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Before we go too far, here are some key pointers to pay attention to:

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** I currently do not have any art for Infernos, so if anyone wants to art for me... mail me!

Fleas and Ticks

Infernos the Fire Uni with Feu the Blue Melton and Spark the Flankin

Character Data

Name Dream on Fire
Nicknames Infernos
Gender Male
Age 2 Years
Birth date October 16th, 1906
Neopets Species Uni
REAL Species Equine
Rider Shinji Kitsune

Character Features

Breed Arabian X Pinto
Coat Color Charcoal
Mane Color Fiery
Coat Markings Fiery pinto markings
Scars/Birthmarks Scar on his nose, no special birthmarks noted
Unique Features Wings and spiral horn
Special Abilities Flight, temporary camouflage
Height 14.7 hands
Weight 1,501 lbs
Eye Color Crimson

Attributes Loyal | Honest | Quiet | Fierce | Strong | Bold | Confidant

Quirks Cocky | Aggressive | Untrustworthy | Obsessive | Demanding

  • Young mares (Obviously!)
  • Jelly beans
  • Blood Moons
  • Lightning

  • How he can't control his magic
  • Other mythical creatures
  • Stables & being groomed!
  • Thunder

Items Needed

BPPPB (400k) | Flankin (600k)

** all items NOT listed have already been obtained!

I'm gonna steal the Declaration of Independence. 3

The Birth of the Flame

Please note His story will consist of my own writing, some roleplay with Eclipse (sliver_dragon1) and Dragon (dragonan), and hopefully a few pets of my own will join (or another Neopian). Do not steal or use as your own.

Infernos has transformed over the years. He started off as an idea for CoffeeDreams, a UC Darigan Uni, but then became a UC Darigan Uni named Muffin_QT, then transformed into Calvaro the Brown Uni, and has now happily found rest as Infernos the Fire Uni. As much as I loved the character design, it took a couple tries to iron out name and neopian specifics. All of that to say, I'm sorry if you see weird name typos.

It happens as things evolve.


Born into the cushion-y stable life in the High Mountains of Japan, Infernos knew he was destined to be something more than the stable owners were making him. He had such a sissy name and would be forced to jump in circles or pose as if he actually cared about appearance. The daily grooming, weekly baths, and intense training sessions in the useless dressage ring at the Rishiri Stables bored him to tears. His father, Esprezion, was born a wild Pinto and tamed before brought to these stables thus becoming one of the most well-known and famous horses about. Infernos can barely remember him and his mother Surreal Dreamscape, a domesticated Arabian, was such a prissy high-maintenance mare that the only time he got to be around her was when he was a young foal and needed nourishment.

But how did an Arabian and a Pinto create this Unipeg? The Rishiri Stables were perched in a hidden valley inside of Mount Rishiri home to the most secret Training Grounds in the world. (It's so secret, I can't even tell you the name until the role-play/story is written! ;D) These grounds studied more than just the art of fighting and defense, they and created the elite of the elite of magical fighters. Many great mages came from this school and a mage's normal mode of transportation was by horseback! The Rishiri Stables was secretly run by this school, proving a wide-range of recreational sports and training exercises for all types of fighters.

A young boy by the name of Shinji Kitsune became intrigued with the species and studied their movements. Although, not a fan of Esprezion's and Surreal Dreamscape's personalities and attitudes, he requested from the stable's High Master, Uma, and requested that those two were bred together. He wanted Esprezion's strength and Dreamscape's agility in their offspring.

Unbeknownst to them, Surreal Dreamscape's was from the mystical Unicorn lineage and Esprezion was from the lineage that of the Pegasus. The probability of their offspring carrying both traits as dominant traits was slim to none! Each trait was recessive in both parents, so logically in the foal it would be recessive as well. Right? Clearly no one expected this.

And finally, Surreal birthed a healthy, strong male foal and the High Master named him Infernos in honor of his parents. The small, soft, horn on his head shocked every onlooker and excited Shinji. His horse was going to be unique. Wings at the time were not present and only become present when the young colt used magic, conducted from his horn, which he can't honestly control all too well.

Although, at the time, he was only a young growing colt, he knew he was destined for something far greater than the show ring. Dressage was an utter bore and the music made him drag his hooves. Jumping could be a challenge, but he's not the average horse and his riders knew it. Because he was a Unipeg, he had bones similar to that of birds so he could jump twice as high as the normal horse and the riders and trainers would add weights to his boots and saddle to remove the edge he had against the competition. This same process was done for any fast-paced competitions as well.

Shinji and Infernos held a special bond unbreakable, but overtime training for both got more and more rigorous to keep them out of trouble and the time they got to spend together was limited. You see, Shinji was never allowed to ride Infernos because he was a Unicorn and the Head Master Otousan said it was dangerous for a ninja of Shinji's talent. On the night of a blood moon, Shinji escaped from his quarters to see his horse and whispered a few words in his ears, "You are MY horse. MY special gift. Hatsuyume Rêves. That is YOUR name. And you belong with me." Infernos never saw Shinji again after that moon praying, neighing, wishing on every blood moon that he would return...

but he never did.

Infernos awaited the day for his ultimate freedom from the prison everyone else called home, but it never came. He looked forward to the day when they'd stop shoving a bit in his mouth and a saddle on his back, but they never stopped. His heart grew heavy and the abandonment by Shinji only weighted his heart more.

Finally, on the night of his fifth year, he escaped. Now running free, he searches for the one he calls his rider.

Chapter One: New Friends

It was a dark and stormy night. The winds screamed though the trees as the leaves frightfully danced. The rains flooded the earth. Lightning made the earth shake and thunder haunted anyone who heard it. As he Foryst trees swayed and swung the lightning struck the ground with tremendous force revealing an abandoned building. The building was two stories tall with a porch and wooden rocking chair close to the door that hung by the bottom rusty hinge. The windows were shattered and the wooden frame of the house was drenched to the core. Old and tattered curtains erratically flew in and out of the highest -blocked- To the side of the house was a side entrance to the cellar locked by a rusty lock. The wood burst apart and flew away from the house. A figure appeared from the cellar entrance and jumps out into the storm. Her figure was slender and petite, only standing about four feet tall, with hair dangling just past her hips. Her eyes came to life and one shone a bright emerald green while the other was a dull blue-gray. Her name was Eleanor.

Eleanor whistled into the night storm. She heard a cry in the distance and hooves beating the ground relentlessly "Come to me," she called out.

The beating hooves came closer and she looked through the trees and smirked. A massive Clydesdale was galloping closer to her, sturdy and covered in darkness. He arrived at the abandoned home and saw Eleanor. He slowed and trotted to her, bending his head down towards the earth to greet her.

."Welcome back, my friend," she whispered into his ear and her hand began to trace his neck and brushed though his mane. "Thank you for staying out of trouble and keeping clean," she giggled as she looked at the beautiful stallion, knowing he was rolling his eyes as he huffed. "We must go," she ended their short meeting, and turned to mount him. He raised his head up as she moved to his side, easily jumping onto the humongous horse. She grabbed tuffs of his hair in her hands and at that moment lightning struck and they vanished.

Eleanor rode her mount strong; shoulders back, thighs clenched tight around the horse's back, her hands full of the horse's mane. A true rider she was. Her steed had an elegant stride, each muscle flexed with grace. They both darted left and right and dodged trees. The rain still splashed down relentlessly upon their faces, making the land before them blur into a pastel painted picture. They rode for a distance unknown, moving in zigzag patterns through the Foryst. It would be a long journey away from the abandoned abode to a location unknown if she knew where she was going. The land had just finally recovered from a terrible fire from years ago. Everything had finally re-grown, yet something about the land seemed dead. Eleanor and her Clydesdale jumped over a fallen tree. Something caught her eye and she ordered her mount to stop. Hooves skid across the mud as Eleanor jumped to the ground with a thud. Taking a couple steps in the muddy slush she stopped at the large log and traced her hands along the bark: charred to the core. She hopped over it and kneeled to feel the earth beneath. Skimming the ground with her middle and index finger her skin lightly snagged on a sharp object. Pricking her finger, she quickly pulled away before excavating a rotting bone. She examined it carefully. Something was off. This was not human.

Her eyes quickly shot to her mount that stood over her to slightly block the rains. She looked up at him, confused. He looked at her, uninterested, and soon turned to walk off. She stood with the bone in her hand and then shoved it in a little hidden pocket in her pant leg. She then quickly jumped on the log then onto her mount without a sound. He appeared to not be phased by her as she landed on his back softly. He got ready to leap forward into a gallop again and she held on, looking back and watching the log disappear into the painted rains. She looked at her mount and smiled to herself, realizing she never actually gave this majestic help a name.

Daegan, she thought and a smile crept to her face. She shrugging it off and focused noticing that the giant had ridden hard and it began to wear deep in his bones. He was panting hard as he kept his pace, dodging trees and random brush. The only sounds that the two would hear were the rolling of thunder, the constant patter of the rain, and the huffs of their own breathing as Daegan, her mount, bolted through the storm.

Eleanor and Daegan stopped for the night at the base of Mount Himitsu in a small town mainly used as a rest stop. Dismounting at Himitsu's Base Stable, she inquirred to the Boarding Master about Daegan.

."We need a place to rest. How much? I'll sleep in the stall with my mount. Feed and clean him".

."No can do. We're all full up. And your mount is much too big for any of my stalls. Just look at the monster. Find somewhere else to store him. Good evening, miss".

Daegan snarled and stomped his hoves toward the man. "Now look here, see, I can't house him. In fact, I won't," he spat, "Now run along. There are more towns farther up north that have space for creatures like him".

Eleanor glared and turned away, patting Daegan's front leg, "Come on, boy. We'll just walk up Himitsu with no break then".

As Daegan and Eleanor turned away, the Boarding Master eyed them carefully, she could feel his gaze burrowing into her skull. Climbing up onto her stallion, he lifted his tail and used the bathroom as they walked slowly away. They both snickered as they began their travels into the night.

[ ] - [ ] - [ ] - [ ] - [ ] - [ ]

."Up the mountain, eh?" The Boarding Master's lips curled up into a wicked smile. Walking back into his office, he slid behind his desk and sat, shuffling about papers and looking around for something. Muttering to himself, he stumbles upon a silver whistle, the length of his pinky and smiles. Bringing it to his lips, he blows into the mouth piece.

Mere seconds pass before three figures appear from the darkness, two wearing black masks, one in a long red yukata. Their eyes blank. The man in the yukata spoke with authority, "What do you need, Baaka"?

."I have valueable information. I'm willing to share with you, for a small price." Rubbing his fingers together, looking for a little incentive to share his newfound knowledge.

A katana wizzed past him, mere inches from his face, "You don't call us and then ask for money".

With widened eyes, he spoke quickly, "Well ... there's a massive stallion heading towards the School. I don't know why. His rider is leading him up the main path. They left a few hours ago. Seemed kind of shady".

."Turns out your not as useless as I orignally thought." The man turned towards the shadows, "Men? Dispose of him." And with that, Baaka fell to the floor and all the men were gone.

Chapter Two: Enemies

The moon's light sunk low behind the mountain's peak as Eleanor and Daegan trekked on, fatigued from the long journey. "Let's rest for the night, boy," she crooned in his year and layed her head against his mane. As much as she wants to reach the top by dawn, she, nor Daegan, can keep their eyes open long enough for the trip.

She slid off her mount and lead him into the mountain's trees, hiding out away from the main path. "As much as we need to get to Dream before dawn, we need rest. He will be able to wait until then." Tucking herself next to Daegan, she and the large equine fell asleep.

Morning arose with the smell of wet pine and obnoxious chirps from small Warblers, making nests, seeking out new friends. Daegan woke, nuzzling into his rider as she slept.

."Check every tree. Every rock. I do not want any outsiders anywhere near, do you understand me?" A voice boomed between the trees. Daegan abruptly jolted, sending Eleanor into the bushes.

It was time to get moving. Hair full of twigs and leaves, Eleanor mounted Daegan and they bolted deeper into the trees. It was too early in the morning to pick a fight. Dodging branches, they weave up the mountain's incline. The voices began to disperse into the distance, which relaxed their nerves as they continued to travel, but it doesn't mean they were in the clear. "Who would be searching the mountain for 'outsiders,'" Eleanor whispered as Daegan slowed to a walk as they continued, remaining off the main trail.

Eleanor frowned to herself, remembering why they were traveling to this extent, "Poor Dream," she whimperd. Feeling Daegan's shoulders slump. Today was D-Day for him, where he is branded to his stable in four different spots. The most painful of marks. Daegan knew that pain too well. Eleanor leaned backward as he walked and rubbed the muscles around his left flank. Daegan had received a message from a small feline character, who wouldn't leave him alone until he listened. It turns out it's more than just branding. Did they know what it was? Sadly not, but they were sure not going to let a stallion in need suffer the cruel hands of what sounded like assassins and hitmen. Sounds cliche, sure, but something was off about the story, something was missing. Eleanor's curiosity grew as they traveled further up, where the trees got sparse and all that was left was the mountain path ... unless Eleanor wanted to rock climb to the summit.

Neither of them had heard any of the voices while they moved forward, which could be a good or bad sign. Staying alert, they finally reached the start of the summit, a plateau of grassy fields and wooden stable-grounds. Peaceful and silent. Daegan's hooves dragged on the ground, the incline had gotten the best of him.

."Rest, Daegan. I'll call you when it's time," Eleanor smiled and dismounted, hunching low to the ground and slinking closer to the stables.

The run had reached it's highest peak by the time she had entered the stables, looking blindly for a horse of which she had no idea what he looked like. Each stable had names written on them, but what seemed to be a foreign language. Peering through each stall, she saw all sorts or unfortunate things from missing limbs to extensive scarring. Most mares and a small group of stallions were untouched, beautiful creatures, but most were marred by ... something unnatrual. Everything she saw made her cringe as she continued down the hallway of horses.

Near the end, she found a charcoal coloured stallion with soft dapple splotches along his coat. He had a beautiful thick tail, slightly wavy and had a cut short black mane. Pinning his ears back, he looks behind him, seeing Eleanor's crouched figure and faces her. A crooked, spiral white horn protruded from his skull. "A ... unicorn?" Eleanor breathed, in shock, "Dream...?" She shispered at him, he looked at her and hoofed at his stall door. Just in time. Eleanor smiled and unhinged the l=ock, pulling the door open for him to exit.

A loud thud echoed through the stable as voices mingled together, forming incoherent words. Growing louder. Eleanor, in a panic, shut the stall door and climbed inside. The words grew louder with their approaching footsteps. With her heart pounding out of her chest, she looked at Dream, completely calm, and focused on the door. Three shadowy figures stood before him, speaking in a language Eleanor could not understand, and starting for the lock. Dream hoofed at the ground and threw his head backward, his eyes glowing red.

Eleanor took that as a distraction, and started for one of the men, but was stopped by hooves as Dream began to grow wings and reared at the wooden walls of his stall. In a tizzy, the three men attempted to rope the raging stallion, but with each thrust of his hind legs, the wood began breaking. Screaming foreign profanities, they managed to get a rope around his neck, but he thrashed about, throwing one man against the wall and the other to the floor as the back wall burst open.

Taking advantage of this, Eleanor grabbed his mane and leapt onto his back, stretching out his wings, the enraged beast took off. Eleanor held in a scream as fear pulsed through her veins as they took flight and escaped the grasps of the stablehands.

."At least one of us has a plan," Eleanor exhaled, head still pounding with adrenaline. "Now, if you can understand me, land down by the base of the plateau. That's where my mount is".

Seeing Daegan, he turns about and landed nearby. Eleanor dismounted quickly to get a grip on what she had just experienced. Looking at Daegan, she knew he was just as shocked as she was, watching as the wings slowly began to mold back into his back.

."Let's get you out of here before anything else goes wrong," Eleanor smiled and mounted Daegan. Squeezing Daegan's sides, they quickly began trekking down the mountain. They were sure to be followed.

More story is always being worked on, it does not mean it will actively be on posted on Neopets due to sticky fingers. I hope you enjoy what I post, though!

Character Design

The first image is the first sketch of Infernos' character ever. Because of that- it birthed this whole loving obsession back in the early months of 2012 and have evolved with him ever since.
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Art © Ukraine (that's me)
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Power of Perception (fan art)

Please enjoy a small collection of any and all pieces of wonderful art provided by amazing users about my darling Infernos (whom was known as Reves at the time).

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Art © Jezzie (allialli13) | Art © Amly (driftingmist)

Infernos' Adoptables

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Trivial Facts

Here, I am going to label whatever I do -to- Infernos on Neopets or whatever. I don't have much to get done, but I'm sure these dates are kind of important.

Infernos was adopted April 14th, 2017, from a very sweet and amazing user whom I am eternally grateful to. He had Infernos UFT and I spent a few months just gawking over him and throwing all sorts of random offers and re-offers at him until I guess he decided to just give Infernos to me since I didn't find an offer he liked. THIS USER IS THE BEST AND MOST WONDERFUL FRIEND I HAVE MADE. ;3; Luff you.

Save the Date

Adoption April 14th, 2017
Morphed April 14th, 2017, Green Uni Morphing Potion for ~8,000 NP
Painted April 2017, Fire, Fire Your Pants on Fire for ~600,000 NP
Petpet Attatched May 20th, 2017, Melton for ~3,000 NP
Petpet Painted BLUE, hasn't happened yet :K
Petpetpet Attatched Also hasn't happened yet.

Intelect and Strength

Where I will put all of his books read and codestones used, when he is back on my account.

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