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i'm grace, i'm 20 years old, and i've been playing neopets for 14 years! i have a pretty obvious aisha addiction, as they make up most of my pets and have always been my favorite! i collect aisha stuff on neo and in real life as well!

outside of neopets, i really enjoy collecting tamagotchis/other virtual pets, playing video games, organizing, watching wrestling (ember moon and kairi sane are my favs), blogging, drawing, and reading books and manga/watching anime! ^^

i'm always open for neomails, friend requests, anything like that! i'll try to be as quick to respond as i can be!

news blast

02.12.19 traded for my no.1 dream pet, a uc faerie aisha named Isabell85233! extremely excited to spoil her. i also won 800k in food club today!

06.01.18 butches placed first in the beauty contest for aishas and 5th overall, and i also went pink & won a water pb from the vending machine!! thanks so much for your votes!!

05.21.18 got my very first ffq in all my years of neopets!! with all the excitement in the world, i painted butches snot!!


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