I promise you, we're meant to be-zzt
Fingers twitched irritably at the interface, switching off all energy from the screen.
Humans. I can never understand why they say the most absurd things. Does he really think I can learn much from studying their shows? I mean seriously, how can they be so sure of their fates? And the classic sob story that ends all, the usual tragedy: broken hearts, wasted time, and scarred minds.

Don't they know the closest distance between two points is a line? They are oblivious, blind as they are to such a concept; humans think that taking a divergence is fun. Strange, aren't they?

This is where I come in. The weaver to unravel their messes.


A sneak peek at what I'm working on:

Can't stop loveee~!


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Character, art, content, coding, all by Mitsuki (sukita).

About Juexnii


Name: Juexnii
Nickname: Jue-bug
Species: Faerie Wocky
Age: 16
Sign: Sagittarius
DOB: December 15th
Occupation: Cupid


Jue's life revolves around the social aspect of life. She was born with the ability to see "red fate lines," a single red thread that connects people who are fated to be together on their pinkies. These fate spun threads are only visible to the select few who have cultivated to a high level; Juexnii happens to be the only cupid with such abilities amongst her contemporaries.
From an early age, she could accurately predict which couples were meant to be by seeing the ends of the two lines clearly. To her, such ability holds little value to her as she finds it too easy, where as her peers revered her for it and deemed her a prodigy.
Growing up in an environment that idolizes her, Jue is molded into the cupid everyone expects her to be: cute, confident, and errorless. Although Jue does have most of the qualities, she is often not as outgoing as most except her to be. In truth she feels deprived of a normal childhood as both her parents are very demanding over her, thus she is secretly envious of others but she will never show her jealousy. She is strong in her areas of punctuality and immaculate organization but she is mature and formal towards her business.

However she does care about other's perceptions, laughs at the right time, and does what's necessary. She only does what is required of her so her display of emotions is mainly kept to herself and to her closest friends. Often times when she is annoyed she gets sarcastic and flicks her tail, but she will always reserve herself from getting fully angry at anything.
Because Jue is unlike her friends with her vision ability, it sets her apart from society. Sometimes when she's by her self, her loneliness from the community is an internal struggle, as rarely can she find another individual similar to her in abilities. Jue has a big fan base and tons of people who adore her, but she only considers few as her true friends who mostly have many things in common with her. Yet most of the time, Jue prefers to be alone flying and exploring the world verses attending a social gathering as she believes she's so different from others that she has very little in common. But Jue seeks comfort in what she takes in for gratitude unconsciously, making others happy by spreading the love. Even though she labels herself as someone stoic, she is really a soft-hearted when she allows herself to be.


Quad Jue's in quad form is a fairly petite wocky in body size but her tail makes up 1/3 of total appearance. She balances her body using her 4 dainty orange-yellow feet. Her paws are a delicious soft pink as well as her nose. In the air, Jue uses her pink wings to lift her up; each feather has a special light design in that two feathers brought together form the shape of a heart. Jue's mane is a vibrant violet color as well as her hair, while her ears are a deeper salmon. Yet what Jue takes pride in the most is her lavish fluffy tail which looks like a heavy weight but in fact is rather weightless when she is in flight.
In my story, Jue will mainly be transferring from her quad to her anthro design quite constantly. Jue is half anthro and half human, in the sense that she can transfer between the two at her own will. In her anthro form, Jue has her ears, tail, and wings where as in her human form she is completely normal. Such disguise is required when she is in a place populated with humans. However both forms share a similarity in that she has the same shade of pink hair and eyes. Her complexion is fair.
However she is unfamiliar with human customs, so Jue often wears fashion in ways people deem strange, such as a bathing suit in the winter. :9

Juexnii's Reference Sheet

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Spreading love
Straight forward people

Bad relationships
Broken hearts
A Hungry Bug
Very demanding and rude people
People who have bad morals and ethics

The Line

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet,
regardless of time, place, or situation.
The thread may stretch or tangle,
but it will never break.
- an ancient Chinese belief

Everyone is connected to someone else in the world by this red string that determines their relationship fates. By birth all are endowed this invisible line, but the possibility of ever having the ends of these two string come together is quite rare. Due to the millions of people in the world and its vastness, the chances of the actual true pairing is very small. Thus most humans are living in their own entangled traps. However it is said when the ends of the line comes together, both people are the happiest.
In Juexnii's eyes, the world is flooded with seemingly never-ending red strings. To her, the lines of others have always been visible, but her own fate lies imperceptible to herself.

Weaving and Archery

As a cupid, Juexnii's main goal is to use archery to weave the lines together. Jue believes through logic that the closest distance between two lines is a straight line. Through archery, she basically shoots a shorter line between the two destined people and tries to weave their schedules closer together. Her arrows are made specially by Jue herself as they create an unique magnetic field that pulls the polar ends together constantly.

The Company

♥ The Hierarchy →

The system that Jue works at is organized into a hierarchy of ranks. This is a vague representation of the population.
I think he's self-explanatory; he's the boss. Of everything.
Individual Departments of Gods
This rank is mainly represents the different Gods, such as the Elemental Gods that balance Earth, and many others. Gods such as the Greek Gods/Goddess of everything are here too (ie. Hera, Apollo, etc); They all report to the CEO.
The Messengers are under Hermes, the main manager of reporting to the Gods. The Managers oversee the work of the 3 separate organizations run by, St. Valentine, Angel, and Lady Luck. Smaller ranking managers also guides most of the workers under them.
St. Valentine
St. V was the first to have the ability to see the Red Fate Lines and thus created International Love Day which is now known as St. Valentine's/Valentine's Day. He remains incognito in today's society thus everyone only knows him as the manager. Juexnii belongs to his company's organization as one of the top cupids.
Angel is the generic name of all the messengers who deal with the human "life line." This line is a gold thread that determines one's longevity depending on its length. A longer line indicates a longer life, while immortal life lines are a glowing blue. Angels have the ability to take, extend, or cut the lines when the managers request. An alternate name for them is Shinigami.
Lady Luck
Lady Luck is the one who has the ability of seeing the "Luck Line." Many a human has wondered about the wheel of karma, but in reality Lady Luck is the one who is capable of giving or taking away luck by redefining the luck line. The people under her are often called Leprechauns but also have many other names.
Spirits consist of the wide variety of society. They can be lost souls, or souls with a purpose. For example, Stariettia is a soul with the life purpose of Compassion. She takes in falling stars/souls and nurses them back to health. Other souls can be here to haunt humans or seek revenge.

Juexnii's Companion

Name: Bug
Species: Red Pikis
Function: Communication Network Device
Model: 70Ve
Bug is Jue's petpet who basically serves as her overseer. He is connected and reports to Jue's manager as Jue works as a single deciding individual, unlike her cupid peers who do what they are told to do. In order for Bug to function, he has to consume food, but Jue believes that he has been mal-programed as he can eat the whole world into poverty in just 3 months. Bug loves to eat and constantly bothers Jue for snacks and sweets; really, all he really does is eat instead of work. Even with his jaunty behavior, he stays loyal to Jue because he really does enjoy being with her. Well, annoying her that is.

Her Story

Chapter One- Trouble Already?

Jue? Juexnii? Are you there? Report to M7V236 now," a voice buzzed into my ear.
I'm here- hello? Yes I'm still alive! What are you talking about?" I replied, annoyed by the frantic hollering coming from my hair clip receiver.
Our boss says that he's promoting you," the voice replied. "What? There are no more ranks to promote me to other than to go down!" I exclaimed surprised.
Oh he knows that. No he has some other intention. He wants to have a meeting with you though right now." The voice replied.
Fine. Just give me the directions. Please." I said curtly, pressing the right clip to turn the receiver off.
Pfft. As if I don't do enough untangling their customers already.
Alright Bug, time to go; let's see what trouble we're in now," I rolled my eyes at my pikis who promptly followed me.

Chapter Two- What He Decided

My first time at the headquarters was unpleasant. The Secretary ushered me into a spacious room and told me to wait for my boss who would be with me shortly.
I reclined in the chair, paws crossed, eyes alert but body calm; yet behind my façade was the real me, a nervous wreck, worried because I had done nothing wrong. Ha, as if flicking my tail around could belie that in truth I was quite perplexed; usually employees would be detained here until further proof until fired. This placed served as an interrogation room really. But who wouldn't be worried though, trapped in an arcane room, a cell with mirrors as walls, and a floor of linoleum white.
I studied my figure to assuage my fears: immaculately well groomed fur, decently proportioned, and elegant- wait, wait, what can be the worst my boss could do to me? I've been his best cupid yet and I'm not being arrogant. My accuracy rate is 110%!
Juexnii, how wonderful of you join me today," a voice boomed jubilantly out of nowhere.
Good afternoon, Sir," I replied, as my posture instantly transformed into a still doll, my backbone straight and my paws in my lap. There was no sign of his figure, but only a mere prescience. So why won't you show yourself?
My soul is amorphous, Juexnii; its essence is such a high level that perhaps you cannot see me. Yet I am sure, you can see my red fate line?" he question. I nodded obediently at the floating red string that ended suddenly at an invisible force. It was hard trying to avoid the urge to flick my tail at his teasing tone.
That is how I assure you I am here. I will be brief with you Jue. I am neither here to disgrace you (yes, I can read aloud your thoughts), not do I wish to cajole you. You agree that you are a bright and talented young cupid, yes? Well if you are placed in a more auspicious environment, I trust you can succeed beyond anyone else."
So that is to say, I can communicate with you in my mind.
That is correct."
Haven't I already surpassed my peers?
Yes and no. You have passed the level of which you placed yourself. Yet don't you agree that it's time to make the standards higher? It's time to compete with your betters Jue: us, the ones who have true capabilities and immense powers."
What do you want of me? Must… resist… twitching…
I want to send you to Earth. To become human.

Chapter Three- The Preposterous Plan

I panicked.
To become HUMAN, me???" I yelped aloud, digging my claws into the arm rest and looking to a very flabbergasted fluff of pink in the mirror. "You jest!
How can I? I was once human myself," he replied. My eyes bulged- I had always thought that all cupids were created, their souls not originating from human life.
I was once a part of a marvelous species; it was until an accidental death was I able to request to stay alive. It was the benediction of a kind angel that I was given this job as a cupid. And similar to you, I worked myself arduously into the ranks. But surely you have noticed my line is red, not blue. I have not been granted the gift of immortality. We age eventually, and I am old Juexnii. It is my wish to have a successor to my company. Yet for you to instantaneously succeed me is to give my post to an unworthy current you. I have noticed you find as a cupid too easy of a job with your sight. You will face even harder tribulations as a human, but if you defeat them all then you will have accomplished what you really want."
I digested his words. So he really just wants me to jump through a few flaming hoops before I get his entire company.
There was no answer to my sarcasm.
Then I acquiesce, name your terms old man."

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