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I'm too lazy to update, so I'll just put Fantasy on some listers and see where that gets me.
one. Your page must be for yourself: About you, or your work.
two. Your page should have a decent amount of content, and preferably be a long-lasting page on a permanent pet.
three. Linking back to Fantasy would be lovely, but it's not required.
four. If you can, please tell me if you go on hiatus, your page has moved, or anything that would make Fantasy inaccurate.
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Generally, I envision this as a place to find wishlist/goals of active neopians that you would like to help, or maybe as a place to get ideas from. Of course, there's always the pride that comes with keeping your own portfolio up and running!

I hope this list is well curated for you to use and perhaps have a snoop through c;

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