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▹▹▹ Kaitsi's Coco Shop

Your breath escapes your mouth in a puff of smoke, the warmth of your body leaving you only to be stolen by the icy cave you now found yourself in. Several hours ago you had departed from the Happy Valley determined to make it to the summit of Terror Mountain by the end of the day. You grumble as you recall several people from the village recommend a guide since the Icy Caves could be confusing and one could easily get lost but you decided against it, thinking you could follow the path.

What you didn't account for was the storm that blew in overnight and cover any trace of a trail and that the cave themselves, though very lit, would have multiple paths through them. The icy surface, so polished that it held your reflection, made it hard to keep your footing. And the cold… Maybe you should have packed more layers.

You pass a smaller tunnel only to stop when a light hits you in the eye. You look down the darker tunnel and see the sun light from the other end. Curious, you start down that path, a tasty smell encouraging you further.

You exit the tunnel and step onto… grass? In astonishment you look around and find the entire area free of snow except for the gigantic icy walls stretching almost as high as the clouds. Birds chirped and flew between the trees that towered over you. A single stream ran from the opposite end of the clearing and disappeared down a hole in the ice wall. The other side of the stream had several pools of steaming water which you could only assume were hot springs.

That tasty smell you had discovered in the caves was now stronger than ever and seemed to be coming from the house. It was a small cottage resting next to a bridge that crossed the stream to the hot springs.

Your growling stomach pushes you forward until you find yourself standing in front of the door. A door that was slightly ajar and had an open sign hanging in the window?

You walk into what appears to be a cute little Chocolate Shop? The bell on the door rings as the door swings shut behind you. Upon glancing around, you notice the place looks empty even though the sign on the door said open. You're eyes take in the glass display cases to your right; the little chocolate delights behind the glass are deliciously tempting. As you take a few steps in, you can't help but smell the rich hot chocolate and is that.. a hint of peppermint?

All of the chocolate is displayed neatly and organized by type with little name tags to tell you just what's hidden within those chocolate layers. Chocolate raspberry, dipped orange slices, mint chip, caramel… oh the variety of chocolate.

You notice a little ledge in front of the display cases, just the right height for little kids to lean on and daze at the chocolate inside the cases. The shop itself isn't that big so it's not long until you reach the end of the chocolate display and notice an oversize mug of hot chocolate.

You look around, making sure that no one had left it. But no one was there. You shrug and you pick up the cup, intending on putting it next to the register.

ʺPlease don't drink me.ʺ A tiny voice chirps. You jump, your eyes drifting back down to the mug in your hand.

Slowly, a tiny brown dragon head lifts out of the cup you could have sworn had hot chocolate in it. On top of its head is some whip cream and a bright red cherry.

ʺI'm Kaitsi, the Chocolate Draik. And welcome to my shop!ʺ

What is this Place?

loving yourself isn't vanity but sanity

This place is actually Eclipse's home and she is my mother. She created this place for those of us who dare not wonder Neopia. Here we are safe and protected.

And since you wondered into my shop, you get to hear about all of the adventures that Eclipse's other pets have experienced.

About Kaitsi

Name: Kaitsi
Species: Draik
Color: Chocolate
Occupation: Chocolate/Bakery Shop Owner
Size: 3 Inches

Anything Chocolate
Hot Coco Bathes
Hearing Stories
Negative People
Saying Good-Bye
Being Cold

More information coming soon...


Here are my two customizations throughout the year. Of course there's my everyday outfit and then one that my mom helped me pick out for around the Holidays.


Tour the Shop

Here is what Kaitsi's shop looks like

❀ companions

a good companion shortens the longest of roads

So just what is this place all about? Well, I'm here to tell you about the characters that Eclipse has come up with and explain how you can get involved with roleplaying.
Several years ago, Eclipse was a huge roleplayer but life events prevented her from continuing that passion and now she's trying to pick it up again. So without further ado, here are all of the pets she would like to use for roleplaying.

*Update - Characters are still in development so information on this page is bound to change as Eclipse works on her character information


Cynnz is very much a mystery, still. His character and personality is still being developed.
It was his customization and name that attracted Eclipse and when she had time, her desire is to discover more about this sinful draik

Many ideas are still floating through her brain but she's hoping to tie Cyn to either myself (Kaitsi) and Iczie or connecting him to Ruewing's story.

So many options and possibilities float around this Darigan Draik and I can't wait to see what she comes up with.


Feressia (Essia) is a young dragon from another country that's known for it's colder, harsher climate. After trying to save her mom, Essia was adopted by an Elven character named Gwen who was trying to escape the pain of her past. But rumors of Gwen's people, who she thought were destoryed long ago, reached her ears and she's now returned to her home country

Essia's story actually begins when Gwen and her are separted during a terrible situation that causes the baby dragon to become blind. She's soon discovers that she has the ability to move and sense air currents which help her navigate.

This little dragon is extremely curious and manages to stuck in the weirdest of places because of her small size. But very rarely does she venture too far from Gwen. She sees the Elf as her mother and doesn't want to get separated.


For years, Fyugi has devoted her life to serve the Goddess of the Sea, Myuna. Abandoned as a baby and raised in the security of the Eastern Water Temple, she has knows no life outside those walls nor understands the dangers of that world.

But it was fear that drove her away from the security of that temple to try and survive the world on her own. Overhearing that her powers could lead to her death, Fyugi decides to seek out the truth of not only her powers but who she really is. She never knew her parents but suddenly has this overwhelming desire to find out

She teams up with the most unlikely person to help her in this task. A person who was hired to destory her but decided to help instead.


Jynxzi (Jynx) is a Cybunny living on the streets of Qasala in the Lost Desert. Orphaned at a young age, Jynx has done what she's had to in order to survive. She was adopted by a thieving guild several years ago and has recently gotten out to follow her own path.

This bunny is pretty easy-going and charming. She has a talent for wiggling out of almost any situation with your money purse in hand. Not being any older than 18, Jynx has a determination to see the world and find out what really happened to her parents. She has a hard time trusting others and can easily annoy those around her.

Though she may have some sticky figures, she prides herself higher than a measly thief and follows a harsh code enforced on her by the guild she once belonged to.


Many years ago, MarveI (Marv) was the trusted pet of King Coltzan and personal guard to the king. He loved the king and would do anything for him. So when the king asked for the dragon to guard his treasure while he was away, Marv accepted in a heartbeat and took his duty very seriously. But while he was away, the king was k.illed.

No one knew where to find the treasure nor were to find Marv to inform him of he terrible news - it was a secret between the king and Marv. And so, Marv spent the rest of his life protecting the king's valuables even into death. Now Marv is twisted, angry and confused as to why the king never returned. He's so far gone that Marv doesn't even recognize King Coltzan's spirit who visits the vault to gift neopians at his shrine.

Is there any hope to letting Marv's spirit rest?


Many years ago Rusan was a beloved stallion who roamed the mountains around Shenkuu but a mistake of upsetting the wrong person caused the uni to become cursed.

Even though the curse is now broken, Rusan still wonders the world known as the Horse of Death. Anything and anyone who comes in contact with this demon horse is instantly put into the forever sleep. He watches their spirits leave their bodies to join the stars with the Space Faerie.

He loves to interact with people, see what their life is like but know that if he showed himself, people would run in fear. His once amazing form is that of a demon horse so he spends a lot of his time invisible and careful to not bump into anyone.


Once the leader of a great pack of wolf shifters, Myth had everything he could have wanted. Then the day came and his mate told him that she was expecting and his happiness bloomed even more but this paridice was short lived when a neighboring pack decided to declare war.

They attacked in the night, k.illing most of Myth's pack, including his lovely wife and their children. The attack left Myth severally wounded and completely blind. Now the once great leader wonders the world trying to discover his true purpose and learn how to control his new abilities.

Myth may not be able to see, but that doesn't mean he's completely blind.


[*Current staying with Aunt Deja while her petpage is being worked, check back later for updates*]

Since before she could remember, Ruewing has served the God of Death as a member from the Brotherhood. They are known throughout the world as an exceptional group of assassins. Rue has always trained hard to be the best she could be but the guild has held her back for reasons unknown to her but she had her suspensions.

Unlike the other students, Rue is a Dragon-Hybrid (Half dragon, half human) and believed to be the last of her kind. And being the Hybrid, Rue has learned of many abilities she has over her fellow students. But when her powers became too great to hide, she went to live outside of the guild.

Now Rue lives in the mountains by the sea where only her masters know of her location. She can stay there as long as she keeps up on her abilities, completes assignments and doesn't wonder without the approval of the guild.


Taelliy is a more serious character. He's also pretty proud and seems to own a room every time he enters. A lot of times he seems distant, cold and unapproachable but that is very far from the truth. Tae is actually a big cuddle bear and is considered an older brother to those he's closest to. Even though he doesn't like to admit it.

Tae is one of the four guardians of Neopia who protect this world from evil. He is the Guardian of Creativity specifically. He likes to create the most amazing mirages that can fool just about anyone and leave them trapped in there for days. Tae also has a talent for thinking outside the box and usually can come up with a solution to any problem since he never limits himself. A great quality for the leader of the Guardians.


Once a Plushie Poogle, Varicose used to be kind, curious and a bit nerdy. He would spend hours upon hours digging through books trying to gain every bit of knowledge you could. I guess with being a Guardian of Knowledge, you want to know all you can.

Lately, Vari has become very distance and has moved his library into the northern section of the Haunted Woods. His hall was once in the heart of Brigthvale where anyone could share in the wealth of knowledge. Ever since his latest discovery, he has become more cruel and snippy. He's even started to wear a dark cape and his eyes… They've turned red from their normal blue color.

Future Characters

These are characters that Eclipse has designed but she's currently trying to obtain the pet to play the character.

UC Plushie Cybunny

This bunny is a ball of energy who hasn't quite learned how to sit still. She's always on the go, racing from one place to another without much delay. Though she is often shy upon first greeting, she is quick to bounce back and tries her hardest to make you smile.

When not working on the yearly giveaway, she can be found racing through the forest, trying to see how fast she can make it from one corner to the next. Many times the woodland creatures who have come to love her, try their hardest to keep up but usually pull off when they've had enough.

She is a joy to be around and loves the company of others when she is a custom to them. It isn't long after that when she starts showing off to get a smile.

One of her most powerful abilities is being able to zap through thin air. It's very similar to teleporting as she uses the electrical currents in the air to get from one place to another within eye sight. Her ability however is determined by her energy levels. If she's running low on energy, she cannot zap as far. Good thing she's so hyper.

Other Characters

Last but not least, here are some other character who are too busy to be involved in roleplaying.


Iczie is pretty shy and reserved compaired to me, her older sister, Kaitsi. She usually isolates herself as she's worried that she might hurt someone with her ice powers.

From time to time, Iczie helps her sister in the chocolate shop, running the ice cream side of the shop and helping keep things stocked. But she's more likely going to flee to the back of the store instead of striking up conversation. Once you break through the icy defense, you'll find that Iczie is a draik who enjoys to smile and laugh.


Jazy is the baby of the accounts and a personal favorite of mine. He was given to me by a friend when the baby ogrin was just released and I fell in love with the design.

Jazy has been with me ever since, bringing fun and laughter to the accounts. Like any kid, he likes to get into everything and explore the world around him.

The plan Eclipse has for this little guy is once she's finished with everyone's petpage/charater, Jazy is going to host her screenie's page. He will showcase all of the random, fun, and interesting things that Eclipse experiences around Neopets.


Patchworc, more commonly known as Patch, is a pretty easy-going fellow and enjoys lounging around on his fluffy clouds. It takes a lot to get Patch upset. The best way to describe Patch is like a real life version of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

He lives where Faerieland used to be, on a cloud that has somehow remained afloat when the rest of Faerieland fell to Neopia. His place is a little cave nestled within the clouds. It actually works out since Patch is the Guardian of Dreams.

Patch also run's an Adoption Center to help Neopets find new homes. This idea was sparked when someone created Patchworc for Eclipse and give him to her as a gift for helping them get their dream pet. He spends a lot of time caring for the pets waiting to be rehomed. We consider him a gentle giant and when he's not attending his duties, Patch can be found snoozing under the afternoon sun.


Rye is a sweet purple draik. She enjoys meeting other draiks and learning of there adventures. Someday soon, she's going to put together a list of all the draiks she's met during her travels and display them on her petpage.

She's also a business owner. Ryesling has a taste for the finer things and loves to wear the latest fashions. But her business and collections are around wines, not clothes. While traveling she will go out of her way to taste the local wines and if she lines them, bring them back with her to put on display for others to sample and see.


Toi isn't known for being very talkative or outgoing. This draik prefers to spend her time drawing, painting or writing stories. Since Eclipse has been crazy busy, Toi has volunteered to help her create the artwork for Neopets.

Toi also has decided to open her own gallery to showcase the artwork that she and Eclipse have done. Though the gallery is up, there's a lot of construction happening on that page so she asks that you be patient as Toi finalizes the design of the gallery.

Mmmm... Chocolate

What is that amazing smell?

In case you couldn't tell, I'm a little chocolate crazy. But can you blame me? After all, I AM a Chocolate Draik.

So I have decided to take my obsession to the next level and started collecting chocolate things. Now I am limiting myself since Neopia has millions upon millions of chocolate things (ok, not that many but you get my point).

So here is a list of my top Chocolate Desires that are just out of my price range. If you want to see my full list, check out the link below.

Top Chocolate Wishlist

Behind the Frosting: Tales of the Chocolate Xweetok | Borovan Service | Chocolate Moltenore | Chocolate Stamp
Draik Valentine Chocolate | Fabulous Chocolate Cookies | Fiery Seasonal HOT Chocolate | Silver Heart Box of Chocolates

Fun Lil Chocolate Facts

  • The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation.
  • The scientific name for the tree that chocolate comes from, Theobroma cacao, means food of the gods.
  • It takes 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate. Each cacao tree produces approximately 2,500 beans.
  • Chocolate has over 600 flavor compounds, while red wine has just 200. (Beat that Ryesling).
  • There is a rare fourth kind of chocolate in addition to the classic milk, dark, and white varieties: blond chocolate.
  • Chocolate was consumed as a liquid, not a solid, for 90% of its history.
  • The largest chocolate bar ever weighed just over 12,770 pounds.
  • There is a little caffeine in chocolate. Most bars have about 10 milligrams of caffeine in them, but darker chocolates can have as much caffeine as a can of Coca-Cola.
  • Because it doesn't contain cocoa solids or chocolate liquor, white chocolate isn't chocolate in the strict sense.
  • Milk Chocolate was invented in Switzerland by Daniel Peter in 1875.
  • Chocolate is the only edible substance to melt around 93° F, just below the human body temperature. That's why chocolate melts on your tongue.
  • Chocolate gives you a more intense mental high and gets your heart pounding more than kissing does.

art gallery

art speaks when word can't

Coming Soon


i knew i was awesome but having a mini-me keeps reminding me

Adoptables are coming soon...

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We've come to the End

As soon as I'm on my way I long for the things that I have left

It's getting late. You should probably get going.

You follow the little draik outside and into the heavier wooded area. Between the trees, you see a dark tunnel that apparently will lead you to the top of Terror Mountain. Nodding your head, you step into the tunnel and instantly come out on the other side. Igloos and shops were before you and you see the rest of your friends you had left back at the base of the mountain.

You turn around, and see several people coming out of the tunnels leading to the Icy Caves and you realized that you were now standing on the summit of Terror Mountain.

Should you wish to return to the clearing in the mountain, here's a link back to the adventure.

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credit is where credit's due

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