as long as you follow the rules.

Q: Some of your makeables are colored. Are those your pets? Can I use those as bases?

A: When I have some time, I like to color them in; sometimes it's a painted color (faerie, desert, ...) sometimes it's completely random. You can also use them as makeables. (.

Neomail related

Q: You haven't replied to me! *whines*

A: I won't reply if a) your message makes no sense; b) your question is answered in this FAQ; c) you're just begging/complaining; d) you asked for art/adopts and my status is closed; e) other obvious reasons

Q: Not true! I requested a picture and you aswered me! You said no! You're mean! *rants*

A: Then you caught me in a bad mood. And you were looking for it because my status said closed. Do everyone a favor and don't waste your time or mine.
I'm usually a nice person, and will reply nicely to neomails, unless you act like a dungball. Like that person who was frozen because they used my art in the BC, he neomailed because he was furious his account had been frozen, he only took a picture and put it in the BC, and yadda-yadda, and it was all my fault. Or that person who stole numerous pieces from many artists, along with my kougra makeable (come on, a makeable?) then accuse me of stealing her. She couldn't remember when she drew it (she changed her mind several time) and actually made a tutorial on how to draw a cat with the makeable.

Petpage related

Q: How do you do those text boxes, in which you can add images?

A: Those are div layers. Find out about them and lots of other things at LissaExplains (see Ressources).

Q: Can you design my petpage?

A: No, sorry.


Q: Pie or cake?

A: Muffin!

Q: Do you like Warriors?

A: Yes, but I've only read the first books. I think it's a nice serie for young readers.

Q: Do have Warriors characters?

A: Yes, Silentwind (f, loner), Rainsmoke (f, clancat), Badgerclaw (m, clancat) and Ironpaw (m, clancat). Rufus (m, kittypet).


Things to help you out : useful links, tutorials, tips, etc.
If you think something should be added here, neomail me!

How to link back to here


Images related

How to quickly replace colors with MSPaint
and other tricks you never thought Paint could do

Pixel shading

Pixel drawing with MSPaint

Pixel fur

an easy way to change the colors of a gif and add transparency

Page design related

How to do a div layer
text and images here

Just change the settings (200, 100, 5, red, 2 and white) to your liking.

Lissa Explains

Empty Box


No, really. It's empty.


Na? Ni-mao depesk? Kheru-i-tal, tiah-to ky-sho.

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