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About 'Disco Dollies

Welcome, guest, to Disco Dollies, the funkiest place in all of Neopia.
I have seen many wonderful pet directories, but none dedicated to the most colourful colour of all; Disco. This inspired me to create my own space in which the proud owners of Disco pets could showcase their little treasures. So, with the help of Heshemoog, my trusty Disco Moehog - and host of this directory - I set about undertaking this task on 29th January, 2006.
Disco Dollies was officially opened on 5th February, 2006.

Please note that none of the pets listed in this directory are up for adoption.
Please respect the owners listed here by not hassling them on this matter.
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Disco pets listed: 195
Last pet added: 19th February, 9.02am NST

Three most popular species': Kacheek (24), Shoyru (17), Aisha (16)
Total pets added (including those deleted): 238

11th January: I'm delighted to introduce to you the almighty Disco Buzz! I just adore that wing detail.

* * *

8th January: A belated 'Happy New Year' to you all!
The holiday period saw me being very busy IRL and, as a result, having to put Disco Dollies on a bit of a back burner in the meantime. I would like to thank you all for your patience. TNT deleted some of the older Neomails in my inbox so if you contacted me over the last few weeks and your pet has not been added, please accept my apologies and resubmit your pets' information.

* * *

1st December: I have just deleted every pet who has changed colour or been frozen.
Forty-one pets in all. That's quite a chunk out of our numbers, but we'll be back up there in no time ^^
I've also contacted a few owners about pets that have been moved to different accounts and whose descriptions need amending.

* * *

20th November: Congratulations to yanishka the Korbat on being the 200th Disco Dolly!

10th November: I added the brand new Disco Pteri to the directory today. Isn't it lovely?

* * *

20th September: Today the unthinkable happened. Heshem was zapped by Boochi. That's right, my very own disco dolly was turned into a.. baby. We were both devastated. Luckily for the both of us, my husband was kind enough to buy us a Disco pb so that Heshem could be his normal self again, and a lot faster than if I had to play endless games to raise the funds o.0

* * *

17th August: I spent two hours updating this page yesterday having a general tidy up, [deleting broken adoptable / affiliate images] and adding a new item, and adding a lot more to the Disco Miscellanea section.
Phew! After all that hard work I think I need a Disco Slushie ^.^

* * *

15th August: *slaps wrist* I have let this page - and a few other online duties - really slip over the last month or so. I'm very sorry if you have mailed me with a pet submission and have felt ignored or frustrated. I'm off sick from work today, so will endevour to get caught up properly.
Thank you so much for your patience.

* * *

11th July: Ooh! A brand new Disco avatar! You can find out how to express your spangly side around Neopia here.

23th May: Hooray for the JubJub makeovers! You can see the pretty new Disco version by clicking here.

29th May: I have just added a brand new Disco item - the Disco Yurble Plushie that was released on Yurble day a few days ago. It's so sweet ^^

5th May: As well as making room for the newly released Disco Gnorbu, I have been through every pet listed and updated a few things. Only five pets were deleted due to colour changes, which was a nice surprise. Quite a few pets have been moved to other accounts. I have changed the details of pets who obviously belong to the same owner but on different accounts, and have Neomailed peeps I'm not sure about.

* * *

2nd May: Firsly, I am sorry for disappearing without traces over the last few days. Real Life has a habit of catching up with you when you least expect, doesn't it?
It really brightened my day to return to so many requests in my Neomail inbox. I've also received a fair few Petpet-related mails too, which I'm also beaming about *^.^*

I have spent the last two hours recoding much of the site, due, in part, to Neopets' new HTML filter. Some of the re-jigging was for an altogether more exciting reason, the newly (26th April) released Disco Elephante!

* * *

13th April: I have added a new aspect to Disco Dollies; you can now add your Disco petpets to the site. Click here to find out more.

Also, four brand new items of Disco furniture have been released today. You can find them at the bottom of the 'Disco Items' section, here.

* * *

12th April: I returned from my trip to Amsterdam last night, and logged in this morning to discover that we have not only surpassed the 2000th visitor mark whilst I was away, but that DD now has 102 Disco pets within it's ranks! I have no idea which goal was achieved first, but I do know that Bonkyboo10 the Cybunny was the 100th pet to be added to the page. Congrats ^^

I have also changed the registration form everso slightly to include a six word limit on pet descriptions.

* * *

3rd April: I have just added the 90th pet to Disco Dolies and we've currently received 1886 visits to our humble page. This has led me to wonder which will come first; our 100th Disco pet, or our 2000th visit.
Exciting stuff!


If you'd like to add one of your Disco pets to this colourful corner of Neopia, simply Neomail soyabean1983 the following information:

  • Pet's full name
  • Pet's nickname, if any
  • Pet's gender and species
  • A brief description your pet's personality or traits. Four words maximum please.
    [Hyphenated words count as two ;p ]
  • The username of the account your pet is on
  • The name you go by on Neopets, if different from your username

Please make the subject of your Neomail 'Pet Directory' or something similar, just to make my life a little easier o.~

Please note that I will only add pets that are currently Disco, not waiting to be painted such etc.
I will not add Disco pets that are undergoing Lab treatment, as they could change colour or species
at any given time.
Also, I will only add pets whose owners Neomail me. Please don't contact me on someone else's behalf
- however good your intentions are.

Species Navigation

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The Disco Dollies

Disco Acaras listed: 8

Name: Sweet_happiness
Gender: Female
Personality: Friendly
Owner: Joy

Name: cutesomecara
Gender: Female
Personality: loud, friendly, funny
Owner: Kirsty

Name: dazjeh
Gender: Female
Personality: Groovy Dancing Queen
Owner: Loopy

Name: Hana1663 [Hana]
Gender: Female
Personality:Crazy, outgoing and friendly
Owner: poutyshorty

Name: AddisonAdara [Addie]
Gender: Female
Personality: Funkadelic

Name: _Green_Been_
Gender: Female
Personality: cute/spunky/fun
Owner: gina

Name: xJoshsxKittyx
Gender: Female
Personality: Strong, fun, loyal
Owner: joshsobabyxgirl

Name: Cutie_Cutie_Cloe [Cloe]
Gender: Female
Personality: outgoing, friendly
Owner: Kelly

Disco Aishas listed: 16

Name: weewocker
Gender: Male
Personality: Energetic, and has disco fever.
Owner: Jake

Name: Funkehly
Gender: Female
Personality: Sassy, Tricky and Clever.
Owner: Kirsten

Name: Kitianya
Gender: Female
Personality: Friendly, Out-Going, Energetic.
Owner: Matt

Name: Aishamagical_2004 [Rose]
Gender: Female
Personality: Hyper, Girly, Crazy
Owner: Em

Name: 2kiama [Kia]
Gender: Female
Personality: Bubbly party girl
Owner: aliza393

Name: x_hope_x_paradise_x [Hope]
Gender: Female
Personality: Energetic, Sassy, Active
Owner: Plush

Name: Crazy_Sophia [Sophie]
Gender: Female
Personality: Optimistic, Upbeat, Psychedelic
Owner: Cena

Name: Eloutious [Elou]
Gender: Male
Personality: Dramatic. Dellusions of Splendour. Failed Actor
Owner: Bunneh

Name: Kazumoto
Gender: Female
Personality: Playful, Intuitive, Sassy
Owner: Tigressgurly

Name: _Aylla_
Gender: Female
Personality: Sassy, playful, brave, optimistic, vain
Owner: Klo

Name: Misty_Maiden [Misty or Mist]
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, lovable, responsible
Owner: Sky

Name: Crystal92BBF [Crystal]
Gender: Female
Personality: mischievous - witty - adventurous
Owner: Starr

Name: _discokitten [Disco]
Gender: Female
Personality: Active and Adorable
Owner: _active_

Name: Daith
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, happy, dancer, beautiful
Owner: Rekki

Name: Nastashiya [Shiya]
Gender: Female
Personality: Energetic, Crazy, Partier
Owner: Crysatl

Name: Tacumesh [Tacu]
Gender: Male
Personality: Timid, Insecure, Nosocomephobic
Owner: Crysatl

Disco Blumaroos listed: 3

Name: Olemok [Ole]
Gender: Male
Personality: Dedicated Painter. Loves Pink
Owner: Es

Name: jimmy_the_monkey [Jimmy]
Gender: Male
Personality: patient, strong, silent, loved
Owner: Jess

Name: Pinky091502 [Pinky]
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, sweet, mischievous, sly, quiet
Owner: ShadowStalker8263

Disco Bori listed: 10

Name: _bat_pap [Backpack]
Gender: Female
Personality: Misunderstood, Retro! Energetic
Owner: ali_pap

Name: Mugsy_Malone [Mugsy]
Gender: Male
Personality: Likes to jive, play banjo, and chase the ladies.
Owner: Loopy

Name: Shaeluja [Shael]
Gender: Male
Personality: | Obnoxious | Care-free | Innocent |
Owner: Alexis

Name: Chocolate903000 [Choco]
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun, Smart, Friend
Owner: fany_sama

Name: Zazatsu [Zaza]
Gender: Female
Personality: Funny, cute, dances, sings
Owner: nosiwahi

Name: RazorLipz [Razor]
Gender: Male
Personality: A relaxed, scene, funny skateboarder.
Owner: Brooke

Name: dididuvel [dvd]
Gender: Male
Personality: Insane; loves video games.
Owner: Fred

Name: Triskadeckaphobia [Phobia]
Gender: Male
Personality: Vocalist; Hyper; Delightfully Insane
Owner: Greyska

Name: dauphine639 [Dauphine]
Gender: Female
Personality: Daring, Outgoing, Fun
Owner: Ali

Disco Bruces listed: 2

Name: HerrPenguin
Gender: Male
Personality: Smart
Owner: cutietheferret

Name: dancing_all_night
Gender: Female
Personality: stylish and a great dancer
Owner: Char


Disco Chombies listed: 7

Name: Moringa [RD]
Gender: Female
Personality: funky, groovy, rebellious
Owner: Blade

Name: Chelskee
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, loving, and faithful
Owner: Ladybluekim

Name: Khyrey
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun-loving/caring/beautiful inside & out
Owner: apersonfromtruman

Name: jolly5045454 [Jolly]
Gender: Male
Personality: the grooviest chomby in town!
Owner: An

Name: x_Mischelle_x
Gender: Female
Personality: hyper, funky and groovy
Owner: Lucy

Name: Aspheron
Gender: Male
Personality: Loyal, Groovy, Sympathetic.
Owner: Gretchen

Name: Kruste
Gender: Female
Personality: Outgoing
Owner: Josh

Disco Cybunnies listed: 8

Name: Romantiques [Roman]
Gender: Female
Personality: very cool, calm, relaxed, and she always knows exactly what to say.
Owner: Robin

Name: iluvmyseanmann [Luv]
Gender: Female
Personality: serious, affectionate, romantic
Owner: intraperseptible

Name: kuitsota
Gender: Female
Personality: fun-loving, distractable, responsible
Owner: Aquawaterphoenix

Name: Bonkyboo10 [Boboo]
Gender: Male
Personality: Bubbly, Cheerful, and Smart
Owner: Grey

Name: keiji_senshi [Starflower]
Gender: Female
Personality: Free Spirited, Hippie, Veggie Lover
Owner: Destiny

Name: chemical_enchantment [Chem]
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun-loving, outgoing, energetic
Owner: Arrelie

Name: _kinichiwa_
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, funny, adventurous
Owner: Dolls_pets

Name: Vampire_girl_13579 [Mack]
Gender: Male
Personality: Loves.To.Disco
Owner: Evil_13579

Disco Draiks listed: 0


Disco Elephantes listed: 0


Disco Eyries listed: 2

Name: capitaine997 [Taine]
Gender: Male
Personality: Vain, rash, and lively
Owner: Ren'ai

Name: Tarpolione
Gender: Male
Personality: sassy, fun-filled, loves to sing
Owner: Ashley

Disco Flotsams listed: 3

Name: chineseprincess82292 [Prinny]
Gender: Female
Personality:Bubbly,Fun-loving,crazy-cool,disco diva
Owner: Maddy

Name: xxixmissxyouxx [kodie]
Gender: Male
Personality: disco crazyy
Owner: Dawn

Name: Xaapityz [Xaa]
Gender: Male
Personality: sweet, sarcastic, silly
Owner: Laina

Disco Gnorbu listed: 3

Name: Jikilini [Lini]
Gender: Female
Personality: Curious, Wild, Fun-Loving
Owner: Tarynn

Name: Biotize
Gender: Male
Personality: Very unpredictable
Owner: TBC

Name: shmalim [Cherry]
Gender: Female
Personality: carefree, strong, outspoken
Owner: Suka

Disco Grarrls listed: 2

Name: JurassicAssassin [Jazz]
Gender: Male
Personality: show-off, loud, a bully
Owner: Philip

Name: gaintgrarrl77 [Spade]
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind, Dependant, Shy
Owner: Doodle Lai

Disco Grundos listed: 6

Name: Muppin
Gender: Female
Personality: amiable, shy, optimistic
Owner: Souisance

Name: Dodo123852 [Do]
Gender: Female
Personality:Drama queen
Owner: Froggy

Name: IvanMax [Ivvy]
Gender: Male
Personality:Absolute pessimist
Owner: Froggy

Name: talkalot978 [Dissy]
Gender: Female
Personality: Talkalot978 loves the boogie nights!
Owner: PiNkY

Name: Schmacked [Mack]
Gender: Male
Personality: Sweet, Shy, Lovable + Squishy
Owner: Serabee

Name: MysticizeYourMind [Mysti]
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun-loving, groovy, free
Owner: krazykutekowgirl

Disco Hissi listed: 6

Name: Kalas
Gender: Female
Personality: Energetic
Owner: Rai

Name: BattleHissi [Battle]
Personality: Disco dude, a funky friend
Owner: Tibs

Name: xoDawnox [Dawn]
Gender: Male
Personality: Pretty boy, happy
Owner: Javelin

Name: Gihanduri [Gi]
Gender: Female
Personality: Groove
Owner: Ella

Name: Hissaniley [Hiss]
Gender: Male
Personality: He is awesome!
Owner: Angie

Name: goodneo93 [Goober]
Gender: Female
Personality: Groovy, Moody, Sassy, Spirited
Owner: Rhea

Disco Ixi listed: 6

Name: spasal [Spas]
Gender: Male
Personality: Introverted, Conservative, Hippy
Owner: Silent

Name: Auqa_Marine15 [Aqua]
Gender: Female
Personality: Very intelligent and loves to read booktastic books.
Owner: Lindsay

Name: Luxxurious [Luxx]
Gender: Female
Personality: Luxurious, Sweet, Artistic
Owner: Shlay

Name: Technicienne [Nici]
Gender: Female
Personality: bold/curious/energetic/loves to dance
Owner: moon

Name: Vinika [Vi]
Gender: Female
Personality: Stylish//Informed//Fashionista
Owner: Caty

Name: Ette649896 [Ette]
Gender: Female
Personality: Funny, Party Animal, Random
Owner: TTom

Disco JubJubs listed: 5

Name: Vavavoomerang [Vavoo]
Gender: Female
Personality: Daredevil, Creative. Luvs tha disco!
Owner: Blue

Name: iluvdaniel5
Gender: Female
Personality: wacky, fun, sweet, outgoing
Owner: Taylor

Name: kannira
Gender: Female
Personality: fun-loving and bouncy
Owner: Jack

Name: Zeliaes [Zelia]
Gender: Female
Personality: Party Animal!
Owner: Julie

Name: Xitulia [Tuli]
Gender: Female
Personality: She loves 'Saturday Night Fever'!
Owner: Jen

Disco Kacheeks listed: 24

Name: Meriflower [Meri]
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, kind, loyal
Owner: capnpadfoot

Name: Tails_96815 [Tails]
Gender: Female
Personality: Imaginative, playful, and wise
Owner: Marty

Name: Dimples224 [Dimples]
Gender: Female
Personality: Bubbly, sweet, smart
Owner: Libbo

Name: Scriko
Gender: Female
Personality: Energetic, Funky, Radical
Owner: JoJo

Name: MerenLaman
Gender: Female
Personality: Daring. Shakes things up!
Owner: Elle

Name: Chocoshie
Gender: Female
Personality: very cute
Owner: Wendy

Name: TaMMetJE1987 [Cola]
Gender: Female
Personality: Cute, Sneaky, LuVs Ta DaNcE!
Owner: Blue

Name: _Towik_
Gender: Male
Personality: A nice caring pet who loves to dance!
Owner: Vika

Name: discochik13 [Chicky]
Gender: Female
Personality: brave, energetic and friendly
Owner: Emily

Name: Omarikian [Omi]
Gender: Male
Personality: sporty, cool, funky
Owner: Patricia

Name: Annalisa909
Gender: Female
Personality: Cool, Nice, Fun, Playful
Owner: Asa

Name: Lorizal [Lori]
Gender: Male
Personality: Groovy, Cute, cuddly and out-going!
Owner: babyxbeautys

Name: Disco_Baby_Gurl
Gender: Female
Personality: Groovy Baby, Spunkadelic!
Owner: celtic_selchie

Name: paralelio
Gender: Male
Personality: outgoing/sweet/supportive
Owner: taybe433

Name: peekaboo_kacheek63 [Peekaboo]
Gender: Male
Personality: This cutie loves to make friends!
Owner: Alli

Name: Lucy5434432 [lucy_fever]
Gender: Female
Personality: Dances, smells flowers, hyper
Owner: Amy

Name: Lhamona [Mona]
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, sweet, cute
Owner: Ani

Name: aeroshell [aero]
Gender: Female
Personality: Outgoing, Friendly and Strong
Owner: Dezzeh

Name: Cuitexo
Gender: Female
Personality: Strong, Clever, Fun and Kind
Owner: kristinaxo

Name: Big_tomboy_4_eva_2_ [Biggie]
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun and Happy
Owner: Kateh

Name: Snickers92696 [Snickers]
Gender: Female
Personality: Friendly, loveable
Owner: Perry

Name: DiScO_dAnCiNg_88 [Flower]
Gender: Female
Personality: She loves to play disco music
Owner: Micky

Name: Avaniaquah
Gender: Female
Personality: Smart,Fun,Loyal,mischievous
Owner: Doodle

Name: BeanietheKacheek [Beanie]
Gender: Female
Personality: Silly | Optimistic | Smart
Owner: Tori

Disco Kaus listed: 5

Name: strumble
Gender: Male
Personality: strong but clumsy, serious but fun!
Owner: Taryn

Name: Disco_Pepsi_Dancer
Gender: Female
Personality: Cheerful and Bright, Loving and Caring
Owner: Pepsi

Name: Pikachu1030
Gender: Female
Personality: sweet and funny
Owner: Nala

Name: Cali_Girl9870 [Cali]
Gender: Female
Personality: popular, stuck-up, total primadonna
Owner: Anya

Name: RainbowGirl11 [RainbowGirl]
Gender: Female
Personality: Adventurous, Cheerful, Caring
Owner: Hannah

Disco Kikos listed: 3

Name: Flamesine
Gender: Female
Personality: Bouncy, kind, sassy
Owner: brann_lover92

Name: aza_75123 [Aza]
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, Loveable, Short-tempered
Owner: Taylor

Name: Reovum
Gender: Female
Personality: outgoing, lover, strong-willed
Owner: Melanie (mehtevas)

Disco Koi listed: 10

Name: Madadazie [Azie]
Gender: Male
Personality: Stubborn.Greedy.Loving.
Owner: Dija

Name: Myrquae [Ole]
Gender: Male
Personality: Charming, manipulative and humerous
Owner: Nomi

Name: saphire45562 [saphire]
Gender: Male
Personality: dynamic, generous, funny
Owner: intraperseptible

Name: Cueae
Gender: Female
Personality: Would disco dance, but needs feet.
Owner: Penguinsrmine05

Name: o0Finwave0o
Gender: Male
Personality: Happy-go-lucky..optimistic
Owner: sugarburgar

Name: coolladedagurl [coolade]
Gender: Male
Personality: peaceful, energetic, stellar
Owner: odd

Name: x_bUrbles_x [Burbles]
Gender: Female
Personality: Colorful, Fun, Moody
Owner: Steph / Stephie

Name: Spicegely
Gender: Female
Personality: funny, smart, cute
Owner: zissie

Name: Kalynii [Kaly]
Gender: Female
Personality: fun-loving/easy-going/relaxed/perky
Owner: Key

Name: Railaye
Gender: Female
Personality: Exuberant
Owner: stoneagers

Disco Korbats listed: 4

Name: Tahbat
Gender: Male
Personality: Hyper,Annoying and Dirty-minded
Owner: Amna

Name: Sekaiya [K.K.]
Gender: Female
Personality: spoiled and loves to dance
Owner: Layla

Name: Kekoloko [Keko]
Gender: Female
Personality: Crazy, Voodoo Lover, Muffin Hailer
Owner: Mishi

Name: yanishka
Gender: Male
Personality: Hyper, jelly-loving, spoiled.
Owner: makeawish045

Disco Kougras listed: 9

Name: eyal_simons [Eyal]
Gender: Male
Personality: crazy, energetic, groovy
Owner: intraperseptible

Name: _LapisLazuli
Gender: Female
Personality: Loves Jellybeans.
Owner: Remy

Name: Astroed62 [Astro or Ed]
Gender: Female
Personality: Very loyal, protector of her sisters.
Owner: darksided23

Name: RoxenBird [Birdy]
Gender: Female
Personality: | Renegade | Thrill-Seeker | Loud |
Owner: Alexis

Name: Nicolle865 [Nicola]
Gender: Female
Personality: She likes to dance and read
Owner: pakpak232

Name: Radical_Prowler [Rad]
Gender: Male
Personality: Friendly, nice, polite
Owner: Tekoa

Name: DiscoBaby951 [Disco / D951]
Gender: Male
Personality: Caring, Kind, Strong, Helping Hand
Owner: Jake

Name: cOuRaGe222 [Rag]
Gender: Male
Personality: happy, dancer, out-going
Owner: gensaku

Name: mini_star_8675309_ [mini star]
Gender: Female
Personality: |Groovy| |Unique| |Caring|
Owner: Mallory

Disco Krawks listed: 6

Name: GrahamKrawker [Graham]
Gender: Female
Personality: shy and sweet
Owner: Jenny

Name: Kinahrah
Gender: Female
Personality: Creative, spirited, optimistic, fun.
Owner: Sluey

Name: Rhadical
Gender: Female
Personality: Funky, Witty, Sarcastic.
Owner: Noodle

Name: reason_of_existence [ex]
Gender: Female
Personality: fun, agile and tenacious
Owner: Alexa

Name: Paralusion
Gender: Female
Personality: shy, smart, understanding
Owner: Melanie

Name: __Madonna
Gender: Female
Personality: Famous, Dancing Queen, Bold
Owner: Choco

Disco Kyrii listed: 5

Name: Hibannaruto [Habba, Habbo]
Gender: Female
Personality: Loves to accessorize, digs kiwi milkshakes
Owner: Loopy

Name: MonsieurLouis [Loui]
Gender: Male
Personality: Crazy, Kind, Funny
Owner: ladyriane

Name: Ramseh
Gender: Male
Personality:Short attention span.
Owner: Rij

Name: Samantha4434 [Sammy]
Gender: Female
Personality: A cool, self-confident prankster.
Owner: lizabella50

Name: Rykaili [Ry]
Gender: Female
Personality: Girly, Hyper, Vegetarian
Owner: Smookie

Disco Meercas listed: 3

Name: Ammaryce
Gender: Female
Personality: Gr00vytastic & Bubbly
Owner: Orla

Name: Mujaa
Gender: Male
Personality: Bouncy, playful
Owner: Juan

Name: potgenie
Gender: Female
Personality: spoilt, greedy & bouncingly cute
Owner: huis

Disco Moehogs listed: 5

Name: Heshemoog [Heshem]
Gender: Male
Personality: [ boistrous : excitable : loyal ]
Owner: Louise

Name: Funkenstein
Gender: Male
Personality: ladies' man , dancin' fool
Owner: jennuine_1

Name: CCybali [Cyb]
Gender: Female
Personality: Tactless, blunt, klutz
Owner: Aera

Name: Sheeloom
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm, relaxed, cooperative, groovy!
Owner: Bre

Name: DiscoPig
Gender: Male
Personality: [eccentric:kinetic:occasional binge eater]
Owner: Aaron

Disco Nimmos listed: 0





Disco Peophins listed: 3

Name: Highjumps
Gender: Male
Personality: Ladies man, flirtatious, random.
Owner: Shel

Name: Carol_Stella_Shoyru
Gender: Male
Personality: Big show-off, ladies man
Owner: Ratsanddoglover

Name: _Lady_Lucky_336 [Luckster]
Gender: Female
Personality: Dancing Diva, Charming Gal, Sweetheart
Owner: Laura

Disco Pteri listed: 3

Name: Monyetchun
Gender: Male
Personality: bookworm, banana lover
Owner: okaachan

Name: Pretorii
Gender: Female
Personality: Dancer,Eccentric,Fun-loving,Moody
Owner: Avarice

Name: Impericia [Reece]
Gender: Female
Personality: Stylish, Funky, Energic
Owner: Julie

Disco Rukis listed: 5

Name: Onurb1123780826818 [Onurb]
Gender: Female
Personality: Caring but brutal in the BD.
Owner: little_miss_crazee

Name: Jorkia [Ji]
Gender: Female
Personality:Playful and dancing-lover
Owner: Qwyqwy

Name: Shinzell
Gender: Male
Personality: Trickster/Calm/Cool/Shifty
Owner: Matt

Name: Jenniannis183
Gender: Male
Personality: Bright, bubbly and party on
Owner: Fai

Name: AmuKakatsu [Funky Joe]
Gender: Male
Personality: hyper, funky, NOSEY
Owner: Duckie

Disco Shoyrus listed: 17

Name: dracos_horn [Draco]
Gender: Female
Personality: Curious, shy, spoiled
Owner: Ashimilli

Name: Skyemira [Skye]
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, Spunky, A Dancer
Owner: Cassie

Name: Izali
Gender: Female
Personality: Mellow
Owner: Steph

Name: SqueakyRubberDuckie [Duckie]
Gender: Female
Personality: friendly, crazy, and retro
Owner: Anubis

Name: _Trixie_neo9 [trixie brixtie]
Gender: Female
Personality: Loves reading and eating jelly
Owner: Katt

Name: Luvue
Gender: Male
Personality: Smart, loving, kind, mischievous
Owner: Skittles

Name: Basket
Gender: Female
Personality: Bubbly, Tomboyish, Dainty
Owner: Puffie

Name: Iwaszappedbydalab
Gender: Male
Personality: Loves disco dancing!
Owner: br0kenxh3art

Name: Cakeiyya [Cake]
Gender: Female
Personality: Odd, Calm
Owner: C.C.

Name: Vohlcanoh
Gender: Male
Personality: Loves chocolate and parties!
Owner: Dezi

Name: adrianne45361 [adrianne]
Gender: Male
Personality: just a kid who loves rainbows!
Owner: phendog

Name: bubble1726 [Bubbles]
Gender: Female
Personality: Smart | Generous | Hard-Worker
Owner: Mel

Name: BabiBluTears [BBT]
Gender: Male
Personality: party-animal,feminine,playful
Owner: Misha

Name: Shylinan
Gender: Female
Personality: funny-friendly-crazy
Owner: Raganell

Name: Blueberryly [Blueberry]
Gender: Female
Personality: playful/sweet/unsmart/psychotic/hard sleeper
Owner: Bob

Name: BellaraniaCelestine [Bella]
Gender: Female
Personality: kind, caring and poetic
Owner: Patricia

Name: Mew151_199317 [Mew]
Gender: Male
Personality: Smart|Optimist|Adventurer|Creative
Owner: Eternal Dreamer Spirit

Disco Skeiths listed : 0





Disco Tonus listed: 1

Name: ukiura
Gender: Female
Personality: Peaceful
Owner: Steph

Disco Wockies listed: 10

Name: citykitty3711 [Kitty]
Gender: Female
Personality: groovy; caring; loveable
Owner: Maria

Name: zablex
Gender: Male
Personality: loving, caring, generous, and adopted.
Owner: Katlyn

Name: wockybabe1313 [Baby]
Gender: Female
Personality: adventurous, friendly and shy
Owner: Emily

Name: Lunei
Gender: Male
Personality: sarcastic,entertaining,life of the party
Owner: Fauxeh

Name: Dramaqueentobe805 [Drama]
Gender: Female
Personality: Exciting,drama queen,self-centered
Owner: princezz

Name: Tigerlily96664
Gender: Male
Personality: Cool, 1337, awesome battledomer
Owner: Typo

Name: pinkiepinkie883 [pinkie]
Gender: Female
Personality: sarcastic, funny
Owner: Laura

Name: Woxind
Gender: Male
Personality: Rebel and a stunner
Owner: Patrick

Name: Yurah
Gender: Female
Personality: Funny, Loveable, Energetic, Creative
Owner: Marina

Name: Swirlpaw
Gender: Female
Personality: Sassy, Pretty, Preppy
Owner: Ruza

Disco Yurbles listed: 4

Name: Thaest
Gender: Male
Personality: Helpful, Confident
Owner: Rai

Name: DancetotheDisco [Disco]
Gender: Male
Personality: Outgoing, loves to dance and sing
Owner: Ani

Name: Fritt3r
Gender: Male
Personality: Confident, Cocky, Protective
Owner: Anthea

Name: Aneista
Gender: Female
Personality: Psychedelic, nice and funny
Owner: Marcello

Disco Zafaras listed: 7

Name: Asuekah
Gender: Female
Personality: | Haunted | Outgoing | Talented |
Owner: Alexis

Name: Meowth288 [Meowth]
Gender: Female
Personality: Sweet, Chocolate addicted
Owner: Rai

Name: Kaliyria [Kali]
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet, Secretive, Responsible
Owner: Prue Eveque

Name: BelgianRose [Rose]
Gender: Female
Personality: helpful, friendly but don't make her mad!
Owner: baby_pink_cybunny

Name: Meditrie [Medi]
Gender: Female
Personality: Fun|Determined|Well-mannered
Owner: Jayden

Name: Kindled_blaze [Blaze]
Gender: Female
Personality: Hippy, Calm, Buffie15's best bud
Owner: Dee

Name: ment_bleue
Gender: Male
Personality: Sweet but gullible
Owner: Skittles

Name: Zhora2 [Zhora]
Gender: Female
Personality: Funky, Wise, Caring, Chef
Owner: Silly

Disco Petpets

Here you can see all the petpets that are available in Disco.
Just hover over each picture to see the name of the petpet.

If you have a Disco petpet attached to one of your pets, whether that pet be Disco or otherwise, that you'd like to be featured in this section of Disco Dollies, just Neomail soyabean1983 with the following information:

  • Petpet's name
  • Petpet's species
  • Full name of pet to
    which the petpet is attached

Disco petpets added: 17

Disco Items

This section is devoted to all the groovy items you can buy for your pet, for your Neohome, or for no reason
other than for the pure love of Disco ^^
Simply hover over each picture to see the name of the item.

Items listed:74

Thanks to neoitems.net

Disco Miscellanea

There are currently three Disco themed avatars that you can get you glittery little paws on.

Method: View the pet lookup of a Disco Aisha.
Take your pick from the ones that have joined
Disco Dollies by clicking here *grin*

Method: Watch Chomby and the Fungus Balls
in concert at the Concert Hall.

Method: View the pet lookup of a Disco Ixi.
Take your pick from the ones that have joined
Disco Dollies by clicking here.

Over the years, there have also been several Caption Contests that have featured Disco items, pets and petpets.
I have trawled through all the contests and picked them out for your Disco delectation!
You can click on each picture to see what the winning captions were for that week.

Maybe employing these brightly coloured shopkeepers will attract people to your shop..

Why limit yourself to displaying your groovy side merely on Neopets?
You can now add a touch of Neopian disco to your AIM and MSN conversations using the following buddy icons.

Disco Adoptables

If you know of any other Disco adoptables that I might add to this section, please do drop me a Neomail to let me know where they can be found.

Link To Us

Here are some pretty little buttons that you can use to link to Disco Dollies if you'd like.

Above buttons made by Starr

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Other Places To Visit

If you have a directory that you'd like to see advertised here, please Neomail me letting me know where your page is, and I'll be sure to add your banner.

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Contact Me

If you see any errors on this page, need to change your details, know of something that could be added, or have any queries or comments, please feel more than free to click on the pen below, making the subject along the lines of 'Pet Directory', and I'll do my best to help.

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