about me

Hi and welcome to my Portfolio my username is idreamofsimplethings so if you'd like you can just call me Simple, as for its much easier to do so. :) I'm one of the site owners of Silent Serenity along with my daughter Fly I call her Flybe though its so cute ya know. Um well, a little bit about me would be I enjoy music and creativity. I enjoy cooking and writing as well. I'm just naturally creative its just how I was made to be. I enjoy many things but my favorites would be anything that sparkles I just like that as well as laughing, I love to laugh and be funny. I enjoy being around cheerful and happy people. I'm not perfect but I do my best to be kind to people and considerate of what they are saying. Everybody makes mistakes and I'm soley aware of that Its not hard for me to forgive but I admit I don't always understand. My hope is that we all as people can learn to be loving and kind and considerate how each other feels and what we all need to be simply happy and healthy. I love my kids the most!

Most most favorite things are... Kindness, Laughter, Scriptures, Cooking, Creating, Sparkles, Zippers & Pockets, Hearts, Stars, Snowmen, Seasons, Holidays, Tea, Sparkling Water, Pizza, Cookies, Bread, Being Healthy, Eating Healthy, Cooking Healthy, Music, Shopping, Red and Black Checkers, Tomb Raider Game Series and Minecraft, I like cute things, sporty and comfortable clothes, I love watching Dramafever, Runningman is love.

Wonderful People I adore whome I will forever Remember - Fly, Foy, Chrissy, Marshal, Luke, Winter, Pinkie, Connor, Michele and so many kind neopians who have shown us beautiful kindness, Thank you to all of you.

My Pets

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My Closet

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Gifts I've Recieved

So many more gifts I was given, I didn't keep track of over the years I'm sorry, thank you to all you kind neopians! :)

My Goals

I've just been working on my pets and my Lookbook taking more time to customise and putting more effort into dressing my pets. :*


Some of these took lots and lots of work and lots and lots of time.

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