the lost soul

A Void In Your Soul

Playlist :
Near Light - Olafur Arnalds
Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
Cité Radieuse - Saycet
Cherries & Memories - Saycet
Gleypa Okkur - Olafur Arnalds
Folsense Theme - Layton OST

In the depths of a soulless castle, somewhere close to the edge of a cliff, resonates a fateful melody.
Music notes dances through time, without bounds, from midnight to noon, never they stop.

Invariably, again and again..
Slumbering in front of the keyboard, the back arched by the passing of time, the keys worn out by his sharp claws.

The evil pianist who never stops.

Again and again, the same threnody, anthem to the one who has lost everything.
Hunched by his notebook, never he straightens, living by the feeble flame of a melted candle.
Dull candelabras shades a gloomy light on a room where the sun is blocked out by heavy velvet curtains.
Dust piles up on this massive ebony piano, only the keyboard shines with an immaculate white glow.

Again and again.
As the sun sets in the sky, a deep voice rises up, full of grace and power, this only voice capable of piercing your soul.
Again and again, this never ending threnody, in this remote castle, where even the birds muffle their chirping in fear of offending the evil pianist who has even lost his soul.

Dans les profondeurs d'un château sans âme, quelque part au bord d'une falaise résonne une mélodie funèbre.
Les notes de musique parcourent le temps sans limite de minuit jusqu'à midi, jamais elles ne s'arrêtent.

Sans cesse, encore et encore.
Somnolant devant le clavier, le dos vouté par le temps, les touches usées par le passage de ses griffes..
Le pianiste démoniaque qui jamais ne s'arrête.
Encore et encore cette même mélopée, hymne à celui qui a tout perdu.
Prostré face à son carnet de note, jamais il ne se redresse, vivant à la seule lumière d'une bougie complètement fondue.
De pâles chandeliers éclairent d'une lumière macabre cette pièce où les rayons du soleil sont obstrués par de lourds rideaux de velours.
La poussière s'agglomère sur ce piano noir massif, seul le clavier résonne d'une blancheur immaculée.

Encore et encore.
A la levée du petit jour, s'élève une voix profonde, pleine de grâe et de puissance, cette seule voix capable de transpercer ton âme.
Encore et encore, cette mélopée répétée, dans ce château lointain, où même les oiseaux étouffent leur piaillement pour ne point faire offense au pianiste démoniaque qui a perdu jusqu'à son âme.


Pseudonym : Jyuukun
Real Name : Maxime Von Verzweiflung
Age : 25
Gender : Male
Neopets Specie : Gelert, cross painted Halloween/Darigan
Birthday : 24th October 2010
Height : 1.80 m (~ 6ft)
Weight : 60 kg (132.3 lbs)
Family : Smurfh (Hugo Von Verzweiflung), older brother, and ThePianist (Vincent Von Verzweiflung), younger brother.
Hometown : Neovia
Statut : Alive
Current Location : Unknow
Occupation : Music (Piano but he knows how to play a lot of instrument), art, literature.
Speaks : French, German, English and Italian.
Favorite things : Candles, Scarves, Roses, Piano.
Special Traits : Ever since Maxime went into hiding, he has trouble supporting the sun's rays on his skin and will be blinded by its light. He prefers to go out at night. He always carry 3 pocket watches with him and no one knows why. He rarely if ever brush his hair, they always fall on his nose while he plays his piano. His eyes are green just like his mother's, thus he really has a hard looking at himself in a mirror, as it reminds him to much of her. Weak constitution both mentally and physically. His wings are too weak to support his weight and can't use them to fly.
Abilities : While being really slim and coming from a noble family, Maxime knows how to fight, since he ran away from home, nobody but himself can protect him now. He learned how to fight by reading books and watching his elder brother train. He's pretty weak physically but he's a genius and intelligence can win over strength. He'll do his best to end the fight as quickly as possible however.

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Likes & Dislikes

  • Music
  • Night
  • Books
  • Stars
  • Perfection
  • Opera
  • Clocks
  • Candles
  • People
  • Lies
  • Ugly Things
  • Ghost
  • Horror Stories
  • World
  • Ugliness
  • Mean person

  • Here are some of Jyuu's favorite items :


    This is Hugo Von Verzweiflung, most well know as Smurfh. He's the big brother of Maxime and Vincent. He's a well know thief. He doesn't steal per necessity but simply because he enjoys it. He's 3 years older than Maxime, so he's 28. He belongs to the Thief Guild and was last seen somewhere on Krawk Island. He's researched by King Jazan for stealing some of Nabile's jewelery.

    This is Vincent Von Verzweiflung, most well know as ThePianist. He's Maxime's and Hugo's young brother. He's a well know young pianist, and a true promising talent. Even years later, he's still living in Maxime's shadow. He's currently 14. He's living with his parents, in the family manor. Deep inside, he still hopes to see his family reunited again, just like the good old times.


    The story is available in both French and English. Text may vary a little due to translation.

    This story takes place at different points of views. The character narrating the passage is indicated in italics. This part uses their real name. ( Jyuukun : Maxime, Smurfh : Hugo, ThePianist : Vincent)

    Cette histoire se place à différents points de vues. Le personnage narrant le passage est indiqué en italique. Cette partie utilise leurs vrais noms. ( Jyuukun : Maxime, Smurfh : Hugo, ThePianist : Vincent)

    Introduction :

    Vincent (ThePianist)

    As far as I can remember, I've always admired him. His poise, his elegance, his everything was to my eyes, perfect.
    This word bore a meaning on my life because of him. He was my rolemodel for a huge part of my life, and I tried, even just a little, to rise up to his level.
    - - -
    D'aussi loin que je me souvienne, je l'ai toujours admiré. Sa prestance, son élégance, tout chez lui était à mes yeux, parfait.
    Ce mot a pris son importance dans ma vie à cause de lui, il était mon modèle et pendant une grande partie de ma vie, j'ai essayé, ne serait-ce qu'un peu, de m'élever à sa hauteur.

    Chapter One

    Vincent (ThePianist)

    I was born during a starless night, inside the family manor, located in the suburbs of Neovia. The beginning of my existence was terribly ordinary and unworthy of being told. My father was a famous tailor and had contacts with the high nobility and even with royalty. He quickly made a fortune selling all sorts of luxurious garments. My mother was a former dancer who had abandoned her ballerinas to marry my father.
    I had two brothers, both of them way taller and stronger than myself. Hugo was the oldest of them both, strong, athletic and real clever, was banished from our house by our parents after too many thefts and other mischiefs. I never got the chance to really know him as he was always distant and mysterious.
    Then came Maxime, a piano virtuoso, capable of melodies worthy of heaven. As you can imagine, he was, and by far, our parents' favourite. I spent my days in the shadows, to discretely spy on him. But this was about to change.

    - « Still there watching me ? It is not really polite. » he said softly, making me jump.
    - « As if I wanted to hear you play that stupid piano ! » I sharply answered, vexed he caught me spying on him.

    Even though I was facing his back, I knew he was smiling softly, mocking me tenderly.

    - « Are you sure you don't want to come here so I can teach you how to play a few notes ? »

    He had sparked my interest, but even so, I persisted on hiding behind one of the pillars of the living room. He did not insist. He started playing again, his black hair falling on his nose and his back arched. I was dying to let my small fingers roam free on this keyboard capable of the most delightful melodies, even though I was only six.
    Without even glancing at me, he knew I was right by his side. Gently, he hoisted me next to him, on the little velvet bench.

    - «You see, what's magnificent with the piano, is that there's no limit. You can reinvent the music without end.»

    His discourses were always burning with passion when he was talking about music. He wasn't allowing the world to listen to his music, it was the world that came into his soul just to have the privilege to listen to it. My first notes on this instrument were catastrophic, no matter which key I was touching, the result was always the same, a cacophony of grotesque sounds. My disappointed pout made Maxime smile, who then brushed my hair with his hand. He started to laugh. It was the very first time that I've heard him laugh so freely. And even like that, the sound of his voice was perfectly crystal clear.

    Chapitre Un

    Je suis né durant une nuit sans étoiles, dans le manoir familial, se situant dans la banlieue de Neovia. Le début de mon existence fut tristement ordinaire et n'est donc pas digne d'être conté. Mon père était un couturier influent et avait des contacts dans la haute noblesse et même avec la royauté. Il a rapidement fait fortune en vendant toutes sortes de vêtements luxueux. Ma mère était une ancienne danseuse qui avait abandonné ses ballerines pour épouser mon père.

    J'avais deux frères, tout deux bien plus grands et forts que moi. Hugo était le plus vieux des deux, fort, athlétique et très malin, avait été banni de la maison par nos parents après avoir commis de trop nombreux larcins. Je ne l'ai jamais vraiment bien connu, il a toujours été distant et mystérieux.
    Ensuite venait Maxime, un virtuose du piano, capable de mélodies dignes du paradis. Comme vous pouvez vous en douter, il était, et de loin, le petit favori de nos parents. Je passais mes journées dans l'ombre à l'observer secrètement mais cela allait changer :

    -"Encore ici à m'observer ? Ce n'est pas très poli." me lançat-il soudainement provoquant un sursaut de ma part.
    Comme si je pouvais avoir envie de t'entendre jouer de ton stupide piano !" répondis-je vivement, vexé de m'être fait prendre.
    Bien qu'il fût de dos, je savais qu'il souriait doucement en se moquant tendrement de moi.
    Tu es sûr de ne pas vouloir venir par ici, que je t'apprenne à jouer quelques notes ?"

    Il avait piqué ma curiosité et mon envie, malgré cela, je continuais à me blottir derrière une des colonnes du salon. Il n'insista pas. Il continuait à jouer, ses cheveux noirs lui tombant sur le nez et le dos vouté. Je mourais d'envie de poser mes chétifs doigts d'enfant de 6 ans sur ce clavier capable des plus belles mélodies. Sans même un regard pour moi, il sût que je me trouvais à ses côtés. Il me hissa doucement à côté de lui, sur le petit banc en velours rouge.

    Tu vois, c'est ça qui est magnifique avec le piano, c'est qu'il n'y a pas de limite. Tu peux réinventer la musique sans cesse."

    Ses discours étaient toujours enflammés de passion dès qu'il parlait de musique, il ne faisait pas écouter sa musique au monde, c'était le monde qui rentrait dans son âme pour l'écouter. Mes premières notes sur cet instrument furent catastrophiques, peu importe sur quelle touche je posais mes doigts, le résultat n'était qu'une cacophonie de sons grotesques.
    Ma moue dépitée fit beaucoup rire Jyuu qui passa alors sa main dans mes cheveux en les ébouriffant. Il se mit à rire, c'était la première fois que je l'entendais rire aussi librement. Même ainsi, le son de sa voix était parfait et cristallin.

    Chapter 2

    Vincent (ThePianist)

    It was perfect !
    I had spent two hours on this drawing for Mother's Day, and I was sure mom would love it ! It was late at night and I should have already been asleep for more than three hours. No matter what, I had to show it to her right now. I knew that at these late hours, she would be in papa's office. The door was ajar and I could see the ray of light make frighting shadows on the wallpaper yellowed by the passing of time.

    - Raleigh, I refuse, he's too young !, said my mother in an anxious voice, which was unusual with her.
    - Lili, Maxime is a piano genius, his current teachers have nothing left to teach him. He must travel if he wants to become a master. , my father seemed assertive, like always .
    - He's only 17, he's too young !, mom insisted.
    - Lili, dear, at this age, you are already a man.
    My mother let out a huge sigh. Maxime was going to leave ?
    Impossible ! Dad had already drove Hugo away, he couldn't take my brother away ! This night, I thought it was safer to go back to bed.
    Tomorrow morning came, and with it, all my fears came true. Maxime was packing his things and was wearing his most elegant ensemble. Mama was crying next to him while Papa was boasting about the big city and all it had to offer. A carriage was parked in front of the house, and by the look of it, it was ready to leave at anytime. It was at that time that Maxime noticed me and came toward me.
    - I leave my piano into your care, little brother.

    He kissed our parents goodbye and disappeared into the carriage, which then vanished towards the horizon.
    It was at that moment that I knew. I would become an even better pianist than my brother and become a prodigy in all arts !

    Chapitre Deux

    Il était parfait ! J'avais passé deux heures sur ce dessin pour la fête des mères, et j'étais sûr que Maman allait l'aimer ! Il était tard dans la nuit et j'aurais déjà dû dormir depuis au moins trois heures maintenant. Peu importait, il fallait que je le lui montre tout de suite. Je savais qu'à cette heure-ci elle devait être dans le bureau avec Papa. La porte était entrouverte et je pouvais voir le rayon de lumière faire des ombres effrayantes sur le papier peint jauni par le temps.

    -Raleigh, je refuse, il est trop jeune !, la voix de ma mère semblait anxieuse, chose inhabituelle chez elle.
    -Lili, Maxime est un génie du piano, ses professeurs actuels n'ont plus rien à lui apprendre, il doit voyager pour devenir encore plus grand !", mon père semblait sûr de lui, comme à son habitude.
    -Il n'a que 17 ans voyons, il est trop jeune, insista ma mère.
    -Voyons Lili, à cet âge-là, il est un homme !.

    Ma mère poussa un profond soupir. Maxime allait partir ? Impossible, Papa avait déjà chassé Hugo, il n'allait quand même pas m'enlever mon frère ! J'ai jugé plus sage ce soir là de retourner au lit.
    Le lendemain matin, mes craintes se sont confirmées, Maxime faisait ses valises et portait ses plus beaux vêtements. Maman était en larmes à ses côtés tandis que Papa vantait les mérites de la grande ville. Devant la maison était garée une calèche, sur le point de partir. Maxime remarqua alors ma présence et s'avança vers moi.

    Je te confie mon piano petit frère.

    Il embrassa nos parents puis il disparut dans la calèche, elle-même disparaissant à l'horizon.
    C'est à ce moment-là que j'ai eu un déclic. J'allais devenir un meilleur pianiste que mon frère et devenir un prodige dans tous les arts !

    Chapter Three

    Hugo (Smurfh)

    I've always hated that house. Too many rules, too many do this, do that. Every passing day was even more boring than the one preceding it.
    I was only five when I realised that life was not made for me. My parents had principles on a lot of things. Since we were only a second rate noble family, we had to compensate with a strict and varied education. That is why at age three, I had music lessons on top of the hours long private lessons I had to do already. Dad had picked the violin for me. I hated every single second spent playing that instrument, I still loathe it nowadays.
    What I liked was playing outside, test my limits, my physical abilities and agility.
    The kind of stuff you can hardly do with maths and music scores.

    Everytime my teachers would come home, I'd disappear. After that, I started to make things vanish, a fork, a painting. I always managed to put them back where they belonged before anyone could understand what happened.

    It was right when I started to realise my potential, that my brother came into this world.
    He was so tiny, and really skinny too, but you could see a great intelligence in his eyes, probably highlighted by his heterochromia. His fingers were long and thin and his skin relatively cold. He had a patch of black hair on his head, just like dad's.
    My parents named him Maxime, just like our grand-father.
    At age one (I was four), Maxime proved to be of a superior intellect. He was already speaking, sure in a very basic way, but without any mistakes. My father, who never once shown any interest in me, quickly concentrated all his attention on him. More than jealousy, I felt a profound sorrow for Max. His life would become a living nightmare.

    Chapitre Trois

    J'ai toujours détesté cette maison, trop de règles, de fait pas si, fait pas ça. Chaque jours qui passaient n'était qu'ennui.
    J'avais à peine 5 ans quand j'ai commencé à me rendre compte que cette vie n'était pas pour moi. Mes parents étaient très à cheval sur beaucoup de chose, vu que nous n'étions qu'une famille noble de seconde zone, on se devait de compenser avec une éducation très stricte et variée. C'est pourquoi à l'âge de 3 ans, en plus des cours particuliers qui duraient des heures, j'avais le droit à un cours de musique, le violon m'avait été assigné par mon père. J'ai haïs chaque seconde passée à jouer sur cet instrument et je le hais encore aujourd'hui.
    Moi ce que j'aimais, c'était jouer dehors, mettre à l'épreuve mes capacités physique et mon agilité, chose peu compatible avec les mathématiques et les partitions.

    A chaque fois que mes professeurs particuliers arrivaient à la maison, je disparaissait. Après ça, j'ai commencé à faire disparaitre des choses, une fourchette, un tableau. J'arrivais à les remettre en place sans que personne n'y comprenne rien.
    C'est au moment où je réalisais l'étendue de mes capacités, que mon frère est venu au monde.

    Il était minuscule, et vraiment très maigre, mais on pouvait voir une grande profondeur dans son regard, probablement accentués par ses yeux vairons. Il avait les doigts longs et fins et la peau froide. Sur sa tête une petite touche de cheveux noir jais, comme ceux de papa.
    Mes parents l'ont nommé Maxime, comme grand-père.

    A l'âge de 1 an (j'en avais 4), Maxime démontrât qu'il était d'une intelligence supérieure. Il parlait déjà dans un langage basique mais sans fautes. Mon père, qui ne s'était jamais intéressé à moi, braqua très vite toute son attention sur lui. Plus que de la jalousie, j'ai ressentie énormément de peine pour Max.
    Sa vie allait devenir un enfer.

    Chapter Four

    Hugo (Smurfh)

    Considering his intelligence, my brother was sent to school early on. He had only just started to learn how to walk, but my father wanted to exploit his abilities as soon as possible.

    Due to a weak bodily constitution, he never really learnt how to socialise since he rarely left the house, even during noble families dinners and parties.
    We were in the same school. Nobody ever picked on me since I was the tallest and strongest around, Max wasn't as lucky as I was on that matter.
    Every single day, the school's thugs would pick on him, because he was small and weak, but mostly because he was brilliant.
    People hate those who are different, because they are afraid and do not know any other alternative than violence.
    I couldn't let my little brother get punched around without saying anything. I was often summoned to the director's office for hitting on those weaklings and excluded now and then as you can imagine.

    Following those events, my father only shown contempt towards me. He said I was a disgrace to this family.
    I hated my father but loved my mother.
    She was kind and sweet, and at night, when my father was working on his clothing orders, she would take both Maxime and I in her bed, hugged us tightly against her chest and would read us bedtime stories.
    Max was only interested in historical stories or tales about musicians. What I loved however, was epic stories about thieves and pirates ! The story that I loved the most, was the one about Kanrik, the leader of the infamous thieves guild.
    I swore that night that, somedays, I would meet him in person.

    Chapitre Quatre

    Au vu de son intelligence, mon frère à été scolarisé très tôt. Il avait à peine appris à marcher, mais mon père voulait exploiter ses capacités le plus tôt possible.
    De fait de sa faible constitution, il n'avait pas vraiment appris à se socialiser vu qu'il quittait rarement la maison, même lors des soirées entre familles nobles.
    Nous étions dans la même école, personne ne venait m'embêter à l'école car j'étais le plus grand et le plus costaud, en revanche, ce n'était pas son cas.
    Tous les jours, les caïds de l'école lui tombait dessus, parce qu'il était petit et faible, mais surtout parce qu'il était intelligent.
    Les gens détestent ceux qui sont différents, parce qu'ils en ont peur, et parce qu'ils ne connaissent pas d'autre alternative que la violence.
    Je ne pouvais décemment pas laisser mon petit frère se faire taper dessus sans rien dire, par la suite, j'ai été de nombreuses fois convoqué par le directeur de l'école, pour coup et blessure et exclus à plusieurs reprises.
    Après ça, mon père n'a plus éprouvé que du mépris à mon égard, je faisais honte à la famille selon lui.

    Je détestais mon père, mais j'adorai ma mère.
    Elle était douce et gentille, et le soir, quand papa travaillait sur ses vêtements, elle nous prenait dans son lit, nous serait très fort contre son cœur, et nous lisait des histoires.
    Maxime n'était intéressé que par les histoires parlant de personnages historiques, ou avec des musiciens. Moi ce que j'adorai, c'était les histoires de voleurs et de pirates. L'histoire qui m'a le plus marqué, c'était celle de Kanrik, le chef de la guilde des voleurs.
    Je me suis juré ce soir là, qu'un jour, je le rencontrerais.

    Chapter 5

    Maxime (Jyuukun)

    I was one and a half when I started playing the piano.
    I could never tell why I was attracked to this black monument full of power. It stood firmly in the living room, like a throne waiting for its king. Hugo always did his best to avoid it, but me, I couldn't stop looking at it. From time to time, my father would play simple melodies, with quite a lot of wrong notes. He would always end up smashing the keyboard in frustration.
    This piano was only there for the show and nobody at home really knew how to play it.

    One day, on the radio, I heard an exquisite piano composition play, and without understanding how, I could see the music notes dancing in front of my eyes. I knew where to place my fingers, what pression to use.
    Everything was coming to me as naturally as breathing.

    So I wanted to try.
    I played the first notes, but even so I knew what I had to do, I was still missing something essential : technique.
    I wasn't aware at that moment that my dad was looking at me.
    It was around that time that my brother's words came back into my memory : «Never show, not even one bit, of talent in front of dad.»

    Chapitre Cinq

    J'avais 1 an et demi quand j'ai commencé le piano. Je ne saurais dire pourquoi j'ai été attiré par ce monument noir emprunt d'une grande puissance. Il trônait dans le salon, tel un trône attendant son roi. Hugo faisait toujours son possible pour éviter de passer à côté, mais moi, je ne pouvais m'empêcher de le regarder. De temps en temps, mon père jouait des mélodies toutes simples avec beaucoup de fausses notes et il finissait toujours par s'énerver sur le clavier. Ce piano était là pour faire bonne impression sur les visiteurs mais personne ne savait véritablement en jouer.
    Un jour, à la radio, j'ai entendu le morceau Moonlight Sonata et sans que je comprenne pourquoi, les notes dansaient devant mes yeux, je savais où poser mes doigts, qu'elle pression je devais exercer.
    Cela me venait aussi naturellement que le mécanisme de la respiration.
    Alors j'ai voulu essayer.
    J'ai commencé les premières notes, mais bien que je savais ce que je devait faire, il me manquait toujours une chose capitale : la technique.
    J'ignorais qu'à ce moment précis, mon père m'observais.
    C'est peu après que les mots de mon frère me sont revenus en mémoire : "Ne montre jamais la moindre once de talent à notre père

    Writing Blurbs

    Different tales talking about that mysterious cloaked figure who haunts Neovia.
    Some of those are recollections from witnesses, others were written by the pianist himself and found written in a old dusty diary.

    A Voice In The Dark

    Testimony from you, traveller :

    Again and again, the tune plays in the air. Close your eyes and follow the tune, the tune of the lost soul.

    As the sun let out its final breath for the day, rises the moon.
    A pale light that shades a new perspective on the world.
    A path to the past. A path to the present. A path to the future.

    Again and again, the tune plays in the air.

    - - - -

    The night is cold and unwelcoming.
    Neovia is a pretty gloomy place during the day but it takes a really frightening appearance during the night. Strange shadows and thick fog are roaming around and you don't feel safe.
    Your hand clutches on your belongings and you rush to the main street of the town.
    As you start running on the pavements covered in dew, you hear a laugh from behind.
    The fear makes you slip and you fall on the ground.
    A thief is right in front a you, the mynci grins at you with what's left of his teeth, a weapon in his hand, ready to take your hard earned savings.

    You close your eyes in fear, as the sound of your heart's chaotic beating resonates in your ears, you ear a tune. Soft and hypnotising.
    Again and again, the tune plays in the air.

    - Bonsoir.

    The voice came from nowhere, and both you and the mynci thief are looking around to locate the owner of that voice. It was soft, yet strong and imperious.

    - Good Night !, roars the voice as a mysterious coconut flies by to hit the thief right in the face.
    As he falls on the ground, a paw grabs you by the wrist and pulls you out of the street.
    You can only see a shadow, running swiftly on the muddy road it's now taking you on.
    As you try to catch your breath, a bright light strikes your eyes.

    The city hall stands still in front of you, with a bright and reassuring light.
    The bell rings midnight as you look at the clock.
    Again and again, the tune plays in the air.

    Finally, the shadow is visible.
    A tall gelert stands before your eyes, bright green eyes and messy black hair.
    A tall figure all wrapped up in a gloomy purple cape, covering an elegant suit.
    - You're a tourist, aren't you ? It's not really a good idea to roam those streets when you are not used to them., he softly said.
    You nod quickly in agreement and thank him profusely. The final bell's bang roared in the sky so loudly you took your eyes off the shadow.
    As you look at him again, the shadow has vanished, only leaving an haunting melody behind him.

    - - -

    A shy light falls on your face. The morning finally came. You thought you had dreamt this night, but your muddy clothes tells you otherwise.
    Who was this gelert ?
    You get out of the bed in the room you've rented for a few days in this creepy hotel, near the city hall.
    You see your disheveled face in the broken mirror and feel like you've stumbled upon a grey paintbrush.
    Again and again, the tune plays in the air.

    You get out of the hotel, unsure of what you're going to find.
    The morning was foggy, but the streets looked way more welcoming than they did last night.
    You decide to go to the Crumpetmonger shop to try one of their famous pastry, after all, you had nothing more to do. The meerca lady is very enthusiastic to sell you a Tombstone Cupcake, which is apparently to "die for". You find that to be of really poor taste, but you're too exhausted to even complain about it.
    You put it in your mouth and your attention shifts to the small crowd outside of the shop.
    Again and again, the tune plays in the air.

    -I tell you, it's him, he's back in town ! Someone saw him, that cursed pianist. , grumbled a bearded yurble.
    -It's true, I heard he was going to play at the opera house tonight, a special and unique show. , yelped an anxious looking lupe.
    -Oh. So, HE is back uh ..., the bright smile that was on her face a few minutes ago quickly disappeared of the shopkeeper's face.
    Could it be … ?

    - - - - -

    You move uneasy on the velvet opera house seat.
    A huge crowd is there tonight and you can feel a great tension in the air.
    The stage is in complete darkness, except for a single black candelabra, standing tall and firm on a massive ebony grand piano.
    Again and again, the tune plays in the air.

    As he enters the stage, the crowd suddenly gets swallowed up in a deep silence.
    It's him, the gelert who saved you yesterday.
    He's facing the public, bow to the crowd, his hair falling graciously on his face.
    He sits in front of the piano with ease and raises his paws up in the air.
    The present froze, it could have lasted for a few seconds, or days, you're not even sure.
    The whole opera house is out of breath, as if the monument itself is waiting in awe.
    Again and again, the tune plays in the air.

    His paws falls heavily on the keyboard, resonating around. And the tune started playing in the air.
    His paws were flowing with grace on the ghostly keyboard, the music was wrapping you around, making your heart dance and your soul twirls around.
    As the notes rises up to the sky, you rose with them, in a pure light of bliss, and as they fell to the ground, you fell with them into a pit of despair.
    Tears flew down your face as the keyboard kept lamenting the torments of the evil pianist's soul.
    And the last note flew softly, letting an unworthy silence take its place.

    As he roses to face his glory, he made his cape flew around him with a simple gesture, his paws right up to the heaven he touched tonight, he let out a simple :

    - My name is Jyuukun.

    The flame of the candles dies out and the darkness takes it rightful place again.
    The tune stopped playing.

    Remnant of the Past.

    My name is Maxime Von Verzweiflung, also known as Jyuukun, and I'm currently shaking. The closet I'm hiding in is really narrow and I feel very uneasy but all that is way better than what's waiting for me outside of it. I hear some footsteps coming close, going back and forth. I hold my breath, trying my hardest not to be caught. Finally, the footsteps move further away and I can breath again. As I finally relax, the door swings open, letting the light from the chandeliers in, forcing me to shield my eyes.

    _"Finally found you !" says the young darigan lupe in front of me, grinning. This lupe is my elder brother, he's taller, stronger and more confident than I will ever be. He's currently 8 years old and we're three years apart. He brushes his black hair and suddenly stops grinning.
    _"Father has been looking for you everywhere you know. He's pretty mad, not that that is unusual mind you ! But you should really get going little bro." he says as he holds out his hand for me to grab.
    _"But I'm terrified Hugo, I'm not ready for this .. !" I mumble with tears in my eyes.
    I know, I know. I was there before you, you just gotta breath and forget people are here." he says, still holding my hand. He pats my head :
    Come ! Mama was looking for you too !"

    I smile, if Mama was there too, then everything was gonna be fine ! We move around the backstage of Neovia's Opera House. It's way bigger than I expected it to be and kind of a labyrinth as well. I'm really glad Hugo is there with me, otherwise, I would have been lost here forever. We meet other young neopets with their parents along the way. Tonight is the Annual Neovian Young Talent Show and I'm going to play the piano. Last year, father forced Hugo to perform the violin, and while my brother did his best, it was still not enough for father. I'm really afraid of what father is going to think of my performance...

    _"Maxime ? Maxime ??!!" screams out a young female Xweetok. "Oh thank goodness there you are !" she sighs in relief as she holds me tight into her arms.
    _"I was so worried for you my little chick !
    _"But mama, I'm a gelert, not a chick !!" I say, pouting.
    _"Why are you always so serious my little darling ?" she smiles, holding my chin in her hand. "Why did you run away like that ? You're lucky your brother found you, you know ?" she had a worried look in her eyes.
    _"I'm scared to play the piano in front of everyone. What if they don't like me ?" I shake as I'm trying my best to hold the tears in.

    She ruffles my black hair and says softly :

    Of course they will love you sweetheart ! You worked very hard on this piece, and, you like to play the piano, don't you ?
    I do" I sniff, wiping my nose with my sleeve.
    So everything is going to be fine. Just play as if we were at home. Play for me, will you ?
    I nod in agreement, I'd do anything to see mama's smile.

    The scene is even bigger than I thought it would be. In the middle, standing proudly a black and shiny grand piano.
    Around the scene, two heavy crimson curtains. I look back to the backstage to see mama smiling at me encouragingly and my brother making a peace sign, grinning. I know they are there for me. I move towards the centre of the scene, still shaking in my little shoes. I bow to the audience, and sit in front of the piano. I spread my wings to give me some confidence and take a deep breath.

    I let my paws run on the keyboard, sometimes slowly, sometimes heavily. It's going up and down and I let myself be wrapped my the music itself. Nothing exists around me anymore, only the music. I can see the notes dancing around me, reaching up for the sky, swirling around the piano as if they had waited for this moment. I travel around the world as the keyboard is obeying my every wish, here we are in Neovia and the next second we are walking in the countryside of Meridell. I hit the final note with violence and passion, setting the music notes free.

    The audience is silent. I reach for the centre of the stage, bow and as I go back to the backstage a round of applause explodes, resonating in the Opera House.
    Mama is crying tears of joy and Hugo punches my arm jokingly : "You did it lil bro !" he smiles proudly.
    The wait for the prizes was even more agonizing than having to perform in front of others but when my name was called for first place, my heart almost stopped beating in surprise.

    You did well, son." says father, a kyrii of average height who always looks angry, even when he's not. "You're gonna have to work even harder to keep your newfound reputation."

    I look at my deformed reflection in my shiny hard earned gold trophy. Guess playing the piano will become my whole life from now on.


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